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Extreme Makeover:Home Edition
ABC’s  Extreme Makeover : Home Edition is currently casting for their upcoming season. Fill out the application today and you or someone you know could end up having a chance of a lifetime to change their home and their lives.

Extreme Makeover, the fantastically popular reality program hosted by Ty Pennington is looking for families and communities for their next round of fantastic renovations! In just seven short days you and your family or community could be enjoying a completely remolded home, school or community center.

Does your family have a compelling and heartwarming story?  Does your school or community center need a re-haul ? You could be featured in an upcoming episode! Millions of people watch this touching program every week and now they could be watching you. Auditions and casting calls will be going on soon for the all new season of Extreme Makeover so submit yourself or someone you knwo today.Here is the application information: a.abc.com/media/primetime/xtremehome/apply/EMHEApplicationS7.pdf Be sure to leave a comment below and stay tuned for all of the exciting updates.

Every family and community has a story, this is your chance to share it with the world.

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  1. Dear Ty, My Dad passed away in 2012 and now my dear brother at age 65. My brother lived alone in our family home for years until he passed. My Mother is very grief stricken and now at age 89 has to take care of this home. Its needs to be remodeled, the kitchen itself is from 1962 and then there is the bathroom which not only is way too small for a disabled 89yo it is not disable friendly putting it mildly. At this time in her life it would be such a godsend to have your team come and make the bathroom bigger and easier for my mom who needs a good cheering up. Climbing in and out of a bathtub to take a shower when one walks with a walker just does not work. When it rains the basement can flood which is not good either. She has no closet in the bedroom where she sleeps, because she has to sleep on the main floor where there is no stairs. We just need complete help and remodel of the entire house. There is even a wall that is rotting. Can you please help us?

  2. I am writing on behalf of my brother. He would never write something like this but he is just the most amazing person so I am doing it for him! At the age of 20 he was injured in a pool and suffered a severe spinal cord injury that left him a quadriplegic. After recovering from a coma, coming of the respirator (which we didn't think possible) and going to a physical/occupational rehab center for a year, Michael finished college. He then broke the news to me he was moving to California (alone!) to get a law degree. I was honestly shocked when he left. I didn't understand but he told me if he stayed I would take care of him for the rest of my life and he needed to make it on his own. We are a family of 9 including my Mom and Dad (Mike and I are the youngest of 7 kids). Since he graduated from law school he has been working for the San Diego County prosecutors office and has had a very successful career prosecuting some really awful criminals. He doesn't make much money working for the county although he could have if he went into private practice. He is a very talented trial lawyer and I personally would never want to face him in court! Most people with my brothers injury would never have done and accomplished as much as he has but it has come at a price. He is starting to decline after living in a wheelchair for 30 years. He will be turning 50 this August! We never knew if he would live let alone contribute back to society, his community and our family in such amazing ways. He is truly my hero and I am so grateful that he lived to accomplish so much. But his life has been very hard as one can imagine. His condo where he lives is old and tired, it is not well maintained because he doesn't have ability to do this work himself and things get banged up and scuffed by his wheelchair. The apartment is not really set up well for his needs. He would love to move to a more appropriate place but he can't really afford that and we are not sure how much longer he will be able to work since he is aging and this takes on a more rapid process when you are so physically restricted with lots of health issues from his disability. So I am writing on the off chance that someone would hear our story, recognize what an incredible person he is, and help me to give him an amazing gift of a new remodeled condo that he could enjoy for the remainder of his years. Thank you for hearing my families story!

  3. Hi my name is Sara. I am writing to you because my in laws just purchased a very old house on a large property. The property is nearly 6 acres and was not maintained by the previous owner resulting in snakes and all sorts of wild life on our property. We bought this property because we are 6 members in the family wanting to expand and live in one home, keeping the Pakistani tradition going. We ultimately all want to live together with our large family and keep our parents with us. Houses in the city were not going to accommodate that many members in one family. In addition to that, the house is falling apart, we have a well which was contaminated, air conditioning that didn't work, broken deck, broken terrace and extremely damp home. Water leaking into the basement resulted in mould and perfect condition for pests. My mother in law and I are extremely allergic to the mould in the basement walls along with the damp smell and in dire need for help!! This all is too expensive for us to fix. Please help us!!

  4. Hi, My name is Damesha I from Plaquemine LA, and I writing you guys on behalf of my mother, I wish to secretly surprise her hoping for you guys to help me , its been a tough road for her she works at a motel she went to court struggling to when her home she spent her taxes on buying and its been 7 years and the house she won over based on the difficulties between her and her ex-boyfriend which is no longer together, I'm begging you guys to please help her, she been through so much her goal is to get this house fixed so she can finally live in it, she has no money to pay others to help her out by rebuilding her dream home, she has no connection. she just wish for her dream to come true and I'm coming to you guys for help for my mom I'm 21 years old I live in an 1 bedroom apartment, and if I had multiple rooms I wouldn't mind letting her live here , also my little brother is with her he is 16 years old, he been shot in the hand because someone took him for a man, I truly wish my mom move into this house soon please help my family. Love Damesha Johnson.

