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Les Miserables – Movie

Les Miserables Casting Calls
Les Miserables

Les Miserables, one of the most popular musicals in history is coming to the big screen and the production is looking for several talented performers to round out it’s all-star cast. Auditions for this musical adaptation of all musical adaptations will be taking place shortly. This is an opportunity of a lifetime with the chance to work with such stars as Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe and Dame Helena Bonham Carter.

Les Miserables follows the breathtaking story of the main character Jean Valjean and his  life as an ex-convict and subsequent journey to redemption. This fascinating musical has entertained millions and played thousands of stages all around the world and soon it will become one of this most anticipated films of the decade. Just imagine performing alongside this stunningly gifted cast of performers in one of the greatest stories of all time. In addition to Jackman (X-Men, The Fountain), Oscar Winner Crowe (Gladiator, A Beautiful Mind) and Oscar Nominee Bohnam Carter (The King’s Speech, Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street) Oscar Winning Director Tom Hooper (The King’s Speech) has recruited Academy Award Nominee Anne Hathaway (Rachel Getting Married, The Devil Wears Prada), Amanda Seyfried (Mean Girls, Mamma Mia!), Sacha Baron Cohen (Hugo, Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted) and many more. This production is simply bursting at the seems with the finest talent that Hollywood has to offer and there are still more roles to be cast with up and coming actors and singers just like you. Casting calls for parts of all sizes for actors of all ages will be held soon.  Leave a comment for us below and tell us why you want to be cast and stay tuned for more fantastic audition updates for Les Miserables.

This is your chance to be a part the A-list film version of one the world’s most beloved musicals.  You could be in a film that will surely be seen by millions and millions of rabid fans. You could be a part of Les Miserables.

352 thoughts on “Les Miserables – Movie

  1. My name is Bethany Grace Taullie. I am a 11 year old girl with green eyes/blue eyes and blonde hair. I have been acting and singing since I was 5 and I absolutely love it!!! When I act I feel like I am in a different world experiencing a whole other life of a character. I would love to be on the big screen and follow my dream as a actress. I believe with a lot of determination I can do anything I set my mind to. I have done more then 11 musicals, I have had two privet singing lesson teachers, and done almost 4 years of dance.

  2. Hi, I'm Taylor Lanick. An 18 year old college student from Pennsylvania. I've been acting since I was little and I truly love it. I can take on any role very easily and get into character in seconds. Acting is my dream and passion. I can do anything that I out my mind to, and once I do there's no stopping me. I want to be one of those people on the small screen, even just in the background would be fun. I won't be cocky and say "Yeah, choose me. I'll be the best!" No. That's not who I am. I'll try everything and anything once and try my best and fight my hardest. I'm a determined, smart, edgy girl. I'm an open book, I've had a lot of unpleasant things happen in my past, and I'm ready to start fresh and be happy again. This is my life, and I'll make what I want of it! Thank you for considering me!

  3. Hi, I'm Bronte and I'm from Australia
    I am an extremely confident 14/15 year old girl and I love to act. I can take on many roles and many different types of emotions and connections. I would love to add an Australian element to the cast as this could be quite unique and interesting.
    Hair-long, chocolate brown curly hair
    Skin-tan/olive skin tons

    Other information-
    I have danced for 10 years
    I have acted and done many monologues and other performances throughout my life
    I can act in an American accent if wanted (however the australian accent could be an extremely interesting element to the movie)
    I am confident and willing to take great critisim

    Thankyou, contact me

  4. Good Afternoon!
    I am Rachel, a 16 year old girl from California who loves to sing and act. I have performed and starred in many musical as well as non-musical theatrical productions in companies near my area. I am very experienced as I attended Barbizon
    Academy for Acting and Modeling, worked with Broadway on Tour, Stagedoor, and a summer program at the Orange County Performing Arts Center. I can do many accents, can cry/laugh on demand, and am a very quick learner who can adapt to any given circumstance.
    Hair-Dirty Blonde
    I would love to be in a movie, so thank you for your consideration! Les Miserables is my favorite musical of all time, and I would love nothing more than to be a part of it in some way.

