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Extreme Makeover:Home Edition
ABC’s  Extreme Makeover : Home Edition is currently casting for their upcoming season. Fill out the application today and you or someone you know could end up having a chance of a lifetime to change their home and their lives.

Extreme Makeover, the fantastically popular reality program hosted by Ty Pennington is looking for families and communities for their next round of fantastic renovations! In just seven short days you and your family or community could be enjoying a completely remolded home, school or community center.

Does your family have a compelling and heartwarming story?  Does your school or community center need a re-haul ? You could be featured in an upcoming episode! Millions of people watch this touching program every week and now they could be watching you. Auditions and casting calls will be going on soon for the all new season of Extreme Makeover so submit yourself or someone you knwo today.Here is the application information: a.abc.com/media/primetime/xtremehome/apply/EMHEApplicationS7.pdf Be sure to leave a comment below and stay tuned for all of the exciting updates.

Every family and community has a story, this is your chance to share it with the world.

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  1. My name is kasmar I'm 35 my boyfriend left me because I gain weight after my son and I feel so chip my teeth in front he always wanted me to have a butt but because I have four kids single mother of four boys don't have the money I been really depressed because now I hate the way I look I try to be happy with it all but in reality I hate it I would love to have a Xtra make over done

  2. There is a Wildlife Rehabilitator in Iowa. Her name is Tracy. She lives on a farm and cares for hundreds of critters every year. Her life is dedicated to saving animals. She spends her own money trying to pay for expensive medical care and food and equipment for the animals. She is the kindest and most selfless person I have ever known. Please consider helping her build a sanctuary and clinic for the injured and abandoned babies she saves.

  3. I live in Kansas in Wichita I also live at group home we need help extreme make over,at my place,at house it get kind of bad we help bad to make more room in my apartment

  4. Hello my name is Tisha my house is nothing but 4 walls and a roof I would really like to be able to call it a home someday thanks

  5. This past year has been a hard one for this family. First we lost out grandfather last year due to cancer. Than, they lost their son in June at the age of 23 to cancer, and suddenly lost their father/husband/papa this past October in a tragic car accident. Their house is extremely unsafe, the father was working on it, it was his dream, and I would love to be able to honor that for them. His wife is now a widow of 3 teenagers and taking care of her 1 and 3 year old grandsons. This has been a devastating year and I would absolutely love to see this family get what they need and love to see their fathers/husband dreams come true. I've watched your show since I was a little girl and always said if I knew I could help someone I would, so please from the bottom of my heart please help them. Thank you

  6. Hi my family are really in need of a place to call home we have a new born who is forced to sleep on the floor because we don't have anywhere to put him. We are struggling to make ends meet and even eat. We have termites, mold and a big leak in the roof. We have only bathroom. My mom has taken in a lot of people who don't have anything to try and help them and now she's getting to an age where she's going to stop working soon and we are afraid of how she will pay the bills. Hopefully you guys can help us . Please we need you.

  7. My name is Melissa. I am hoping to find the help to better my parents' living. Raising 7 kids; my step mom Debbie used to work in a nursing home as a CNA and as a janitor at a local doctor's office. In the past 10 years she has faced knee replacements, multiple kidney stone surgeries which she is currently in the hospital from having one kidney removed. She is also the main caregiver for my dad. My dad is in a wheelchair due to only having one leg. Before the start of many infections in his leg a couple years ago, he was ministering at correctional facilities and helping those in the community fighting addictions through AA meetings. Over the last fee years he has spent probably more time in the hospital than not. Dealing with pnuemonia, bronchitus, numerous infections, and kidney failure. In 2008 they had to move due to not being able to afford their previous home. The house they live in needed some work done from the beginning but it seemed like their circumstances just kept getting worse by the day and have been unable to fix things. This has caused them to have a big amount of their possessions still in boxes taking up 1 of the 2 bedrooms and in storage that are slowly being ruined by weather. I would like to help in making their house more liveable and handicap accessible for them. Somewhere they dont have to worry about the space of medical supplies or having the dining room usable. A space for their 20 grandchildren to enjoy.