  5. My brother and his family are under extreme hardship and are in need of help from ABC. My brother has spent his whole life serving others physically and emotionally. About 20 years ago he was diagnosed with mild epilepsy and although challenging at times was able to help support my mother during her divorce and then married and supports his wife and 4 children. In the last 2 years his epilepsy has progressed to severe grand maul seizures and is no longer able to work. In addition to their 2 children who have mental disabilities, his wife has been a stay at home mom to dedicate her time to the kids who need additional help and support during school hours and at home. With the recent change in his employment from severe epilepsy he faces the challenge of providing for his family in a house that is falling apart room by room and he experiences frequent bouts of mini seizures and fatigue that do not permit him to complete construction labor to make needed repairs. The bathroom shower is broken, black mold is forming downstairs caused from a leak, heating system is not functioning adequately and crumbling kitchen and appliances that are failing are causing greater stress and turmoil where he cannot contribute the finances needed to fix so many problems. One of the greatest concerns is that his older home was built before 1960 and has very steep stairs to the basement where his bedroom and laundry are located, but stairs are dangerous with his epilepsy. My brother is the epitome of hero and friend… No matter the challenge or difficulty he faces he reaches out to help his kids, other people in his neighborhood and community to help with vehicle repairs at no charge and serves in his church group. With this loss of work he will no longer have the medical care for his family and himself needed to care for them which causes an enormous financial burden while also not having the finances to make repairs. My brother has been there to support each of his 4 sisters during our times of need including car accidents, divorces, hospitalizations and more.
    I would really appreciate the opportunity to select my brother to receive an extreme home makeover and provide his family the relief they so desperately need.

  6. Hi my name is Lesly I am 17 years old of el Paso Texas . I live in a house of 3 rooms. my mom is a single getting divorce mom. my mom and 11 year old brother sleep in one room, my sister her husband and their new born baby sleep in another and me and my 7 year old sister sleep in the other room. we share 2 restrooms. that are not in the best conditions. I would really like this opportunity to be able to help out my mom. She is a very hard worker that has been working for over 16 years now at McDonalds. My sisters husband works at a car wash but doesn't earn much and what he does earn they use it for the baby's necessities such as his diapers and the medicine that he is taking. I would really like for my nephew to grow up in a better place, where the air condition works and not breaks ever other week or where little pieces of ceiling don't fall out. Thank you and may god bless you

  7. we left the Mennonite community 3 yrs ago we are now shuned and everything is new and diffent to us we were able to find a house and are now trying our best to pay it off but theres a lot of work that's needs to be done our oven has given out so meany time as have the fridge and freezer one bathroom could use some work as the kitchen could we have no family or friends and the people we called family no longer will talk to us so it just my hubby me and our 4 kids we are trying so hard to rebuild our life to make it were my kids will always have a place to call home but sometimes its so hard we just keep looking up and knowing to gather we will get though it all

  8. SAD BUT TRUE… at age 58 my husband and fell into medical difficulties and issues. Our dreams and hopes have made a substantial change due to the financial burden of our medical expenses. We have been forced into down sizing and giving up our dream home. We had to choose a different path in our home dwelling to be able to support our now depleted income.
    We choose to purchase a modular home to make accommodations work out for the both of us.
    After having to pull over 80,000 from my retirement funds, to get on track and out of a foreclosure, we purchased the modular home. To our surprise and disappointment we have found our new home has many faults, black mold, windows and doors that need to be replaced, walls and deck damage and the list seems to go on as we try and do the best we can without funds, just trying to make this home livable.
    We are tired, frustrated and literary exhausted.
    A home makeover would change ours lives now and through retirement. Can you help make our golden years more enjoyable? Desperate for help, however would be Very appreciative of any assistance!

  9. I am writing this not for a friend or a family member. But instead I'm writing for a lady whom I've had limited conversation with. Someone who lives over a 24 hour drive from my house and who never recovered after her house was damaged in a storm several years ago. The storm rolled threw Texas and at the same time the storm was rolling threw she was in a hospital having a surgery. The damage to her house was extensive. Being retired and in her 70's income didn't provide enough to fix her house and soon black mold came for a visit and has never left. She has been living out of a 10×10 dog kennel covered by several tarps, she has been bathing in a horse watering dish for several years. Over the years she has been an excellent ambassador for animals of all kind. Can you all find it in your hearts to show her that the human race can be just as nice as her four legged pets have been to her?

