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Extreme Makeover:Home Edition
ABC’s  Extreme Makeover : Home Edition is currently casting for their upcoming season. Fill out the application today and you or someone you know could end up having a chance of a lifetime to change their home and their lives.

Extreme Makeover, the fantastically popular reality program hosted by Ty Pennington is looking for families and communities for their next round of fantastic renovations! In just seven short days you and your family or community could be enjoying a completely remolded home, school or community center.

Does your family have a compelling and heartwarming story?  Does your school or community center need a re-haul ? You could be featured in an upcoming episode! Millions of people watch this touching program every week and now they could be watching you. Auditions and casting calls will be going on soon for the all new season of Extreme Makeover so submit yourself or someone you knwo today.Here is the application information: a.abc.com/media/primetime/xtremehome/apply/EMHEApplicationS7.pdf Be sure to leave a comment below and stay tuned for all of the exciting updates.

Every family and community has a story, this is your chance to share it with the world.

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8,262 thoughts on “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Apply Now – ABC

  1. Hello my name is Amelia I am 27 years old and I live with my fiancé named Robert he is 28 and my beautiful daughter ammarie she is 7 years old and my father. Well I am going to start off by saying we live in Lubbock Texas. We have a small house that was built in like the 1930s. The house has three bed rooms and one back room that has black mold that we cant afford to rebuild so we just have it shut off.We have electric problems every now and then our windows let in so much dirt from how old they are we have no installation no heat or ac. When winter comes around the house is freezing cold and summer its hot. The reason we moved in this house we were about 18 and 19 and had our daughter and my father was living inside his truck we didn't want just any stanger moving in next door to my grandmas so we went for it. So a couple of weeks went by we moved in. My father had one room and my family had the other. Years passed and we started to see all the bad in the house but we kept telling each other it a fixer upper we can fix it the back room we floors but we just never had the funds to do it. Well in the past three year we have had some excitment and some hurting the excitement was that i was a surrogant mother for my sister and husband which was wonderful i didnt get anything out of it. I felt as if it was something I was put on this earth for was to help someone have a family like I was able to. Well brought a handsome healthy little boy into this world. Two years later we have had it so hard Robert and I found out I was pregnant with our own little one when I was four months we lost the baby I took it really hard and went in to a depression things got a little better after about a year. Until Robert and my father we laid off from there job. The good news is I am going to have my rainbow baby but we don't have no room in my house i have a queen bed a twin bed and now a crib cramed in my room. My father is now considered disabled and he is always falling from the the floors in the house he can barley walk he has a cane but its so hard for him to get to get around he will be having surgery soon on both his legs I cry almost every night wondering how its going to be and about the house being so little my daughter having her own room to finally enjoy quit time for homework getting my father around and having a newborn but until we get the money to fix the house or have wonderful people like your crew to help us its going to be like this. So I ask and pray that you will consider my famiy to be apart of the miracle show.

  2. Hi Guys,
    Thank you for your time to read my story. My father has been my number one fan and glue to my whole family. He has always invited anyone in to his home that did not have a place to stay: family members and friends. I could remember as a kid we called it the "Ronald McDonald house" because he had let so many friends stay when needed. My step Mom's sister and daughter live their now. Him and my Mom help my Mother any time she needs and is at every function and make sure to include here which typically is un-heard of! He has helped so many people in his life time and has been loyal to all, even a company he worked for for over 25 years who didn't appreciate him and took advantage of it. He is a Vietnam veteran and proud of it. He would give the shirt off his back for anyone who needs it. He is such a humble man and has always taught us to be a hard worker and fighter in life. He had colon cancer last year and fought it while still keeping his number one fan status and attending all his grandkids sports about an hour away. He had a Ileoscopy done in order for his colon to heal after surgery and fought through having kidney failure and hospitalized several times. He is now hospitalized and fighting to recover from a surgery gone wrong removing his ileoscopy bag. He has now been in there 5 weeks, 3 days. He had a complication that turned almost deadly causing his abdomen to get infected in turn causing his body to go sepsis. has an open wound with a medi-vac seal that needs to heal on his own and had the bag put back in place since he had a tear in his colon. His immune system is very week and fighting fevers each night, which doctors don't know what's caused by. It has been a nightmare for my whole family. The Glue to my family is fighting for his life and I am scared for his return home to recover. Their house is falling apart. Leaky roof over the years has been patched, but with every rain fall comes a leaking roof. the walls are ridden with mold in several rooms. it has had termites in the past and I am scared they are back and don't know how the house is standing. The bathroom that they use is falling apart and wont be user friendly for my Dad. My mom has been by his side for this whole nightmare. She is paying month to month and needs to return back to work next month to keep her benefits and I don't know how they are going to make it through this and I am so scared for them. My Dad has been an a selfless man his that deserves for some good to go his way and needs help. I would love for my Dad to be a candidate! My Mom and Dad would absolutely love this and hope to continue on the tradition of being the family glue.

  3. Hello, I am a high school student and we have been raising awareness for a town called Attiwapiskat. This is a village in Canada that is in a horrifying situation. They have had numerous suicide attempts in only a few weeks. The housing in this town is only sheds and tents. There is no plumbing, and only a few shacks have electricity. Not only this but an average of 8 people are living per shack. To give you an idea of how big the shacks are just imaging the size of your shed in your yard.
    I know this isn't what you do but it was worth a shot. I was hoping that your show could go to Attiwapiskat for a special show and provide some of these people with homes. Maybe even just one or two large community homes. This would give hope to the people living there and could launch a large uprising of awareness for your show and the residents in Attiwapiskat.
    As I said before I know this is not what you do normally but these people are running out of time and options.
    Thank you for your consideration.

