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Henry Danger – Nickelodeon

Henry Danger - Nickelodeon
Henry Danger – Nickelodeon

Many talented producers and showrunners have lead hit productions for Nickelodeon over it’s long and storied history but none have been more prolific than the great Dan Schneider.  Now yet another Schneider success has taken it’s place alongside such unforgettable series as iCarly, Drake & Josh and Victorious – Henry Danger.

Henry Danger tells the brilliant story of a teenage boy named Henry Hart who goes looking for a part time job and finds incredible adventure. Henry does land a job, at a local shop named “Junk ‘N’ Stuff”, but this is just a front for the job he really landed – that as the sidekick to superhero Captain Man! Under the name of Kid Danger, Henry and the Captain fight crime side by side in the city of Swellview, except of course when is in math class or when his parents don’t give him permission! As Henry tries to navigate the dangerous world of crime-fighting, the stressful world of school and the almost impossible task of keeping this amazing secret from his friends, audiences are treated to some of the best programming on the air today.


Featured Cast of Henry Danger

Jace Norman – Henry Hart

Ella Anderson – as Piper Hart

Riele Downs  – Charlotte

Cooper Barnes – Captain Man

Sean Ryan Fox – Jasper Dunlop




Auditions for this Nickelodeon series that’s packed with action and laughs will be happening soon. A number of roles of all sizes will be available for aspiring actors of all ages and types. Stay tuned right here as we will be posting every casting call update right here as we receive them and be sure to leave a comment in the space below and tell us what you think of the show and why you would like to be considered for future auditions for the Nickelodeon hit Henry Danger.

This superhero series is packed with super talent and you could have the chance to join in the fun. Check back for more incredible news and information for Henry Danger.

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