  8. Extreme Makeover would be a gift for my family from heaven; in the past year and half my mother has almost died 4 times. She has been in and out of the hospital with sepsis and kidney dialysis and pulmonary embolyisms and has just recently started walking again after being in a wheel chair for over 8 months. I know there are plenty of other stories out there but i want this one to be something special a gift from me to my parents. I was adopted by them in 2008 along with my younger sister. me and my younger sister both have autism and at the age of 4 i was delivering newspapers and not being paid and i was going door to door asking for food and was taking care of a diabetic grandmother and a 2 year old. This would make my parents dream a reality. And would be much appreciated. I am now a senior and would like to surprise my parents with a thank you gift that really hits home for us and would last a life time. Thank you.

  9. I love this tv show a lot but I need help with my family we have been suffering for years now my mom is all alone taking care of four children so we thought that in S.A there people like well there are but not as same as uu like plz would uu be able to help me n my family…

    yours faithfully

  10. I would really appreciate any help. Me my husband and son is living in a pletthome. It is many years old and has start falling apart now. When it rains the whole house is under water. We have lost our one room due to the rain and waterdamage. We would love to fix our house, but the costs is so much and we are bairly surviving financialy. Please find it in your hearts to help us. God bless.

  11. Me and my husband r in need of help we was truck drivers bit I was took off due to my health and now I can't work and we take care of his uncle that is blind in one eye and mostly blind in the other he had brain surgery and that's why he lost his I sight and he has heart trouble we have r own land but can't afford to have it servied and cleaned off and build us a house so we rent and the landlord won't fix anything the floors r falling though because when it rains it floods the house but the landlord won't fix it and we know it has to have black mold but we can't fix it and he won't so we try not to fall though the floors please help use we r losing everything we have because I can t work please please help us

    1. Hi my name is Stacie McBee, I just moved back in with my mom. I'm sick with astmah, bronchitis and CG heart failed. She really needs a home makeover. She had a heart of gold and gives too much of herself for her family. She may have mold in her home and she has astmah and allegories herself. She work s her but off at nursing home,and also makes cakes for sale. Has two bathrooms that seriously needs fixing, by being higher toilets due to arthritis. She helps me my two brothers and her husband selfishly without thinking of her first. I'm sure I'm going to be here til I get a little better, unless she could have a extreme home makeover. If anyone deserve it she does. I think we both would be a little better if we at least get walls and floors redone for mold check. Thanks for reading my story.

  12. Hi my name is Summer and I am in desperate need of a home makeover I don't have the money to do it by myself and I'm in desperate need of it thank you summer Sisk

  13. My twin sister and I have recently had my mother and our four younger siblings move in with us from across country. I am a young single mother (21) to a six year old. So it is now the 8 of us living in our home. It is rough while being in school and working full time to provide for everyone. Our home needs to be renovated to fit everyone in the home.

  14. I'm 18 this year. My family has been going through financial problems since I was young. People look down on us. Our walls are leaking & pipes are rusting. My parents try making an effort to have our family drink filtered water because our pipes are rusting out. Burdened with bills that won't stop compiling, medical supplement bills & my previous medical bills from several operations. Desperate to fix our broken home & leakages that has been making the bill high. My brother has left to Thailand to find more money. I'd really appreciate.


  15. Hello my name is laura Galvan , I would love for my mom to be able to get help with her house she's an elder woman but she still works and its getting hard for her to fix things In the house she doesn't have a stove to cook and it gets cold in the winter time and small space heaters don't really help the bathroom using in too conditions either she has lived In The house basically her whole life and its just getting worse and I know it would absolutely be great if she could get some help 🙂

  16. I would love to have my 81 year old mothers home made over. My mom has been taking in foster children for almost 40 years but now due to her declining health she is on her last child. She is starting to lose her vision so caring for little ones will be very difficult. She has also gotten 4 stints in her heart making it very difficult to travel to see her 7 children and their children, most of whom live in different states. Most of us help her out financially but it is difficult when we have our own families to take care of. However, we do manage. She is now on different medications which is another expense. Her trailer is falling apart and repairs needed would be useless. She needs a new one and all the sibling pooling together is still not enough to cover it. I pray that someone see this and is willing to help. Thank you!

  17. Hi my name is Paula Coker my husband Bennett and I are just recently married. August 10 2017 He was put on kidney dialysis at the end of July 2017. We just moved into a house that was built in the 1920s. We are trying to get custody of his 8 yr old son but with the shape the house is in it is going to take us a while. My husband does kidney dialysis 3 days a week and has his good days and bad days. Eventually he will go on the transplant list. But we are struggling really bad with finances. He doesnt have insurance just yet hopefully medicaid and medicare will kick in soon. He was denied his disability so we are applying for it again. Any help

  18. Hi im wondering how you go about submitting an application for our home to win a makeover. Thanks for your time my 5 kids and us thank you. Have a blessed day.