  4. Hi Ty Peddington I am a widow for nine years and I would love to have the house that I live in to become my home.Th I am staying on the first floor and it is a four family flats ,I don't have a yard that I can say its mine and I can't go outside and do what other people in the yard are doing.I'm also share my flat with my children's that is two boy's and my daughter with my grandchild and Foster child I have a two bedroom ,kitchen launch and a bathroom with toilet which everyone is using please I would like to sit on my own balcony and my children to have they own rooms and my place to be extand big and open with enough space .It was my late husbands wish to see me sitting in my dream house .I love green but by staying upstairs its a problem I did my best to plant flowers but then the neighbours dogs messed in my garden .Th please make my dream comes through I'm from South Africa and I like to watch your show and see how you make peoples dreams come through.From Evltn Naidoo

  5. Hi my name is Nomera Naidoo and right now I am about to get married to this guy his name is Lloyd and his a truck driver And with his finances we can't do a makeover with the house and the kids and I can't stay in a house like that cause there is no space the kids sleep in the livingroom and my dream is for then to have there own rooms and for us to have our own big room with our own bathroom in and as for the the kitchen I can't move around in the that's how small the kitchen is we don't even have a stove or proper equipment that a women wants in a kitchen I would like you Ty Pennington please to make my dream come true I cry out to you for help

  6. Hi i am 21 years old .living with my mother age 50. I have a son age 1. His name is cezario cutest baby ever.lol.today me and my mom watched the home add. She said she realy wished that we could finally just live in a home of our own for onces in her life. We lived house by house for as far as my age. And now we live at the back by a lady in a wendy house. Its cropped,cold,wet,and makes up sick. I am the only one working and realy just want to go study because these days money is useless with no studies. Or a good job. My only wish is to put my mom and my son in a place wherby they can call it a home of there own.
    She is sick and worried about my son getting sick of the coldness and not getting better.
    I would love to be apart of home add as they make dreams come true. My onlgbwish is to get a place for my mom and son one that they can call home forever.

    Thank you.

  7. Hiya myself and my family love the show , we were wondering if you ever bring your show to Scotland,uk ,if so we would love to be involved, thanks Nicola campbell

  8. Hi my name its martha mamaila I live with my granny and my 4 uncles who struggle to get a better job.my granny always wanted a huge two store house since she was young because we stay in a small overcrowded house.we really need your help

    We will appreciate you to help us
    Thank you for your time

  9. Good day guys I just wanted to now if u guys could help as my grab father has cancer and my grab works from home because of her legs and it is not working we try to help but we have no money and we stay with them so we can help bit it is not working so Plz help

  10. Hi Ty My name is Christy im 28 and my mom and little girl live with me we desperatly need your help our trailer is getting really bad we have alot of water leeks in the roof we got some mold our front door is so bad we cant open it there are alot more issues with our home ….My little girl Autum has asthma and skin problems she has alot of health issues my mother also has health issues we are both currenly unemployed due to our jeep being messes up PLEASE help ….Thanks and God bless you

  11. Hi, my name is Brittany. Im commenting for my girlfriend. She's a real genuine sweetheart. She's a very hard worker who pretty much takes care of her whole family with no help from anyone amd gets mor does she ask for amything in return. She and i recently had to move in a 2 bedroom apartment with her sister and her little family. Its just too small.She deserves this sooo much. If i could do this for her myself, i would but im currently out of work at the moment. She's raising a 2yr old son whose not biologically hers with no help from the birth parents, but she loves him dearly. The house that we originally planned to move in is unlivable at the moment. Shes been saying for months how shes ready to save so we can have our own space back but taking care of the household, buyin food and payin bills takes all her money, she cant save to even begin fixing the home. It needs alot of work. She even lost her transpertation because money has ggotten tight. I believe she deserves this blessing because she always thinks of others before herself. She would be fine livin on the street if she had no other choice. Her pride seem to always get the best of her because she never ask for anything. She never complains but i know shes stressed because everybody expects so much from her. Ive never met anyone like her. You can hate her all day but if you need her and she can help, shes there! Shes never turned anyone away! I really wish you guys can help.. im begging for your help! Please help us!!

  12. Dear Sir, I am Deaf. I have been Deaf since birth. I communicate in sign language. Please excuse my bad grammar as english is not my language. I am from Indiana. I came to South Carolina to visit my mother recently January 2016. One night my mother had stomach pain and I took her to ER. Many many hours later, she told me what the doctor said. Mother told me in sign language saying that doctor told her she has cancer stage 4. Everyone in my family were shocked. She just turned 70 years old. So I stayed longer to help her do the cleaning, cooking, and transportation to and from chemotherapy center. While I was staying at her house. There was a lot wrong with her house. There is cold draft from floor, walls, ceiling because there are cracks between woods. I had to get some cardboards to cover walls and use masking tape to cover cracks between wood lines of the wall. That old type of wall that has many long single line wood top to bottom I dont know what they are called but they are old house that was built long ago. I put paint drop cloth to cover floor because there is cold draft from wood floor as well. The corner of this house (foundation under the house) is about to fall cave into the ground because of many raining days that is damaging the foundation. I put glass marble on the floor and the glass marble itself rolled toward corner of the house. I was concerned that the foundation will break and collapse the corner of this house. This corner of the house is bedroom. The unit outside of the house for central air is not working at all. This house does not have central heater anymore. There is small (natural gas) heater but it does not bring out more heat toward other rooms. There are cold draft from many windows I had to buy plastic film to cover all windows. The house is still too cold. I noticed under the foundation in the crawl space there is zero insulations to help stop the cold wind. The cold draft is every where in the house, front door, kitchen, other rooms. The AMP is weak and is always shut down (fused) if we plug one small item. The wooden balcony connected to this house is very old and some wood boards are warped and about to give out. I am afraid for anyone to walk on it. I found boxes in the closet that has mold on them. There are mold in the closets, I believe it is from the moist from the rain in the crawl space that the moist comes into the house from beneath. There are just too many wrong with this house. My mother just turned 70 years old. She only have medicare insurance that covered some. She already have lupus disease for awhile. We need all the help we can find. My mother is very tired and exhausted from the chemo. I want to help her to improve her environment and give her best comfort as I can. Being deaf is hard to try to make calls/contact to find help like grants/foundation that will help my mother. I went to Community Action Assistance but the income eligible has to be under $1600.00 per month to get assistance but my mother's social security only receive 1700.00 per month. That is only 100 dollars over but still not able to get some help just because a little over that disqualified her eligible. Also I went to Care Center Assistance and applied for my mother, my mother was eligible to get help covered with utilities just one time limited. I also contacted cancer foundation and applied to get some help with cover for chemotherapy expenses because her medicare do not cover all. Now it has been 3 months her doctor says her cancer is shrinking some and says average will live 5 to 10 years. Hopefully my mother will live long time. My dad passed away the year of 2007 from massive heart attack. His heart attack was his first and last. I am their only child. I do not have brothers or sisters to share duties to help my mother. I was looking for your application that I would like to fill out for my mother and I found it but it says year 2009 so I am still looking for new application for year 2016. Please tell me where to find year 2016 application? I pray that my mother will be picked to be on ABC for "Extreme makeover home edition". Please pick her to be on ABC show. It will be amazing to see my mother gets help. I am always grateful for her because she was willing to learn sign language just so that we can communicate with each other and taught me so many things in life through her love and sign language. Please let me know where to find year 2016 application asap. Thank you for your help. Hope to "hear" back soon. 🙂

