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Big Time Rush Auditions
Big Time Rush

Nickelodeons hugely popular hit sitcom Big Time Rush is returning soon with its highly anticipated new season and they are looking for talented people just like you. Auditions will be coming soon for the continuing comedy and musical adventures of the worldwide sensation Big Time Rush and you can be a part of the fun. Submissions for a number of a number of fantastic new roles are being accepted now so don’t delay, this is your chance to make your big break on one of the most popular shows on television today.

Big Time Rush stars Kendall Schmidt, James Maslow, Logan Henderson and Carlos Pena Jr. as fun loving hockey playing friends from Minnesota who are recruited to Hollywood to become the next big boy band. Between their adaption to a new environment, rising fame, and overbearing manager there is never a dull moment on this hilarious show. Millions of adoring fans tune in each week to see what the BTR boys will get themselves into and what kind of amazing musical performance they will display. This show has been described as a mixture of Entourage and The Monkees and never fails to deliver loads of entertainment each and every episode.Big things are on the horizon this season for the Big Time Rush gang and fans around the globe will be watching! Open casting calls for roles of all sizes on this awesome show will be coming soon and you can submit via email here backgroundservices@centralcasting.com. Leave a comment below and tell us why you are interested in being cast on the show and stay tuned for all of the juicy new audition details as they become available.

Big Time Rush is a big time hit show. This is your chance to show your talents to a worldwide audience in the all new season of Nickelodeons biggest hit program Big Time Rush.

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  1. Hello my name is shanikwa Goodwin and music is my passion and I love music with my heart and soul and thanks to big time rush I kept going on with my dream and their my hero's and it would be a dream come true to be a singer and meet my hero's and I'm 14 years old and I live in ahmerst

  2. Hi I'm Madison and I'm 17 years old. I love big time rush and I hope I can see them in person again in 2017 September the 20th!

  3. Hi I'm DeMondre I'm 16 and I have followed BTR since day one the always make me laugh about the crazy things they get into I love love to act although I don't have much experience I am I fast learner and I would love to be apart of the action that you will make with the returning of this wonderful show I hope I can be apart over it

  4. Hi my name is nakyia and i live in chicago illinois and im 13.I think you should consider me because i love acting and singing because im good at it and theres no one like me also i love big time rush i always use to watched the show like every single day and besides it will be great working with your favorite teens celebrity tv stars and im loyal, smart, passionate and trustworthy to so i hope you all really consider me for the part thats why i think you guys should consider me band also because i love acting and singing because im very good at it so thats why i think you should consider me for the part.thank you very much and i think if you all pick i promise i want let yall down.bye and thanks

  5. Hi I'm Mackenzie but I mostly go by Kenzie. I'm 14 will be 15 in April. I can sing and act. I love the show and the boys. I feel with being 5'2 to 5'3 and have red hair I have a great look for a role in the show.

    Thanks for rearing

    ~Mackenzie Campbell~

  6. I'm Madison I'm 15 I've always loved nickelodeon and disney channel and have always wanted to star on one I want to show people I'm not a shy little girl anymore and I think and hope you do too that this would show people that there's more to me then my old quiet self xx

  7. Hi my name is Britney I have been dancing since I was 4. When I dance it builds up this cheerful happiness inside me, it always makes me feel better when I’m upset, it’s also a really pleasing thing to do and I never want to let go of it!! I also had a bit of singing lessons when I was little but my singing teacher left so I haven’t gone back ever since, want to start again but I just can’t find a teacher just like her. In year 6 I auditioned for role in our end of year show, I was given a main role and I had to sing and dance as well. It’s been my dream to be in a nick series just like big time rush, I love the show and when I sit down and watch it takes to a beautiful place, it also takes on a journey in the show. It’s also been a dream of mine to meet all the amazing and talent young actors and to make my mark as a dancer, actor and singer!! I hope I can land a role in this series because I would loved to make my first mark on a nick series (big time rush), it would also be anon er to work with all the cast and crew of the show!
    Thank you

  8. My name is David and I have 9 years old.I am from Romania a big country from Europe.I know that I am not from America but I know very good english.I know how to sing and I learn a Big Time Rush song in a half a day.I do some lessons of acting at kindergarden. My dream is to be like Big Time Rush is now.Nikeloden you can make my dream true and choose me for the audition.

  9. Hi, my name is Keion Rogers and I am a 12 year old boy. I have been watching Big Time Rush since the show started. To me Big Time Rush everyone to follow your dreams. I like to sing and act. I have been in many plays for my school. I would love to be apart of Big Time Rush.

