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The Glee Project – Oxygen

The Glee Project - Oxygen
New Auditions for Glee Project on Oxygen

The popular Oxygen reality TV singing show competition, The Glee Project will now be casting for the 2012 season!

They have just started the new online talent search to find the cast for the next season of “The Glee Project”. Oxygen will be holding a new national casting call for the reality tv show online.

Audition for the brand new season of Oxygen’s ‘The Glee Project’ please visit the site thegleeproject.oxygen.com. Oxygen has planned to announce the live casting call dates in November of 2011 and auditions are planned to go through 2012.

Glee Casting directors will be searching for:

Extremely talented younger women & men, triple threats. You must be able to act, dance and be able to sing. Legal US residents and be able to travel beginning in January 2012

305 thoughts on “The Glee Project – Oxygen

  1. Hey, my name is amie and I'm 14, I have loved singing and acting and dancing my whole life.
    glee has always talked to me and helped me through some stuff. I really admire all the cast and have all the CDs. I would really like a chance to audition, I dont know what the age is to audition but I will keep trying till I get somewhere. Thankyou xx

  2. Hi I'm vivian! I'm sort of young (try very 14), but well I love to sing. And I've always felt like I was a dork because of it. Honestly I don't know how to play an instrument, I've never written a song, and I have no experience in acting what so ever. But I know I have a lot of potential, and when I'm given a chance to do something I always succeed. Glee helped me realize it's alright to be weird, and that who I am is great no matter how others make me feel. It would honestly feel like I've died and gone to heaven if I even got a slightest chance to be on glee. Everyone on that show inspires me. Every time I watch it, it honestly makes me want to cry. Everyday I wish for a friendship as strong as the characters on glee. To feel excepted for who I am. I may be only fourteen, but I've been through twice as much as any normal fourteen year old. I owe glee and my chorus teacher everything because they helped show me how much passion I really have for singing. Every time I talk to someone (even strangers) they'd tell me I have a lot of potential, and I never really believed them. But now's my chance to see if I can really do anything I wanted.

  3. Hey there,
    Im Jenipher but everyone calls me lashes. I am a singer and actress. I think that glee was a great idea. I have seen some amazing talent on the show, and i would like to become apart of the cast. Im an amazing that uses every gift that God has given me. hopefully one day i will get to ahow you all just what im talking about!!!!

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