  13. Hi my name is Marie webster I live in a mobil home it is a single wide mobil home my husband has been sick for over a year he has had a lot of health issues I am the only one working right now we have no other income right now my husband is trying to get on disability but we haven't heard anything yet we would like too have nicer house but we just can't do we have very little funds with one person working we live in yuma arizona I just don't know what too do I hope u will help us here is my cell we hope too hear from u soon

  14. I would like to nominate my sister wendy gorski. She is always a giving person. Wendy lost her husband in September 2015. Her and her husband purchased a small business 14 years ago. It's always been a struggle for them with used equipment failing, small store that needs updating, room for equipment and employees. As a ice cream shop, winter is always hard. Paying bills for her home and business is always a challenge. Which of course means her home is in need of much repar. I don't know if you would help with the business but this is her bread and butter. Even more so since her husband past. She has never turned down helping anyone if it's possible. She runs this business with her heart and it's been part of her community for 30 years. It's employs many people, mostly young high school students. The store is in need of repair, updated equipment, it's very warm in the shop in summer time because it lacks proper cooling system. The parking lot with many pot holes along with standing water when it rains due to improper drainage. Hopefully it would be a consideration, thank you.

  15. My parents moved to their dream house a couple years back. My father has been a farmer my whole life, long hours starting at 4am and not coming home til 8pm or later. His work schedule has change as he has aged but the hard work hasn't. He has always taken good care of my mom, brother and I. I moved out a couple years ago after my granny passed. We had some hard times after her passing and it wasn't long after my parents moved my pa in a mini apartment behind their house. Most my life my mother was a stay at home mom, and after my brother was old enough she went to work. For the moment though she has a full time job taking care of my pa. My parents have done a lot for me and I think it would be awesome if they could get a home makeover. If that doesn't happen it's all good. We all have eachother and they still have their dream home. Congrats to whoever is chosen! Thank you!

  16. Hello, I am writing this desperate request from PA, for a friend whom lives in Virginia. I am writing in for a friend & veteran whom is down on his luck & is struggling to literally stay afloat. John desperately needs an extreme makeover to his house. He does not know that I am nominating him for your show. John is one descendant of the many men in his families past of veterans whom have served our country. He served many years & has since retired. He is a proud divorced father of two young boys.
    John bought his house about 10yrs ago, everything was fine house at first, but as time has gone by, it has been draining him of all his finances in repairs. He has since been renting his upstairs bedrooms & upper portion of his house to help other veterans down on their luck. He is such a good man, & gives selflessly of himself to his community & fellow veterans & friends.
    I recently heard from John & he was crying. Broke my heart to hear him say that the area of which he lives is in the basement with his boys. He went on to tell me that despite working hard at his job & renting the upper portion of his home, he is unable to keep up with the mopping of mud & debrie that keeps flooding the area of which he & the boys live. He says that he can't even keep carpet on the basement floor no more because of the flooding. The gutters & position of which his house sits on the culdesac is a lot of the problem. He has no sump pump of which to help with all the water that keeps coming in. His boys & him tried to do some work in stopping the water. John is an honest & proud man. He is to proud to ask for help, but he truly deserves & needs the opportunity of an Extreme Makeover. I am concerned for this very deserving veteran whom is much in need of some help, & a break in life. Please, Please consider him for one of your 2016 Shows.

  17. Ty, I am not sure if you can help but I am very concerned about my daughter and her family. Due to certain circumstances, they lost their job and are now living with friends which do not have a very big house. They do have land that was left to them in a trust which can be available to them. Because they are living with friends they are not considered homeless and the government programs are refusing to help them at this time. I am afraid if they do not find a place of their own my daughter and son-in-law will loose my grandson. If you could find it in your heart to consider them and their situation it would be greatly appreciated. They have been through a lot these past years. Please contact her and find out more about their situation. Thank you a concerned Grandma.