  5. My name is Shelley, and I am a singer, dancer and can act pretty good. First, I have to mention that I was in the school musical this year and we did les mis! I sing for a long time (Can't really count how long, I just know that when I was born I started liking it a lot and did something with it)and dance for 12 years. Other information:
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Height: 5’2”
    Weight: 100 Ibs
    Eyes colour: Hazel
    Hair colour: Dirty blonde.
    Would be more than happy to get an email from you!

  6. Age: 16
    Height: 5'10
    Weight: 130
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Brown
    Ethnicity: american, Italian
    Experience: I have bin acting since I was in 2nd grade. I take drama in school and im in a select acting group in my school.

    I want to be a part of this show because its just the type of show to get my career going. Also it is my Nana's favorite musical so it would be amazing to be apart of this.
    I'm not a singer but i would love to have any role that fits me without having me sing.

  7. I'm a 17 female in Alabama. I'm brown skinned with dark brown hair & brown eyes. I'm 5'5. My vocal range is soprano. I love theatre!

  8. Age:13
    Eye color: hazel/brown
    Hair color: currently red
    Skin tone: pale
    Height: 5’3
    Weight: 113
    Ethnicity: Caucasion

  9. AGE: 17
    GENDER: Female
    HEIGHT: 5'5"
    WEIGHT: 135
    EYE COLOR: green/blue
    HAIR: Long, Brown
    SKIN COLOR: Olive
    LANGUAGES: English, Bulgarian
    Hi, my name is Mila and absolutely I love acting. It's my passion and I have always wanted to be an actress ever since I could remember. I have taken classes and been in Drama in High School for 3 years now, and also Film. I also auditioned for my school
    s musical, Cinderella and made it, unfortunately I didn't have time in my schedule with school and all, so this would be an amazing opportunity. I would love to get a shot or an audition and work with such great people, it would mean the world to me, thank you!!

  10. Hi,

    I am a singer and actress. I would love to have an opportunity to audition for Les Miserables – Movie!

  11. Hey yall I'm Lindsey AKA LBAE. I'm a 17 year old Caucasian female, I live in Upstate NY, and I have reddish hair, and greenish blue eyes. My natural hair color is blonde however, and my eyes are green up close but blue far away. I can do and love with all my heart doing so many things. Things like singing, dancing, acting, song writing, choreography, writing, and just so much more. I can pretty much do whatever you'd need me or want me to do. I love these things with a passion. I have been in several plays in school, one of which I was the main character. I am extremely serious which makes me serious about the job and getting things done right and 150%. I have been looking up and waiting for an opportunity like this for years. It would be an honor if I could take part in even a little of this.
    Lindsey Arlene Brown
    AKA Linsabella Ariella (LBAE)

  12. Hi, my name is Ana-Maria and I am 23 years old, though I look younger. I am 5'4" and of mixed race (white, black, Hispanic). I have dark brown hair and eyes and light brown skin. I have done some acting in college as an English major (one-acts and Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream), and would love, love, love to do more with Les Miserables! I'm a very hard worker and I always give every project my all, besides which, I've heard from several people that I have great stage presence!

  13. Name: Christina Soon
    Age: 14 years old (1998 )
    Weight: 53kg
    Height: 153cm
    Nationality: Malaysian ( Chinese )
    Hair: Long ( Dark brown + Red Pink )
    Eyes: Black
    Skin: White
    Language: English , Chinese, Malay, Thai
    I hope it's not too late if I submit now
    ( Is there still any roles available, please ? )
    I live far away but my parents are wiling to bring me anywhere for auditions ( that's why I post now )
    I've dreamin' to play a role in movies.
    I play for school netball & handball team for 3 years ( till now )
    I've been taking part in few school drama & singin' activites too.
    Thanks 😉

  14. Name: Christina Soon
    Age: 14 years old (1998 )
    Weight: 53kg
    Height: 153cm
    Nationality: Malaysian ( Chinese )
    Hair: Long ( Dark brown + Red Pink )
    Eyes: Black
    Skin: White
    Language: English , Chinese, Malay, Thai
    I play for school netball & handball team
    I've been taking part in few school drama & singin' activites too.
    Thanks 😉

  15. Hi,
    I am Amit Kumar from Edinburgh,United Kingdom(originally from India).

    Age- 23 (21-04-1989)
    Height- 6 ft
    Hair colour- Black
    Eye colour- Brown
    Skin colour- tanned
    languages- fluent in English and Hindi. learning french.
    I have some modelling experience but no acting experience but i know that i can bring the true emotions in my acting. I would love to be a part of your movie. It is always my dream to be a star like everyone else.

