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Auditions for Tyler Perry’s If Loving You Is Wrong – OWN

Tyler Perry's If Loving You Is Wrong - OWN
Tyler Perry’s If Loving You Is Wrong – OWN

The partnership of Tyler Perry and Oprah Winfrey has proven to be a fabulously successful one not only for the OWN Network but for television fans everywhere. One of the biggest successes is the drama sensation If Loving You Is Wrong which has quickly shot to the top of the ratings chart for the beloved network. Auditions for roles in upcoming episodes of this scintillating soap are happening now and several up and coming actors could have a shot at landing a spot in this latest Tyler Perry project.

Tyler Perry’s If Loving You Is Wrong tells the delicious stories of a group of husbands and wives, friendships and relationships of a group of men and women who live on the same street. The rollercoaster lives of the residents of Castillo Lane are ripe with tension, joy, passion and love and have put millions of viewers under their spell. Famous for his richly drawn characters and large ensemble groups, Perry has once again assembled an gifted and entertaining collection of perforformers for ILTIW with April Parker-Jones (How to Get Away with Murder), Zulay Henao (Love Thy Neighbor), Edwina Findley Dickerson (Insidious: Chapter 2), Amanda Clayton (John Carter), Joel Rush (Big Time Rush), Charles Malik Whitfield (Supernatural), Aiden Turner (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.), Heather Hemmens (The Vampire Diaries), Eltony Williams (Brooklyn Nine-Nine) and Tiffany Haddish (Real Husbands of Hollywood) just some of the many talented Perry players in this monster hit.

The producers and casting directors are searching for fresh faces for all new episodes of If Loving You Is Wrong and auditions have begun for several open parts. Performers of all types, ages and experience levels will be needed throughout the season and interested actors can submit themselves via email today here wronglove3mhc@gmail.com. Make sure to stay tuned to this post as we will be updating it with more news and casting call information during the season and leave a message below and tell us what you think of this outstanding production and why you would like to be considered for future auditions for Tyler Perry’s If Loving You Is Wrong on Oprah’s OWN Network.

35 thoughts on “Auditions for Tyler Perry’s If Loving You Is Wrong – OWN

  1. Hi my name is Sivatho Ncaphayi and I am from South Africa. I am currently 15 years old and I see myself part of your next cast for Henry Danger. I have done Dramatic Arts since I was in grade one and am confident that it will be a lifelong career. Even though I may live in South Africa I will find means to go to America and be part of the next cast. I have a passion for this art and I hope like my personality, I catch your attention.

  2. Goood Morning,good afternoon & good evening to You Mr.Perry. Whenever you get this. I'm 20 years old full of something besides this small town of Senatobia,MS. I am a big fan of your plays,writings,& movies. I may not have seen EVERY last one but the handful that I have gotten to see have touched my family and spiritually from laughs to tears. I do feel that this would not only be a great opportunity for me but also a life lesson in a way. I don't know why but something told me to try to sign up. Thanks in advance & you have a good one.

  3. Hello , Mr. Tyler I would love to have a chance to be in any production that you produce whether if it's on your well written tv shows or your funny plays that I think you pick great people to play their roles. I can bring any character to live I even have two characters that I play one is an old woman,and the other one is a hot bald man who thinks he can get anyone .And I can also do different accents I'm praying for a break and I really look up to you ,I want give up.Thank you for your time

  4. Hey my name is Dechristopher Toler and Im 18 years old and I think I could help you guys out with any thing you need help with. I am very interested in working with you guys.

  5. I am a 60 year old female ready and willing to work. I have been in short film but ready to go much further. Please contact me at my email address. I am so excited about working with you. Right now I'm only working two days a week. I need a chance at something bigger.

  6. I'm perfect for this part because this is my actual life I'm currently married thinking about divorce and while I try to decide I'm involved with a woman who I've come to love but now that my wife has changed her ways my love for her is coming back now I'm stuck between the two. I can relate to living someone and it being wrong

  7. Hi I am 21 years old I'm looking to become part of the industry I love this TV show I act it out every time I watch the show my boyfriend love to see me act like marecy I love her I would love to get a chance to play a row in pat of this amazing reality show

  8. Hello Mr. Perry,

    I'm 45 and acting is on my prayer list. I love that you are a man of God and would love a chance to be in one of your broadcast. I'm not looking for a career in acting but If God say so it will be in Jesus name AMEN.