  19. It would be a true blessing from God to win, our house is over 36 years old , it's got mold and dust, the floor is falling in the bathroom flooring , it's unsanitary to live on its embarrassing I have a 4 year old daughter, who needs a better Living environment , our family doesn't have alot of money in fact my wonderful super mother in law Theressa toevent and great aunt sharon jenkins , our amazing people would do anything for anyone my mother is raising all of her grandchildren, and has many health issues she's got ms disease, and etc, back in oct of last year we lost a close family member her husband David Howard and it's been so hard for us to pay our bills and especially since my mother theresa and sharon struggle to pay for 2 homes ! We can't afford it and it's very stressful for them and this would be amazing for our family to win .
    sharon didn't have to let us stay here in her home when the family moved when his mothers husband got s settlement a big one before he passed and bought them a new home , and gave us our own home and space, she's got a heart of gold and I don't know how they've manage to pay our bills too , I want to do this for them to help them for everything they've helped us with for the last 6 years or more. thank u so much

  20. My wife and I have been married for 3 years. In this short time, I my mom was diagnosed with cancer. I quit my job in order to take care of her. That was in 2014-2015. My wife's father became ill, so we left our home and moved in with him and I worked while she took care of him. I went back to work for the prison, and we moved back home only to find out that our renters destroyed our home. We decided we would fix it one room at a time. In the mean time, we took on the responsibility of taking in her nephew who is mentally handicapped. In March of 2017 she lost her uncle, in April I lost my Aunt, and in May of 2017 she lost her father. Because of the work I've had to miss, I'm on the verge of loosing my job. Our roof is leaking and we have no floors in our home. Only bad subfloor. Our home was my Grandmother's first brand new home. We just need a break. A little help. It would be so amazing to get a little break.

  21. Hello, i want to first thank you guys and applaud you guys on everything that you've done for people. For 25 years my grandparents have lived in their home and have raised all of us in it. They do so much for other people and go out of their way to make others life better. My grandmother have been going on and on about extending her bedroom and adding a bathroom. Their floors need work and their attic needs work. They live in a three bedroom, one bathroom house. They now own their house and because the house is becoming very old, its accumulating alot of issues for them. I wish i could do something for them and/or give them what they deserve but im not in the position to do so. All i want is to do whatever i can so that my grandparents can get the home they have dreamed of. No lies, No sob story, just wanted to win a chance to make them happy! Thank you guys for your time and pray that their dreams can come true.

  22. Good afternoon,
    My father is 86 years old and live in his home with my mom for over 40 years. This year in June my mother died. My father at a early age of his life had an accident and cause him to be disable. My father never had the resources to fix his home. He is located in a rural area in Tennessee. Your help to fix his home will be greatly appreciate. Thanks

  23. I have been with my boyfriend for 10 years, he just asked me to marry him. He asked me what kind of wedding did I want, I said I would rather get married in our back yard and spend what would of spend in a wedding on our kitchen, back yard, or living room. I would like to fix our back yard then have a nice simple wedding, that way when I go have coffee in the yard I can remember each time of our day.

  24. I'm 16 and I live in Germany with big family. I have 5 sisters and 4 brothers. Mom and Dad. Grandmother and granfather. In one home…. we don't have too much money to buy a home. So they give every month 700 € for home and 400€ for oil. My perents don't think what in world is miracle and so much like this because my perents past was not good… and I want help to animals and so much to do but we can not because for everything need pain… so I want to ask you all do you want to help me ?

  25. Hello we bought a house that was built in 1910 or around that time. We could use the help remodeling everything needs taking out and re done. We are living with my mom at the moment paying bills there and trying to pay bills at the house which leaves us with hardly any money to fix the house. Dream big and anything is possible

  26. I am a 20 year old currently staying in a home with my 1 year old daughter, 20 year old boyfriend, his grandmother whom is 58 & her mother who is 82. The home we all stay in is my boyfriend grandmothers & I can not describe the home in one word. Maybe HORRIFYING. There are many holes in the walls. Foundation is rotted from termites. Plumbing barely works from leaks. Its hard because we are trying so hard just to pay bills let alone trying to fix every home problem. Grandma has lupus & this house is no place for her health. Her mother is a breast cancer survivor & they both just really deserve a home that doesn't harm their health. We are trying but between bills & home repairs, hospital bills, & a 1 year old. Its a lot on this entire family. Please ABC hear our cries.