  18. First of all I would like to say I am sorry that you are going through a battle I recently heard about,but sometimes even when we bless others they still are not satisfied. But I thank Jesus for Grace that we are able to still press through any and all situations and still show his love for all. I recently sent in a comment. I know that you receive thousands of these. But in all I think of myself like the persistent widow in the Bible, except I am not a widow but a mother. Today I just went through another training to learn to give my 14 year old a Sub-Q infusion. We have been doing this training weekly for a month now and after next week I may start at home. For 2 years he has been getting them through an IV. Back to the persistence; I constantly pray and believe for healing upon all my children. Every time I turn around since my boys were born they were always sick. Well last year we found out that my oldest has Common Variable Immunodeficiency. He looks fine on the outside however he struggles to stay healthy because he has no Anti-bodies to fight illness/infection. Basically no immune system. He had been receiving a injection for the boost and constantly on antibiotics, but it got to a point where that was not enough and the infusion had to start. He decided to do the Sub-Q recently because he wants to feel good, go to school, and play sports so he can give God the glory. He also says his decision is to help with all the traveling too for me his mom. This year my middle son also had a low anti body count and had to receive injection then my daughter had to go under all kids of testing. It is something heredatary and with dad having Chrons it puts them at a higher risk. With us starting the Sub-Q at home, I just really want a healthy home. Healthy air and clean and sanatized. We kind of out grew it here and with all the illness my kids have had this year,including parasite Giardia, I even put their dog outside. I just want to know that the water we are consuming is safe. We have been unsuccessful to find someone around here to test our water even though all 3 kids had a parasite and 2 of them had it twice in less than a year. I also just want a place for my oldest to have of his own. His own quiet space and resting place when receiving infusions. I have always been content in what the Lord has provided for us but I feel God wants more for the health of our family.
    Again Thank you and I will perservere no matter what because I know where our strength comes from.
    Rebecca Lobell

  19. Hi my name is Taylor and as of right now my mom needs help with her home. I may not have some amazing back story like everyone else, but my mom deserves to be relieved of her disaster house. My mom raised me on her own until I was four. She then met my dad who helped raise me along with my brother he had with my mom. Their marriage wasn't perfect and divorce came after a long 14 years. And within that year he was remarried and had been in and out of three homes (each bigger and more expensive) and my mom worked her very hardest to get into a small home in the heart of Logan, Ut. Since day one it has been nothing but problems. Her furnace is ilegally installed because this hole is so old. The roof has birds living under it because of pieces falling off. The plumbing used to flood my brothers room in the basement and since we got that fixed the kitchen sink won't drain and if it does it drains into the guest bathroom sink and floods the floors. The master bath has no ventilation and the shower was installed improperly and now the floor is caving in. The walls are uneven and some look as if they are slowly being crushed down. The laundry room has piping and tubes hanging everywhere that most people hit their head in. My brothers room smells like a sewer. My room is a poorly done add on, uneven flooring and a slanted ceiling that's slowly caving in. Even the door knob won't stay in place and we've replaced it. Her fence is falling back and forth, and the "garage" is an accident waiting to happen! Although we've painted and cleaned and tried replacing flooring… There's only so much you can do to hide the truth behind the layers. My mother deserves so much better than what the cards have dealt her. She works so hard to pay bills and keep my brother happy. And at the end of the day instead of relaxing she is back to trying to fix more up on her little home. Please save her from this mess!!! Thank you for all who've read this!!

  20. I will get right to the point, I live in Claremont NC in Catawba County. My husband and I raised five children in our little five room house we moved into in 1958,two of which we put through college. Now that they are all married and on their own, my husband and I need lots of repairs and painting done to our house.I am 75 and he is 80 and our income now is so low we pinch to pay the bills.Our children help us with things but they have bills also and we don't want to be a burden to them, so lots of repairs go unfixed. We need the rooms painted and we only have one bathroom which is fine now that it's only the two of us,but it's very small and we still have a porcelain tub that neither of us can get in and out safely. If only we could get a walk in shower that would be wonderful.We got married in 1957,my husband was in the Navy and we moved in this house in 1958 when our daughter was three weeks old.We love this little house, it has lots of wonderful memories.I was only seventeen years old when we moved in, and raised one girl and four boys in this little house.Hopefully the Lord bless us many more years here.Thank you so much for taking the time to read my story, if we win this you are in for a treat because my husband loves to tell people our LOVE story!

  21. Hi guys,I'm petitioning on behalf of my whole family. Our house is out in the county of Carlsbad,NM, the oldest on the street,has no insulation, some of the electric lines are fried,the basement is small and nearly impossible to reach the plumbing. The floors are rotted in the upstairs bathroom, the kitchen floor is rotted by the sink. We have 3.5 acres and the mowers never work. My Mom is getting cut off Widow's benefits the first of July,her husband passed away of ALS in 2010 after a six year battle. My brother is turning 16 soon and his benefits will stop as well. My grandparents are having to pay for everything with their retirement money and it's just a bad deal all around.
    We feel like burdens to them. We've been faced with the prospect of selling it"as is" and being homeless before.

    One of my Late Stepfather's favorite shows was this one,he would cry at Ty's kindness to others. He wanted to be on this show but was never made real. He put a lot of work into the house while he still had one arm left,so those things are very precious to us and we'd like them to be unmolested.but everything else needs work. Rats and cockroaches get in and ugh.
    I myself am disabled,but I'm working with a center that helps disabled people get jobs.

    Thank you for listening
    Hayley and Family

  22. Greetings:

    I'm not sure if this could even happen but I'm stepping out in faith. My mom
    (Mildred Duffie, 75) and her brother Rev. Milton Duffie along with his wife Brenda Duffie suffered a house fire on January 10, 2016. It was confirmed to be a box fire as stated by the fire department. In which it started from the back of the house and immediately over took the rest of the house. They live in a two story building built around 1919 and they've live there since 1970. The frame is still good but everything else is gone as they lost everything especially my mom being that it started in the back of the house on the second floor. She also suffered 2nd. degree burns because she ran back into the house thinking my sister was in trapped in the house. The have been displaced since January as I would like for this to be a surprise if putting them back into the house was at all possible. I do have picture.