  10. My name is Allie La Barbera (12). I have always loved shows like Big Time Rush and Victorious on Nickelodeon! Ever since I can remember I have dreamed of being on one! I do plays in my school and will start doing some at local theaters. My biggest dream is to become a singer and an actress! Those are my two biggest passions in life and it would be an honor to make those dreams become a reality. This is a huge oppertunity and I know I have to take it and follow my dreams!

  11. I'm a huge ultimate fan of BTR because I'm 22 years old & love listening to your songs & watching you guy's on teennick. I have a celebrity crush it is James Diamond maslow because he is the cutest person ever

  12. Big Time awesomeness is Melissa's whole life is to be on there shows like their agents and manager hope it's ok with them I can finally get my chance to be on Nickelodeon TV star's. I'm 22 and I'm insine with with you of your singing and dancing hottest increadable four cutest boys

  13. Name: Kristalynne R.
    age: 17
    height : 5"0
    weight: 97
    Hair: Brown
    eyes: brown
    ethnicity: Hispanic
    Hello, I would LOVE to be on Big Time Rush because they are just four really awesome guys that I would enjoy working with. Big Time Rush is my favorite TV show, and my favorite Boy Band. I've wanted to act since I was little, but have always had a dream to act on Nickelodeon. I am funny, and won't complain about the work. To me acting isn't a job, it's my passion. I can also sing and dance. I've been singing since I was 6 years old, and I've been dancing since I was 13. I am a fast learner, if you show me I can pick it up fast. I've never acted professionally but would love the opportunity to show you my talent, as well as everything I can be. I hope you guys get back to me when ever you can. Thank You.

  14. Hello, my name is Heart and to be completely honest I've only ever had the time to watch one episode of this, and it was pretty entertaining.

    I'm 18 years old, and am currently in a vo-tech for becoming a Video Producer.

    I'm 5'0, and without make up look like I'm 12 sometimes.

    I weigh 126 pounds, but am working it off with the P90X work out.

    I have brown hair and dark brown eyes.

    I've been told that my celebrity look-a-likes are Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez.

    I don't have any professional experience,but I can cry on cue and pull off any emotion necessary.

    I'm very committed to my work and will be grateful if you gave me the opportunity to show it.

  15. hello am 13 years old and I love the artistic industry, I like to sing, dance and act especially, I hope to participate and I take into account in this wonderful project

  16. Hi I am Talyna i am 12 I am a dancer singer And actress I would love to Start my acting On Nickelodeon cuz it's my Favourite Channel and has my favourite shows on it and my most favourite show is BIG TIME RUSH and I would love to be on it and make a life on it .And if u picked me I would be stocked thx

  17. Hi I am Talyna I am 12 I really love btr and I really love acting and I would loved to be on btr it would the biggest thing in my life . Thank you

  18. Hey my name is lily Hoffman I'm 17 years old and I would love to be on a nickelodeon series. I have a lot of experience 🙂 I started when I was 14 by taking multiple acting and modeling classes. Ever since then I've had the chance to sign with 3 agents and it's great. I've been an extra in the movie Zcon and played as a zombie victim. I have also been a model/actress in a music video for the song your time to shine by Susie Shannon, along with many public appearances for auditions, fashion shows, and photo shoots. I also really enjoy singing and dancing! This is my biggest dream and I would love to work on this show with your casting crew!

  19. Hi, I’m Sander Verhoeven. I am 14 years old, born on 13 March 1999. I’m blonde, 1 meter 60 and weighing 40 kg. I love acting and everyone says I’m good at it, I can also articulate well and I can also sing a bit. I always do my best at school. I hope I get a role in Big Time Rush. And I do this not only for myself but for the fans and the viewers and I will always be 100% committed.

  20. hi my name is Bryce. I love to act. I make people laugh. you guys are so cool. I'm easy to work with. I'm 13. please write back. thank you for reading. hope I get on.

  21. Hi my name is Kaitlyn, and i'm 16. Acting has always been a passion of mine. Ever since i was a little girl i have always wanted to be an actress. Giving me an opertunity auditiom for a show would be a dream come true and even more so if i were to get the job. And if i don't then it was a good experience to someone who can use the feedback to become better and expert myself before trying again.

