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Gerard Butler Movie “Den of Thieves”

Gerard Butler Movie “Den of Thieves”Do you want to work on a new movie starring Hollywood hunk Gerard Butler? The actor is heading to Atlanta to shoot his upcoming film “Den of Thieves”. The crime thriller will begin filming after the New Year in 2017 and casting directors are accepting submissions for some specific roles already.  According to The Hollywood Reporter, “focuses on $120 million that is taken out of circulation on a daily basis by the Los Angeles branch of the Federal Reserve and a notorious crew of robbers that plan the ultimate heist right under the noses of the city’s best cops”.

Models and actors are now being cast for some background actor roles. Men and women with military and law enforcement experience and Hispanic and African American males are needed for a prison scene. Also needed for the new movie are luxury and So Cal looking cars. If you have been looking for an exciting and fun film to be a part of, check out the new casting call below!

Den of Thieves Casting Call

Men and women with military and law enforcement experience – looking for both clean cut types and also some real big mean looking dudes – undercover types so facial hair and tattoos are all great – not required but can work — email two clear photos, all clothing sizes and list any experience email to: DenExtras@gmail.com – COPS in Subject
Also looking for some bad guys – specifically for a prison scene – need all ethnicities – specifically big mean bald white guys – big hispanic guys with or without tattoos and African American guys with hair and with shaved heads — email two recent photos exactly as you look today and all contact info also to: DenExtras@gmail.com – PRISON in Subject

LOOKING for some specific cars – high end luxury cars – say from 2005 up to brand new – LUXURY CARS IN SUBJECT

Also looking for some so cal custom cars — really can have various looks – some for a neighborhood some for some hero gang member cars — CUSTOM CARS IN Subject For cars please email 2 clear photos of the your car – list make, model and year and include a picture of yourself

To submit for a role in Den of Thieves email DenExtras@gmail.com with the subject line that corresponds to the role you are submitting for. All emails must include two recent pictures that show how you look today and your contact information.

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