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Netflix Series “Mindhunter” Casting Call

Netflix Series Mindhunter Casting CallThere is a new Netflix series called “Mindhunter” that is being executive produced by David Fincher and Academy Award winner Charlize Theron.  The show centers around two FBI agents who pioneered behavior profiling.  Mosser Casting is handling the non-union stand-ins, photo doubles and background actors.  They have just released a casting call for actors in the Pittsburgh area.  They are set to start shooting in early may.

Casting is still in the early stages but if you are interested in appearing on the show, women should start growing out their hair and men should grow out their facial hair since this is a period piece.  The show takes place in the late 1970’s.  For right now, casting directors need some classic cars.  They are currently accepting submissions for vehicles between the years of 1962-1982. Owners would be compensated for their time and must be willing to be in the scene with their car. A typical shoot day is 12-14 hours. We will shoot rain or shine so if owners are opposed to getting their cars wet, please don’t submit.

They are especially looking for “every day” types of vehicles such as sedans, pickup trucks and station wagons with less emphasis on “muscle” cars. Please submit a picture of yourself as well as your vehicle to MindhunterVehicles@gmail.com. Include your name, age, phone number, height, weight and vehicle make, model, year and color as well as if the vehicle is in it’s original condition. Please also denote if you’re interested in possibly selling your vehicle to production. The Make, Model and Year of your vehicle should be in the subject line of the email.


5 thoughts on “Netflix Series “Mindhunter” Casting Call

  1. I live here in Springdale Pa and i see yuour shoting here in Harmer and Oakmont. Do you have any other cast openings neding filled? I'd love to help out no matter the part even if a silent walk in.. I do have 1 year college training in forensic's also.

  2. I live fairly close to the airport and think it would be interesting to be an extra, i do already have long hair and am willing to let it grow. I am not a pushy person so i don't argue but rather go with the flow and i've been told i follow directions pretty well. I also have a short background in theater so i understand how important it is to practice and get it right so you don't hold up the other member's and long hours are part of it. I am very much interested and hope to hear from you

    1. As i was reading, i read that you have some requirements so here goes; i am 37 years of age, i stand at 5'3" tall and i weigh 120 lbs, my wardrobe sizes vary from 1-3 depending on the make of the clothes. I am not sure how to send a picture so i will look into it and send it today. I will say this i love all the movies/series that are about solving crimes and contain agents as i would have loved to do this as a career. Thank You.

  3. I live in Charleston WV. I find I'm unable to go to the casting call due to school. Please let me know if anything else is available.

  4. I should be in arrow because I love acting and singing it's my passion and I wouldn't know what to do with out it! It's my dream to show everybody the talent that I have and gain lots of experience, I have been in plays and I was on the show "house hunters" it was a great experience and I loved it so much I just want too do more ? I am 15 years and my hight is 5;1

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