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ABC and Disney Channel PSA – Kids & Teens

ABC and Disney Channel PSA - Kids & TeensIf you want to be on the Disney Channel or ABC, there is a new casting call you can apply to. There is a PSA that will be filming and adult, child and teen actor auditions are being held. The heartwarming public service announcement is searching for people who were in foster care sometime in their lives to be advocates with a positive outlook. Casting directors are looking to hire 8 adults of all ages and all ethnicities. They are also hiring 4 kids and teens who are ages 9 to 18 of all ethnicities for the paid acting job.

Southern California is where the commercial will be filming so applicants should be local to the area. The shoot will be on Thursday, March 16th. Compensation for selected models, actors and real people will be $300.00 for the 8 hour shoot. If you are non-union and would like to appear on the commercial that will be airing on ABC and Disney Channel platforms, submit today!

ABC & Disney Channel Casting Call

So Cal CASTING SEARCH for people who were in foster care at some point in their lives, and are interested in being advocates for a positive outlook on foster care.

8 adults, all ethnicities, all ages (preferably a wide range) with strong, character-filled faces. People who spent a period of their childhood in foster care, are now successful adults, and are interested in being advocates for a positive outlook on foster care.

4 kids, 9-18 years old, all ethnicities, with great faces. Current or former foster kids who have had a positive experience in foster care.
Shoot date: Thursday, 3/16/17
Compensation: $300/8 hours, non-union.
Usage: Total buyout for all media in perpetuity. PSA to air on all ABC/Disney platforms.

Want to apply? All you have to do to be considered is email christinascasting@gmail.com as soon as possible. Include your contact information and parent name if a minor along with your photos. If you know anyone else that fit feel free to pass along the information to them as well!

15 thoughts on “ABC and Disney Channel PSA – Kids & Teens

  1. Hey my name is phumelele I'm 13 I'm from south Africa I love reading scripts from Disney movies and acting the lines out love singing and acting

  2. hello my name is Femisha and i'm 12 years old from England i have always wanted to act. Its my dream and passion to do so, and if you pick me i promise i will never let you down. Acting keeps me going in life and i hope you are able to pick me, it will make a big difference in my life.

  3. I'd love to have the chance to be on Disney channel, I love to sing,dance and act !Me and my friends love to make up plays together ! I'm Irish and I'm willing to travel. I'm 10 years old.

  4. Hey my name is wakeama harris I am 14 years old I wanted to act for disney shows and movie since I was a little girl.

  5. Hi, My namn is Grace. And I've want to be on Disney since I was a kid. And I wonder if there are any places left, I would like you to contact me. I live in Sweden. But I've never been to foster homes i live with My family.

  6. Hi, Good Afternoon, I'm from Jamaica, New York City, I am 11 years old and my height is 4.8. I would love to participate in this casting. I always wanted to be on Disney Channel it's my favorite. I love acting and I am reall good at it please choose me to be on Disney Channel I would be an honor and I wouldn let you down ever.this year please Pick me I think I am right for the job. Thank You and have a good day

  7. I have wanted to audition for Disney channel so Long and know that this the year so give me a call my number By the way I am 12years old.

  8. Hi, good morning, I'm from Madre de Dios, Peru, I'm fifteen years old and my size is 1.52 and I want to participate in this casting. Thank you.

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