  10. I am a young full-time paralegal and part-time law school student in St. Louis, Missouri. My great grandmother, great aunt, and mother all live in an assisted living apartment building in East St. Louis, IL. My great grandmother, or Granny as everyone likes to call her, has her own home, which was build by my late great grandfather in the 1950s. They raised all 9 of their children there and the entire family would all gather there every Sunday for food, games, and good times. My great aunt takes care of my Granny. About 5/6 years ago they decided to move to the assisted living apartment because the home was falling apart and they were not able to climb the stairs to get to their bedrooms. The building where they live now is horrible. It's stinks, it's dirty and it's in not in a great area of town. The 2-bedroom is small and it's hard for all her her kids, grandkids, great grandkids, and family friends to gather there. It has been hard watching them live there but we cannot afford to rebuild their home. My last straw occurred today when their apartment building caught on fire. The guy in the apartment across the hall, set his couch on fire and put it in the hallway. I am unaware of his reasoning at this time. This caused the building to catch on fire and my Granny and Great Aunt were stuck in their apartment. They had to wait for the firefighters to get them out. One of their neighbors died on the stairwell from smoke inhalation. My Granny has second-degree burns on her arm. My Great Aunt has second-degree burns on her hands and feet. They were both effected by the smoke, my Great Aunt in particular and she has asthma. In addition to the recent health issues that my Granny has experience, all of these things have caused me to worry about her well being. Especially now that she's in her 80s. I would love to rebuild the home that my Great Grandfather build so long ago to give my Granny her home back and a safe place to live.

  11. Hi I am a mom of 3 teenager 14,16, 18 and a wife to a very loving man. We got in a bad car accident 8 days after my youngest was born. He worked a little after but had to Quit because of his back hurting so bad. We live in a 3 bedroom trail and because of all the stuff that is wrong my kids got put in foster care. My daughter is at home now but the boys are in foster care still. we have hired a couple of different people to come out and fix stuff. but they do a little work and don't come back. we call and no one gets back to us. we have got some of the stuff fix but ever time we fix something we find something else that need to be fix. this house is a money pit we need to move but with bad credit everyone wants to much down. and we can't get a loan. can someone help.

  12. In our 900square foot house holds a ten year old with bad adhd, an almost 3year old, my fiance, dog. And myself. The house is our first, on bought it 8/2012. The doors don't close, every thing leaks. A few things were started but never finished, like painting the kitchen.
    I am a stay at home mom. My son doesn't take it well if I'm not.
    Jason works for penndot…our bills are more then his check. Thankfully he puts the tax money in to pull from if all year.

    My children mean the world to me. I like to give them a better home.
    Fixing up anything right now just isn't possible.
    Please help

  13. Hey, I love your show and I love how the team be building beautiful houses on there so I was wondering if y'all can do the same for my family and I because we would really appreciate it.

  14. OMG!!! I have another chance to be on one of the best shows in the world. My girls and I are in so such need for a blessing like this. You just don't know how much I prayed for this show to come back on. I have been turned down so many times, but I will not give up. Things are very tough for my family and I. My home is very bad shape. After I loss my mom it made me realize that life is too short to be unhappy. I am going to try my best to get things fixed in my life which include my home and a well needed vacation for me and my girls. We are in need of this so much. Sometimes good people just need help. I AM THAT GIRL!!! Thank you ABC for bringing this show back, I am praying my family will be one of the lucky families that are chosen. WOW What A Blessing It Would Be! Please pick us

  15. hello my name is howard and we are about to lose our home we are very depressed over this our insurer will not renew us cause we have some problems with our home our home is an older home we love very much the problem is the siding is old the plumbing needs to be redone and the trees are over grown that's why they wont renew us I'm a senior citizen don't have the money to fix it up for my family I'm a diabetic so my money go to doctors and medicine can u please help me and my family before we end up on the streets .thank u for listening.

  16. Hello my name is jaleia Alston & I am 13 years old I have been a model & actor before & is willing to take this position to be on this movie I as well know how to memories scripts & Lines & know how to act professionally & as well dress professional for this audition .

  17. Hello,

    My husband and I are your everyday people that could use some help. My husband is an iraq war veteran and I am a cancer survivor. We both are survivors. We are currently living in a 2 bedroom house with 1 bath room with 4 kids. After cancer I have so many bills wracked up that we can't afford a new home. We looked into adding and addition and it is very expensive. We just want to catch a break. We both work so hard. Where our house is located we have the room for an addition.

    I look at everyone else's story and see why any one of them would be desserving of a new home. I don't know how you all decide which one to pick. We are located in Arnold, MO.

  18. Hello my name is Julia. I hope this is how you apply. Our home is in desperate need. We originally bought our home thinking it would be our dream 7 years ago. Since then our plumbing in one bathroom has blown leaving the bathroom to the studs. We have also had the rest of the plumbing go out intermittently. Our heater went out two years ago and they told us there is aspestis in our attic. Last year my mother had a completely psychotic break down and ended up coming to love with us after she was released from the hospital. She shares a room with our 12 year old daughter. She has multiple health problems and trouble getting in and out of the house and around. We also have two sons 15 and 10 who share a room. I work 60+ hours a week as a 911 dispatcher to put money into the house and my husband served for 14 years in the Navy. He works full time as well and we both volunteer with our kids sports teams. A makeover would change our world and allow us to enjoy our time together and make things comfortable for my mom. Thanks.