  23. Hi my name is Rebecca I am pretty much begging extreme makeover for a home makeover on my grandmother's home… I don't even know where to start. My grams name is Sandra she a is such a wonderful caring generous loving supportive woman! Over the past few years she has been threw sooooooooo much mentally and physically… Just 3 1\2 yrs ago she was diagnosed with miloma it's cancer in the blood. That was a huge blow to our family! My gram has worked everyday of her adult life really hard, but surely the cancer she has had to quit and go on social security. Which doesn't pay much for her she so tight with money now since being out of work that she has to go to the food pantry once a week to keep food in the house and apply for all the help she can can fuel assistance and anything that can help! She has never had to get assistance before but now since she's out of work she has know choice! She live in York Beach Maine in a small home that came in two pieces and put together! She lived with her older sister my great aunt June!!! Aunt June was not only her bigf sister but her best friend…! Will in on new years Eve 2014 In the middle of the night my aunt June my grandmother's sister went to sleep and never woke up! She died and that crushed my grandmother. She almost had a nervous breakdown. She felt as if she couldn't go on without her. It was terrible. But she went to church daily turned to her church family and between them and our family she got three the loss of her best friend. Well just when things were getting a little better in November of 2015 my grams youngest daughter my aubt

  24. Hi,
    I am writing this for my parents. My dad was diagonised with mantle non-Hodgkins lymphoma which is cancer. This type of cancer is rare and they found it in the beginning stages which is rare as well.my dad started chemo and it gave him sweets syndrome, where it put welts all over his body and made him really sick. He was in the hospital and in an isolated room in the icu for almost two weeks. They couldn't figure out what was wrong with him. Finally a young doctor figured it out. This being said he couldn't do chemo anymore because it could kill him. So now he is on some kinda of experimental medication that had radiation in it that is 10,000 a month if he doesn't take it the cancer will take over and he will die in a out a year or two. This medication and his body sent him to the hospital two more times after that. He spend Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Years in the hospital. My dad is a plumber and the doctors said he got cancer from being a plumber. My dad Owens his own business as a one man show. My my answers the phones for him, so my dad doesn't have a choice and has to keep doing the job that is giving him cancer. They don't have a retirement, barely have money, and are drowneding in debt because he can't work that much. There house is all falling apart with holes in the walls and mold on them. Due to the fact my dad has cancer he needs to stay as health as possible and living in a house that is moldy and falling apart can make him really sick. My mom can't get a job because she watches my son 4 days a week while I am in school, he also needs a safe environment to live in. My dad was in the army Rangers and my younger brother who is currently living with them is in the army reserves. Please, please help my parents they need a clean and safe environment to live! Thank you

  25. I am a disabled veteran who was injured in Afghanistan in 2007. Because of my injuries I received two grants for a total of about 70+ thousand dollars, to update and adapt my home. I've been remodeling my home for a year with a veterans administration approved contractor and it is the worst nightmare ever. The quality is terrible and the professionalism displayed is even worse. I feel like the money I earned with my blood is being wasted.The V.A. assures me it will be done right in the end but I my family is ready to move on. The contractors guys have done bad work, showed up smelling like alcohol, and have even stolen from me. All the while the V.A. asks me to be patient and work with them. Please help me finish adapting my house so I can get on with my life. Thank you for taking your time to read this.

  26. Hi Th, I am writing to you for my parents. My mom is disabled with to many to list physical disabilities, She also sufferes from mental disorders. She watched as her father was murdered and has only lost things, abilities and people that seem to be of any importance, My step dad is dying of stage 4 cancer and had a knew surgery a little over a year ago that left him not disabled but unable to work. My mom lives off a fixed income and it barely covers the Bill's much less fix her failing home. She has all of is kids living 28th her and we have kind of out growed it as well. She has fears of change n moving but this women use to work 2-3 jobs to get her needs met now feels worthless and depressed that she can't work and make enough money to do other things in life. She loved cooking shows and wants all she has left with her. I really hope you will consider her in the next show. This would be the best mothers day she could get. New home etc. I just know it will put that beautiful smile on her face to know this will not leave her!

  27. I admire the work and love that shows up on each episode. I am a single mother of 2 sons and now a grandson. Divorced for almost 13 years. One son thru 4 years of college with a bs degree in mechanical engineering and my 2nd son in college in prepharmacy. God blessed me with great lovig, caring sons. Their dad left 12.5 years ago and the same as vanished from their lives. We've worked extremely hard to make sure the oldest didn't graduate from college with debts and until I had a fall from my attic 10 ft down to a cement porch, I was hoping to keep working so we would have the same outcome with the 2nd son. I have worked 2 to3 jobs at a time, being 52 years old, this is not an easy task to undertaking. We call ourselves the 3 musketeers. Our family home is in dier need of repair. I've tried over the years to keep it going, but now it is overwhelming. Someone else might have sent in an application, but I won't let anyone know how bad the situation is not even my son's. My life has not been perfect. I have had bad experiences that I have had to overcome but still I faced the public after that situation because of my babies and did what had to be done. Our house is falling in around me. Roof, siding retaining walls, driveway, garage all needs some help. I make 9.08 an hour and I can't rescue our house. I have a dream to always have a family home for my children and grandchildren. The coal industry and the area I live in have been receiving harsh media attention, if chosen for this, wow how great it would be.thank you Sandra Hunt box 163 iaeger wv 24844.sons are Gabriel age 25 and Garrett age 18. Grandson lucas who is 2.thank you for any consideration s for this request. God bless

  28. I admire the work and love that shows up on each episode. I am a single mother of 2 sons and now a grandson. Divorced for almost 13 years. One son thru 4 years of college with a bs degree in mechanical engineering and my 2nd son in college in prepharmacy. God blessed me with great lovig, caring sons. Their dad left 12.5 years ago and the same as vanished from their lives. We've worked extremely hard to make sure the oldest didn't graduate from college with debts and until I had a fall from my attic 10 ft down to a cement porch, I was hoping to keep working so we would have the same outcome with the 2nd son. I have worked 2 to3 jobs at a time, being 52 years old, this is not an easy task to undertaking. We call ourselves the 3 musketeers. Our family home is in dier need of repair. I've tried over the years to keep it going, but now it is overwhelming. Someone else might have sent in an application, but I won't let anyone know how bad the situation is not even my son's. My life has not been perfect. I have had bad experiences that I have had to overcome but still I faced the public after that situation because of my babies and did what had to be done. Our house is falling in around me. Roof, siding retaining walls, driveway, garage all needs some help. I make 9.08 an hour and I can't rescue our house. I have a dream to always have a family home for my children and grandchildren. The coal industry and the area I live in have been receiving harsh media attention, if chosen for this, wow how great it would be.

