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Fox TV Show “Son of Zorn” Looking for Teens

Fox TV Show Son of Zorn Looking for TeensFox has announced that they have ordered Son of Zorn and casting directors are looking for guys and girls for a high school basketball game and swim class scene. The pilot is a new live-action/animated hybrid comedy.

“Upon arriving home on Earth for the first time in 10 years, Zorn (played by the voice of Jason Sudeikis) a fully animated, legendary warrior, finds that reconnecting with his live-action son, ALAN (Johnny Pemberton), and ex-wife, EDIE (Cheryl Hines), while suffering through a mundane office job and the banality of suburban life, is harder than waging actual war in his distant, mystical homeland of Zephyria. The series is scheduled to debut during the 2016-2017 season”. (Fox)

Central Casting is looking for guys and girls who are 18 years old to look younger to film in Los Angeles, California. Actors must be at least 18 and up, but look like you can be in high school. You need to know how to swim. The pay rate will be 175.00/8 hours plus a wet bump if you are selected as one of their swimmers. If you are interested and want to be considered, email kristanbsubmissions@centralcasting.com. In the subject line of the email type Zorn. In the submission include a current photo of yourself, your name, age and contact information. They are accepting both union and non-union actors.

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  1. And I think I should be test for this show because I have an extraordinary voice and I love animated shows

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