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Moments of Eternity – Student Short Film Actors

Moments of Eternity - Student Short Film ActorsAre you looking to start your acting career?  Being in a student film is a great way to begin.  There is a casting call for actors to be in an upcoming project.  The film will be shooting in South Bend, Indiana.  It is set to take place on Saturday, October 7th and Sunday, October 8th.  This is a wonderful opportunity because you don’t have to have experience to apply.  Casting directors are looking for a Caucasian male in his 20’s and 30’s.  If you are ready to take a shot at acting, sign up for the casting call below.

2017 Acting Casting Call

PROJECT: Shooting will take place on Saturday, Oct. 7 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Sunday, Oct 8 12 a.m. to 6 p.m, in South Bend, Indiana. Non-union, student project. Pay is $50 per day. No experience necessary.

ROLE: Hogarth (lead male, 20’s-30’s, white, dark hair/eyes) is this 20’s-30’s looking, white, dark hair/eyes, tired kind of guy. He’s this tragic, hopeless character, kind of like David Thewlis’ Johnny character from Naked (1993). This character has one scene where they dress in drag, must be comfortable with that!

To apply please contact Forrest DePoy at fdepoy@gmail.com if interested.  Be sure to include your full name, phone number and a current photo.

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