  19. Hello Ty my name is Melissa. We have just recently took in 2 loving teenagers because of terrible issues. They are 14 and 16. Their father had committed the unthinkable……suicide. When we had went to get the childrens belongings in the home nothing was salvageable. They had lived in horrendous conditions and filth. It is breathe taking to even continue to talk about or even when I close my eyes and see the vivid pictures trapped in my mind.
    Now….we live in a three bedroom mobile home that is very tiny for the seven of us. (My children his children and now our new children) we have been trying our hardest to remodel our home cause its old and falling apart. The only one working is my hubby cause I have been ill to many conditions. So I am asking from the bottom of all of our hearts to help us with our home so we can give these babies a better life then what they have endured for 14 years. No more pain and no more hurt. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for even just listening to my story. I pray that maybe one day I can tell you and our fellow community the whole story.
    Sincerely with hope,

  20. My husband, 7 years ago had an accident on the job. The accident left him permentally disabled. A year ago after we returned from vacation and someone set our home on fire. It only got the kitchen , but, with my husband being disabled it is hard to fix things. He has been having surgeries and more surgeries and it seems like there is always something else. We need help to fix up our home. We have 2 boys and one has a breathing problem also. We need your help please.

  21. Hello my name is Christina Cole, I live in a small town Hazen Arkansas, my husband and I bought a house that we thought we could easily remodel, after we done put money down and bought the place we discovered there is more issues that we may not be able to fix, foundation work and the bricks are cracked, I'm a rehab coordinator and I'm always helping others instead of myself I always put others before me, my husband is a truck driver and is gone all week so us trying to fix the house is really hard, we have two wonderful children that God blessed us with and all I want is to fix my home that way i can raise my kids and have family gatherings.

  22. I would like to nominate a sweet, dear friend Lisa Fox. Lisa has purchased a beautiful older home and does not have the money to remodel. Lisa has faced so many hurdles since losing her husband to cancer 5 years ago. He was the love of her life and she was his. Lisa currently lives in a run-down mobile home with her fur babies. She works 12 hour days trying to put away enough money to remodel the home she purchased. She is an avid animal lover and always trying to save pets that are not being treated well, while taking care of hers. There is so much more to her story and I cannot think of anyone that is more deserving. Thank you so much for your consideration.

  23. Hello im Amanda. I am 21 years old with two kids that are 1 and 2 years of age. we just bought a home and it needs some work. I hope this is the right site to apply for home makeovers. I am sure there are people that are wanting this just as bad as I am and have more of a reason to have one. But here I go. We are a family of 4, there is me my soon to be husband and are beautiful children Araya and Ashtyn. We don't have much and hoping to have a home that we can call are own. please if you could lend a helping hand that would be amazing.
    – with everything I have Amanda

  24. I am sharing my story with you today to receive a full home makeover. I am the youngest of five children. Me and my two brothers that still live at home with me would really like to have a home makeover and need one, too. Also, getting a makeover will give my parents a sense of accomplishment. Also it would be kind of you because, they can't pay for a makeover themselves. Please consider my request… thank you!

    Ama'ki Allen

  25. My name is Ruthie I am doing this for my mom and step father .. They live in a house that they rent and it is falling down around them my mom will be 70 this year and my step dad will be 74 .. He lost his leg right below the knee about 3 yrs ago and my mom is raising a great grandchild .. My step dad owns a home in which they rent out because it doesn't have a lot of storage space . I do everything for them I cook there meals and I clean their house take them to appointment and do there shopping .. We r always fixing on this old house and if the landlord has to pay for anything she always raises there rent .. They would move if they had a place to store all his tools and equipment .. Is like to get them in a home where they wouldn't have to burn wood in the winter and they could live there golden years not worrying so much .. They have to haul their water from the end of the drive to a well .. I have to bring in drinking water because they can't drink the well water … I'm just looking for someone who could help them to live a worrie free life . Please help me help them they r really good people that I love and respect with all my heart .. Thank you so much we live in mt sterling , kentucky

  26. I have never done this before but we need help. Here's our story. Quickly my mom who raised 11 children passed and left 2 adult(1 autistic and 1 mentally challenged) under our care. We decided to leave them in moms home as that's were they grew up. My mom was against homes. My brother and sister lives with them. They do not work. We did the best we could. kept house clean but money was very tight. One day all came apart. The house had gotten infested with bed bugs and fleas, Well I have called an exterminated in and $1700 later we are cleared, but now we need furniture and we have no money. I have asked case workers and agencies for help no one will help. I now found out the house is fallen apart. We are in need of bathroom, paint for rooms, floors to be sanded and re stained, and furniture. My heart hurts. NO ONE CAN HELP…Please please can you help with anything. We do not want used furniture as this is how this problem started. To top it off my sister was just diagnosed with lung cancer. We are going for biopsy this month. We are a private family and my siblings would be upset with me for asking, but we are desperate. Thank you for this chance.

