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Gerber Generation Healthy Baby Photo Contest

The Gerber Generation Healthy Baby Photo Contest
The Gerber Generation Healthy Baby Photo Contest

Do you have a little star at home? Is your baby bursting with beauty and energy and always ready for the camera? It’s time to share your child with the world in The Gerber Generation Healthy Baby Photo Contest! Auditions for this amazing star making opportunity are happening now. You can submit your little angels pictures today and be on your way to having your baby be the face of a national Gerber ad campaign and winning $50,000 dollars toward his or her college education.

Photo submissions are being accepted online now on their Facebook Page here: http://www.facebook.com/Gerber. The final winner of The Gerber Generation Healthy Baby Photo Contest will be determined by online voting so apply for your child today and then be sure to vote for him or her and have all of your friends and family do the same. A national ad push and a $50,000 dollar tuition grant could be right at your child’s wee fingertips so don’t delay. We will be sure to post every update for the contest as they become available so keep checking in and leave a comment below and tell us why you bundle of joy should be the winner of The Gerber Generation Healthy Baby Photo Contest.

Gerber has been the  name of all things baby since 1927, a company that parents trust and products that babies love. Since 1928 The Gerber Baby has been a staple of Gerber’s marketing and packaging strategy, an image trusted and recognized the world over. Now your special child has the chance to be that face – his or her beautiful smile known throughout the country as part of a huge advertising push. The Gerber Generation Healthy Baby Photo Contest is seeking the perfect child to be the new representative of their legendary brand and they are accepting submissions from happy, healthy babies that can light up the room with their smile and charisma. If you think that that perfectly describes your little one the Gerber Company would like to hear from you today.

Apply today and your child could wind up with $50,000 and be know worldwide as the face of Gerber by winning The Gerber Generation Healthy Baby Photo Contest!

107 thoughts on “Gerber Generation Healthy Baby Photo Contest

  1. My daughter is very energetic and is always camera ready. Her exotic appearance on GERBER products would only result in an increase in sales. My nourishing chubby baby would draw a lot of attention to the products. You would not be disappointed so please contact me. Thank you!

  2. First of all my son Kaleb is gorgeous. He has blonde hair, big blue eyes, big lips and dimples. He is 21 months old and is very photogenic. He can most definitely poise in front of a camera without even trying. He is very bubbly, smiley, loving, and just hilarious. He is a perfectly healthy baby. He would be perfect for Gerber healthy baby.

  3. My daughter is going on 6 months I know she would be great for Gerber healthy baby. She has big bright beautiful blue eyes she loves all her baby Gerber food she is very healthy. She is always happy and has an adorable smile that just makes everyone smile and if you saw her you would agree!

  4. My son will be 4months he is extremely happy always camera ready healthy he is 19pounds 6-8 month bottoms 12 month shirts

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