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Dream Home – Reality TV

Dream Home Reality TV Auditions
Dream Home – Reality TV

The creators of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition have changed the lives of countless families and television viewers for over a decade and now they are bringing their next inspiring project to the airwaves. This dream home production is set to put a twist on reality TV that has never been seen before – all they need are people looking to build the home of their imaginations. Are you ready to make your dreams come true?

Relativity Television, the production company behind such reality TV favorites as Catfish: The TV Show, The American Bible Challenge and The Great Food Truck Race have brought their magic back to the home building genre and it’s shaping up to be their most incredible project yet. This ultimate do it yourself program

will be giving people the chance to not only own their own dream home but make it happen from the ground up. The producers and casting directors for this exciting series are now on the lookout for people who have tried to save for a home but just haven’t been able to make it happen to be part of this outstanding project. The show will cast couples who do not own their own homes to live together and compete against each other as they race to design and build their very own dream homes with the winner being awarded the deed to their dream home. Contestants chosen must be able to commit to the series for nine weeks and be residents of the Atlanta, Georgia area or be willing to relocate. This is a nationwide casting call. Applications are being accepted today.

Open auditions for this life changing new reality TV series are set to be held soon. Individuals and families interested in being considered for this production can head here dreamhomecasting.com for more information on the project and upcoming casting calls and fill out an official application here dreamhomecasting.com/application.html. Stay tuned right here as we will be posting more updates and leave a comment below and tell us your story and why you would like to be involved in the auditions for Dream Home.

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  1. Hello guys, my name is champa,I am 37 years old, I am married with 4 kids,I wanted to try and write to you for a long time as it is painful to express about my story, I have grown up with out my mother, she past way when she gave birth to my youngest brother,he is an adult now but there is something not right about him, he seemsto be slow and I feel he doesn't understand everything happening around him,he left and leaves in a council flat, has not married, so I am worried about him as well,wish I could do something for him,anyway then my father married back home to my late mother's sister, everyone said to my dad marry her sister that way she will love them like her own, but she was the wicked witch of the East, she would beat us when my dad would leave us with her and go out, she would open packs of crips and give it to her baby girl and the baby would throw bits of the crips on the floor and my younger brother would pick them up and eat them, after all of this finally my dad got rid of her, but then he remarried again, as we was to small, but even when she had her own kids, she also would beat us up, but we grew up then to fight back,but we only was looking for mother's love,I us to see all my friends mother love them and miss out, and cry quitly for my mother's love, that life was so unfair for us,then one day my dad said let's to Bangladesh to visit all your other families there, so I went,i was 16 but when I went there my dad wanted to get me married to his brother son,and I felt like I didn't know how to get out of it cause I knew no one,I was forced to get married, I then came back pregnant, so when I came back to England I had a baby boy at the age of 16 years old, it was very hard especially without my husband, it took me 3 years to get my husband down to the UK,my husband is a good guy but I wasn't ready to get married yet,as I couldn't even finish of school, so I left even before I finished school, even the school didn't find it weried about why I am missing, anyway I except my marriage life for the sake of my child,but life was hard my husband then got his parents down and living with them for 4 years was hard as well,after couple of years later my dad had bone marrow cancer and was scared crying and helping as much as I can, but then my uncle had mouth cancer and I was helping him, as time went by his mouth hole was getting bigger and bigger, no one would go by him so I did everything he needed, and he always uesdto call me, I like to be independent, and help others as much as I can, which I did,then my dad passed away, 3 months later my uncle passed away, just a week before my uncle passed away my sister was told she has bowl cancer, but they couldn't save her cause it hit her lever,then just before my sister died, we was told the news that my brother has bowl cancer, he also died after 6 months, I whiched everyone of them die in front of my eyes, and I am really scared about who's next,the whole family has gone throw a lot, and I feel as dead from the inside, after my brother died I became pregnant with my forth child ,she was a girl, for a year and half I did not sleep cause she wouldn't sleep throw the night or day, I knew something wasn't right and I think she is autistic, and I am scared to hear them doctors say that word, which they are still looking in to, but I know, but I don't want to hear it,I am trying everything in my powers to try and get my baby normal as possible, so I am buying organic foods, and preparing it was is taking up with other stuff all my time and money, every penny we save goes on her,but I also feel sorry for my other kids as I never be able to take them out or on a holiday, I have never ever been on a holiday in my life,I basically have finally broke down and I don't know how to get myself back up,I am really tired and run down, but my house is so cooled all the time and I haven't got the money and phiscal and mental health to do my house up, I once went to this guy years back with my dad to see if we can buy a land to make my dream house but we couldn't do it, but to be honest my whole life wasn't like a normal life, and full of sadness but I didn't break, but now I have broken down, guys I need your help, I just thought why not try, maybe, you never know without trying, I am tired and want to live in a nice house, that's all I wanted. Please can you help me.

