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The New Model searches for 2018 have now officially begun! If you are searching for the best way to get into the modeling industry and you are not really sure where to begin, you have found the right place! Not everyone will have the right comfort level to jump right into modeling. Between a hectic school and work schedule, what are you supposed do and how will you ever find time to start the modeling career of your dreams? has located all the newest model searches in 2018 that can make all your dreams come true! Here is the new babyGap modeling contest for 2018. The new America’s Next Top Modeling search for Cycle 19 has also begun. If you can’t make it to these casting calls, don’t freak out! We post all types of modeling auditions in every major city in the United States.

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  1. Hi i would love to be a model, i am 13 years old, brown eyes, blackish/brow/charcoal hair, fair brown skin tone, 5'2 , 127 pounds (working on losing it but i look like im 100 pounds) . a little bit about me: i am a straight A student, i have played piano since age 2, im a singer, and a skilled actress , i have a unike fashion sense, and i go to the mall every week, i am ethiopian, and i have spoke ethiopian fluently since age 3 , along with english. I have one sister (14) female. i am very hopeful girl with a clear mind and bright future. if you dont except me i have more options. thank you for your time.

  2. Im 14 and tried out for modeling once and have been doing beauty pagents for 5 years. I have redish/brown hair, green eyes, and freckles. I would love to have someone help me make my dream come true.

  3. My name is Reggie I want to be a model for your company I'm 31 athletic build and willing to do any type of modeling I'm 6ft. 3in. and about 175 pounds

  4. Name: Joseph Kimeu
    Age: 21
    Chest: 39"
    Waist: 34"
    Shoe: 11
    Height: 190cm
    City: Nairobi
    Country: Kenya

  5. American indian/african american male looking to further career in modeling, have done some in past, stoped for school, music, work and scams,, a little of each,, im 6 ft,177, smooth brown skin, brown eyes, wavy hair, i work out daily, mostly cardio, lift weights three times a week,32 waist,26 yo, very talented and easy to work with, take directions well, i think i would be perfect for runway or catalogs,, hope to read from you guys,, good day…

  6. Hello my name is shakeria stuckey and I would love to be a model im 16 years old and ive been looking to be a model as ince I was 12 im not shy im outgoing and can do whatever

  7. I've been modeling for 3 years but I defiantly want to go further in this industry
    I'm 172

  8. Hi I'm mhei, fr. Philippines..
    22 yrs of age.
    with fair skin
    I know I'm beautiful inside and out.
    Really want to pursue modeling as my career.. Really love taking pictures. I hope I can do that here..

  9. HI! I'm Yuno Well my real name is Alfe I'm 15 years old and I live in Japan. I really want to be a Model and I'm interested in being one. Please Email Me when and where^^ thanks~ alot..

  10. heyyy
    My name is Lyric im 14 im 175cm and i've alays been encouraged to become a Model from friends and family so i'm giving it a shot 🙂
    Heres just a little bit about me
    I love playing sports
    I enjoy being fit and healthy
    i enjoy looking good no matter what
    i have the most outgoing personality you will ever find with a beautiful smile

  11. Hi i always love to join modeling especially runway. i'm already graduated at modelo pilipinas and its a pleasure to be part of this. i hope you can email me at my account…

    Hi i'm aidin
    16 years old
    i'm studying at child development and guidance center
    my hobbies are cooking, drawing, and playing the piano.

  12. Hi im Ronziel, my nickname is ziel 🙂 im turning 16 years old this October.. i weight 44kg and my height is 5'4-5'5… im really looking forward to be a model since i was a little girl… after school i always watch "America's Next Top Model" to have an idea how to be a model… 🙂 reasons why i want to be a model is to show the other girls that all of us has its own passion and beauty… And what i think of Modelling is an example of Art… ^^

  13. Good day I'm kaone, I've always wanted to be a model since I was a very little girl and watched my cousin starting hers and doing all those pageants and now she's made herself a name, I'm very beautiful I only way 50kg and I'm about 170cm tall and I live to become a model not only to be known but to show other girls that lifting up others and my self etseem and showing people that beauty begins within but you have to believe that your beautiful first.
    Hope to hear from you: Kaone Dube:)

  14. My name is Clianta, I'm 18 years old and a natural model.I'm from durban in South Africa,I enjoy swimming, drawing and painting. I'm 1.68m tall and a size 28 dress I'm a light skinned indian with straight long brown hair. I'm very interested in a modelling career. 🙂

  15. HI.
    I'M a 20 year old girl from vaal in gauteng who really wants to be a model im 168 tall and have the perfect body to be a model,would really appreciate it if you could help me.

