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Casting Budget Fashionistas For New Reality Show

Fashionistas For New Reality ShowA new reality show is now casting male and female fashionistas who pull off their look on a bargain!

Are you considered a bargain Betty – but look like a million bucks? Do you know how to make ordinary clothing look like you are wearing designer items or do you know how to find the best deals for the latest and the greatest trends??

If this sounds like you or someone you know- casting directors want to hear from you!!

Get the opportunity to showcase your style and let the world get to know who you are by applying for the new reality show.  Casting directors want to know what makes you or your nominee (male or female) stand out from the rest!

To be considered, email your name a photo in your best outfit, and your contact info to ithd2bu2@gmail.com



7 thoughts on “Casting Budget Fashionistas For New Reality Show

  1. When I was in a club a woman came over to me and complimented me on my dress & wanted to buy it off my back & offered me a $100 dollars for my dress. The dress cost $30.00. It wasn't the dress … it was the body the dress was on.

  2. I'm a up and coming stylist who can make Walmart look like Gucci. I have a natural talent for taking bargain clothes and making it look awesome.

  3. Hello I'm D Bella V from Memphis Tn. Thrifting is in my blood! Im the King of what I like to call "Scrap Couture"! Licensed Hair stylist,Model Coach and Make up Artist. Take a chance on this Southern Guy with An Eye that WON'T lie!!! Look forward to hearing from you!

  4. Having passion for Fashion with so much creativity!! My design sences are heightened with every clearance rack or going out of business sale sign or Goodwill, salvation army sign I see ! I have ben a Bartender for twenty years now so dressing to look like I am model for UNITED COLORS OF BENETON OR any fashion magazine is only the objective outcome after I have poured through magazines studying their outfits that I adored and went out there in the thrift shop world like a true scavenger on the hunt for my Frugal find I am your Diva on a dime! YOUR BUDGET FASHIONISTA AWAITS

    1. hello my name is Kia and I feel I am a fashionista because I bargain shop and look good with whatever I buy, I got the struts, the looks and the walk and will and can prove it. Thanks

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