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“Last Flag Flying” Starring Steve Carell Stand Ins

"Last Flag Flying" Starring Steve Carell Stand InsStand-in auditions are now happening for a new Steve Carell movie. He is teaming up with Laurence Fishburne and Bryan Cranston for the sequel to the movie The Last Detail. The first film, that starred Jack Nicholson, was nominated for three Oscars. The sequel is called The Last Flag. Casting directors are now hiring stand ins to work on the movie. This is a great opportunity for ongoing work as they are seeking stand-ins for two cast members. You will be needed for the entire fun of the show from November 1st through December 14th. Filming will be in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. There will be filming on some Saturdays.

“The original story centers on two Navy men (Nicholson, Young) who are ordered to bring a young offender (Quaid) to prison but decide to show him one last good time along the way. Last Flag reunites the reader with the trio, now living a post-9/11 American life: The former Naval petty officers come to the aid of their former prisoner, who needs their help to bring home the body of his son who was killed in Iraq. The request sends them back retracing their journey from Norfolk, Va., to Portsmouth, N.H.” The Hollywood Reporter.

Producers are looking for a stand in for the role of Sal. This calls for a Caucasian male with brown hair who is 5’9 to 6’. They are also seeking a stand-in for the role of Mueller. This role calls for an African American male with brown hair who is 5’11 through 6’1. The pay rate for selected males is $150.00 for 12 hours. All actors must be local to the Pittsburgh area to be considered and must be 18 years or older. To apply for the role email lastflagextras@gmail.com with Stand In and which stand in you are apply for in the subject line of the email. Also include your name, age, height, weight, wardrobe sizes, phone number and two current photos. One photo should be of you standing against a plain surface that is full body and one should be of you against a plain surface that is a close up.

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