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Bubble Guppies – Nickelodeon

Bubble Guppies
Bubble Guppies

Have you ever watched an animated show on TV and thought, “that looks like fun, I could do that”?  Well this may just be your chance. Nickelodeon is looking for real kid performers to provide character voices for it’s all new 3rd season. Casting submissions are being accepted now for this fantastic animated hit.

Bubble Guppies is a fun and endearing animated program aimed at a preschool audience and their parents that airs on Nick Jr. The show is full of comedy and musical bits that aim to both entertain and educate children. The Bubble Guppies are a group of mermaid like creature who live in the underwater town of Bubbletucky, Texas. The main group of friends – Molly, Deema, Gil, Oona, Nonny, and Goby spend their days exploring the world around them with the help of their preschool teacher Mr. Grouper. This all new season will find the group having even more delightful interactive adventures full of activities, music and humor. Casting is underway for 2 boy and 2 two girl vocal performers for the roles of Gil, Goby, Molly and Deema. This is your chance to use your acting and singing talents to make a big career step. Audition submissions are being accepted immediately. You can send headshots and resumes here Nickelodeon Casting, 1515 Broadway, Room 38-51, NYC 10036, Attn: Leslie Zaslower/Bubble Guppies Casting  and stay tuned for all of the Bubble Guppies updates.

Many of Hollywood’s most successful stars work as voice actors in television and film productions, but very few got an opportunity as a young , up and coming performner. You could become a cast member of one the biggest animated hits on television and the voice to an entire generation of children. Submit yourself today to become the next star of Nick’s Bubble Guppies.

305 thoughts on “Bubble Guppies – Nickelodeon

  1. Hi am 11 years old I would be great to the role goby my voice sounds like a little kid and I would like to try the experience of voice acting so it would be nice too try it

  2. my name is Trista Mussetter i am from California
    i sing on my church choir
    i have been in two musicals
    i have no stage fright.
    i am very confident and i think that i can play the part
    i would be willing to do any part at all
    please E-mail me if you need a picture or anything else

  3. hello my name is darrell i am 24 with a variety of voices i know i would be perfect for the show i have my own professional recording studio i can start immediatley

  4. My name is Kayla Brown, I'm 16 years old and live in Lancaster, California. I'm very creative, which made me lean into writing books. Though that's not what I want to do my whole life. I never thought I had the voice to "become big". I always wanted to be on T.V and hear myself on a cartoon. I am not wishing for this job to be "famous". I am wishing for this job because this is a once in a life time opportunity.
    When I was younger, and. Found out I was adopted I felt like giving up on everything. Which I did. I use to model in the mall. I use to do cheer competitions. But when I lost in everything I did. I felt like I was nothing. Reading, writing is amazing to me. I can express myself in multiple ways. I use to "play school" with my little brother and have little animals out and do a voice over of them to teach him. This field. Is the only thing I grew to not give up on. I have been looking forward for an opportunity like this for a very long time. I told my little brother who loves the show "I'm going to give it a shot."
    When we use to clean up I use to sing the song "clean up everybody clean up clean up." From the show, it bring us together. Having this opportunity will change my life for the better, and if I can have a chance to actually have something in my life as big as this.. I wouldn't take advantage of it. I am very determined to have my dream come true, and I hope this voice-over opportunity is a start.
    Thank you for your time.

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