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“National Enquirer Investigates: Elvis” Looking for Males

National Enquirer Investigates Elvis Looking for MalesA cool new series will be hitting cable in May that will tell investigate National Enquirer type stories that we have heard of from some of the most well-known and high profile people and casting directors are looking for an actor for the show.  The show, “National Enquirer Investigates” that will premiere on May 28th will feature interviews, new evidence and archived documents as well as recreations for a deep dive into celebrity scandals like questions surrounding O.J. Simpson’s involvement in the murder of his ex-wife Nicole Brown and the mysterious death of Natalie Wood according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Jupiter Entertainment is seeking a Caucasian male adult actor of any age to appear in an episode of the series. The actor will play a shadowy figure that is hinted to may have killed Elvis.The show’s first episode will explore the death of Marilyn Monroe and whether the infamous star was actually murdered. Some of the other stories that will appear will be the stories of Whitney Houston, the Kennedy family, Charlie Sheen and Elvis Presley. The show is shooting in Knoxville, Tennessee and is paid.

This role will appear in the episode about Elvis Presley. The shoot will be taking place on either May 3rd or May 4th so all applicants should be available for both days. The shoot will pay a $50.00 flat rate. If you would like to be considered for the show, email casting@jupiterent.com with you name, age, contact information, resume (if you have one), and your photos. You should put “NEI106: Shadowy Figure Man” in the subject line of your email.

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