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Disney’s “High School Musical 4” Nationwide Search

Disney’s “High School Musical 4” Nationwide SearchThe time has finally come! Starting Monday, you will get the shot to audition for the next film in the High School Musical franchise, “High School Musical 4”! It is being reported that High School Musical 4 will introduce new East High Wildcats and their cross-town school rivals, the West High Knights. The original three films starred Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, Lucas Grabeel, Corbin Bleu, and Monique Coleman. There is no word yet on if any of the originals will make any sort of appearance in the film, but you have the chance to!

Representatives for Disney Channel and Disney XD have announced and online open call with Disney Applause. This is your chance to audition for the exciting new movie, “High School Musical 4”! This is your chance to audition from anywhere in the United States! You can audition via the Disney Applause app beginning April 18th. You can get all of the information and the link to download the script by going to http://disneychannel.disney.com/open-call. You should practice it and access the app to upload your audition on Disney Applause. You can check out the in-app videos featuring audition tips from Lab Rats: Elite Force’s Paris Berelc and “Kirby Buckets” actor Jason Bertrand.

Disney will be accepting auditions beginning April 18th and submissions will be accepted through May 2nd. Casting directors are looking for teens between the ages of 14 and 17 years old who are interested in acting, singing or dancing. If this sounds like you, then they would like to invite you to audition. You should have your parent or get your parent or legal guardian’s permission and download the script and follow the link to the Disney Applause app to upload your audition. This is an audition and not a contest offer or a guarantee of employment. There is never a fee to participate in the Disney Channel or Disney XD talent sear or open call.

43 thoughts on “Disney’s “High School Musical 4” Nationwide Search

  1. hello my name is saige carlton i am 14 years old and 5'5 i have brown hair and brown eyes i don't know if that is something you needed to know i am in 9th grade and would love to be in this up coming movie i have played in many plays i can sing and dance and I'm willing to dye or cut my hair for this i am a very fast learner i play lacrosse so i do play sports and this is something i would really like to do please consider me i love to act and sing and dancing is a bonus

  2. I'm from Croatia. All for I live is singing. I started sing when I was 3. I'm playing piano almost five years and I go to music school. I think my chance is absolutley zero. But however it wourth to try. Without singing my life is "nothing". I started acting when I was 4 and I think I'm doing it very good. My favourite disney series is Violetta. I know to sing all her songs on spanish and some to play on piano. I'm almost 14. Please give me a chance. I will be thankful all my life. I'm dreaming every day with hope. You would't be dissapointed with me. I hope you will see my message and give me answer. ???????

  3. Hi my name is Madison usalj, High school musical has been my favourite movie since it first came out, I know just about every word and sharpay is my inspired role I love to be her and would always walk around and pretend I was her. Being an actress is what I want to achieve most in my life and I adore musicals, I have been in guys and dolls and the lion king.
    Age: 15- 27th of july 2001
    Height: 5ft 4
    Weight: 69kg
    Hair: Naturally blonde brown ombre, thick and wavy medium length
    Eyes: Big and green
    About me: I live in Sydney Australia and we are very limited in auditions but I would love to send in a tape and I can do an American accent. I am very crazy, bubbly and always happy. My main hobbies include dancing, singing and acting.

  4. Hi,
    My name is Ashlee. I think it goes without saying I LOVE High School Musical and am ecstatic to hear there is a fourth movie being developed. I am black and 5' 1" and 20 years old. I recognize that this is a few years past the age requirement but I am often asked how my "winter vacation" is going by strangers in passing, to which I laugh and reply with,"It's great I have almost a month left before I go back to college". The color usually drains out of their face fairly quickly when they realize I'm not 16. I do sing well and dance smoothly as I am a high-level figure skater. I look forward to presenting you with my audition in the upcoming months!

  5. Hi! My name is Nompumelelo Masemola and I live in South Africa. I am 14 years old and I would love to be in casted in High School Musical 4. I am a dancer and singer . I would love this movie to be my first experience of acting I know that it would be challenging but I'm not afraid to take that challenge. I watched all of the 3 movies and know almost all of the songs … I would appreciate if you chose me. Thank you for the opportunity to write this letter to you.

  6. hey im nit really into dancing but i guess i could try it because i want to try new things
    hieght-5 foot one

  7. Hi, my name is Laurel Jordan
    Hair color:brown

    I have always wanted to be an actress, because ever since I was little I have been pretending like I am. Now, everyone tells me I should be one. So I am going to follow my dreams.

  8. If you don't know me, which is unlikely because I am globally known, or will be, My name is Claudia. I have many talents, many of which will astonish viewers. Contact me back if you're interested in my audition. You won't regret it.
    Have a Great Day

  9. Hey my name is Jodie Marie. I dont have much experience acting but its something i would love to do. I am fun and bubbly and i will try anything my boss would ask. I am 15 years old and from Ireland and it would be my dream to get a role in thos film.