  29. Hi,I'd like to nominate my friend, Ashlee. It all began a couple years ago. She was at work and started having stomach pains, she decided it was just a fluke and she was going to let it go, things took a turn for the worst, she's been hospitalized over 24 times this year, there are days she can't even get out of bed.She's seen plenty of specialists and no one can figure out what's wrong with her. She got put on disability last year because there were days her whole body felt like it was on fire and she couldn't move,she uses a walker some days because the pain in her joints are so bad. she just found out she got laid off, so they have one source of income coming in and are struggling, and to top it off her son has a disease so she's been taking him back and forth to the doctors office. Some have diagnosed her with chronic lyme disease and Epstein Barr and they're not sure if there's anything they can do for her, she's on several medications and sees about 5 doctors on a weekly basis. Her and her husband started setting aside money for a bigger home to better suit their 5 children and 2 dogs but they lost it due to hospital and medical bills. Her marriage, children, friends and family are suffering due to her health complications. She's trying to stay positive for her family and she said, some days are better than others, which is a blessing but she's really struggling and she just wants to feel better and get her life back. I know there's nothing we can do for her healthwise but pray for her but I'm sure this would would be a HUGE blessing and one less thing she'd have to worry about and a huge burden would be lifted. Thank you for bringing so many blessings to others.


  30. Hello, my name is Alexis Mariani and I am writing on behalf of my boyfriend, Ryan LeBlanc. He doesn't know I'm doing this but I love him and I just want him to be happy and I would love your help. Ryan grew up in the small village of Brushton, NY. When his father was in the military, he met Ryan's mother in Korea. However, their marriage did not last and when Ryan was young, his mother left him and his sister. All his life he wanted to have a close relationship with his mother, but she remarried and moved to North Carolina. Ryan entered the military and did two tours in Iraq to get out of the small village he grew up in. He stayed in contact with his mother and planned to move in with her once he was released from the military in 2009. Unfortunately, his mother died of a tragic accident a few months before he was due to move in with her. All he has left of his mother is the house she left him here in Greensboro, North Carolina. He has begun to follow his dreams of becoming a chef but his mother's house is falling to pieces all around him. I've suggested selling the house and moving but how can I expect him to get rid of the only piece of his mother he has left? He wants so bad to restore the home but he lacks the funds and continues to live in this home and it breaks my heart. Whenever he talks of his mother, I can see the tears in his eyes because he misses the woman he wanted to know so badly. This house is all he has left… the house that he was supposed to live in, with her. Please help… he's such an amazing man and he deserves this so much.

  31. Hello! My name is Anita Mir. I came to this country 17 years ago with my family from Afghanistan to escape war in my country. Since then I have worked very hard in life to provide a good future for my children. I have worked in the skincare and aesthetics industry for over 13 years. I paid for all my training to make myself one of the best in my area for my field. I even worked for Dr. Paula Moyahan. Despite all my training and skill, I have never made a large income for myself. I was able to purchase a home, but I'm unable to afford the improvements needed to make it comfortable for my family because I don't have enough income. I work seven days a week for not very much money after bills. I never dreamed that I would be rich, but I always hoped I could give the best life to my three children. I have lived an extremely hard life, and I've always worked hard and be an honest person. I hope that you will consider my application. It would be such a blessing to my family. Thank you and I appreciate you taking the time to consider my letter.

  32. Last August My Mom & Dad, lost their home of over 45 years and after 50 years of marriage. The home was a total loss and nothing was salvaged. My parents are both in their 80's and have devoted their lives to the betterment of their community. Cynthia has been the Music Director at St. Stephens in Framingham, MA the majority of her adult life, always praying and sacrificing for society's disenfranchised. My Dad is a Dr. of Chemistry and retired from the US Agriculture Research Division. My mom & Dad sacrificed everything to give myself and 7 siblings every opportunity in life, and allthewhile giving of themselves and teaching us to contribute to our community. They have seen many hardships, but none like this. My family has owned a small farm in Wenham, MA for over 100 years, that my dad and uncle still work! During the Great Depression our farm fed many neighbors and strangers, as the story is told by my great Aunt Lucy. Mom & Dad are an inspiration to so many as they continue to work the farm and volunteer at this late stage in life, And while they take care on my mentally ill sister at 47 years old and her daughter Jessica for her entire life, now 24. They have now purchased a home in Danvers, MA and they were taken advantage of. With only $60K left in proceeds to repair a home that needs $150K in remodeling. They live in an apartment and cannot move until renovations including asbestos removal are done. Please Help!!!!

  33. Hi guys, first off I wanna say I'm a really huge fan I watched with my step mom for years. And it's miracles what you do for these families…. My best friend (tabi) her family, me and my family, and her finances father(bill) lives in this house. Its very old but has so much potential.. we have to keep this place going, it's had all of our childhood memories. But more importantly this house is all bill has left of his wife.. it means the world to him… I'm not sure that you guys can help, but they say it's better to be safe than sorry.. and all I know is this is our home, and we all just want it to stay standing… thank you for time. You guys rock!!

