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Misfortune Starring John Cusack Seeking Models

Misfortune Starring John Cusack Seeking ModelsJohn Cusack is starring in the upcoming movie “Misfortune” and you have the chance to be in it! A new movie casting call is search for male and female models and actors. Casting directors are seeking men and women ages 18-22 years old. They are also looking for two attractive women for featured roles. This is for a very small party scene in the woods near a lake that gets busted by the cops. According to Variety, “Cusack will portray a quick-witted businessman who leaves everything behind, including his family, to start a new life after embezzling a client’s money. All had been going according to plan until he becomes separated from his cash in the middle of the wilderness, where three young friends happen upon the lost fortune”.  Filming will be in Savannah, Georgia on December 14th.

Misfortune Casting Call

For MISFORTUNE working on 12/14 (the rate is $64/8, plus prop bump or car bump of $25)

Attractive males and females ages 18-22. Must be over 18. (Subject: The Greeks)

Males and females ages 18-22 who own their own kayaks. Send a pic of your kayak in your submission with your own pic. (Subject: Greek with Kayak)

Males and females ages 18-22 who have wet suits and are okay getting in the water. (You will be monitored by our safety and marine coordinator because of the temp of the water) (Subject: Greek with Wetsuit)

Males and females ages 18-22 who own Trucks, jeeps, ranger rovers… you know, big vehicles. Send a pic of your vehicle. (Subject: Big cars)

Also for MISFORTUNE, need two attractive “bikini girls” for a featured bit as the girlfriends of a lead. The rate is $150/12. Please submit a photo in a bathing suit. Any ethnicity. (Subject: Bikini Girls)
If you want to submit to the movie audition notice email cdcextrascasting@gmail.com. All submissions must include photos where your entire face can clearly be seen. You should not send in any blurry photos, any photos of you with other people in them, no filters and no photos where you are wearing hats or sunglasses. You must list the subject line to which you are submitting for. All actors and models should include what city you live in and must be willing to work as a local hire to Savannah, Georgia. You should also include your name, email, phone numbers, city you live in, all of your clothing sizes including your measurements (ladies include your dress size and men include your coat, pants and shirt measurements. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to work on the new movie and apply today!

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