  10. My name is Caleb I am an uprising actor. I love all the High School Musical movies and seen them about a hundred times. Ever since I've seen the first movie I have wanted to become but never really got to it till about two years ago. I am in a play at school right now called The Nifty fifties as Lennie King. I also played in Babes in Toyland and I was a toy soldier and spider. Acting is my passion and its what I don't want to be anything else. I am currently 17.

  11. i would like get my 6 year old daughter starting un acting. she is very outspoken and loves to dance and sing. She not scared to performedn frnt of people.

  12. I'm Isabelle (Belle preferred). I loved High School Musical from the first time I watched it. I'd love to be in it because its been a childhood dream to be able to act and dance and sing at the same time.

    Age: 13 (turn 14 in November)
    Height: 5'2
    Weight: 130
    Ethnicity: Asian American
    Hair: Dark Brown/ Naturally Straight
    Eyes: Dark Brown

    I dance, sing,cheer,and run track.
    I taught myself how to play piano. And I play violin as well.
    I love to play sports in general, and musicals.

  13. I'm Isabelle (Belle preferred). I loved High School Musical from the first time I watched it. I'd love to be in it because its been a childhood dream to be able to act and dance and sing at the same time.

    Age: 13
    Height: 5'2
    Weight: 130
    Ethnicity: Asian American
    Hair: Dark Brown/ Naturally Straight
    Eyes: Dark Brown

    I dance, sing,cheer,and run track.
    I taught myself how to play piano. And I play violin as well.
    I love to play sports in general, and musicals.

  14. Hello, my name is Ashley Clyde.High School Musical is a great and fantastic movie series that I can't stop watching!To me acting is my life.I have had many experiences with acting including,being in many improv and drama classes. If I ever get a role in this movie I will make sure I will take my part seriously!Thank You for your time.

  15. my name is nyirah I am 13 years old was born in Milwaukee Wisconsin I want to audition for high school musical my number

  16. age 18
    Height 5'2
    Wieght 105
    Ethnicity East Indian
    Hair color black
    Eye color brown

    Experience: drama club all through school

  17. I know this is late but I've always wanted be in a high school musical film. I love acting and singing and dancing. My name is Leslie Garcia, i am 16 years old, I'm 5'2, i weigh 115 lbs. My hair and eye color is brown. I am Mexican American, spanish was my first language but i am very fluent in English. I've always loved singing, acting and dancing. I feel like i would be a great candidate for a role in this movie, even as an extra i wouldn't mind it. I want the experience and I've never taken any risks in my life but I feel this experience will make me grow as person and actor.

  18. hi my name is matthew and im 18 and i always dreamed about being in high school musical 4 and auditioning for the part of troy bolton im 6ft,oin i weigh 176lbs and i have dirty blonde hair one chance is all i ask for.

  19. Awe also i have vocals i can sing really good my dad is a music producer and he i get my singing from him but my acting it runs through my family i can do michael jackson impression michael is my favorite singer
    My age:14
    Hair color:dark brown
    Midddle initial:M

  20. I know every song from 1 2 and 3 and i believe if i be in this movie ill make it better i already got the peyton role down pack just wait until auditions i am goin to blow your mind

  21. Hey my name is Mahmood banyalmarjeh , I am 16 years old , has black hair , brown skin , green eyes or colored . I am also 5"11 . I remeber when I was like 6 or 7 years old when I was watching high school musical and I was like man I whish if I was 16 years old by that time to audition , I thought that I could've been one of the cast back then but I was just too young . And now that I'm looking at this high school musical 4 !!! I can't beilve it like I just whish if I was in California right now so I can audition and show my self out there !! I hope if anyone can help me out or give me a chance to audition some how !! I promise I won't let no one down .
    Experience :
    My dad is a dirictor in overseas ive been in hes tv shows and a movie called القرار it means the decision !! Acting in over seas or being a star there is nothing compare on being on Disney channel !! I've also did my first high school show Godspell as judas.

  22. I'm 13 years old and I was in a school play called there was 1 as York. this is a one in a life time apportunity. I love to sing and honestly good at it to. I really hope you send back good news – Victoria mott

  23. Hi, My name is Brian Mitchell II and I'm 6'4 and I weigh 216. I have many talents and would live to tryout for your show. I hope to hear from you soon.

  24. Hi my name is Hannah trosper I'm 17 years old I weigh 170 I'm 5 foot 3 I'm a beginner so I have no experience I'm a huge fan of high school musicd
    al I would be a dream to be in high school musical 4

  25. Hi my name is Hannah trosper I'm 17 years old I weigh 170 I'm 5 foot 3 I'm a beginner so I have no experience I'm a huge fan of high school musical I would be a dream to be in high school musical 4

  26. Hello,my name is Annija and i'm from small country in Europe named Latvia. I'm dancer and i love acting and singing.I speak english very good.it's my dream to be on this film,because it's my favorite film when i was 7 years old.
    hair color – blonde and long hair
    i'm 1,63 metres long
    my weight is 52 kg

    I woud be really happy and my dream woud happen.

