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Creed (Sequel to Rocky) – Movie

Creed - Movie Auditions
Creed – Movie Auditions

For almost 40 years film fans around the world have watched Sylvester Stallone’s iconic boxing character Rocky Balboa overcome the odds in bout after bout and now another exciting installment of this all-time classic franchise is about to begin production. Creed is set to take this epic sports series to exciting new places and the producers and casting directors of this fantastic project are on the lookout for several up and coming performers to be a part of the magic. Auditions are being held now for Creed.

Creed will follow a now retired Rocky who is serving as mentor and trainer to Adonis Creed, the grandson of his best friend Apollo featured in Rocky’s I-IV, as he begins his own journey towards his goal of being a World Champion Boxer. This gripping tale will feature Stallone (The Expendables 3, Zookeeper, Cobra) in a reprisal of his star-making role alongside an impressive supporting cast that includes Michael B. Jordan

(Parenthood, Friday Night Lights, Chronicle), Tessa Thompson (Veronica Mars, Selma, When a Stranger Calls), Will Blagrove (Divergent, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, How Do You Know), Juan-Pablo Veza (The Originals, Won’t Back Down, Evan Almighty) and Emmy nominee Phylicia Rashad (Do No Harm, Psych, Steel Magnolias). This crowd-pleasing production will be written and directed by Ryan Coogler who impressed fans and critics alike with his last feature offering, the award winning, based on a true story drama Fruitvale Station which featured a universally praised performance by Mr. Jordan.

Auditions for the boxing epic Creed are happening now and up and coming performers of all ages are needed to fill a number of roles of all sizes. Interested actors of all types can apply for considerations for available parts by sending inquiries here creedcasting@gmail.com. More details on casting calls will be posted as they come in so stay tuned for more information and leave a message below and tell us what you think of this movie and why you would like to be chosen to participate in auditions for Creed starring Sylvester Stallone and Michael B. Jordan.

8 thoughts on “Creed (Sequel to Rocky) – Movie

  1. I should be part of the Creed (Sequel to Rocky) – Movie Audition in 2015 even if I have to jab, jab, punch my way in.

  2. I would like to be apart of the film, Creed. I am an aspiring young actress looking to gain more experience in acting as either an extra or supporting role.

    The film has a compelling story and has amazing talent involved. This will be a great opportunity for me if chosen.

  3. If you don't take chances in life how will you ever know the outcome? It can be good or bad. If its bad hopefully you learned from it, if its good, then you can continue. I am a raw talent period. Try me!

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