  27. My husband and I are not ones to ask for help our story starts with our first daughter we lived with my husband's grandfather when she was born we finally got enough money to get an appointment but times got rough and we ended up staying in a friend's basement while our daughter stayed with her great grandmother we moved to Wyoming to try for a fresh start and for a little while we were OK but one year after moving to Wyoming financial issues arose and we had to move in with my father in-law's finished basement we started buying the house next door shortly after I found out I was pregnant with our second child we never could have anticipated what would come on the day she was born. on 6/23/16 my daughter was born and we knew something was wrong she was born with silver hair and a red tint in her eyes we later found out she has a rare genetic disorder that only has 200 reported cases world wide we are struggling with appointments bills and fixing the house we are buying my husband is the only one working because the genetic disorder my daughter has prevents me from sending her to daycare . If she gets sick with the common cold it could hospitalize her and or put her in the advanced stage of her disorder and will require chemo treatment she is on a transplant list for a bone marrow transplant when she turns two with all the appointments and everything we don't have the money to get our home ready to move in thank you for hearing our story .her genetic disorder is called (chediak higashi syndrome)

  28. Hello my name is Sharika Richman. I am from Little Rock Arkansas. I am actually doing this for my favorite auntie. Her name is Ora Richman. She has schizophrenia and her choices in housing hasn't been it's best. She has 5 children. Asia Wilson who lives with her. DeAndre and Jeremiah Richman who also lives with her.They were both diagnosed with bipolar and ADD ADHD. David Humphrey who lives with his father. Derrick Richman who moved to California for 2 years and will be returning from a mission November next year in 2018. Asia has one baby he's one month old. Not to mention my auntie Lauretta Tolbert also diagnosed with schizophrenia. So that's 7 people in a two in a half bedroom one bathroom. This house is falling apart it's sad to look at there is no room to move around when I come and visit so I hardly ever because I have four children of my own. This house is very poorly rated. My aunt Or would go on about how this was all she could afford right then. Please help her. I really hate seeing my family this way.

  29. My name is april and I live in a mobile home in florida its a older trailer and we just went through hurricane irma our trailer is now in bad shape no windows roof leafs black mold we have to live in it cause we have no where else to go my health is not good I have asthma COPD and many more health problems I live here with my son and three year old grandson we dont have much income and we r struggling day by day and cant seem to get help any where can you please help us

  30. My name is Shania fields in 17 years old and my family is in dire need of help with our home my mum and dad are both disabled my mom was in a car accident that took her ability to walk away a 16-year-old ran a red light and hit her head on and my father is a disabled veteran that also worked 17 years in a different job until he was laid off back in 2009 not some days he has to crawl around our home he cant work my mom works from home but its only part time we manage but we need help we used to live in a trailer and my mom was stuck in her bedroom for 5 years straight until my older brother who is in the united states navy bought a home for us to live in and its a little bit more accessible but not much more my mom really needs help and I'm hoping we can get some because she deserves it she has done everything in her power to make sure my brothers and I have anything we need and she goes without shes the best mom I could ever ask for and I want to make this happen for her

  31. My name is Tony Taylor and my story is my wife has to wash our clothes in a dull, dim and ugly basement laundry room. It’s very small and she does her very best trying to wash our clothes in there. Every once in a while she will hint by saying to me how bad and dim the laundry room is and with all our house hold and living expenses I know I may never be able to make over the laundry room. First of all we live in an 87 year old house that could use a makeover in many areas such as the bathrooms (2-1/2) and the Kitchen is dated as well. This is the first time I’m hoping for a miracle and this would be a great surprise to my wife as we are coming into our 1oth wedding anniversary. Still dreaming of a makeover one day.

  32. Hi,
    My name is Stella O'Neal, my family and I have had 2 house fires that took everything so we bought us a home it needed some love but my husband and I seen potential in this to be our forever home. But between my going to college and my husband working his tail off everyday we can't seem to stay on top of all the repairs that are needed. I have two adorable children 6&7 and I want this house to be a stability. For my kids and my kids friends. Just looking for some help. Please help.