  16. I'm loving this I actually just played as Jean Val Jean last summer in a community theatre production of Les Mis this would be an awesome oppurtunity please inform me if any openings

  17. Hello,
    My name is Jordan and I am interested in performing in this production. I have been dancing for 17 years studying ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop, lyrical, modern, contemporary, and musical theatre dance. I have studied acting and singing as well and have been performing on stage since 2 years of age. I majored in musical theatre in college learning how to perform in the most effective way as well as learning the business. Performing has always been a huge part of my life and being a part of Les Miserables would be a wonderful opportunity.
    Age: 19 (DOB: October, 1992)
    Height: 5'5"
    Hair color: Blonde (long and wavy)
    Eye color: Green
    Skin tone: Fair
    Ethnicity: Italian and Irish
    I reside in New York, if interested please contact me via email.
    Thank you!

  18. Jessica Kirsopp
    13 St Bees Ave Bucasia, Mackay
    Date of birth: 4/11/1994
    Age: 17
    Eyes: blue
    Hair: brown
    Dress size: 12
    Shoe size: women’s 6
    Hobbies: dancing, sewing, painting,singing

  19. I love Les Mis. I've always been a fan – this sounds fantastic. I have tons of energy, charisma, and potential. I'm 23 and live in Connecticut.

  20. Hi my name is courtney i am 11yrs old and i live in southyorkshire uk ive been doing acting classes for 5 nearly 6yrs acting is my passion i live and breath it,i would love the opportunity to have an audition for a role in les miserables this is the kind of movie that i would love to be apart of im also in my school choir because i love to sing

    Theatre performances:
    Burgular bill-played burgular betty(theatre)
    Emperor's new clothes kids verson(theatre)
    Pyramus and thisbe small role(theatre)
    Snow white and the seven dwaves(theatre)
    Alice in wonderland just played 2 roles(theatre)

    Body info:
    Hair colour:long brown
    Eye colour:sky-blue
    Weight:4st 7lbs
    Height:4ft 6inchs

    Can i just say i know theatre is nothing like doing a movie but i bet the pressure is just the same having to learn the scrpit in a couple of weeks and also having the camera on your face all the time but i know if you did give me the audition i would know the script off by heart within a few weeks and can i just say im very good at taking directions and woking with other and taking things seriously im also bubbly and outgoing i am willing to do anything and eveything to get myself out there because this the only thing that i know that im really good at,all i need is someone out there to give me a chance and i know you will not be dissapionted im willing to travel anywhere can you please email and keep me upto date on things i would be glad to hear something back from you soon
    courtney foster

  21. Age: 19
    DOB: Aug 25, 1992
    Height: 6'0
    Weight: 170
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Green
    Body Type: Athletic
    Agency: Maximum Talent

    I have done much modeling work for companies such as Sports Authority, Cabelas, Lands End, Old Navy, Etc. I have played major rolls in theatre productions and a few short films. Please email me for headshots, resume, and more information if interested. Thank you!

  22. Full name: Daniyella Harmon
    Age: 13
    Date of Birth: 01/16/1999
    Height: 5'3
    Weight: 110
    Hair: Black, shoulder length
    Eyes: Dark brown
    Ethnicity: African-American
    Skin: brown
    Acting experience: Acting workshops, played extra part in a movie, music video
    languages: english,some french

  23. Age:14
    Hair color/ length: light brown/ bob hair cut
    Height: 5'7"
    Race: Caucasian
    Launguages: english/ a little french
    Eyes: brown/ hazel
    Hi my name is Kiley Taylor and I would love to show you my talent! I am a real performer such as act, sing, dance, tumbling, and I am pretty flexible. I've been dancing for 5 years and I am at mostly intermediate/ advanced levels. I love to sing but I need more practice. I took 1 year of acting classes and currently in drama at my school. I am advanced in tumbling. I have my left and middle splits( not very good on my right side). I would love to be in Les Misrebles! I hope you give me audition dates!!