  27. Hello my name is Gladys Robinson and I live in Springfield, Ohio and I use to love to watch your show on t.v. and would love to see how it would be like to get my parents house made over because I feel that they have worked mostly all there lives and they live in a dump and can't afford to fix it up there selves so if you can help in any way then that would be very helpful.

  28. Dear ty my name is Leroy I'm writing you because I am at my wit's end I am in need of my home made over I am in such hard times I have been trying to get my home done but with all the things that are going on and the very hard times I'm going through I have been fighting to get my kids back for a little time now and with me doing that all my resources are being used up Im about to loose my car and my house over this no matter what I do I can't seem to get a break I have been dealing with all this so much I don't sleep much and I don't eat much I am coming to you with the hopes you can help me I just don't know what to do anymore all I can do is cry it like Im losing everything please help

  29. Hello extreme -makeover

    My name is Kay Scruggs and from Knoxville TN i work at Kroger where I met my boy friend that has worked there for 24 years over a little time ago his mother had passed away from a heart attack on Christmas she had just went to the bathroom and never came back out And just a year ago he has lost his father as well from cancer as well . he was committed to his parents 24/7 before they had passed after they passed he got an inheritance and helped a bunch of people at work that needed help with not being able to afford stuff for chritstmas and one of them took advantage of him really bad he was diagnosed with bipolar and a nervous disorder after his parents pasted and makes it really hard for him to go out and do anything cause hes always worried that he makes people mad when he doesnt. this tragic time in his life he has let his house go and im worried about him living in the house they way it is and his health and hes not able to bring any one in there he has never had anything done for him from as much has he has helped friends and family pay bills and get kids stuff they needed he is a true hearted person that loves to help others and puts his self on the back burner so please have it in your heart to contact me in willing to do something great of a great person that i love with all my heart thank you all for your time hope to hear from you all

  30. My name is Deb and my husband and I got a house in north Carolina. I wanted to do it before we retired so we would be settled and know people. And I'm just so over whelmed I don't know what to do anymore. I knew we would have to remodel that was a given. My husband made several trips just to get almost all of our things here and in the process someone broke out windows. We will have to redo the whole house and now we find out that we need a new foundation because the house isn't level. My husband and I haven't found jobs yet and I just keep hoping for some kind of a miracle, but it seems like around every turn its something else that's wrong with the house. I keep trying to keep a positive outlook on things and tell my husband we will get through this but it gets harder everyday. I waited 30 years for the absolute love of my life and now the house and it's issues just stress us daily. Just frustrated and extremely overwhelmed but I love the area and our neighbors are wonderful.

  31. Hello my name is Sara and I'm not asking for help for me but for my grandmother and grandfather. My grandmother is now on bed rest until she passes and my grandpa has been taking care of her until now. The home and land she lives on has been in our family for many Generations and is falling apart. There is mildew in many places of her home, the ceiling and roof is falling in to the point they have duck tape and plastic covering places on the ceiling and her closet in her old room is blocked off. My grandma deserve better then this. She's taken care of all of us grandkids when our parents didn't care to. She would give the shirt off her back to a stranger in the middle of the winter and now she's living like this and as much as i want to be there to care for her i can't afford to put a place on her land to care for her 24/7 like she needs. Please help. I know you have a lot of people asking for help so i'm not going to get my hopes up just because you guys have so many to chose from all i can do is pray we are one of the lucky families chosen by you. God bless you guys and everyone in need of help.

  32. My name is Rachel Driver. Six months ago my father was diagnosed with stage 4 mastasticized cancer. He was given only six months to live but has been holding on and they have given him another 3 months. My mother and him married as teens nearly 40 years ago. She has COPD and is disabled. His Diagnosis has taken a toll on them both. We have lived in this house as long as I can remember and recently I have had to move in with my three daughters to help care for them and also because I'm going through a divorce. The house is in disrepair and my father had dreams of remodeling it as it was his family home and he wanted peace of mind knowing his daughters and granddaughters would always have a home. The bathrooms are not workin, the stove and oven don't work or the dishwasher. The A.C has as also been out of order due to rats in the attic getting in the piping. Several outlets are a fire hazard. The kitchen has been damaged by the rat infestation and we have been doing all we can to get rid of them but my children and I have asthma and chemicals a effect it greatly. My father saved all his life for retirement but unfortunately is not expected to live to see it. He is our rock and I know that if I could take the burden from him of not knowing that he was able to finish the house for my mom and us would give him much peace. God bless and please open your heart to relieve the family of this burden so we can spend his last moments in peace and doing things to cross off his bucket list. Thank you.