  2. Hello my name is Alice Halcomb im writing to you because my husband is a navy veteran and owns his parents home on 2 asres but build in 1973 I would like to see if I can have someone contact me about having a home built on property to let him know he is appreciated of all he done for 19yrs in service please help he is not a healthy person God bless

  3. Hi hello I'm Andrea from Ventura California. What can I say to wow you LOL well here goes I've kind of lived in ass backwards life having kids as a teenager dropping out of school. So on and so forth you could make a awesome movie out of my life and put that s*** on the lifetime channel. I have four kids a boyfriend slash best friend of 14 years and I live with my in-laws. But on the real I would love to have my own home I just can't afford it at this momentcuz some of the stupid decisions I made in the past. Now I'm moving forward and older in my life everything is falling in place I'm doing things right but it's going to take some time to be able to afford a house I would like to give my children and my life partner s home before they're adults. I would love to start my own thing and if y'all can help out that be awesome.

  4. I'm a 45 year old divorced mother to 8 children (ages 6-23). I left my husband 4 years ago due to inappropriate touch. I have been keeping somehow afloat.
    First I waited tables at an awesome restaurant/bar downtown. The money was paying well for all of the hard work I put in. The business started to wane after the second year, when my exhusband ruined his car drink driving.
    He borrowed the van that I got in the divorce and got a dui in it; the state impounded it. Because I had not made enough income to pay to get the van refinanced and take his name off the title, it was considered his, so I couldn't press charges for auto theft. He lost his job because he was in jail too long.
    We lost child support.
    You'd have thought food support would raise, but it really didn't. We would try to make it to the food shelf once a month. Some months my depression was so bad I just didn't. I used what income I had and didn't pay the mortgage those months.
    My best friend started a go-fund-me and I was able to finally take the van back (after paying $180 for dui plates and $350 impound fees). Then, having trusting gullibility as my great weakness, the state pulled the go-fund-me funds for his fines out of my bank account (I hadn't removed his social security # from my accounts somehow). I finally gave up on my house payments.
    My wait job position ended, the business closed. I began another wait job that laid me off without notice.
    I broke down and took what I could. I thought it was all I was worth. $10.50 an hour, 40 hours a week. I worked, full of sadness at being worthless. I became a very good seamstress, but when I was finally given my 90 day review 11 months later, I was told that I was only worth a $.50 raise.
    I quit. I am now sewing for $12.50 an hour, we live in an old, mildew smelling home that's a Land Trust house (it has conditions for resale). I try to make it nice, but its so overused, so worn down. We are far too large for its 3+ bed, 1.5 bath.
    I got help from One Roof Housing last summer and I've gotten back on track with my mortgage. I have $44,000 owed. It's filth is a mirror of how sad and empty I became over the lack of income. Poverty can steal one's mental health when there are babies to care for.
    My biggest dream is to relocate us where it's tropical; Duluth has far too short summers and not half as much sunshine as we need. I'd love home where we can grow flowers, herbs, fruits, and vegs year round. A home where each of my girls has enough space, the twins prefer to share, my son can create his music, an art studio we can all use, a patio off of my bedroom, a studio for my art and podcasts, and a pool and hot tub to keep our bodies healthy along with healing our minds. I'd love it to be solar roofed, and I have an amazing idea I want to pitch at a solar company in the near future.
    California is my dream!
    Please make it a reality.

  5. Hi,
    My husband and I bought a home in the mountains, close to Carter Lake just west of Loveland, Co and Southeast a bit from Estes Park. We need to add a Garage and renovate. The sink is dark brown from 1966. The entire ceiling is knotty pine. We have some money saved, but really need your help and direction. We love HGTV and would be ever so grateful to be on your show. We have been married 28 years, sober 31 years and in love 30 years. Warren just spent 2 years on crutches and off work 8 months. Just after he went back to work Julie had back to back failed hip revisions and is looking at a 4th revision, thankfully by a top Denver Orthopedic Surgeon. We love our 1800 SF ranch with 3 bedrooms and 2 baths and hope to move into soon. Please help us materialize our dream and live happily ever after.

  6. My name is Melissa, I am a stay at home mom of 6 amazing kids. My husband is an amazing man that works his butt off to give us everything we could ever need. It all started when we won full custody of his daughter at the age of 3, we married and started a family of our own. We moved into our first home which was big for us then …. fast forward 8 years we have 5 more kids and space is limited. Moving is tough for us as my husband works in the union. Not too mention he comes from a HUGE family… 7siblings … 3 which have passed. One 3 years ago and one a week ago. So Moving would be hard, which is why a makeover would be perfect for us. My husband is very big on saving for our families future, if it was up time id be making over every single room in the house. Your help is desperately needed. As our kids get older, having 3 kids to a room is just not realistic. Having a "new" home, a home that fits our needs and one that won't cost us a fortune is definitely what this family of 10 needs!!
    Thank you for your time and consideration.