  24. Hey my name is rhianna gardiner, I'm 14 y/o and am from northern Ireland. My hair colour is dirty blonde and I've got green eyes. I'm 5ft 6in. I would love to take part as there is nothing I would rather do than perform!
    I can act and I've done musical theatre, I'm also a talented dancer who is outgoing and takes direction really well. I'm extremely reliable and have got experience

  25. Name: Annalee
    Age: 12
    Race: Asian
    Talents: Acting, Dancing, Voice-Over
    In 12 years I have been in over 34 plays/performances/shows/dance recitals

  26. Hopefully, there is chance for one more in the crew. I will be more than pleased to be part of Les Miserables. I am a great actress; singing is a daily must in my life. There are few movies I remeber the most from my childhood, and this is one of them. This piece of art will never die, the message will always portrait the human kind and its conditions.

    Body Traits
    Height: 5'5
    Weight: 120
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Green
    Skin: White
    Ethnicity: Puerto Rican
    I am 23, and live in Chicago.

    Special features:
    I can immitate language accents.
    I look like a lady from England or Russia.

  27. Hi I would like to be in this movie because I love the story and the play was amazing. I am up for any part.Whenever someone sees me do a play they tell me I should be a performer because I did a great job and do good under pressure.I do well at improvising and have been told that I am photogenic.Also I am a great student in school and is good in sports and is a very motivated actress.
    Eyes: Hazel
    Hair:Long,Brown ( shoulder length)
    Age:11 turning 12 soon
    I am Irish and Italian and would love to have a part in this movie.I do not mind if I am a extra or have a little part.

  28. I am Jorion Lokken, and I'm 16 years old. I have been in 5 operas (La Boheme, Carmen, Tosca Rigoletto, and The Crucible) and I even played Eponie in Les Miserables The Musical High School Edition this year (2012).

  29. 1. Name: Nequette Moliere (aka Nikki)
    Gender: Female
    Age: 21
    Height: 5'2
    Ethnicity: Black
    Hair Color: Brown
    Eye Color: Brown
    Skin Complexion: Brown
    Performing of ANY type has been my dream since I was 5 years old. I can sing, dance and act. I've been doing theatre since 6th grade, and have been performing since the age of 9. I am creative, extremely versatile, easy and fun to work with, have an outgoing personality, enjoy a challenge, catch on quickly, and have a passion for what I do. I would be honored to work with you all and would love to be in this show!

  30. My name is Priscilla Im from costa rica and i have acting experience contact me please. thank you

    Gender: Female
    Race: latin
    Age: 18
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Brown
    Height: 5'4
    weight: 127 pounds

  31. I would like to audition for the part of Gavroche.
    DOB: 09/05/1992 (AGE 19)
    WEIGHT: 170 lbs. (6.1% fat according to BOD POD test)
    EYES: Dark brown
    Hair: Straight Dark brown
    Skin: Slightly darker
    Ethnicity: Filipino, French, Austrian, German
    I am willing to go through any preparations for a role as well as do my own stunts. I have taken both acting and singing lessons. I'm looking for a serious role, not an extra. Head-shot and acting/singing audition ready at request. I currently live in Columbus, Ohio but am more than willing to move.