  27. Please let me know how I could upload my video to the Disney App "Applause" was trying to upload since 3pm today. Please let me know if there is another way I could send my online audition.

    Thank you,

    Tiffany Alamo
    Age: 15

  28. Good Morning, since its now 5/3/2016 1:30 am in Orlando, Florida
    I was trying to download today the video I recorded and upload on the Disney App Applause but it did not allow me to do so.
    My name: Tiffany Michelle Alamo
    My age: 15
    5'3 tall 98 pounds

  29. Hi I was trying to upload the video we prepared and the app was giving problems and all of a sudden said it was closed at 1am. Was trying to upload since 5 pm . What can we do to send in the video. My daughter's name is Tiffany Alamo, she is 15 years old.5'3 95 pounds.
    Model, Runway, Print, worked on a few musicals locally and monologues.

  30. Hello , My name is De'Miracle Tabb . I have a exciting personality . I am a honors student that makes all A's with a gpa of 4.1 . My favorite hobbies is to sing , act , and also dance . I love what I do . And It would mean so much to me if I become apart of the High School Musical 4 movie . I've been watching High School Musical since FOREVER .
    Age : 15
    Weight : 112
    Height : 5'2
    Ethnicity : African American

  31. My name is Gaby and I am currently interested in auditioning for a part in High School Musical 4. I have been a fan of this since I was a child and I've always dreamed to be in some kind of musical and this would be an amazing opportunity to be in.

    Age: 16
    Height: 5'7
    Weight: 140
    Experience: Alex Glitter Modeling, Palacios Bridal Modeling, TLC Modeling Agency, Dr. Julio Arroyo Eye Contacts Commercial.

    1. Hello
      My name is Anika and I am interested to be an actress in the upcoming 'High School Musical 4.' As a young girl, I have grown up watching Disney Channel originals, High School Musical being one. I am a MAJOR fan and would love to play the role of Erin, who I believe is the main female character.

      Age: 16
      Height: 5'2
      Weight: 104
      Ethnicity: British Indian
      Hair color: brown
      Eye color:brown
      Experience: I have had a lot of experience doing stage productions. For example;
      Ghost the musical
      I have also been signed to a record label called DA Music

  32. Hello my name is Julia Calvert I know all the dance moves to We're all in this together from the first movie. I am 16 years old and I have blond hair and I am white and have blue eyes. 5' 5" and I have been in 6 theatre productions and have taken improv classes from comedy sports San Diego.

  33. Hey, guys my name is Sophie Jordan
    Hair color: light brown
    I have been in many musicals like Cats(ensemble0, Beauty and the Beast(Chip), and Alice in Wonderland Through the Looking Glass(White Queen), The Drowsy Chaperone(ensemble)I have also been in Nutcracker the ballet(mouse)and Don Quixote(angel. I've loved these movies ever since 2006.

  34. It would be an amazing experience! I love HSM watched and have all 3 movies and I find this a great experience for me to put myself out there and experience new things out of my comfort zone. I love to sing and dance, my friends and family say I have and amazing voice. It would be great to see a Latina in HSM4!!!

  35. I am 18 years old, but look younger. Speak few languages, go to college in Texas, and study mass communications, radio and television. I love Disney and know almost all high school musical songs, I was a part of dance team for 11 years, also I can sing. I would love to participate in audition.

  36. Hi, My name is Eliza Gilburt. You want to invite me to this audition. I'm not a regular actor. Sometimes I'm an actor than wants things that seem impossible, this is it. I want this more than anything. You have no idea how much it would mean if you gave me a chance. Singing, actin and dancing is my life. I'm always different than everyone at my school. I don't fit in but when I act, I feel as though all I need to be is myself. I know this sounds fake and I'm just making this up but acting is my life. Sometimes I feel as though it's the only reason why I wake up in the morning and go to school, because I can act. I am special, I'm not any person that you will see walk through those audition doors. I am adopted, I feel as though I need to be a different person but I am happy being my self on that stage or in front of the camera because I don't have to act as anyone but myself, the actor. I've been acting for as long as I can remember. It's my passion, my love and my soul, I just ask for one chance

    Age: 13 almost 14
    Height:5 ft 2 in
    Weight:103.6 lb
    Ethnicity: Asian American
    Hair color: brown
    Eye color:brown
    Flounder in Broadway Jr.
    Dorthy in Wizard of Oz
    Genie in Aladdin
    Wendy in Peter Pan
    Belle in Beauty in the Beast
    Clementine in Clementine
    Lady MacBeth in MacBeth

    One chance, that's all I ask

  37. Oh wow I'm so excited for High School Musical 4 I've loved all 3 of the previous movies since I was young I am now 15 and according to my parents I saw High School Musical 1 around 10 times at the cinemas before it came out on DVD. I know I'm older now but I am still in love with High School Musical

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