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Disney Commercial Looking for Families

Disney Commercial Looking for FamiliesHere is your chance to be in an upcoming commercial for Disney! Disney Springs Resort is looking for several groups of families to appear in the shoot. Miami Talent Casting is now accepting submissions from families nationwide from real families, co-workers and friends.  The commercial will be casting via skype between June 10th and June 14th. The commercial will be filming in Orlando from July 11th through July 15th so families must be available for all of those selected dates. The pay rate is $500.00 per person per day for the three day shoot. Those chosen to be in the commercial who are from out of town will have their flight and hotel covered.

They are looking for real families, no match ups. The ages are approximate. They are in need of a Real African American Family – (2-4) Kids ages 6-18 years, Parents 35-40 years, Grandparents a plus, A Real Caucasian Family – (2-4) Kids ages 6-18 years, Parents 35-40 years, Grandparents a plus, A Real Hispanic Family – (2-4) Kids ages 6-18 years, Parents 35-40 years, Grandparents are a MUST, a Real Asian/East Indian Family – (2) Kids ages 10-13 years, Parents 40-45 years, a Real LGBTQ Family – (1-2) Kids ages 5-9 years, Same-Sex Parents 35-40, a Real Group of Female Friends – (3-5) Friends, all ethnicities, ages 25-35 years, a Real Group of Co-Workers – (4-6) Co-Workers, Male or Female, all ethnicities, ages 30-50 years and a Real Group of Teen Friends – (3-5) Friends, Male or Female, all ethnicities, ages 18-20 years.

If you fit the requirements and want to submit your family, co-workers or friends, email miamitalentcasting@gmail.com with the names and ages of all family members and friends who are submitting, the phone number of the main contact person, your current location and your Skype information. Be sure to include all of the requested information. If the information is incomplete, you will not be considered so make sure your photos have names and all information listed on the email before submitting.

21 thoughts on “Disney Commercial Looking for Families

  1. Hey my name is Tra´Nyla, I am a African American young lady and I am 13. I think I would be a good person, because I can show kids how to embrace their self through anything. Because I embrace myself off by showing my skin. It was a challenge cause I have a skin disease called eczema and it is a non contagious disease. All in all I think that I would ba a great advocate.

  2. Me and my friends are 13 and 14 Years old there are five of us and we are a very tight group of friends we are all girls, and we do live in the area . Three of us are singers and the other two are amazing actors! We would love to have this opportunity

  3. Hi trust me you should pick my family we have been going to Disney since me and my twin sister turned 5. Me and my sister also love acting, dancing, singing, and playing instruments.

  4. Hello! My name is Gina Lee! I'm 11 and turning 12 on October! I LOVE ACTING SO MUCH! I would LOVE to be on a Disney channel! I hope you will see this letter and give me an opportunity! I would be so thankful! You won't even know! Thx for listening! ❤

  5. I am Suzanne. I am 13 going on 14 and I love to sing, act, dance, and song write. I would love if someone wanted to contact me.

  6. hello my name is trijonay gundy im the middle child of six children , i come from a African American family . Ages are 23,21,19,17,16 and 14 . my mother is 42 and we would love to be on the commerical

  7. Hi my name is jdaya i would love to ne on diseny channel i live all the show iam 10 i was hoping i could be on the channel please they so many i could do please

  8. I love tonsing a little it like ever day I play music and people be like I act different because all I do is sit in the room by my self and listening yo music and some time I just what that music life and some time I want to act acting and sing is my life that all I do I am 17 year old and I go to school this is my senior year so happy but my dream is becoming a a Singer and a song writer like some time I write my on songs

  9. Hi im imani im 14 , and i have an upcoming baby brother on the way , and three little sisters ages 7 , 9 , 11 and my dad and step mom are always arguing over the tv and I would love to be in a disney commercial Notify me on facebook @ Imani emmanuel jones

  10. Hi I'm Danielle Burke I'm 18 years old and I always wanted to be a Disney actress and I want to make some money by performing on the Disney channel since my family is poor. I'm related to a famous singer name Justin Harris his CDs is on amazon if you want to look it up. The name of the cd is called Justin Harris nacked when you look it up. If you can call my dad phone and talk to him about it please explaine it to him clearly my dad have a hard time understanding stuff. If you want proof I'm really related to Justin Harris have me and him do a Dna test it will show I'm related to him. Once you see my and Justin Harris Dna match you will probably consider me since I'm related to a celebrity. Their very few people related to celebrities and I'm lucky to be related to one. I know I have a better shot of being a Disney actress since I'm related to a famous singer name Justin Harris since you all only hire people who related to celebrities.

  11. my family should be part because we are happy and loving family that like to act especially me I always wanted to be an actor ever since I was 5 years old.When I was 5 I liked singing dancing and acting so I think we should at least have a chance to show up.

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