  32. Hi! My name is Katie Squire, I am in 8th grade and am about to be and incoming freshman. I am 13 about to turn 14 on May 30, but I get told I look and act way older than I am( about 16-17ish). I live in Naperville, IL (about 30 minutes from Chicago). I am 5'4 1/2", 128 pounds and am very muscular. I have semi-long naturally and slightly wavy brown hair, brown eyes and fair skin that easily tans. I am 25% Mexican, 25% Filipino, 50% Caucasian, therefore having white skin. I have My peers describe me as bubbly and hilarious,the parents call me responsible, and the older kids call me cute or adorable.I started taking acting classes summer of 2010 and got the lead in Fame!, was Widow Corney in Oliver, and am now Gabriella in High School Musical 1 and 2 all at Kidz Kabaret. I am very confident and talented at acting, great at singing, and tumbling. I can dance very well if it's choreographed, but I don't take any classes. I would be thrilled to be considered! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR TAKING THE TIME TO READ THIS! YOU WILL NOT REGRET CHOOSING ME!

  33. Hey!!
    I'm Maxime Poidras and I'm French.
    I'm 20 years old and I practice theater at school so I've got a few experience of acting. I didn't play in a movie because where I live there are not many castings and films neither.
    I post this message because maybe you could be interested by a French characters or a French accent speaker since its a French story.
    I'm caucasian and I have brown eyes and hairs.
    Height: 1,72 meters. Weight: 69 kgs.
    I wish you a good shooting.
    Best regards.

  34. Jazmyn Aguilar
    Age: 18
    DOB: 12-07-1993
    Height: 5'5
    Weight: 163
    Hair: Dark Brown
    Eyes: Hazel but more green
    Ethnicity: Hispanic
    Experience: commercial when younger, two years in a singing group called Ladies Ensemble, reicieved three solos, danced in a group called Latin Dance. Looking for a great opportunity to show my talent!

  35. hi im 15 white with brown hair green eys weigh 130lb and is 5"9. i have lots of dance experince. im also a extremly talented breakdancer. i practice breakdancing for about 3-4 hours a day every day.im energetic and super freindly.please email me back thanks!!

  36. Name: Michaela Moyer
    Height: 5'4
    Size: Average
    Hair: dark brown
    Eyes: dark brown
    Ethnicity: African American
    Languages: English

    I have been acting/dancing/singing since the age of 4. I have the passion and the drive to be a performer and on flim. I'm a professional and I also go to University of Houston Downtown majoring in Fine Arts and minoring in Theathe. I just want to be a part of this movie even if its a small role I will take it. So at least my dreams would come true and into a reality. Thanks.

  37. Age:15
    Eye color: black
    Hair color: black
    Skin tone: brown
    Height: 5’10
    Weight: 130
    Ethnicity: Hispanic
    Nationality: Purto Rican and Guatemalan
    Hobbies :Acting, modeling, school plays, tang soo do martial arts
    I'm very athletic, photogenic, and always camera-ready. Acting is my passion,
    I’m very easy to work with
    This sounds like a fun and exciting
    I've been acting, since middle school, and it's all that I've ever wanted to do. This sounds like a great opportunity! Hope to hear back. Thank you!

    For more information you could email me or look at my face book page Frankie Montes De Oca

  38. Hello Name is Richard as you already can see above .
    I'm 16 years old i live in Douglasville GA . I am funny and a outgoing interjetic person and love meeting new people. My main thing is that I love to Dance and Act. Being apart of this show will be the best thing that have ever happened too me.
    I want to show the world what I am capable of .
    One day I want to become the best of my ability .
    I can use a shot at this.

  39. Hello,

    My name is Remy and I'm 13 years old, turning 14 later this year. I love to sing, dance, act, and play guitar. I am 5'5, I have blue/green eyes, freckles, and short brown hair. For the past eight years of my life I've wanted to be an actress/singer. I live in London, Ontario which is two hours away from Toronto, ON, Canada.

    This is such an amazing oppourtunity, and I hope I get the chance.

  40. A treasure cannot be discovered unless you search for it. Please open my box and you will be pleased with what you find.
    Les Miserables and I were meant to be….God on high hear my prayer!