  34. Hi, My name is Jenna. I am entering this for my parents, Rick and Kay. They have lived in the same home for about 25 years. It is the home my 3 sisters and I group up in so it holds all of our memories. About 3 weeks ago we received HEARTBREAKING news about my father. He was very suddenly diagnosed with lung cancer that has already spread to many other areas including his liver, bones and brain. He as not feeling well for a few weeks and finally walked into an ER where he received all of this news in a single night. He has been in the hospital since then. We are hopeful that he will be headed home soon to spend his days resting in his own chair. He can't wait to get home. He has started a list of things he wants to accomplish in his immediate future. One of those things is fixing up the house so that my mother will continue to be comfortable there long after he is gone. The house needs so much sadly, and we don't believe this goal will be accomplished by us alone. The ceiling in the upstairs bathroom is caving due to a leak in the attic, the carpets all need replacing, the screen porch needs work, his entire fence needs to be replaced. I want this more than anything for my father. He has been our family rock our entire lives. I know that nobody deserves this, but is truly heartbreaking to watch a man who has always put others before him go through this. He deserves the world and I am so very hopeful to fin someone to help us do this for him. His time here may be short, but we intend to fill it with as much family time and joy as we can. He has 10 grandchildren and it would be so special to get us and all the kids in that house for a big family meal while we can. Please help!! I promise it will be so much more appreciated than you know!!

  35. No sob story here: just asking for help so my son and his family can have an updated home. They bought a 50 year old house and my son alone has been trying to fix it up. He works full time and tries to do it all. His wife tries to help but it's difficult with a 2 yr old and 5 month old babies to care for. The home has potential and they have made it as comfortable as possible but it still needs work. Thank-you for your time.

  36. I am a mother of 3 boys. My youngest is 3 and wheelchair bound but our house is so small his chair will not fit. My husband is disabled (back injury). We have a three bedroom house so the older boys 15 and 13 share a room because my 3 yr old has so much medical and therapy equipment it takes up a whole room. He was born premature (we are unsure as to why) but as a result he had a brain bleed and hydrocephalus causing him to have cerebral palsy, a feeding tube, and cortical visual impairment (very little vision). He is getting bigger now and it is getting more and more difficult for me to carry him around all the time, it would be great to be able to push him around in his wheelchair inside our home. He is also trying to walk using a grattrainer at therapy but there is no way he would be able to use one at home. Please help us get mobility for our son.

  37. My family and I live in a three bedroom house, as that is the size our family started out as. It was just my parents, my sister and I. About seven or eight years ago, we began fostering children from our area, we now have a total of eight people in our house, and are expecting more. We have three children in one room, one child in another with some of the bedding stuff we have in storage, my parents are in our old playroom, and I am on the floor of our basement with nowhere to put my stuff, most of it is currently in my car. We would love nothing more than to have the room to foster and adopt more children, but currently we do not, and it's getting hard to room the children we already have. The house was poorly built, and has cracks in the walls as well as mold on the windows, and were worried about how that affects the children. We have tried on several occasions to get rid of it and nothing does the trick. Currently everything in our house is very cluttered, and cramped. There's barely enough room at our dinner table, and we don't have the space to get a bigger one. I am asking, begging, for your help with our house. We want to help more children, and provide them with a safe and loving home, but there is only so much room in our small house and we can't take much more.

  38. My family and I live in a three bedroom house, as that is the size our family started out as. It was just my parents, my sister and I. About seven or eight years ago, we began fostering children from our area, we now have a total of eight people in our house, and are expecting more. We have three children in one room, one child in another with some of the shedding stuff we have in storage, my parents are in our old playroom, and I am on the floor of our basement with nowhere to put my stuff, most of it is currently in my car. We would love nothing more than to have the room to foster and adopt more children, but currently we do not, and it's getting hard to room the children we already have. The house was poorly built, and has cracks in the walls as well as mold on the windows, and were worried about how that affects the children. We have tried on several occasions to get rid of it and nothing does the trick. Currently everything in our house is very cluttered, and cramped. There's barely enough room at our dinner table, and we don't have the space to get a bigger one. I am asking, begging, for your help with our house. We want to help more children, and provide them with a safe and loving home, but there is only so much room in our small house and we can't take much more.

  39. I watch ur shows all the time I know u can help my mommy she is in a wheelchair in Columbus Ohio and I am in Oakhill Ohio please help her to make her home a better place

  40. Hi I want to nominate myself and my boyfriend Jason..We have been fixing my credit for a couple years and finally got it together..We started looking for a house and he emptied his savings and bought us a fixer upper
    .He knew I was looking for a house to buy for a couple years now..We was so excited that We are home owners with no more rent or a mortgage..We currently live in a apartment that the lease will be up July10 2016..We are the only two that have been working on or dream house..The kids helpped a great deal..We gutted the house and made a two bedroom one bath into a three bedroom two bath..The rooms are small but will do until We save up for a year too expand..We will have too move in before we are complete..So I'm asking for your help to finish What We put in..that would be gratefully appreciated..