  33. Hi .. im evry im 40 im from indonesia .. south tangerang.. well i can say im a fan of u .. i saw all your video.. well i guees my change to house make over is zero.. well hope to try.. i hv 4 kids and 3 of my kids sharing their bedroom .. should their hv their own.. and i hv small kithcen and 1 bathroom.. i dont hv much of funiter coz i cant offer it.. all broke down.. hv 3 bedroom 1 kitchen 1 bathroom .. all funiter had been given frm my family but they gave the second funiter turns broke .. we fix it with nails.. well some of them can be use some of them cant but keep it in the house.. so guess not much to tell .. the house that we lived is my mom house.. we dont hv a house of our own.. and thank u

  34. Dear Home Makeover,

    I have a request for a home for many. I have been looking and found a farm. It is 80 acres. I can get it for an extremely reasonable price. I have a dream to make a daily enrichment center for special needs adults and day camp for special needs kids. There is farming, 3 barns, a home (which can be revised as a day center) and a large water reservoir on the property. It is absolute Heaven! I think it would be a peaceful, beautiful place for this wonderful, under appreciated population to spend their day in a community setting. I have a sister and a brother and a son with Down Syndrome. This is a mission from the heart. I would really love to realize this dream. I would love my parents (who are 85) to see their children having a wonderful, caring, enriching day….every day. I would love your help! PLEASE CONTACT ME…..before the farm is sold.

  35. Hi my name is Patsy
    My father passed away very suddenly in June of 2017 and
    I had to move my mother in with me in Jan 2017 due to her health issues, we were already tight on space at that time because my 4 step kids had all moved in with me after there father passed away . So there i was a mother of 2 boys in a small 2 bedroom house to a mother of 6 in a 2 bedroom house , then when my father passed away i had no choice but to move my disabled mother in with us . i have a big heart and cant not turn away someone in need , which i would never turn away my kids or my mother anyway so we are making it work . 3 of my kids have since been able to get places of there own which helped out so much . but with my mothers failing health she needs more and more room for her medical supplies so we are in desperate need of a bigger house to be able to care for her the way she deserves to be cared for .

    thank you for taking time to read our story .

  36. I'm 50 yrs old and have renal failure and my husband (60)works 14 to 16 hrs a day. But after bills, Dr. and Medications I have to have we have no money left to fix our house. The roof is leaking, there is black mold throughout the house and floors are falling in throughout the entire house. I'm working on getting my disability but I'm not sure how long this will take. Everyday I spend in this house in the shape its in is a danger to my health. My husband has also had a heart attack before and back problems. Which it makes it very hard to work anyway but he knows he has to for now. But we don't know where to turn to get help.
    Thanks for your time

  37. I have a very deserving family for a Home Makeover.

    This is the story of my daughter, Rachel and her family.
    Here is her situation:

    Our van has been so great for us and so has hubby's car, but in the true spirit of car ownership, things start to fall apart and need maintenance. While traveling down Big Cottonwood Canyon, we smelled a pretty awful smell and by the time we got all the way down, our brakes were literally smoking! We had to stop at the 7-11 right there and wait for a while until the smoking was done and hurried home. Hubby drained and replaced the fluid, but noticed the front tires that we had replaced only 2 years ago were almost completely worn-the threads were actually showing. We can't unlock both sliding doors with the power locks because they don't work, and that's probably why it was broken into last fall. We just found out that the suspension should also be replaced, especially to keep the tires in fair shape. The dark color of the van makes it super hot for the kiddos, too. Hubby's car needs a lot of repairs, too. It's leaking oil and we're not sure where from. The front axles need to be replaced, all four wheels need new brakes, and he needs to figure out why the front headlight won't stay working. I think it also needs a/c recharging or something.
    All these repairs seem to be coming due in the last little while, and it's been a drain on our finances. Just when we think we're getting ahead financially, paying off debt, and starting to save, something comes up and we need to start using our credit cards again.
    MCADD is always a stress-making sure our kids eat, finding ways to motivate them without making the battle actually about food. The fear of creating an eating disorder in them because they need to eat, or even in our older two because of the attention we have to focus on them, is so real

    Something that would make our lives much easier is space. We have six people in about 1000 sq feet. The stress of trying to keep everything clean and organized so our kids can focus on their school work, keeping Drake and Evie healthy, is sometimes overwhelming. Our kitchen has not much space, and so a lot of our food has to be stored in our garage, and we found out the hard way how to keep them away from mice. I'd love to build a garage with a loft to open up our house, have a place for the kids to play, and safe storage for our food. We have a garage already, but wanted to have an actual seating area or family gathering place. Our bedroom is tiny for us to sleep in, but I see much potential in a family spot or a storage spot for safe food for my kids.
    Drake has a potentially life-threatening, rare genetic condition of his metabolism called MCADD, asthma, and a heart murmur that is reminiscent of pulmonary hypertension when he was first born. Evelyn also has MCADD and was born about 6 weeks early because I had a form of severe hypertension called HELLP syndrome. MCADD is a genetic disorder that requires my kids eat frequently, Drake is intolerant to the heat, and we must especially monitor them when they're ill. If they can't keep food down or become lethargic, we have to go to the e.r. for a special "magic juice" (glucose in an IV) to help prevent metabolic crisis and get to stay there until they can keep food down. Both Drake and Evie had to stay in the NICU after birth for a couple of weeks. We've become experts on MCADD because most doctors aren't familiar with it and I get to educate them, especially in the e.r. We've been blessed that the doctors are willing to contact the specialists and/or listen to me because of my experience.
    Because of MCADD, I'm afraid to try to get a full-time job because we never know when they could get sick and I'd need to get them to the e.r. asap. As a result, it can more often than not, be difficult to make ends meet, especially with multiple hospital visits. Drake and Evie have been to the e.r. or hospitalized between 10-15 times between the two of them, in 6 years.

