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BET Movie Of The Week “The Yard” Needs Extras

BET Movie Of The Week The Yard Needs ExtrasBET is filming their new Movie OF The Week, “The Yard”. The movie will be filming in Atlanta, Georgia and casting directors are looking for extras to appear in the film. “The Yard” will feature an ensemble cast that will tell a story about the ups and downs of an HBCU college. The film will show the effects it has on the students, the staff and the community involved. The movie will begin filming in April 2016.

CAB Castings LLC is looking for men and women of all ages who are over the age of 18 to portray students, faculty members and staff, sorority and fraternity steppers and many more! They are looking for all types of extras for various scenes as well as the roles listed above. All extras will be paid. The pay rate for extras on this film is $64.00/8 hours. After 8 hours the pay will be time and a half. All extras will receive a check in the mail after filming. The call times for the shoot days will not be determined until it gets closer to the actual work day. Workdays will last from 10-12 hours depending on the scenes in which you are cast for. If you are asked to work and you accept, you are expected to have open availability for a full 12 hour day so make sure you are fully available

If you would like to be considered, email theyardextras@gmail.com and in the subject line of the email put yard extras. In the email include your photos, name, phone number, age, height, sizes including your shirt, pants, jacket etc. Let them know if you have any visible tattoos and if so where they are located. Include your availability (they film Wednesdays through Sundays). Also the casting team know whether or not you have stand in experience. The paid extra roles will be chosen off of photos by the casting directors and producer so be sure to keep that in mind when you submit. Make sure you send in photos that are appropriate and that are quality and clear.

6 thoughts on “BET Movie Of The Week “The Yard” Needs Extras

  1. I should be apart of the yard great personality. Also attended a hbcu Lane college and also apart of a black fraternity phi beta sigma fraternity inc like laughing and speaking.

  2. Hi, my name is Precious Thompson and I am an upcoming senior. I've been acting over six years professionally and I would love to be apart of this production. I was once in a musical, plays, and audition for Disney Channel as well. I'm also a singer, song writer, and I play instruments. I look forward to this opportunity! Thank you.

  3. Hello im Marleen I think I should be blessed and chosen for the movie the yard because I've been a student and still a student and everyday I still feel like we are learning life education and much more you guys would love me I know I can get into any character you guys want me to get into im outgoing but at the same time know when to get serious . you wouldn't be disappointed chosen me. please contact and thank you. god bless

  4. I would like to beincluded in the movie the yard. I love be around people n listening to there heart n soul

  5. Good Morning , How are you ?. I am Lorenzo Williams , current Section Leader Of Trombones for the Marching Tornadoes of Talladega College. I feel as if I should be blessed with this gracious opportunity to be an extra on this show because, I know the tolls of band and its effects on students outside of it . I have a well amounted years of experience (3) , and I am currently getting my b.a in Music Education, so musicianship is a must . Please Contact Asap. Thank You . !

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