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The Originals Musical festival scene needs talent


The originals33About The Originals

The Originals, popularly known as the spin-off from The Vampire Diaries, is a supernatural drama that is currently airing Friday nights on the CW. The Originals revolves around Michaelsons siblings, the worlds first vampires. Together with their sister Freya (A powerful witch) they fight the outside forces that continuously try to tear the family apart.

The primary characters of the show include Klaus, Rebecca and Elijah, and their rival Marcel. Joseph Morgan is playing the role of Klaus. Klaus has originally re-built the city of New Orleans when it was completely destroyed by the enemies. Claire Holt is paying the role of Rebecca whereas Daniel Gillies is playing the role of Elijah. Charles Michael Davis, who is playing the role of Marcel, has taken over the re-built city of New Orleans. Now Klaus, who has originally re-built the city, wants his rule back.

The casting crew of The Originals is looking for actors, models, musicians, and talent to work in a huge music festival scene. The filming will take place in Madison, Georgia on February 22.

The recruited talent will be required to play the roles of tourists, musicians, travelers, and Jazz musicians. It is a music festival scene based on New Orleans music festivals theme. Read on for more information on the casting notice.

Details and Requirements

If you want to become a part of The Originals and avail this exciting offer then read the details below.

Show Name

  • The Originals

Scene Title

  • Awesome Music Festival Scene

Scene Description

  • Music festival scene
  • The music festival will be based on the themes of New Orleans music festivals.
  • It is a huge concert scene, so be prepared to face the camera in the crowd.

Shooting Date

  • February 22

Shooting Day

  • Monday

Shooting location

  • Madison, Georgia


  • $64 per 8 hours and $10 gas bump

Need of Jazz Musicians

The casting directors may also need Jazz musicians for the show. If you are a musician then this is an opportunity not only to participate in The Originals but also to show your talent. This is the time to change your luck and get your hands on silver stardom.

If you are willing to apply as a musician then read the details below to become a part of the scene.

Requirements to Include in the Email Body

  • At least 2 clear and current photos including one from the shoulder up and one from the knees up (The photos should be clearly identifiable. Avoid wearing sunglasses and hats in the photos. Avoid sending selfies. Stand in front of a plain wall and ask someone to capture your photo in bright light. Save your photo with your name or rename the file with your Full Name before attaching it in the email. The directors need to see your hair length, hair color, and facial color. Make sure that your pictures meet all the requirements of the casting directors.)
  • First and last name
  • Immediate contact number
  • Address
  • Email address
  • Age
  • Height
  • Weight
  • City of your residence
  • State of your residence

All the applicants should be willing to work in old town Madison. Do not apply if you don’t want to work in old town Madison. Transport is not included in the package. All the applicants must be locals. If you are neither a local nor a resident then make sure to attach a copy of your legal work permit in the email.

Although The Originals itself is enough to make anyone want to apply for this job yet the directors are giving out exciting gifts. So don’t miss this opportunity, and apply now!

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