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Models with physical abnormalities wanted

AtlantaPlasticphotoAbout the show: 

Atlanta plastic is a reality TV show that currently airs on Lifetime network. The show is about real men and women coming to terms with their body and removing unwanted physical imperfections that have plagued their lives in some form or another. If you or someone you know has a physical ailment or birth deformity (small or large), this is a casting call for you!

The show follows Doctors Crawford and Mcknight-Baron and their medical practice located in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia. Together they combined their skills (Each with a different medical specialization) to create the perfect look for their patients. The show is currently seeking models for procedures including ; Breast augmentation, face lift, tummy tuck, and other specialized Reconstructive surgery. The show will follow each individuals journey pre-surgery, followed by a special showing the results after the surgery and their live following.

Casting Description

The casting calls for a minimum of 4 models, two male and two female. Because each episode of the show focuses on a different are of surgery, we are not opposed to receiving applications from models of any shape, size, or experience level. All models should be over the age of 18 and have experience in several different genres of the modeling and acting industry. Also, you will be required to sign a release stating that you are over the age of 18 and consent to the procedure. All models will be required to be escorted to their resident by another individual.

Models interested can submit their resume to Lauren.atlantaplastic@gmail.com. Please include photos, resume, and your phone number. Local models ONLY are encouraged to apply.

3 thoughts on “Models with physical abnormalities wanted

  1. My children are 20 years apart. I gave birth to twin boys six years ago. I have died and lost weight through illness, but my stomach could stand to be tightened up due to the C-section that I had. Please help!

  2. Hi my name is Jennifer
    I was born with Poland Syndrome
    Which has caused my left side of my chest does not grow but my right one did very very uncomfortable feeling being insecure. I had a breast implants done for me when I was 17 years old I am now 43 have never had them redone lifted checked viewed etc.
    I have had five children to boot I'm not in the position to afford to get my surgery updated considering I'm a single mother. I enjoy promoting music video shoots modeling photography and priceless moments with my children if I am anything of what you might be looking for I can say that a blessed miracle has been given to me with the Special thanks of you and all your team.

  3. I have a stomach that looks as thought I gave birth to a baby elephant by c section. It's very uncomfortable and causes a rash from the skin rubbing.

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