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“Last Flag Flying” Starring Steve Carell

"Last Flag Flying" Starring Steve Carell AuditionSteve Carell wants you for his new movie audition notice for “Last Flag Flying”. A new casting call is seeking African American male actors to portray people for an all African American church congregation scene that will be shooting tomorrow.

Along with Carell, Laurence Fishburne and Bryan Cranston are also starring in the film that is the sequel to the 1973 movie “The Last Detail”. The original movie starred Jack Nicholson and was nominated for three Oscars. The Hollywood Reporter states “The original story centers on two Navy men (Nicholson, Young) who are ordered to bring a young offender (Quaid) to prison but decide to show him one last good time along the way. Last Flag reunites the reader with the trio, now living a post-9/11 American life: The former Naval petty officers come to the aid of their former prisoner, who needs their help to bring home the body of his son who was killed in Iraq. The request sends them back retracing their journey from Norfolk, Va., to Portsmouth, N.H.”

Last Flag Flying Casting Call

Hey Everyone! For LAST FLAG FLYING

Looking for a few male replacements for an all African American church congregation scene tomorrow! Would be around a 10 hour day. (Must live or be near Pittsburgh Area). Not a big scene.
Report times early morning.

Must be 18 and older to apply for this scene tomorrow.

Please write Church Congregation in the subject line.

Filming is set to be about ten hours. Because shooting will take place in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, local actors are being sought. This is not a big scene so it is great for anyone to be a part of. Anyone who applies for the role must be ages 18 and up to apply. If you fit the role and are available for the shoot you can apply now by emailing lastflagextras@gmail.com. All submissions should include a current photo, your name, age and contact number.

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  1. my name is perrell Daniel. I'm African American girl. I'm 15 year old. I'm aspirating actress. I want to be an actress so bad. I take scrip online and I practice for one hour every day so when I get the real scrip I know how to read it. I want to be the next voila Davis and show no sign of stopping. I would love to be an extra on your project.

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