  33. I am writing this on behalf of my grandfather. I have looked into many programs and have tried to find whatever resources I could to help my grandfather repair his home. My grandfather is an 84 year old veteran that could use some help with repairs and I believe would be a great candidate for the Extreme Make Over Home Edition. I think this would be beneficial for him. When my grandmother who passed away in 2008 became very sick, it became overwhelming for him to be able to take care of the home needs, my grandmother, as well as my sister and I. Unfortunately, as the years passed and he got further up in age, he could not, and still are unable to do a lot of the repairs himself. If Hurricane Rita, and Ike weren't enough, he just got hit by Hurricane Harvey which caused a few more issues. I've even tried to contact the VA to find any kind of help for him, but I have pretty much exhausted any leads for help. My grandfather has done soo much for me and this would not only be great for him, but will also make me happy knowing I was able to help in some kind of way being that I don't have the finances to do it myself. He is a very giving person and will help anyone at the drop of a dime. Being on Extreme Make Over will turn the tables on him, and finally let him relax and get the help he deserves for a change. I would LOVE to see my grandfather overwhelmed with joy and happiness verses being overwhelmed with the repairs needed and trying to find a way on his own to do it. I know no one reading this knows him, but I am telling you out of the 32 years that I have known him, he is a very humble person that deserves this chance of a lifetime.

  34. Hello my name is Starneshia Jones and I am writing to you in hopes that you would consider helping my grandmother Jency Gatewood. She has worked since she was 16,she was married at the early age of 17 but that marriage did not work out.
    She later was reunited with her high school sweetheart in 1998. They both worked several jobs to survive.Well then they received custody of me ,my sister and younger brother in Jan.2000 after raising her older 2 son's. Yes it was a struggle for her but that is the kind of loving person she is.
    In 2004 she wanted us to live in a better home so she proceeded to purchase a 3 bedroom,2 bath home,butshe began to struggle to continue the mortgage payments after losing her job. We had to go back in state custody. We were still determined that we wanted to be with her. My sister went back first but by then she had her 1st child. Later when she left the home finances were really bad. So Jency had to give up her home before it was forclosed.
    Later her high school sweetheat moved into a high rise complex where he spent his last days. He passed away in 2015. So Jency moved into a 2bedroom apartment . I came back with my 1st child but later I had a 2nd child and the we received word of my cousin from Hawaii wanted to come back to Memphis so we had to get a larger space again. Well of course Jency being herself moves again. She still works a full time job trying to pay all her bills and help me support my 3 children. Please help her if you can .She sings in her choir and does what she can to help all.

  35. Hi, my name is De'Janelle. I'm currently living with my grandfather in his home. We just got approved to have my children back from foster care yesterday ( they were wrongly kept in the system) I would love to share that part of my story with you over the phone. Long story short I'm getting them back but neither me nor my grandpa have the funds to fix our ceiling, walls, or heat. It's a very old home that my grandfather owns. He's a veteran from the U.S Air force and I feel he doesn't receive what he most definitely deserves which is a comfortable place to call home. My children deserve the same, they've been through so much and they're so young. I also have an 8 month old and it's very hard to live in peace with the ceiling always leaking 🙁 I'm scared it might start an electrical fire.

  36. My father has a house that is falling apart he is in his 60's, can not remodel it himself. My mom has seizures and need someone to help her clean around the house I am trying to move in with my daughter, so that I can help her. The celing is falling apart, the basement floods when it rains, the attic is sinking in. My brother is partially deaf,can't hear when someone knocks on the door. My brother has holes in the wall he is inhaling the dust from the wall. My dad needs room for me and my 2 year old daughter to move in. We really need the help. We can't afford to fix the house. Please help us.

