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Life Coach Auditions
Life Coach Auditions

MTV is currently looking for subjects for it’s latest hit reality program and now you can be in the running. The producers and casting directors of this exciting series are accepting applications starting now for their life changing reality show. This is an opportunity for you to get the experience and exposure that so many other now household names have recieved from historic reality TV shows such as ‘The Real World’ and ‘True Life’.

Are you or is someone you know a high school drop out or mama’s boy? Are you soon to be moving on to college and looking to for a life change before you do so?  This series employs a real life Life Coach to help people just like you to make these changes in yourself and your world so that you can move on in your life a stronger, happier you.Everyone needs a little help in life sometimes, especially when you are contemplating a landmark change, but few have the opportunity or resources to get the help of a certified life coach and one of the most watched networks on television. Auditions for new subjects for MTV’s Life Coach are happening soon and you can apply now. If this series sounds like something that you would like to be involved in you can send your information and story here via email mtvshowcasting2012@gmail.com. Be sure to leave a comment and stay tuned for all the production details.

These are important times that you and people like you are going through, MTV wants to help. Be a part of this ground breaking program. This is your chance to get the help you want and help millions of people just like you. Now is the time to make a difference. Now is the time to change your life with the help of MTV’s Life Coach.

58 thoughts on ““Life Coach” Show – MTV

  1. Hello,

    I am Ashunda Thomas the Virtual Life and Executive Coach. Currently in a Master's Program studying Industial-Organizational Psychology, specializing in Coaching. I have a passion to heighten the lives of others; as it enriches me to do so.

    I am interested in taking my coaching to it's greatest horizons to be a benefit to the masses.

    Ashunda Thomas the Virtual Life and Executive Coach

    "Life is to be lived and certainly enjoyed"

  2. I want to inquire about the Life Coach position on your show. How would I go about dong that? Thank you.

  3. My life is a mess.

    I love my family and appreciate all they've done for me, but I have quite a few issues to resolve.

    I've just completed my phlebotomy certification but have no interest in it as a career.
    My social life is near nonexistent, and I'm afraid that reaching out to old friends isn't the right thing to do.
    I'm overweight and have low self-esteem.
    My boyfriend lives in another state, and the distance is killing me.

  4. I am a gay mamas boy that lives in Midwest Iowa which believe me was a journey all in itself, I have went to school and completed 2100 hours for my cosmetology license and then to California for skin care I want help not being so dependant and more independent and find out what I need to do to start adulting 🙂 haha I love making people feel beautiful now it's time to practice what I preach so I can feel beautiful

  5. Hello my name is Lusmarina but my friends and family call me Lucy. I feel defeated. I have been battling depression and I finally went to a doctor and got it under control however I feel stuck. I want to go to college and get my teaching degree and work with special needs children but I do not think that is possible. I am constantly worrying about my mom. She is a single mom with six kids. I work full time and help support my mom but for once I want to feel the motivation to support myself and go back to college to accomplish my dreams. Any type of guidance would be helpful. I do not know what steps I need to take to enroll in college.

    Thank you,


  6. I have two stories a lifestory, and national play. I really wnat to take to the next level. Just seeking a opportunity to get out there and showcase the talent in many forms. I am up to audition for a show that suits my life. I am save, sober, overcome abuse of all forms and really ready to inspire a nation with my stories.

  7. I did the play Please Don't call me homeless I don't call you homed 2010 with the actors guild of lexington. I am signed with Images model and talent agency i am not getting submitted in any of the casting calls with acting. i am 29 going to be 30 I need some who is going to help me break into the business I am determined and talented Thank you Eric Ogle

  8. im just A plus size female looking for someone to help me loose this weight and build my confidence and my self esteem again. i have big dreams i want to achieve but my weight is holding me back. please help me..

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