  7. Hi. My name is LeeAnn. I live close to Salem, OR. I have a friend who has recently divorced that had three small children (under 13) and one adult child living at home. His name is Jeff. He is an active dad who keeps his kids in sports and works full time. When he gets off work him and the kids are running (he has the smaller ones every other week). A typical day is helping other families after work, school, sports and inbetween meals. Jeff is so busy helping others that his own life and needs are on the back burner. Recently we had a pig escape (I know, funny) but I called Jeff and he immediately rangled up help and came to put an electric fence up (there is more to the great pig escape but not relevant). I was actually out of town so he helped my son but I told him I’d come clean his house for the help. I was taken back when I got to the house to see a wool box made to hold a pad to be a bed for the 7 year old. There were only a few clothing items her size and by the time I was done cleaning I thought about how this little princess would never know a mattress, a new comforter or the right size shoes and underwear. I went with the 12 year old to see her room which was off the laundry room and up some wood stairs. She had a similar box and pad for a bed and particle board flooring. She was so excited to show me and as I smiled on the outside my heart shattered on the inside. How could a family that dedicated themselves to helping others not have carpet? The kitchen table is a long board with a table cloth and multiple miss matched chairs. Open cupboards show a variety of miss matched plastic cups and broken cocoa mugs. The porch is without light and the doors are in need of repair. There was not one thing that needed repaired or care. The faucets leak or don’t work and the water is not drinkable.
    I am only one person and I can go through my sheets and blankets, towels and other household items and help but I can’t do all that would make this home hole or without mice openings.
    If there is a way to give back to this family I know of no other that deserves it or needs it. They never complain and they are so happy to help others. They have a hard time throwing away shoes with holes (because they fit).
    If there is anyway to help you this deserving family I hope that you can.
    If you need images please let me know.
    Merry Christmas

  8. Hi. We are a family of 4 with two kids being under the age of three. Our home was flooded by Hurricane Irma and we are having to renovate. It is honestly a blessing in disguise and we are finally going to get the home we want but it would be great to have some professionals help us with the design. We are not looking for funding but would definitely like creative ideas to help us with this project.

  9. If anyone needs helps no one needs it more than my parents. I'm sure it is a little bias and presumptuous. Of course it is, they are my parents. I don't know if you ever watched the show 7th Heaven, but I was born into the real life family in Pensacola Fl.
    My father is a Vietnam Army veteran who has been facing many health challenges recently; however, those challenges doesn't define him. He is firstly, a husband, father, friend and pastor. Yes, my father has been a pastor, of a small congregation, for over 30 years and he doesn't receive a salary. Bet ya don't know a lot a of pastors that preach for "free". He does it from the love he has to help other.
    My mom. Aw, she's the pillar. She's still working (at the age of 63). She's a nurse at the VA clinic. She gives of herself more than anyone I know. She is the mother of 6 and the foster mom of many. Honestly, over the years it's been so many children that has crossed the threshold of their home I lost count.
    They met when my mom was 11 and my dad 16. They fell in love and married almost 9 years later. I know you probably heard of wedding nights being a bang. Well, there's were. Pregnant wedding night and 40 weeks later their first son came. Shorty after, four more siblings followed. Not far behind those were foster siblings and an adopted brother. They have been married for 42 years and have only spent their first 9 months of marriage alone before the baby. Not to mention because my father was in the military they never had a real honeymoon. Today, they are still sharing their home and love. As I write this letter my parents have five college age kids in their home, a 16 year old foster daughter and one elderly homeless woman and her son.

    Not only have they given their love to family and the church, but they have also started a food bank that feeds up to 150 people weekly. My father organizes a food pick-up of 10 to 30 thousand pounds of food each week. My mom, along with some Navy personnel volunteers, prepares boxes for the needy every Thursday.
    Yet, out of all they do they do nothing for themselves. There house is falling apart. They have a ton of stuff that needs to be repaired. My father patches up what he can, but with his health he can not do as much as he use to. Plus, they have really out grown it. He has turned the garage into some living space, but with him doing the work himself things tend to start falling apart faster. When I come home to visit I can't even stay their because of so many house guest. These guest have no where else to go, plus they are all family now. My parents have opened their doors because that's their natural. They never turn away anyone in need. My parents have 2 acreage of cleared empty land next to their home. They have often spoke of building a new home and remodeling the old place for displaced individuals and families, but funds are always a factor.
    This couple doesn't ask for much. They are always the one giving. For one time in their life I would love for someone to give to them. Can you help me?

  10. Hello! My mother just lost her home in the Oct. 2017 California Wildfires in Sonoma County. The home was built in the 1950's by her father. He built this home, from the ground up, entirely by himself. Unfortunately, all that is left of it is a single brick chimney…her house was completely destroyed. An opportunity such as this would a dream come true!