    Michael F.
    N. Babylon, NY

  41. Hey, I'm Jade. I know there's gotta be a spot for a unique, spunky, 12 year old girl who's had both acting and dancing experience on Les Miserables! Right? Well I sure hope you do! I have a passion for theater. I've taken theater classes since I was 6. I have starred in 2 plays and been in 11. I have taken modern, ballet, and tap dance classes. Here is what I look like:

    Ethnicity: 1/2 Italian, 1/4 German, 1/4 Norwegian
    Height: 5'3"
    Weight: 80 lbs.
    Hair: Mid-Long and carmel brown
    Eyes: large, Hazel
    Skin: fair
    Body type: Thin
    Hobbies: Making youtube videos

    If you have any intrest in me please contact me. If not, thankyou for your time!
    I look about 14.

  42. i have always wanted to be on the big screen. i am very outgoing, and get along GREAT with other people. i always try 257 precent and am very easy going!

  43. I'm Mariapaola from Italy and i'm 16 years old.
    -Long brown hair
    -Brown eyes
    -Size: 1.66
    -People person

    -I'm studing acting at school
    -I speak French and English
    Acting is my dream and i hope that you can help me!

  44. I love Les Miserables! I am a really good singer, and I've done some of the songs in my voice class. I'm 12, and I would LOVE to be a part of this movie! Please pick me!

  45. My entire life, I have always felt out of step. I feel different.

    My family is the quiet, reserved, conservatives in a conservative town called Yuba City CA. Here there isnt many opportunities to make it big. Working at the local McDonalds is a claim 'you've made it.' I have huge dreams and huge expectations for myself. I know the world is a bigger place that just my small town of about sixty thousand people.

    I've never really fit in. I'm friendcs with the different crowd, I do my own thing by my own sets of rules and people think I'm some kind of wild child. I want ot make it big! I've never seen myself working the same dead end job that everybody else is doing. I see myself out in the world of entertainment, modeling, acting, dancing. I feel like people should hear about my life and hear about my story,because I am so different. I'm loud, sweet, persuasive, anxious, hilarious, caring, kind-bascially I can be the best friend to anyone.
    I have always felt without a doubt in my mind that I was meant to be on TV. Not being cocky but I feel people would gravitate towards me, just like they do here, in Yuba City. All I need is a chance, an opportunity to prove to myself, and to everyone else

    I know I have the abilities to make it, all I need is a chance. But to show off my skills I need an opportunity. I'm not going to sit around and let life pass me by with boring ease. I want to have a say in my future. I want my name to be known. I want to be a actress. And I'm willing to do whatever it takes.

    Stephanie Ernst


    Yuba City CA

    Blonde Hair, blue eyes

    5'7 125 pounds.

  46. I have watched les miserable for at least 20 times! I have already memorized every line of the film. I am a college student studying Voice Performance and this production is perfect for me! I played in a lot of other musicals such as Titanic and Grand Hotel. I live in New York, 19 years old, Asian, 5 foot 4, 110 pounds, slim.

  47. I would so love to have a chance at this–it would definitely be a dream come true. I can sing: Baritone to tenor voice. I've done some acting–have film on me. Dancing I'd have to really work 150% on and will, I promise. Thanks–Rick.


  49. Would love to read for this classic. Waiting for updates!!28yr old actor. British. Theatre and film training, working toward my big break!

  50. Name: Vanessa Bebbington
    Age: 14 (turning 15 in August)
    Height: 5'4
    Size: Average
    Hair: black
    Eyes: Dark brown
    Ethnicity: Mixed Race
    Languages: English
    I like to sing and act but need more improvisation with my dancing because its mainly the singing and acting I like to do the most! I'd love the chance to be in something like this! I have been singing for 7/8 years and also have singing lessons and acting lessons!

  51. Hello, I'm Henry Tobelman

    I am almost 20 years of age and I've been performing for about 8 years. I am roughly 6'2" with an ahletic body type, brown eyes, and curly brown hair. Most of my experience is on stage, but I've done a couple films. I actually played Javert in a 2010 production of Les Mis with YPCCA in East Hampton, CT. This is a beautiful Operetta and I'd very much enjoy being a part of it one more time. I am easy to direct and have a fun personality, my skills include, singing, acting, facial expression, vocal inflection, blending, holding tight harmonies, and learning choreography.

    Thank You
    Henry Tobelman

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