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Devious maids extras

Devious maidsABC studios is currently seeking male and female extras to be featured in upcoming episodes of season 4 of Devious Maids. The show is produced by ABC studios, however, currently airs on Lifetime network opposite Sunday hits such as Dance Mom’s and Little Women L.A. The show is broadcast on Sundays at 9PM and will making it’s Season 4 debut Summer 2016.

About the show:

Devious Maids was created by Marc Cherry, the man behind the hit show Desperate housewives. The series starts off following the lives of  maids Zoila, Marisol, Carmen, and Rosie played by actresses Judy Rayes, Ana Ortiz, Roselyn Sanchez, and Dania Ramirez. Together the 4 ladies work to solve the murder of fallen maid and friend Flora and learn the many secrets that surround their town. The show premiered with 2 million live viewers, and became an instant hit for the network.

Casting opportunities 

We are seeking 5 actors and actresses total to take part in a supermarket shopping scene. All of the actors applying should be between the ages of 27-45. Females should have long hair (Any color), be high fashion types, and be dark complected. Males we are looking for average to larger builds (Up to a size 38 jeans), and Caucasian and light complected individuals. We are seeking experienced actors only as the casting call requires line memorization and the ability to accurately execute different emotions.

Please only apply if you have 2+ years experience acting.

We are looking to interview actors this week and next, so please make sure you are available to meet with casting directors and producers during the daytime.

3 thoughts on “Devious maids extras

  1. As an actress I am committed to bringing a character to life to the best of my acting abilities, portraying the correspondent emotions that a scene requires. Crying is my specialty. I work hard at building my character with the right emotions and words. Ifit the description of the character, I have tan skin and mid back long black hair.

  2. I completely fit the description of the actress needed above for the scene. I have prior camera experience as I have been an actor/ model for the past 4 yrs in a different country. I have a good, strong resume and demo reel and I am very hard working and committed. Regards.

  3. I am a good actress and I have been working hard in my acting career..I dont have long hair.Got it cut but believe me honey it nothing Extensions. Cant fix..if I got a good hair dresser to put it in.

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