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72 Hours – TNT

72 Hours - TNT
72 Hours – TNT Auditions

For generations humans have been fascinated by conquering nature and now TNT has devised what could be the reality game show of a generation with the survival series 72 Hours. Casting for this incredible new high octane production will be happening soon and your chance to be chosen for the adventure of a lifetime and a shot at $100,000 could be right around the corner. Are you ready for the ultimate challenge?

72 Hours will combine the crowd pleasing elements of Survivor with the beat the clock aspect of The Amazing Race for what is sure to be the game show event of the year. Teams of three strangers will be dropped into various remote jungle locations around the globe with only a single bottle of water and a GPS device for a guide. The teams will then have 72 Hours to make their way through the wilderness and be the first team with all three members entact to find a hidden briefcase that contains $100,000 in cold hard cash. Survival skills, team building techniques and dogged determination and motivation will all be on full display in this unbelievable game show adventure. Will you have what it takes to make it through the jungle? Will you be able to get along with two strangers in extreme conditions for three days? Can you be the first team to conquer the elements and find the cash prize? This fabulous new reality game show challenge is ready to give contestants from around the world a shot to find out – all while millions of viewers watch each week. Your time for stardom is now. your time for $100,000 is now. Casting calls for 72 Hours are being held soon and interetsed challengers can apply today by heading here lighthearted.com/72-hours-casting/. More audition information news and casting updates will be posted as soon as they are released so stay tuned for more details and leave a comment for us below and tell us why you think you can conquer the ultimate game show challenge 72 Hours.

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  1. Hello,

    I am an 18 year old female and love the outdoors.
    I grew up in a family of eleven kids, all who were homeschooled.
    I am an equestrian competitor and trainer.
    I've trained in multiple sports and love a good challenge.
    I believe I would bring forth a unique dynamic to the show with my background and competitive personality.
    Thank you for the consideration.

  2. My name is Salina I am 25 young, strong willed, agressive, love the outdoors and adapt to pretty much any environment I am put into. I always perpare for the unexpected and expect the worse pray for the best in every situation I am faced. I love reptiles and wild animals but am terribly terrified of spiders so either way I am more then willing to be put to the test to face my most highest fear. I consider myself a leader not a follower but am always willing get to learn something new if I think it has its advantages but can be very stubborn and hardheaded. I'm am extremely athletic and resourceful, and when put to the test I tend to think ALL my options through. I am a great people person get along with everyone and try to make everyone as comfortable as the situation allows. I am from East Oakland California but an outdoor wilderness girl. I am currently unemployed right now so not only do I need this money I will almost do anything I need to to survive and find this money to make sure me and my team are the ones who leave with it. I am always up to face new challenges if you think it's as much as a challenge for me as you say. I hope to hear from you soon and may God be with us all, because we all need it.

  3. Helllo, my name is Jarryd a 22, southern gentleman that's living in the north. This sounds like fun and I want to be apart of it. I'm an laid back type of guy who likes a good adventure. Teamwork, take down paradise and get home for a snack. Sounds like the perfect day.

  4. Hello i'm Tia. I was born and raised in North Philadelphia.I have a cut throat personality and can conquer anything.Growing up in this area has made me a strong ass person. I know this show would be a piece a cake for me and a awesome opportunity. I hate bugs but like I said I lived in Philly for years so I had no choice to get use to them. Lol. I make the best of everything no matter where I am and I need a challenge.

  5. I just want an opportunity to compete in a challenging terrain for money, and have fun doing it. Give me the chance!

  6. Land surveyor with great navigation background. Family man looking for an adventure. Watched enough "survival shows" Ready to put all them to the test. works as a team player, can either lead or step back. I don't alway have to be center of the group but am willing to take control. I have a good attitude and don't easy give up. Love to win and push until goals are meet.