  11. Hello, I am writing to this program because of my dad. Let me start by telling you a little about him. I grew up with out a need in this world I was a daddies girl. I am now 30 years old and well about 8 years ago my dad had another baby. A little girl. Then a few years later he and his fiance had a little boy. Mind blowing I know! He not only has these two little ones whom are now 6 and 8. But he also has taken on my youngest daughter whom is 9, as his own child. Also he has played a major part in his fiancee oldest sons life in many important ways. When my soon to be step,mother had some,personal issues and had to be away for a few months my dad single handedly took care of my little sister my youngest daughter and kept my step brother on weekends to allow the kids to spent time together and so that my step brother could go visit his mom. He did all of this and never once asked for any hand outs from anyone. My dad works 7 days a week when his health allows him. He comes home cooks diner cleans the house, does the dishes. As my step-mom works a full time job. He also coaches the girls in soft ball in the summer youth league vice presendent in the soft ball division in our hometown. During the winter he coaches up to three teams in the youth basketball league as well. He is the worlds best dad. He always finds a way to help his family in any way he can. He has even took care of me up until this day. So, why should he get to have his dream home? Well for one, he isn't getting any younger and he world in dry wall with is very hard on his entire body. The main reason my dad needs to be helped is because he has a extremely serious hernia between his esophagus and his stomachs. He has been due to have surgery for the past year. He refuses to go have it done because there is such a long recovery time. Three months at the least. He is such a proud man in all the honorable ways that he puts his life at risk each day to ensure the security of a warm bed and food on the table for his family. He desperately needs some help so that he can be able to be around long enough to see my siblings become adults. I pray that you chose this man to have his dream home built and if not then maybe you could help me find him some help. His bless you and have a wonderful day.

  12. Hi I would like to apply for the dream home show.. My God parents Rick & Cecilia Alvarado are in need of a "dream home",they're both Ministers and their time is consumed by taking the less fortunate off the streets and leading them to Christ and free them from the lifestyle they are accustom too they have helped about 60 people in all moving them into their home and loving them back to LIFE, also Cecilia takes care of her mother who has dementia and a nephew that is handicap. With little to NO donation for their non-profit ministry, Bridge Over Troubled Waters, it makes things hard for them. Their home is in major need of more space so they can continue helping people, plus with so many in and out it has taken a toll on their home. please find it in your hearts to help these wonderful people while the help the ones that need them… Thank You and God bless Bobbie Hardaway

  13. My name is john and my wife's name is Leigh Anne. We have 2 amazing kids named Brendan 15 and Mia 11. Me and my wife goals were to start a family, have my wife stay at home to be with the kids than start her career so we can have our dream home. That was until November 23 2014. When she suffered a stroke at the age of 32 years old. It's a long story and I'll make it quick. Went in for an epidural injection in her back fir back pain. Woke up with a massive headache, and got 9 days multiple doctors and hospitals said nothing was wrong and than she suffered a stroke. Our world has changed and some of our dreams and goals Have been put aside. A dream home would be the most amazing thing that has happened to us. Leigh Anne is the strongest women that I know. Her spirit and attitude makes me go. I work 2 jobs take any extra shift I can to provide fir my family. She can't drive, has epilepsy and left side weakness and still has the energy and strength to do anything. A dream home would be amazing fir me and my family. Thank You

  14. Hello, my name is LaTosha Dixon an Im writing to u all for some major help if possible. My husband an I have four amazing girls, married for 15 years. I am now taking on the roll of working. I was a stay at home mama for 13 years. So if an on i have been working. My husband has some back problems so he is out of work. I work full time at Wal-Mart in Stuart Va. Its has been extremely stressful but Im pulling thr it. We have trying for many years to do something about our home. We have lived here for ten years n we do not have any room. Our daughters are 14, 12, 6, an 3. An the two older girls have to share a room acourse. We have a three bedroom trailer. It really needs some work done to it n I was hoping that yall could help my family. If u would like pictures I will b glad to send them. The girls bathroom has a hole in the wall, there tub is cracked n can rnot use it. Its so small u can barley move in there. The hallway has holes in it. My living room needs painting n has holes also. I try to keep them covered up the best that i can. My kitchen oh my we did paint it years ago the paint is not kid friendly has grease spots everywhere its so small I have trouble having a table for my family to eat at in there. We also had a mouse problem n have lots of holes from them as well. I kn it seems impossible to me to get this fixed. But I am seeking some help because I can not afford any of it. This would help our family so much, I kn its so far a way, but I promise it would b worth it. I or we would love to have a four bedroom home. Something that my children would b proud of an want to have friends over. Thank you all for reading this have a blessed an awesome day. God bless you all for all u have done for others.

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