  37. I would like to enter for my family to win a home makeover. I own my home. It was built in 1942. It has seen its better days. It is a very small home. Don’t get me wrong, I am appreciative what God has given me. Let me explain my situation. I moved out of my home in 2007 to take care of my mom who just lived next door. She had fallen and needed round the clock care. My home was not handicap accessible. I let my daughter move in, then my nephew, then my daughter and her boyfriend. This time my daughter’s boyfriend pretty much trashed the home. When I finally got them out of the home, It had to be cleaned and everything to the flooring had to be thrown out. I had to get the Coker Millwright Car to haul the trash off because of the trash that needed to be thrown into the dumpster couldn’t be put into a regular dumpster. By this time, it is the year 2015. Eight years had passed since I had been gracious enough to let others stay in my home rent free/utility free and now it was destroyed. We managed to get it clean and livable. Again, I let someone else who was happy with the house move in and live there based on the terms that the home would be repaired. Those repairs were never made. I got married in October of 2017 and had to move back into my home. It is a rough over my head, it keeps me cooler in the summer and somewhat warmer in the winter. The permanent heat no longer works because there was water damage and the insurance only gave me ¼ of what is was going to cost to replace and update the system. Then as luck would have it, another calamity struck and the sewer was not worker properly. I had to have the sewer pumped 2 times within a short period of time. I ended up taking the money needed to repair the heating and air and putting a band aid on the sewer system. My mom had rental units to supplement her income and when the road came thru she lost those units with the exception of two pieces of property plus her home. She became a victim of identity theft and predatory lending because she was trying to build her rental business back and now she not only lost the 2 parcel of land that was her source of income for retirement but also lost her home. She fell and broke her hip in November and the financial institution took her home from her, just after she had lost her other income sources. She didn’t have anywhere to go and my house is not conducive to living conditions for her much less handicap accessible. Now, being on a limited income, she pays $1,275.00 a month rent, utilities, groceries, and what other expenses she can afford.
    My husband’s sister lost her companion of 20 years to an unexpected death. He left her with nothing. She is on a limited income, as well. She can only pay her rent and utilities and may be receives food stamps. She is a cancer patient and is taking treatments.
    Long story short, we would like to build a house that is big enough for all of us or remodel the one that we are in to do the same. To remodel the one we are in would take new wiring, new sewer system, new heating and air, etc. We try to help as many people as we can, but now we are unable to help ourselves. We are looking for someone that has the means to be able to help us. We have the land where we are now or we have another parcel of land to start a new. If you think we are deserving of this fresh start that would be amazing. I know that there are many deserving families out there and you have tough decisions to make.
    Respectfully Submitted,
    Gloria Blair-Hernandez

  38. My 3 siblings ages 15, 14 and 12 are in foster case because there is no wheres for them to go. My family has been torn apart because the home is unfit and badly meeds remodelling. The kids wont be able to come home and will have to be stuck in foster care for years. My parents are unable to get jobs as my dad is 73 and mom is 57. The power has also been cut in the home as well. This would be a miracle and blessing for the future generations of our family.

  39. Hi! I was in Yorba Linda CA on Sept. 26. While having breakfast I talkies to Ty Pennington. He suggested that I come here and apply! We have a nice seventies ranch home we built when we were just kids. Basic was what we could afford and that worked!! We raised our family and there is lots of love and memories here. Our basement is way out of date though, and I told Ty I would like to know how to make a mordern square room out of a rectangle!! Ha ha! Please consider our home for a makeover!!

  40. Hi! I saw Ty Pennington in Yorba Linda, CA, at the Ayers hotel on 9/25. I was really surprised and visited just a little. I told him that our basement in a typical 70's ranch home needs a complete makeover and how do you make a modern square look out of a rectangle!! ha ha! He told me to come and register…..so here I am. We built our house when we were just kids, 20 and 22. We couldn't afford more than just a basic stick built home and didn't have much for bells and whistles. We have raised our children and this house is not fancy but is FULL of love and good memories!! We would love to have a cozy modern room to spend the cold winter months watching movies by a fire! Thank you!!

  41. Hello my name is Brandy I'm sure there are other people out there that deserves this more than I do. I hate to ask people for help but I'm at my breaking point I don't know what to do. I had back surgery March 2016 to fuse my L4 and L5 vertabre together I went back to work 4 weeks after surgery to support my 4 daughters. This year has been stressful for our family I attend Murray State College working on getting my RN, I work full time as a medication aid and looking for a second job, my husband got hurt in June and is not able to work until he gets his hand repaired which will probably be the amputation of his pinky finger. My 16 yr old daughter got a after school job to try and help out with the house. I am buying our house from a preacher in our little town or Ringling, Okla. and it is the oldest still standing house in town. It needs a lot of repairs which we are trying to do but it cost money which I don't have. Our water lines only run to our bathroom and we have a hose ran to our washer for laundry. It works for now but would be nice to just be able to turn on the kitchen sink 😊. I would be grateful to get accepted but I also understand there are others in need. Thank you

