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Disney’s “A Wrinkle in Time” Kids & Teens

Disney’s A Wrinkle in Time Kids & TeensIf you have always dreamed of being in a Disney movie, you don’t want to miss out on this casting call! Casting directors are getting ready to hold open call auditions for a Disney adaptation based off Madeleine L’Engle’s award winning sci-fi novel called “A Wrinkle in Time”. The director of Selma is Ava DuVernay, is set to direct the movie. Kids and teens do not need to have any experience to audition for the Disney film. The story is about children who travel through time and visit strange worlds in order to find their missing scientist father.

They are holding auditions to find actors for the following three roles. The casting team is looking for a 14-year-old mixed-race girl of African-American and Caucasian descent. “This girl is questioning her life, her place in the world and her family,” a casting description reads. “While troubled, she possesses untapped strength and intelligence which carries her through her search for truth.” The next role they are auditioning for is for a 5-year-old mixed-race boy of African-American and Caucasian descent. “This boy is EXTREMELY intelligent and articulate. He is strong and loving and hypersensitive.” The final role they are looking to fill is for a 16-year-old boy who is an ethnic minority. “He is a handsome, fit, caring young man who becomes a friend to the above two kids.”

An open casting call is being held in New Orleans on Wednesday, May 11th from 3:00pm to 5:00 pm. It will be held at the Courtyard New Orleans Downtown/ Convention Center at 300 Julia Street New Orleans, Louisiana 70130. Everyone who attends the audition should be a headshot the casting team can keep. If your child can’t attend the open call, you can still submit their information along with a headshot to thecastingofficesubmissions@gmail.com with the words “OPEN CALL” in the subject line. Those who apply should be local to Louisiana.

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  1. Hi, I am a 12 year old girl who has short dark brown hair and brown skin. I'm African American and love to dance and sing. I've dreamed of acting since I was 6 years old. I think I'm perfect for this role because I'm determined and I've been acting since 1st grade.

  2. I am 14 and 5;2. I can sing and act. I have done plays in my school and I fit the female character perfectly because I can relate. I can work with other people even if I don't know them. I am darkly tanned and slim. I am African and live in South Africa. I have a modern English accent. I have short dark brown hair and brown eyes.

  3. I have a 14 year old daughter of African American/ Caucasian Descent
    That would be perfect for the part.She's a singer has been performing since she was 6 years old and presently has be attending the Arts Academy Charter School for 4 years. Her name is Amerycal.

  4. I fit the description of the 16 year old boy, I'm 16, I've been told I'm handsome but I wouldn't know because everyone has different options on words like that, I'm about 5'10 through 6'0 foot tall, I'm not sure if you were wanting shorter than that though.

  5. I would appreciate if I got the role for the main character. I'm Hispanic and American. I am a tan color with brown hair and dark brown eyes. I currently wear glasses if that doesn't bother. I'm 12 yeas old, 4 foot 11 inches, and is 122 pounds. I can sing, fake emotions, and do my own stunts. I'm not afraid of a challenge, nor am I afraid to sing in front of people.

  6. I'm 12 but I am really tall and mature and look like a 14 year old. I am 5'4 I been on a couple commercials and I can sing I've met a band before and went backstage. It was always one of my passions to become a star, and I want kids to think they can achieve anything by doing there best by growing up to good examples like me.

  7. I am a 13-year-old-girl with dreams to be in a Disney movie or TV series since I was a little I hope i get this part! I have blue eyes and very long brown hair.My height is 5:3

  8. I would love to play a main female role cause I love acting at home and now I won't to put it on the big screen. I live in Ponca city Oklahoma im 13 years old.

  9. I could be any boy in this audition,i'm brownskined kinda Zuri's color.I'm funny and talented.I would love a part to play because this would help out my family and I a lot.

  10. im a girl and Im 12 but im 5,6 so people think im 14. im african american and caucasian. My dream is to become an actress. I live in DC please contact me

  11. i am a14 year old and I look indian since I am from the middle east I am pretty narrow I have brown eyes tan skin and I am interested

  12. Hi my name is Julia Zonca I'm turning twelve in a couple weeks and I love Disney. I watch their shows and movies. I think you should consider me because I'm funny and outgoing. I love working with people and I'm presentable. I pick up things fast. I have previously been on another show on Discovery Channel. I Hope you consider me for this project. Love, Julia.