  9. Name: Marshayla Greenard
    Age: 21 years old
    Hair: brown
    Eye color: hazel brown
    weigh: 135 lbs
    Height: 5'3''
    I've been a fan of ALL of Tyler Perry's work literally. From his plays to his movies, I can sit and recite it from word to word. I've always imagined myself acting or even being a part of ANYTHING that Tyler Perry does. Ive always been told that I could go somewhere an act. It would be a dream come true to work with a fantastic man like him, his work is so amazing, he's so talented. I might get looked over because I have no experience in acting, but it's worth the try. If I could just get 1 chance, I can show you that I'm all you need. I'm beautiful, talented, can make anyone feel comfortable around me, i have a million dollar smile and face, great with kids, quick learner, easy to get alone with, hard worker, anything that is thrown at me I'm guaranteed to work hard and show you that this is what I want. All I need is a chance.

  10. I love this show. Better yet I love all your television shows and movies. I think I will be a good fit for your shows is because I'm a hard worker and the things I been through can place my mind in any set and execute it.

  11. Hello! I'm Ken! I'm a black male…5'7, 179 pounds. I love portraying different characters. I've done school plays from elementary all the way through 12th grade. I'm pretty good at acting, and whatever I lack, it can easily be instilled into me. I learn quickly. I remember lines easily. And I just always dreamed of performing for a television or movie production. I can play the role of someone from maybe ages 19 through 29 or 30!

  12. Hey my name is Lakeisha,I am 24, I know I would be a good part for this show, out of all the Tyler Perry shows and movies they always relate to God and I love singing Gospel, God has blessed me with a talent a beautiful voice and its bout time I use my gift, I know I would make you proud all I need is a chance to show my talent,I am so tired of suffering and struggling when I have a gift that could make me so much better!

  13. My name is Sabrina,I'm a strong, black, spiritual,phenomenal,educated,lovely 25 years old woman with no kids that's willing to travel and relocate. There are several reasons why I should be apart of the audition. The first reason is because I have confidence, I'm conceited,comfortable in my own skin.Another reason is because,I'm determine and always eager to learn.Last but not least motivation,I never give up no matter what obstacles come my way.Tyler Perry you won't regret giving me a role,I'm cute in the face ,thick in the waist,fun to be around,easy to get along with,and accept constructive criticism very well.

  14. Hello my name is Kishawn jaynell Penn and I know that I will be a great women in this journey to be in this stage play. Why ?because I am going though some similar situation and I am going to do it like if it my life and I am in my point of life that I know this is definitely a career and you will have to give to me I am so that Goodly amount person who can show you I have everything is there to be able to do in this life learning message and stage play with me you that I am going to be in this so real live that your staff will have to grab me I didn't want to put this in but I think it's very much right to let y'all know that I can sing and I am very multi talented .people don't like me to sign up for these things that I know that I am so very happy to do I'm twenty six years old and I am so in my life own black and white direy in my life right now I been trying to be able to do so many things that I just get told him not sure you and I keep going on I know I have a lot of talent for y'all can see who I am so I am so that person who is the new cast of this is loving you is wrong if loving you is wrong I don't know if it's wrong I am current and standing ovation I will be so thankful for you and everyone to be able to let me in this message and the journey with me will not be boarding pass the torch to me I know that I am already on TV and I'm already there I believe in Jesus Christ and that God has been in my life the whole time for me all the way and now I know that this is my life call from the centaury I am the new cast y'all are looking forward to meeting with me I'm the one.

  15. Hi, my name is Gregory Leach I am 26 years pf age. I feel as if I would be a good fit for the cast because I am a fresh face with an extensive and vast amount of talent and value to add to the cast…..Im a US Army veteran, But I Currently Battle Rap in Memphis Tennessee I also produce and write my on music. I feel I have an natural knack for entertainment. I feel acting would also be an great avenue to start and focus on.
    Here is one of most popular battles in Iron Mouth Battle league. I look forward to working with you all Thank You and God Bless

  16. I am an entertainer: a mature actress, singer, dancer, model, voice-over, etc. I was an Extra on Hustle & Flow. I come from a family of entertainer such as actress and singer. I have been entertaining since I was 5 years of age.