    Mom & Dad
    Drake- 7 on July 15 and

  38. My name is Joseph, I'm 18 years old and I live in a two bedroom house with my Mother, two little siblings, and my grandmother and grandfather In Mobile, Alabama. I wouldnt see it as much of a problem if the house wasn't literally rotting around us. We moved to Mobile about 6 years ago after my grandfather found out his father left him a house, rent free. We thought it was wonderful. When we arrived it looked nice, there were a few things that needed fixing but we thought maybe thats it but after a few months we realized the fact that the wall inbetween the living room and the first bedroom had rotted so much that it would lean almost as if was about to fall. The second bedfroom was even worse, the floor is falling apart, our bathtub has fallen through the floor not to mention the fact that the bathroom is about as small as a closet. The roof leaks heavily during storms. We heave two broken windows that have been here foever and the electric wiring in the walls have gotten so bad that if its left on too long the wall starts to smell like its burning. Our livingroom light no longer works, the porch light has never worked and and our kitchen is as small as the bathroom. We've tried saving up money but it usually goes towards bills and food, so it never works out. Ive thought forever about writing to you guys and i really hope you can help us… Please.

  39. My name is Adrian Miller. I'm a single father of 2 beautiful girls age's 5 and 9. After there mother past away over 5 years ago. It's just been my girls and I. Over the years the furniture has taking a beating with the girls growing up. Not to mention its the same furniture my parents brought when I was a teenager. All I can do is spray Febreze on it. It's passed the point of being cleaned, an it makes the girls and I itch whenever we try an relax on it. This would be a blessing to my family and friends who i entertain and not feel away about how my furniture looks or feels. Also there's Mold in the a/c unit, and in the walls. Termites are eating the house from the ground up. From the base boards to the roof. I don't even have a room door because the Termites have eaten up the door jams. The sink stays clogged so it's hard to keep the kitchen clean. I hope it's not to late for the audition because we are in need. Please help and God bless….

  40. I am in desperate need of someone's help. I will not put my story on here but of someone could email me it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and God bless.
    Tiffany C.

  41. Dear Ty, A few years ago my dad had to move into a VERY old house in the ghetto part of Fresno and we had no money at the time to renew the house to it's full potential. My grandpa is still currently with us but with all his surgeries going on and my dad working nonstop just to provide for us, we've had no time or money to redo the house. I'm not feeling sorry for us but it seems like everything that's happened is everything but good. My dad just needs a break. He currently sleeps in the living room with my step mom me and my 2 stepsisters share a room in the back of the house, my brothers in the next room over. The bathroom is by far the worst. The kitchen a close 2nd, the floors are so old some parts have come off. The yard is dry with no grass and on hot days we have no pool so we depend on our plug-in AC's. Long story short Our house needs help. We've done what we can but have had no luck. Please and God bless you if you choose us.

  42. Dear Ty, A few years ago my dad had to move into a VERY VERY old house in the ghetto part of Fresno and we had no money at the time to renew the house to it's full potential. My grandpa is still currently with us but with all his surgeries going on and my dad working nonstop just to provide for us, we've had no time or money to redo the house. I'm not feeling sorry for us but it seems like everything that's happened is everything but good. My dad just needs a break. He currently sleeps in the living room with my step mom me and my 2 stepsisters share a room in the back of the house, my brothers in the next room over. The bathroom is by far the worst. The kitchen a close 2nd, the floors are so old some parts have come off. The yard is dry with no grass and on hot days we have no pool so we depend on our plug-in AC's. Long story short Our house needs help. We've done what we can but have had no luck. Please and God bless you if you choose us.

  43. Hi, my name is Kimberly Greene. My mother and I are looking to be eligible candidates for an Extreme Makeover Home Edition. Recently, a little over a year ago, my father passed away due to cancer. We have struggled with paying the bills, and have fallen behind and are unable to get the needed repairs done in our house, which has called it to fall through and become unbearable and cost more to repair than anything. Due to an overwhelming amount of medical bills coming in, my mom and I have really struggled. I can honestly say that losing my father was the hardest thing that I have ever experienced in my life. We have struggled and have faced depression. I am a college student (currently a Junior) majoring in Business Management, in hopes to one day open and own my own interior design business. It would mean the world to not only me, but as well as my mom, to be eligible candidates to win a free extreme makeover home edition. I am submittimg this request for my mom, and it would be a wonderful surprise for her, if we were chosen. It would definitely be a huge burden lifted off of her shoulders. We would not be able to thank you all enough! Thank you for the opportunity! And thank you again for your time!