  41. My wife has always wanted a house were her mom and sister live in WV she has finally found one and she happy about it but now it needs some work on it and the money we don't have to put it in the way she want she has had a rough life before I met her she had 4 kids then and we had 4 more kids I would like to surprise her so much with this home completely redone for her and the kids that r home still we live in Maryland right now she want to move in so bad with me being on disable it's hard to do

  42. I have a friend that is a single Mom with a teenage daughter in a real desperate need. She knows nothing about me doing this & I want it kept that way. Some basic information: her husband left her about 6 yrs ago with no help. She lost her home last year. She has a convenient store in Leesburg Florida that was returned back to her via the courts. She had rented to brothers but they never fully paid her upon court ordering them out they stole a walk-in cooler, fryer, stove, sink,& hood. They rigged electrical wiring on roof to 1 A/C & I think they took the 2nd A/C. There is a second walk in cooler that they intended to dismantel. Several of us have tried to help get it up & running. The shelves are near bare, we have resorted temporally to buying sale items from local retail store to keep things going. Every time we are close to seeing a breakthrough not just one but several things breakdown, or required licences flood in all at one time. I know she's at real close brink of bank contacting her, & we just do not want to see her lose this potential successful business that would be a decent living for her. This convenient store is in a prime location of a neighborhood that the people love coming to her store not just to shop but she cooks good food. She helps many people that do not have enough money for food.
    She works very hard & both her & her teenage daughters relationship is strained they have not had real time to really enjoy. Been pretty intense.
    I do not know if you makeover stores but I have to try.
    I will gladly give her name & address if she can be helped in any way shape or form. Again I want to remain anonymous. You can say someone in neighborhood contacted because many of them really want her to stay & be successful.
    Thank you for immediate attention & considration to this matter.
    Respectfully Sherry

  43. I am not the type of person to ask for help. My husband of 27 yrs. divorced me in Nov.2015. I was awarded the home. I have a 21 yr. old daughter that has down syndrome, diabetes, a rare progressive brain disease called Moyamoya. Our house is 18 yrs. old and in need of some much needed repairs. Abby my daughter was left very weakened after she suffered a major stroke and the house is not handicap assessable for her needs. She needs therapy but her ins. does'nt think so and I can't afford the gas to take her if they approved it. I just found this morning I must have a leak in the ceiling because it is falling down somewhat. If you or you know some organization that would help us it would be a God sent. God Bless you and have a wonderful day.

  44. Hi my name is Nonhlanhla Kotwane and I'm from South Africa, I'm 29 years of age and I really love your show my mom and I watch it all the time. My parents got divorced 16 years ago and my mother carried on raising me and my brother. I was diagnosed chronic renal failure 22years ago and was also diagnosed with hearing impairment 10years ago. My mom has worked and took care of us she has been nothing but a great mother to both of us. I've had 3 transplants before but the failed and rejected body I am now a chronic dialysis patient, guys I would really love to see our home fixed up, mom has worked but she never have the chance and ability to fix up our home please please Mr Pennington help us fix our home. I would really love to see mom enjoying her space in her own bedroom please help.
    Yours faithful
    S. A fan

  45. I live in south africa i lost my mom 2007 she past away she died wanting to build a house for us she couldn't make my is a trash dat no one who can live there please help us i love good people

  46. I am a mother of 3 children. I have a son with special needs and our house is not safe or "suited" for him and his needs. It's a small house, we just don't have money to fix it up for his needs. I was a single mother for a couple years and it was hard. He can't talk, he has severe brain damage.. it is heartbreaking I don't have a safe house for him to grow up in. He is 14 years old and I don't know what to do. I wish I could give him the world. I need your help so bad. Our house is to small for him to be himself and have his own personality. He loves to run and swing on his little swing we have for him. We don't have the room for him to be himself and enjoy the things he enjoys to do. Please help me and my family have a home this baby boy deserves. We are miserable in this house and so is he. I would love to let him grow up and have his own personality in a safe enviorment. He is still in diapers and drinks out of a sippy cup. He is getting to big for us to pick him up and put him in the bath and even to put him in his bed. It's getting so hard. I just want the best for my baby and for him to have a easier life. Thank you so much.

  47. I am a hardworking mother of 4 girls three who have grown up and moved away I am in the process of buying my home bit it is in desperate need of repairs. I have hepatitis c I contracted from stepping on a dirty syringe after the may 22 tornado in Joplin moso my immune system is extremely low and I have a 16 yr old daughter who has PCOS and fighting diabetes I have a huge heart and never turn anyone away I have my nephew and his 3 small children staying with me as well as my 18 yr old and her partner over the last 20 years I have let anyone who needs a place to stay even if it means me sleeping on floor to make sure they have a place to lay their heads I greatly appreciate to taking the time to even read my comment and maybe consider helping thank you Kristie

  48. Wish i could tell my story but it hurts just know foster care is not a good thing and having sick parents that can provide for u or thenselves. Everything is hard.

  49. Hello. We have been recently blessed with an opportunity to live in one of the oldest family members house. Lillian Deines was 2 wks shy of her 100th birthday when she passed this April. Her dream was to pass down her property to family and live long and prosperous as she did. Lillian and her late husband start their journey with this property in the mid to late 50's, in a shack. They continued to upgrade adding on around the original structure. As the add ons continued, more code violations, electrical concerns, and pipping issues have dramatically surfaced. Basically, the home has the homely touch of hard workers of the 50's, but we have a built-on shack! I would love to honor Lillian's wish, but the home is no longer up to proper living standards. Please extreme makeover, help us to live on a dream inherited by one very special lady, who represents family in its very notion.

  50. My daughter Anne Moore currently lives in a single wide mobile home that is in a horrid state. She has 2 special needs children, a disabled husband and her ex husband currently lives in the home as well to help look after their autistic son. Due to some unfinished repairs in the past, the home is riddled with bad molds throughout the house. The drywall is soft in numerous areas in the house. The floor is rotten at her front door and the roof leaks sometimes during rain storms. She and her ex-husband are the only people working to support and repair the home as her husband has serious back issues that he is still fighting for disability on. All the issues that the home has are causing continuous health problems for her entire household. She has worked at Lowe's home improvement for better than 8 years now…but only as a part time employee.She goes in every time they call her needing help but she struggles to keep everything going. Her ex husband has health issues too but not as serious as her current husband. She has been constantly looking for another home that she can hopefully afford to buy to replace the one they currently live in but hasn't had any luck so far which by itself is causing serious health problems for her too due to the stress and worry about her children as well as the state that the home is in, repairs of which would pretty much mean gutting it and starting over with its interior which she can't afford either. She has struggled and worried for so long I would love to see her get some much needed help.

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