  17. hi my name is Carolyn and I have been watching the shows and stage plays since the first one came out I said that to say that I can truly see myself on stage or on film but I would rather start off on stage first to get the experience so that I can better myself as a actor on stage before possibly going on film one day.. I pray for the opportunity to show just how much of a character I can be as well as show how well I sing. Thank you and be blessed!!

  18. My name is Keith L Coleman am with Chameleon model and talent agency! I've done runway and photo shoots. I'm so ready to make this show even more of a hit, I think ill do great and ready to show what I feel and everybody else says am destined for. Give me a shot and ill do my best!

  19. Im 33 single mother! I could probably relate to one of the characters! I can excel in any opportunity given. It wouls be a true honor if given the chance.

  20. Hi, I am an 63 year old man but look like I am still 55 because I workout a lot to stay in shape and love to cycle and do it 3 days a week. In my early 20's I was seeking a career in acting and modeling. I trained at The Negro Ensemble co. when it was around, and at Al Fann when it was in NY before it moved to LA. Because of the difficulty of a black actor getting jobs back in my ealier years I gived up on it, but now will still like to give it a chance since it's been part of my life.

  21. I am 32 raw and ready for this if i could act it out for you, you would see how real i am about this and how much i want this. I need this single black mother trying and want stop. I am his movies

  22. Hi! My name is Kala and every since I was young I have wanted to become an actor and I feel like I'm ready. I would love to be featured in this movie, I hope that I would hear from you soon.

  23. Love and Believe in your work, the mission and the vision in making such a difference in this industry. I'm a natural actress, hard work, committed and dedicated. I am originally from Panama. I have a very distinctive accent that everyone loves, I often get stop places I go, and people ask me where Im from and how they love to hear me talk, you really have to hear me, my primary language is Spanish. I have been in church plays since young. All I need is one chance, you wont regretted.

  24. Im 24,me and my loved ones have always been into tyler perry films, especially the plays…no bootlegs lol…I have experience I was on Mr.Chuck a local tv show when I was I young…I read to more kids on tv. I think my scene was a minute long…I was 7or10…I think I would make a great addition to the film as well as an extra or even a main role.I would love to audition atleast…Contact Me :Cordell Watson…have a blessed day

  25. Hello!
    My name is Tessa. I am 17 years old and love acting and singing. Fun fact: I can also play the flute. I am 5'5" with short blonde hair. My eyes are blue/green.
    In my spare time I read, write and play music. I would absolutely adore to be a part of your cast and it's my dream to be able to be a performer.
    Thank you for your time and have a great day

  26. *hi my name is wendy and his movies are amazing i love mom club it was my favorite
    *fluent in Spanish
    *i love acting
    *this would be a great opportunity for me.

  27. Hi my name is Nafiah, and I'm 22 year old African-American college student Theatre major and is looking for a chance to begin my career. I would love to be mentored by one of the greatest in film and work with such talented actors and actresses. My mama always tells me when you put God first a road of opportunities open up, that when you give it up to God and ask for his will to be done he will lead you down a path of blessings. I believe this is my calling.
    Thank you in advance for reading this and I look forward to hearing from you.

  28. I would like to tryout for a part in this
    I just turned twenty I've been site modeling for 3 years
    An I'd love to try my hand at acting I've been told I'm a great actor by all I have encountered
    I live in Georgia as well

  29. Hello my name is Dajah Potts, and I feel like I would be a great person of this show , I pray to God everyday that he make a way for me to meet and work with Tyler Perry . And I will keep going with God on my side and I no I Will meet and work with him, I have a lot of experience I recently did a Raleys Commercial and also played in a tv show called The Redwoods as one of the main character I have a resume and headshot if you are interested. Thank you for your time. Have a great day.

  30. I am a 23 year old African-American college student who majors in Theatre and is looking for a chance to begin my career. I would love to be coached and mentored by one of the greatest in film and work with such talented actors. Thank you for your consideration.

  31. Hi Tyler Perry, I would love to have the opportunity to have apart in your movie. I have been lied to from someone for 12 years saying I don't have enough to bring to the table for him to marry me yet! I just want to do something that I can move on with my life and to show him that I can make it with out him!

  32. I am 15 years old and I truly feel like this production is an amazing opportunity for me. My mom always tells me to listen to God. That God will present opportunities when it's time. Well- I believe that this may be my time.
    I look forward to hearing from you.

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