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Halloween Starring Jamie Lee Curtis – Kids

Halloween Starring Jamie Lee Curtis - KidsIt is so exciting that Jamie Lee Curtis is starring in the upcoming Halloween movie! She first played the role of Laurie Strode forty years ago. While the world will have to wait to see what adventure is next for Michael Myers, there is a movie casting call that can give you an inside look! The film is looking for child actors to be extras! The kids casting call for the movie “Halloween” is looking for boys and girls who are ages 8 through 13 years old. Some parents can be used as well. Children of all ethnicities are being hired for these roles. One group will be needed on Friday, January 26th and a different group will shoot on Tuesday, January 30th. The horror flick is shooting in Charleston, South Carolina. Because transportation is not covered, anyone who applies should live in the general area.

According to IMDB, this film will follow Laurie Strode comes to her final confrontation with Michael Myers, the masked figure who has haunted her since she narrowly escaped his killing spree on Halloween night four decades ago.

If your son or daughter would be perfect for the role and would like to work on the movie, review the information below!

Halloween Movie Casting Call for Kids

CHARLESTON MOVIE -Here we go KIDS needed (can also use a few of their parents). ALL RACES. (Friday 1/26…and will need a different group on Tuesday 1/30)
FRIDAY 1/26 -Needing those 8-10 years of age and a few 11-13. NONE OF WHICH SHOULD BE OVER 5′ TALL.

TUESDAY 1/30 – Several Kids 7-10 years of age ALL RACES.
Must be available during school hours. Could be an early am call time to report. If 100% available, please follow submission instructions above and use heading TUESDAY 1/30 KID.

May be needed around 2pm or so and into evening hours (but not too late). Must be 100% when needed and able to stay as long as needed. Must be able to follow instructions and handle numerous hours of filming. Should live in the Charleston, SC general area.
Submissions should include 2 current photos (one full length and one close up of child), Child’s Name, Parent’s Name, Phone #, Child’s Age, Height/Weight, Clothing Sizes, City/State you reside.

If parent would be interested in being considered for one of the several parent’s needed -(Moms and DADS) , please include your photos and information as well.
Submissions should be sent to charlestonmovieextras@gmail.comwith heading 1/26 KID.

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  1. pls contact email for information also am 12over 5'0ft my race is mixed with African American and Puerto Rican

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