    Thank you,
    Kimberly Greene

  44. Hello
    I am applying to ask for my neighbor to be considered. She has a family of 6 and works very hard. She works hard to make repairs on her home but is unable to complete them due to finances. We live in a very small historical town in the Midwest. She lives on the Main Street that comes into town. She tells me often how she is the girl in the ugly house with the beautiful flowers. Thank you for your time

  45. My name is Amanda ruff (hyatt) and I was winding if you cam come down and put my further mother in law in a nice warming loving home her husban had past away last August he was paralyze from waist down from his accident back in 85 and she been trying everything to get on disability ans help with all the bills and the house she is in Is not healthy for either of us and everything wrong with it ans asking for help her son is paying all the bills and I'm on disability myself and I'm paying the rent and we just need a bigger house…

  46. I would love to do this for me and my mom. money is tight and I have two kids its a lot going on. The repairs would be a lot to do on both of us. !

  47. My name is latrea, I'm 30 years old my fiancee is 55 years old, recently he had a stroke. He is learning how to live all over again. The house that we are living in isn't safe for him. He has been on waiting lists for years. Before his stroke he was already disabled. It seems that no matter where we turn we can't get any help. I was working that brought in a little more to our income, but once he got sick I felt like it was my duty. To care for my soon to be husband. Thanks for your time.

  48. Hi, My name Is Izetta from NYC. I don't typically do this but my mother is in a real desperate situation. The roof on her house is almost gone, when it rains outside it also rains inside of her kitchen. It's very heart breaking see this house that my sister and I grew up in just fall apart. The winters are the worst for my mother. However her current situation is the worst Iv'e seen her in. Her pipes froze during the cold winter season and she hasn't had a flow of water in the house. My mother comes to my 1 bedroom apartment and showers daily. She had to tell her tenants which thank God were here close friends about the situation, and they have to be displaced also. We have attempted to get grants and loans and have been unsuccessful. I'm just reaching out to see if someone could give my mother a hand. She deserves it she raised my sister and I on her own when my step dad just walked out on us. We never lacked for anything and I just wish I was in a position to help her. It hurts me to see her going in and out of depression and watching the house crumble. In the back hallway; you can literally stick your arm outside of the house. It's beyond bad. So i say that to say this. Please if you are able to help in any way I myself would be forever grateful for any kind of assistance big or small.
    Thank you for reading.

  49. Hello ty my name is Kacie Baidas I'm 23 and currently reside in Indianapolis IN with my grandmother, grandfather, my son, and my husband and I. my house is in really bad shape its falling apart and my grandparents have a lot of health issues at can't renovate our house I work 6 days a week to try and raise my family. My grandfather was in Vietnam War Served For His Country he is from Shelbyville Kentucky His Home Town He has lost a lot raising his grandchildren and I want to be able to give back with help of you my grandmother is in her last stage of copd witch is a lung disease and has to walk around with oxygen on all the time and our house is very small for 5 people I made a video for you but it won't let me post it. Also my son lost his father to gun violence 10/01/2016 he was shot to death and my son has been having a hard time to take everything in including us loosing my father April of 2016 to a massive heart attack me my husband and my son shares a room but the only bad thing is its upstairs far away from my grandparents and I need to be close by them my grandfather is 70% flinders from his glacoma and cateracks he has had several eyes surgery and it hasn't helped he also has pancreatic cancer our house is on a corner of a alley and I don't feel it's safe enough with for them. Sometimes I full this house is the reason there sick they have lived here for 30+ years and I've lived here 23 years and now my son will be living here for many years to come I'm reaching out for help to you I'm really hoping you will reply back so I can post the video my family has made for you. Thanks for all

  50. Hi my name is Halie. i moved back home with my mom and stepdad to help them. the house that we live in is in very bad condition. The roof leaks really bad to the point that we use trash cans and pots and pans to catch the water when it rains. the roof is falling and we cant afford to have it fixed. there is holes in the walls and we have no hot water cuz the gas pipes under the house busted. so they had to shut the gas off. we heat up water in the microwave to bathe. we dont even have a stove. we use a hot plate and the microwave to cook meals. me and my daughter sleep out in the garage department and that is falling. the house was my grandparents and when they died my mom took over living here cuz we have no where else to go nor do we have the money to move. my stepdad has stage 3 cancer and cant hardly get around. he still works and its hard to watch mom cry every night cuz he is dying. having to pay for all his medicine and doctors takes most of the money so there is no money to fix up the house. please help my mom and stepdad!!!

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