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Actors & Kids for GEICO Commercial

Actors & Kids for GEICO Commercial You have undoubtedly seen the insurance commercials of Geico but now you have a chance to be in one! Commercial auditions are being held for actors and models. This is a spectacular chance to be in a national television spot! There are a lot of available roles that need to be filled. The commercial casting call is searching for men and women ages 25 through 70 years old. People of all ethnicities are welcome to apply. In addition, a boy or girl who is around the ages of 8 or 9 is also needed.

The shoot will be in Richmond, Virginia. It is set to film on Tuesday, February 6th and/or Wednesday, February 7th. You have until Friday, February 2nd at 5:00pm to apply! In-person auditions are not being held because the casting directors will be selecting people from photos. Those who are chosen will be paid $400.00 to $500.00 per day. Look over the casting call for kids and adults below.

Commercial Casting Call for Kids & Adults in 2018

Client: GEICO
Pay Type: SAG Pre-Negotiated Commercial Rate
Shoot Location: Richmond, Virginia
Submission Deadline: Friday, February 2nd at 5pm
Shoot Dates: Tuesday, February 6th and/or Wednesday, February 7th
Pay: $400-$500/day
Usage: 1 yr use and unlimited lifts
Note: There will be no in-person auditions for these roles.

Available Roles

Salad Bar – :15
Mom or Dad – Late 30s to early 40s. Working class, clean, loving. A good, busy parent that needs a night off from cooking at home.
Child – Male or female. 8 or 9-ish: A kid that’s just discovered that “being cool” is a thing. Somewhat tough. Freckles, big cheeks a plus.

Tea – :15
Karen – Female, retirement age, 55-70 – any ethnicity
Becky – Female, retirement age, 55-70 – any ethnicity
^Karen and Becky are old friends that have afternoon tea together every week. They might have a southern belle quality to them. Friendly, gossipy, unique faces.^

State Fair – :15
Todd/Tina – 9-16 years old, male or female, any ethnicity
Greg/Meghan – 9-16 years old, male or female, any ethnicity
^Looking for unique faces and preteens/teens with expressive smiles. Tomboy types and/or 90s-style bowl cut haircuts a plus.^
Clothes – 15:
Sam: 25-35, female, any ethnicity
Tori: 25-35, female, any ethnicity
^Sam and Tori shop with each other all the time. Witty, fashionable, deadpan, trendy.^

Harvest – 15:
Belinda: 40-50, any ethnicity
Rosemary: 40-50, any ethnicity
^Belinda and Rosemary are lifetime gardeners. Feminists with green thumbs. Both slightly unkempt. Long, grey hair a plus^

Vending Machine – :15
Ron: 30-45, male, any ethnicity
Susan: 30-45, female, any ethnicity
Ron and Susan are hip young professionals. Ron probably has a beard, Susan wears glasses, maybe has tattoos. Two successful intellectuals that work in a creative corporate environment.

If you are interested in being considered for the project, meet the specifications, and are available to film, send your Headshot and a Resume to bias@liquidtalentgroup.com. In your email, please specify your name and the role (or roles) you meet! Don’t forget to include your current phone number as well!

3 thoughts on “Actors & Kids for GEICO Commercial

  1. I always watch the geico commercial cause it’s really funny always wanted to be in one of the commercial I’m 15 and my name is Temi
    I’ll like to be in the geico commercial
    Don’t care how much u pay money doesn’t matter
    Thank u 😌

  2. My name is Natasha Davis, I would like to play the role of Tina. I am 13 years old,and have been in plays, and take acting classes. I am also African American with hazel eyes and dark brown hair. I'm 5'9 and weigh about 115 pounds.

  3. Hello,
    My name is Naschaly, I live in Florida and am 25 years old. I have been recently looking for commercial gigs and was interested in this Gieco ad, however I see that the due date has passed. Please let me know if there are any in the near future.
    Thank-you! Hope to hear from you shortly!

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