  42. Hello My Name is Norma Gilkerson and my husband name is Brian Gilkerson, Our story is on 8/23/17 our daughter Allison "Allie" Gilkerson got on the back of a motorcycle and she was not aware that the driver had been drinking and he wrecked with her. He had no insurance on the bike nor was it licensed or registered to him. Our daughter was wearing a helmet but is busted into pieces as our understanding and she hit the guardrail plus flung about 65 feet from the wreck site. Allie has a traumatic brain injury and has multiple broken bones. She has underwent several surgeries for either/and brain, bones and removal of spleen. We are currently in our second hospital and headed to the rehab center at Children's Institute in Pittsburgh soon (well hopefully pending insurance approval). When Allie is released from the rehab center we will need to find a home that is handicapped accessible and we will need to obtain any medical equipment needed to help out our daughter gets better. We currently had to have our home packed up and put our belongings into storage because the house we currently rented is not in shape good enough to bring her home to. It is damp, black mold growing throughout the house and has a lot of plumbing issues.  Our family has been thru so much in the past 5 weeks from dealing with our 17 year daughter being injured so badly and now our family has been forced to split apart until Allie is better and then we will all be able to be back together again. My mother was living with us and she currently had to move in to a apartment for seniors and those with disabilities, Jacob my son had to go stay with his father and our other daughter got her own place. The kids life has been turned upside down from having to get rid of pets to packing up all their belongings and now just waiting for us to return home with their sister, so we all can be back in the same home again. We are need of a home that will be handicap accessible for all her special needs. If you are able to help us in anyway we would appreciate it.
     Thank you Norma Gilkerson

  43. My name is Matthew Rivera and I live in northern New Jersey with my mother. I think we wood make a good candidate for Extreme Home Makeover because obviously we need it. Our house is falling apart and is barely functional. My mom is getting older and it's hard for me as a college student to get things done around the house because I work to pay my way through school. A lot of the damage has come from a hoarding problem that my father had because he is mentally ill from the 9/11 terrorist attacks from his time as a police officer and first responder. She is such a sweet, fun energetic and caring person and it would mean the world to us. Thank you for the consideration. God bless.

  44. Extreme Makeover would be a blessing because My husband and I have 3 kids 2 with Sickle Cell and we have been trying to remodel our home for 5 years but our finances is never enough because of doctor bills and life struggles! It seems like every time we get two steps ahead we fall 3 steps back! We have been trying to do some things on our own but when we think we have one thing fix something else in the house falls apart! It’s just really depressing because the kids are asking why our house doesn’t look like there friends! I’m embarrassed to even invite anyone over! We had a mold problem which made our kids sick with respiratory problems! We had to take money that we don’t have to spare to take care of that problem for our kids safety! It’s been really hard but I just had to try this to find a way to make our home for my kids better and safe! I thank you for listening and hope and pray you all hear me because we truly need your help!

  45. My ex-mother in law took me and my son into her home at age 16 and not only did she take me in she welcomed anyone in the community that needed a place to stay into her home. Unfortunately, on November 27th she died as a result of smoke inhalation which happened because one of the families she took in left a candle unattended. Since the death of my ex-mother-in-law which I still call my mom her daughter Trellis Johnson and two grandsons Hiawatha Fleming and Keyon Thomas have been from hotel to apartment and need help to restore the family home they love so much. The home that helped so many people in the community. To this day people still come by and sit on the steps and talk about their memories with Aunt Mary. You see she was so well known everyone called her their Aunt Mary and miss the dinners and stories she use to invite them in to enjoy.

  46. My name is Delores Nix and My ex-sister-in-law and family need help in restoring my ex-mother in laws home which was caught on fire accidentally by a family she took in. Mary Thomas (my ex-mother in law) passed away from smoke inhalation as a result of the house fire and has left a void in the lives of so many people's heart and lives in the community. Mary which I called (mom) helped any and everyone she could and now her family needs help in restoring the family home that not only housed her family and friends but anyone that was in need. Her daughter and two grandsons whom helped her with the home are now in an apartment after months in hotel but would love to see the family home restored not only for them but for mom. Mary (mom) sacrificed so much to keep the house so anyone from her home town or in the area didn't have anywhere to go they could call Aunt Mary and she would let them come to her home. She was adopted by all as their favorite aunt. Please help her daughter restore her home not only for herself and Mary's grandkids but for the community also. Believe it or not although the house is burnt people from the community come and sit on the steps and tell stories about how Aunt Mary helped them and how she would love to see her family back in the home. Thank you.

  47. I know a family that is really hurting. They are living from place to place because the house caught on fire and they were all deplaced. It would be great if they could get the house replaced again. The mother that was burned in the house died and that left daughter and grandson without a home.

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