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Denzel Washington’s Fences Kids & Teens

Denzel Washington’s Fences Kids & TeensDenzel Washington is not only starring in the upcoming film “Fences”, but he is also directing it! Washington is teaming back up with actress Viola Davis who starred with the actor in the Broadway play of the same name. Both Washington and Davis won the Best Actor/ Actress Tony Awards for their performances.

Fences follows Troy Maxson who was once a gifted athlete but was denied his shot at the big time. Now, he struggles through daily life in Pittsburgh. Resentful of a world he believes has denied him chances at every turn, he takes out his anger on his loyal wife and sports-obsessed son. Set between the Korean and Vietnam wars, Fences is a powerful account of a family trying to hold itself together and of what happens when a strong man is robbed of his dreams. It’s a universal story that will touch a chord in every heart.

Casting directors are looking for 2 to 3 youth and little league teams. Mixed ethnicities are welcome. They are also looking for a High School March band. The band members should be of mixed ethnicities as well. The shoot will be on June 14th, so baseball players and marching band members must have complete availability. (Or most members available). The movie is filming in Pittsburgh so applicants must be local to be considered.  If you or your child fits the role, please email fencesextras@gmail.com with either Marching Band, Youth Baseball, or Little League Baseball. Send a photo, Tell us about your team and the casting team will give you more information!

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  1. My son should be apart of this movie because he is very handsome and intelligent.He loves sports and have a passion for acting.He is an honor roll student and the coolest thing is he can make himself cry on cue.

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