  22. age:14
    hair: brown with red tips
    height: 5`4
    ethnicity: Hispanic
    build: athletic
    im Brooklynn and my long term goal is to be and actress I will love to audition for any opening shows but I would love to be on big time rush !!!!!!! (:

  23. Age : 15
    Weight : 109lbs
    Heights : 5'2
    African American
    Body type : petite
    Hair : dark brown
    Hi my name is Taelor Nelson. I am 15 and soon will be 16 in September and it would be the best
    Gift to be apart of your program. I have been acting in theatre for years and I am ready to get some exposure to real acting on camera. I am very dedicated to anything I get into . Specially If it is a passion of mine such as acting. I hope to get a part in your production, it can be a small part such as just walking in a scene or it can be a talking part whichever , I would play to the best of my abilities I am not shy and I'm very out going and I hope i get the opportunity to be a part of this!!!

  24. I love acting I'm 11 I have long brown hair and my goal in life is to be a famous actor and singer. I am Caucasian or white. I'm 4 feet 11inches.

  25. My name is Erika Rouer and my life goal is to be a famous actor. I'm 11 years old and have brown hair and brown eyes. I'm 4 feet 11 inches and it would be an honor to be on such an amazing show.

  26. hey im 15 and looking for some cting additons i have blond hair brown eyes i am 5'10 and im cousian(white)

  27. My name is Jonathan, am 16 years old.I would be extremely interested in the opportunity to audition for any of your upcoming projects. I am fun, out going, and I take acting seriously.Hope to here from u guys.
    Name: Jonathan Mendoza
    age: 16
    height : 5"10
    weight: 150
    Hair: brown
    eyes: light brown
    build: slim muscle
    ethnicity: Hispanic

  28. Name: Deja Danielle Wright
    Age: 12
    Hair: (between short and long)
    Hair color: dark brown

    Hi, I am an great actor I pretend that I am the characters in the book and i take work serious. Thank you! 🙂 😀 😉

  29. Name: Addyson Dione Simmons
    Age: 14
    Hair:Dirty blonde (subject to change)
    Eye color: chocolate brown

    I would like to be considered because i love to act out books i read. I have no experience, but very eager to learn. I believe I'm very bubbly and am very nice. I can't name one person that i dislike. I also love to sing and dance a little. I could say so much more but i don't know what else to say. i would love to have a chance.

  30. Hello there my name is Emily Box. I am 14 years old and can pass as a 15 or 16 year old girl. Im 5'5 and weigh around 120 or 123. I have long dirty blonde hair and very green eyes and no braces which means a beautiful smile and my ethnicity is white. I have a heart for theater and dance. I'm on the High School Dance Team. It is an incredible dance team that are well known around the area. I am very good at theater and was in almost every play at my school from 6-8 grade. My friends and theater teacher think I should've tried out for a very large theater arts school in my state but I decided to stick to dance and grow a little more stronger as I do theater in high school (I had to audition for it and I made it!). I was in my middle school one act play "Home on the Morning Train". Its a play with 2 stories going on at once. one about slaves escaping to freedom and the other about Jews hiding from the Nazis. I was a Jew which means I can use that type of accent:) I made myself cry which made the audience cry, which is what they told me after I performed. We one first place for district!
    I'm in a theater class at my high school as well.Dance is one of my strongest talents! Honestly, I am a very good dancer and can do lots of different styles especially hip hop and I have great technique too. Auditioning for this would be a wonderful experience to get my name out there to start my future. If I dont make the part(s) its understandable that I wasnt meant to be in it. Id love to be in this show as any part whether I speak or not. Thank You for reading, and I hope that the auditions go well 🙂 God Bless, Emily <3

  31. hey i am linda rueschenschmidt 14.
    i wanna be an actress cause its my hugest dream!
    okay now something more about me
    my hobbies are acting,singing and riding 🙂
    i think i'll be an good actress cause i dont play a role,i just feel it.
    i can be very funny,but very serious too!!!
    i hope you like my little story about me!!!

    when you are intrested in me
    mail me!!!!

  32. I'm Johnny and im looking for a audition for a great show. I am trying to find something to do for the summer an hopefully continue.
    I may not be the best actor, singer, or dancer ,but I will not waste your time.


  33. Name: Amber Nicole
    Age: 14
    Hair: brown , medium length
    Eyes: Blue
    Height: 4'9 – 5'0
    Skin: Light

  34. Name : Arber Istrefi ( Male)
    Age : 14
    Hair : Short
    Haircolor : Brown
    Eyes : Brown

    Hi I' m from Albania but I live in Germany I think I'm good for this because I was 4 years in a theatre group in my school I can travel anywhere to make my dreams true

    Thanks for reading

    Arber Istrefi

  35. im emma im 10 years old i know my mum said im to young to be a proper actress but im going to try i love acting iv never for a moment wanted to be anything else but and actrees an if you whant to hire me please

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