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Desperate Housewives - ABC
The new season of “Desperate Housewives” will now be in production on Season 8. The auditions will start on July, 2011 and will be on going. ABC is looking for both background extras and principal actors. The casting will take place in Los Angeles, CA. This is a single camera drama/comedy/mystery series and is filmed at Universal Studios.

No one knows if this will be the last season of “Desperate Housewives” so don’t be shy! All of the regular actors have signed a 1 year deal for this season 8 and they have an option season 9. The show’s creator and executive producer signed a two-year extension contract with ABC that could potentially keep “Desperate Housewives” on the air until 2013. However no official announcement has been made by ABC. The LA casting for principle roles is run by Junie Lowry-Johnson Casting and Extras Casting is Elana Staehli.

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  1. Hi my name is Anna Rozansky and I would be honored to take part in this show. Singing and acting is what I love to do most and Its something I'm actually good at! Sports aren't really my thing!:) I'm 13 and I really just want to experience doing new and amazing things with my life. This seems like a great opportunity so please consider me. I have medium length straight brown hair. I also have medium brown eyes and light freckles around my face. I am caucasion and I have an olive colored skin. I'm 5ft and 2in and I weigh 105 pounds. Thank you so much! What a great opportunity:)

  2. Name: Brittany Marchetti
    Age: 17
    Brown hair /Hazel eyes
    Ethnicity : White
    From: Orlando, Florida.

    Greetings, I am writing in upon request for a cordial audition for desperate housewives . I believe I will be a stupendous fit for any role on this show because I have an unremarkable personality & have the capability to do many things . I have acting experience. I think I am a good fit for this television show because I am very sincere of about what I admire the most, acting .
    Best reguards to whom it concerns .

  3. To whom it may concern:
    Gender: Female
    Race: African American
    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: 135 pounds
    Hair color: Dark Brown
    Eye color: Brown
    Acting Experience: I have done a couple of plays and shows at my former high school. Nothing Professional.

    Hi, I am interested in a role in the upcoming show, Desperate housewives. I posses a wonderful personality, and I am open to broaden my knowledge, ability and skills as I play any role. I am also flexible and willing to try new things. Please contact me if you have any further arrangements or questions.

  4. My name's Claudia, I'm 19 years old and I live in Rome! Yes, I'm italian but i speak very well the english! Height: 5'9". Hair: dark brunette Eyes: light brown I love fashion, cinema and United States of America! I'm a good dancer and I love to act so much! Please contact me! It's really important for me…. Thank you 🙂 ps. I'm a beautiful girl

  5. Hi my name is Priscilla Im from Costa Rica but I can travel for this audition I have experience I act since I was a kid and I would love to be part of this thank you.
    weight: 116 pounds
    eye: dark brown
    Ethnicity: latin

  6. Age: 13 (14 in june)
    Height: 5'4"
    Hair: light brown-Blond
    Color: Blue
    Skin color: white
    gender:female Ethnicity: Caucasian(canadian)
    city: victoria
    hey my name is rylee i have been acting for as long as pre k i take orders well and emeber my lines right away i'm always the lead in the plays and musical's i love actings it's my life and if you chose me i would be the bes actress you ever chose please consider me

  7. Gender : Male
    DOB : 07-26-92
    Age : 19
    Height : 5'8
    Weight : 151 lbs
    Eyes : Brown
    Hair : Black, Curly (Mohawk)
    Ethnicity : Haitian/Dominican
    Skin : Dark Skinned
    Looks : Athletic , Dimples, Butt Chin, Pretty Smile

    Hobbies : 2011 Outdoor National Champion, (Track & Field) 4x400m

    Attributes : Physically fit, Determined, Exciting
    Receiving the opportunity would mean so much to me

  8. Hi i'm Catherine 16 years old i'm from Quebec and i would like to know when are the auditions and how to get one thank you ! for more informations e-mail me !

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