  7. My name is Matt, I am about to be 24 years old at the end of this month. I would be great for this show because I have a never give up mentality and I would do whatever it takes to have my team win this challenge. I love being active, I love team sports, and I just like to compete and challenge myself.

  8. My name is markie, 34 yr. Old father of two and would love to give my wife the most fabulous wedding she deserves. I could make 72 hours the show u want it to be…..i am very willing to do WHATEVER IT WOULD TAKE!!! Im very healthy,willing and able to make it for me and the show….PRODUCERS; I WILL DO ANYTHING IT TAKES…..GIMME A SHOT TO SHOW MY LOYALTY AND SKILLS

  9. I hit 46 this year but feel the best is yet ahead of me. I am an outdoorsman, love to hunt, fish, hike and whatever else that the outside can bring me. Lost parents when I was 16 and feel I have a lot to prove to my own 3 kids. I live for a challenge, and never give up.

  10. Zackeriah, from the Georgia mountains close to Tennessee. 20, 6 foot, lean.
    Wrestled through out school, and I'm strategic by nature.
    I have a lot of heart, I've lost both my parents at a young age and I've faced a lot that most haven't.
    And I rather die than to come home a loser, sincerely.
    Thanks if you bothered to read this.


  12. hi I am 12 5'4 my brother Donald is 14 and 6 feet and think this would be a fun opportunity for me and my brother he is an amazing builder I have a compose in my head and I am very creative and if worse comes to worse I will sleep in a tree I am very fast my brother and I and we are very athletic we are always up for a challenge but most of all just because we are young doesn't mean we cant take a challenge just keep that in mind when your reading this plus I can turn anything into anything and I love to climb trees but what is really important is that we never give up our determination and our hard work and if your ever look for a third player my friend Melissa brown is all of what of said above she is 20 and about 6'8 but if all of us are not what your looking for my parents would be perfect my mom is lavinia she is 34 and about 6'5 and my dad ernest is 43 and about 7 feet this would be a perfect opportunity for them to get out of the house besides work just contact my my at lavinia.hebert@yahoo.com to discuss with you about auditions

  13. Hello, I am a 18 yr old African American male. I know i will be a good contestant for this because I have the will to survive. No one gets left behind. I am from Philadelphia and I also will like this opportunity to experience something. Other.

  14. I am a young and energetic Biology student at UCLA, striving for medical school. I spend most of my days buried in my books like the science nerd I am, but I love to exercise more than anything else, whether in the gym or outdoors. I take each day with a positive outlook, which is a necessity as a struggling college student balancing school, work and funds, research, and volunteering in clinics. As an applicant, I am bringing brawn, brains, AND beauty for three contestants in one package!!!

  15. My name is Juan Thompson, Im 19, 5'7, 130lbs athletic, half black half hispanic but can pull of being Dominican. I am an Eagle Scout so the outdoors is natural to me. I have a great personality and my best feature from what I have been told is my smile. Im hard working and looking for an opportunity for something new.

  16. My name is Juan Thompson, Im 5'7, 130lbs athletic, half black half hispanic but can pull of being Dominican. I am an Eagle Scout so the outdoors is natural to me. I have a great personality and my best feature from what I have been told is my smile. Im hard working and looking for an opportunity for something new. If you need an extra for young men that are 19 I'm your guy

  17. Im a take charge 24 year old working professional. I grew up in a rural area in Western New York moved to the city and now work in insurance. I was a 4 sport athlete in highschool, a college soccer player, and continue to stay active. I have always had an extreme interest in the outdoors and survival tests. However, I don't know what obstacles to expect and how i can overcome them. I know that my take control attitude and clear thinking will make me a great competitor in this show. If not that, it would be extremely entertaining. If the casting manager or producers have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

  18. Hello,
    My name is Blake. I am a 19 year old who works at a grocery store. In my spare time I love to spend my time in the the woods. I go fishing, hunting and hiking as much as I can.

    I would love to be apart of this show so I could one day open my own business.

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