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Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition
Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition

The all new season of ABC’s hit reality program Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition is coming in soon and the producers are currently accepting applications for upcoming casting calls for new participants!  This is a great opportunity to be a part of a show that could truly change your life.

Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition is a weight loss show unlike any other on television. It is a show specifically for those people who need to lose at least %50 of their body weight and the producers bring all of the tools to you!  Cameras will follow you as personal trainer and transformation specialist Chris Powell comes to your door to put you through the paces and teach you the ins and outs of both physical training and nutrition. This fantastic television series strives to make a real difference in the both the physical and mental health of their participants. If you or someone you love are overweight and looking to transform yourself fully, this is the chance of a lifetime. Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition wants to help you be the best you possible. Auditions for this transcendent reality series are being held soon and you can apply today. To submit an application you can follow this link extrememakeovercasting.com/ . Be sure to leave a comment below telling your story and why you’d like the Extreme Makeover crews help and stay tuned for all of the casting updates as they become available.

If you or someone you know is desperately looking to transform into the person that they have always wanted to be and are ready to change their life forever now is the time and this is the program!  Take the first step to a healthier and happier life both for yourself and your loved ones. Be a part of Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition.

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  1. I am in need of help. I am a male 46 years old 6’6” 530lbs.
    I have high blood pressure,with no other health problems other than my back cramps when I stand to long. I have 2 boys 14 and 10 years old. I need to get my old self back.

  2. I am 35 and 350 lbs. I was chubby in grade school and was made fun of by all my classmates. I continued to gain wieght as I got older due to my parents forbidding sweets and my cousins sneaking it to me. I learned from this to hide eating habits of eating unhealthy food. At 15 I was at a decent weight due to my physical education teacher tearing me down emotionally. Unfortunately I was nutritionally starved and not healthy. After being placed in foster care I had plenty access to food. At first I ate a lot. After gaining 25 pounds in only a few months I wanted to cut my portions back but was not allowed to. As an adult I have had 5 children, with each I gained 30-50 pounds. My eating habits have improved and even been excellent at times but I was unable to maintain them. With 5 kids it was difficult to find time for me. Eating healthy and exercising is also expensive and I was not able to maintain the life style even though I lost 30 lbs two separate times. Of course I gained it all back after stopping the lifestyle changes I had made. I think I could benefit from having someone teach me a cost effective and personalized plan of action. My health and quality of life is already being affected by my weight.

  3. Would love to become apart of this. I’ve tried so many different things to loose weight, even had my doctor give me weight loss pills. I’m so tired of always being tired and not being able to keep up with my two kids and my dog. I feel so lost.

  4. If chosen, this will change my life. I am a breast cancer survivor diagnosed in 2013. I have are struggled with weight and lack of motivation. I want to lead a healthy, happy and long life.

  5. I need a total reboot on my life. My weight has been getting in the way of true happiness. I am so distraught that I looked into weight loss surgery. I have tried every diet, I do well then gain weight rapidly. My weight loss attempts go back to Richard Simmons Deal a Meal up to Hip Hop Abs. I have tried Jenny Craig, Atkins, Garcinia, medical weight loss programs. I want to be healthy for myself and my three boys. My husband had bypass surgery 8 years ago and looks better than ever. My jealousy is wedging into our marriage.

  6. This program will be perfect for me please pick me I’m 34 years old and I’m 6’2 and 300 pound please pick me thanks. I live in Georgia

  7. I don't even know how to apply, and after seeing how many people need help- I don't think i'd ever be chosen. Everything in my life has been difficult, especially now. I'm 240lbs, 5'6" and I am 23- just had my birthday this month. I am going to be a senior at University of Louisville in the Spring of 2017 and I am really stressed about my weight going up because everything is getting harder. I don't have the money to buy clothes because I'm so big. I wear the same pair of leggings everyday, it's really embarrassing. All my life I have been different: being lower class, having acne, being overweight, having an underbite- I just want one thing about me to not weird or gross. I hate myself a lot and I try to exercise, but my anxiety gets so bad that I give up. I always give up. I feel that no one likes me because they think I'm gross. I feel so alone. I already feel bad enough for not having my Bachelor's degree yet, but college hasn't been fun for me. I just want to quit so bad. Ever since I can remember I've been fat and ugly. It's affecting my life and my boyfriends. My bad habits are causing him weight problems. I feel like if I don't get this weight under control, and my eating, and my emotions then, I'm not going to be making it far in life. I am stressed to the brink each day about my debt, and having almost no income. I want to be independent, but no one is really there who can help me. I make less than $300 a month, and my mother doesn't work, my dad left when I was going into my senior year in high school. I feel like because not only am I fat, but because I'm poor, people treat me like i'm stupid and undeserving. Are they right? I am two of the worst things a person can be in this society- poor and fat. I don't even have a winter coat to wear because I gained so much weight at college this past year that I have no clues that fit me. Some days I wish I wasn't even here. And writing this, I want to believe someone, somewhere actually cares, but there's so many of us that, I honestly doubt this will ever be read. It's like wishing to win the lottery- I'm just breaking my own heart. Sorry for this long rant. TMI

  8. I need this so bad, I'm 25 years old and I am overweight for my size. I've struggled with weight all my life, I suffered from nephrotic syndrome as a child and it caused me to be overweight my childhood. As a young teen I starved myself to try to be acceptable to my peers. I eventually gained weight in highschool and after highschool. When I was 20 I was in an abusive relationship and upon leaving it I became very healthy, fit and happy. Between 22 and now I have gained everything back and can't lose it I've tried, I'm at the end of my rope my weight is causing me more depression, I don't leave my house other than for work and I'm a caregiver. I don't feel pretty, or have self worth. This is my last resort.

  9. Hello my name is Taylor, I'm 23 yrs old and I would love this opportunity to be able to be on the show and get the transformation I so need. Health issues have always been a long time issue in my life and I'm with the most incredible man and would hope to be able to give him kids one day but my weight gets in the way of that. My life has not been easy it's been anything but that but I want to be a better me and to lose some weight so I can pursue my dream job to be a Nurse and be a better girlfriend to my boyfriend and be better for my family and friends. Chris I would love for your help to get that started!

  10. Patti C.
    10/4/17 Would Be very interested in extreme makeover. I'm 65. End of my rope. Recently retired. 100 pounds overweight. have bilateral hip replacements. Its….get in shape or die!! I'm from Eugene, Or.

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