  13. Hi my name is Vivian, Im a girl and I am Currently 12 but will be turning 13 in july 25.I have been told I look older for my age but I guess you will be the judge of that. I love singing and being an actress. I live in Wisconsin and it isn't exactly known for there tv shows. I think you should chose me to be on your show because I will make the show fun, I am Just a funny person and I love to be someone else in the since of acting. Learning a character is alway simple to me I always try to learn their ways and their likes. I pick up on things VERY fast I can learn a song by listening to it 2 times though, and I can learn a scrip in one week tops. I was in dentist commercials if that counts as anything. I play tennis, basketball, volleyball, golf, and swimming. I used to participate in dace. I love fashion. I am very good at singing and I would love to get my singing/acting career started, and you can make that happen. I have alway deemed about being in a movie. That is why I think you should pick me for your movie. Thank You

  14. Hello. I think that I should play the part because I am 14, I'm 5'2"…I know short. I'm African American and have Caucasian in me, too. The MAIN reason I want to get this part, is because I'm awesome at singing and acting. If I get this part I can prove all of my friends and family wrong, and show them that I can do something incredible with my life!! My mom is in the military, my dad's thinking about joining; but my brother, sister, and I want to stay in North Carolina with our friends. If I get this part, then maybe we won't have to move and we can stay stationary!! I have two years left here… and I wanna stay. My music and drama teacher are bestest friends at school, and I wanna stay there where they can teach me. This is why I think I deserve the role of the 14-year-old-girl. Thank you.

  15. Hi my name is Julienna Vargas I am 12yrs old but I have been told by many people that i Look older. Although I have no experience I have loved putting skits together and practicing. I'v had a love for singing ever since I was able to talk. I have an amazing personality and, many people find me funny, smart, witty, and very friendly. So I would really appreciate it if you would pick me to be the lead. Thank You, Julienna Vargas

  16. I would love to be apart of this role. I have always dreamed of being on a Disney production. I'm African American with long brown and black hair. I have brown eyes I'm 5'3, and I'm 13.

  17. i would love to play in the movie because acting is my passion and i love to sing and dance and none ever believes in me so i try this on my own

  18. I think I should be the main character because I think about my future as an actor and I'mIafrican American wiwitbrown hair I'm probably 4"3
    Or something and I love to make skits and I will love to be an actor and with the money I would support my family with food and put money into this store I'm working on and my number

  19. I confident that I could play a good role in this movie because I am very good at acting and very confident about I might not be 14 but I could pull it off and people would never know the difference I am light skinned but im african american and would love to have the lead role

  20. I confident that I could play a good role in this movie because I am very good at acting and very confident about I might not be 14 but I could pull it off and people would never know the difference I am light skinned but im african american and would love to have the lead girl role

  21. Well, I want to be a part of 'a wrinkle in time 'because I know that I'm talented and I believe that once I'm starred in the movie it will be a huge blockbuster.

  22. Dear Sir/Madame,

    My name is Imad Uddin, a 16 year old boy who enjoy watching cartoons and TV, having a dream on being part of A Wrinkle In Time would be an amazing experience, opportunity and a once of a life time as well. I am a enthusiastic person who is cheerful and eccentric. I think on having a British voice actor would be great and I think that my voice would be excellent as the show is aimed for kids. I want to do something that I enjoy, acting is the one and it would be wonderful for you to approach me to be cast for A Wrinkle In Time. It would be wonderful for me to be cast for A Wrinkle in Time because it would help me on my future on future TV shows and allow to be recognised by other directors and producers to be cast.

    I am from the United Kingdom, currently living in London.

    My Characteristics
    Eye Colour – Brown
    Hair Colour – Black
    Skin Colour – Light Brown
    Language Speaken – English
    Ethnic – British
    Age – 16 years old
    DOB – 26/12/1999
    Gender – Male

    Your faithfully,
    Imad Uddin

  23. Hello I am speaking on behalf on my 7 year old daughter. My daughter dream is to be a actress and as her mom I have to do what I can to help lead her to her destiny. She is a straight A student as well as having good manners. I will not do this if I felt as if she wasn't ready because I don't believe in setting my kids up to fail. Last I am currently in school and my funding is limited.

  24. I should be the main role because I'm mixed,have dark brown hair, and beautiful brown eyes!! I wear glasses and love to read just like Meg!!!! I have been in two plays and am obsessed with singing and acting!!! I read the novel,graphic novel,and watched the movie!! I loved all three!!! I am also 14 years old and 5"1!!! It would be a dream come true to play as Meg Murrey!!!!

  25. Hi I have always wanted to be on television even if I'm 14 in a half right now. I am white and I like being a clown and doing birthday party entertainment. My height is 5 foot 10.
    Please let me audition.

  26. My family need's a place to stay????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????.

  27. I always wanted to be a actor and now this is my chance and to earn money for my family so we can find a place to live I love the move 16 wishes and my puppy migos likes to watch Disney channel

  28. I would love to play the role of the main girl because I am 50percent Italian and 50 percent African American I have dark brown hair, medium brown skin, I love to read, and I'm always thinking about my future (especially as an actor). I have been acting in plays since I was five and I live in Troy ny. This is why I would love to take this role

  29. I fit the description of the 14 year old girl, mainly because I'm 14. I'm Tan though, I hope you don't mind that. Im a dark kind of tan though. I'm 4'11 feet tall. And I'm slim.

  30. I should be in arrow because I love acting and singing it's my passion and I wouldn't know what to do with out it! It's my dream to show everybody the talent that I have and gain lots of experience, I have been in plays and I was on the show "house hunters" it was a great experience and I loved it so much I just want too do more ? I am 15 years and my hight is 5;1

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