  16. I want 2 become a model not jst any model bt model that u would want some one who would be recognised by all right from my childhood i av always seen myself as a model i belive i av that confidence i belive am d best nd still willing 2 learn i belive i can make u want me as a model i do belive that i av this very special thing in me that makes me different nd make u want so i would rili appriciate it if u could make my drm cum through nd i promise this u would never regret callin me for ur audition i look forward 2 that day «i love this site»

  17. Hi, I'm Mei, i'm 14 years old, 5'5. I think modelling is absolutely amazing, and would love to give it a shot. One of my biggest role models is Miranda Kerr and it would be an unforgettable experience, and a stepping stone for hopefully a career of some short in the future. Thank you 🙂

  18. hi! ill be 19yrs old
    5.8" tall
    im more intrested on d runway ^__^
    pls do contact me if ever i can be a part of ur comp[any.. many thanks!

  19. haay, im 16 years old. i take good pictures and i dont need to wear make up because my skins very clear 😀 i have 8/F boobs atm. and im pretty skinny but not deadly skinny. im really tanned atm and i have blonde hair 😛

    I would love the opportunity to do this as i donno where to start, beacuse im very intrested.


  20. Hay, im very interested in trying out modeling. all my family and friends say i should be a model.. or bikni. and i would love to give your site a chance, ive done some pictures of me and i could send them as soon as you email me back, 🙂

    im a bit short, but i would be good in picture for mags or anything because runway or anything might be funny cuz of my height,. i dont wear make up much and people says it loooks like i do because of my skin its very clear. im skinny but not like a stick hehe, i have big boobs, 8/F atm :O im 16 atm now. i have blonde hair 🙂 imm really tanned atm,

    i cant wait for your reply because i really wanna do this 🙂

  21. Hello, my name is Mahilat and I am 14 years old, about to be 15 on April 11. I would love an oppurtunity like this. I am interested in both acting/modeling. I am a hard worker . I graduated from an acting and modeling school and competed in an international modeling and talent competetion this year. I was part of 2 fashion shows. I am also part of One Source Talent.If chosen, I will give 110% and you will not regret choosing me. I think I have something new to bring since I am Ethiopian and you don't see many teen Ethiopian models. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
    Gender: Female
    Nationality- Ethiopian
    Eye color- Brown
    Waist- 22
    Hip- 33
    Chest- 32A
    Hair color- Black(nautrally curly)
    Hair length- Medium
    Height- 5'1
    Weight- 90 pounds

  22. I have been modeling off and on for a few years now, I did IMTA and liked it but am not sure I want to sign with the call-backs I was given. I have a ton of research to do, and would like to see more options. I am 5'8, 36,26,36 Dress size varies from 4-8. Blue eyes, Blonde hair, Sun-kissed skin, full lips. To some I am considered plus size, and some I am considered a regular model. I enjoy doing both. I am also an actress, and have had a lot of training in both modeling and acting. I have a resume, and a portfolio if you are interested, please contact me. I am planning a move to LA after signing with one of my call-backs unless another big opportunity comes along.

  23. I really want to pursue a career in modeling and acting. This isn't something I all of a sudden wanted to do. I have dreamed of being a model and actress for a kong time. During my 6th grade year,I went to a modeling and acting school in Timonium. It was really fun but I haven't gotten much work. I hope I have what it takes to be an actress and model by only being 15 years old. I want to make my family proud and I want to be proud while doing it.

  24. Very Interested in the upcoming Model Search! I have some Experience.. Please email me with details Thanks!

  25. Hey my name is Amber and i am 13 years young, and trying to begin my career with modeling! Im 5'6 and 100 pounds. My dress size is a 2 and I REALLY want to model!!

  26. I am 6 ft tall light skinned African American female. I have a beautiful smile and straight teeth. Shoe size is 10. dress size is 6. Bust size if 34D. I have wanting to model for as long as I can remember. I look forward to hearing from you.

  27. Hi Im Scelo, a beautiful and confident young lady who aspires in achieving alot more in the modelling industry and i believe that this is a great chance for me to aspire just that. Thank You

  28. Good afternoon to whom this may concern. Haha. Im actually interested in modeling/acting. Im standing in at 5'9 so i think im pretty tall for an asian guy. Im very proactive, athlectic and have a great body. I can send body shot pictures. Check me out 🙂 you will not regret it.

  29. Hi my name is Alicia MItchell I would love to be apart of the 2012 model search, could you please email me the info. Thank you

  30. Hi im a 20 year old white female from East London South Africa. Im 1.78m tall (without heels)my waist is 62cm, really photogenic and confident. Please let me know if any modelling jobs come up.

  31. Hi , my name is Desiree a Pure Filipino,
    18 of Ages From Meycauayan City, Bulacan .
    im not really Pretty But i can Projecting.
    and im interested because i want to enhance
    my Talent .. Im waiting for Responce in my
    email soon .. ThankYou 🙂

  32. Heyy my name is Andile, I'm 16 years old and I live in Johannesburg, South Africa.
    I've been trying to get hold of modelling agencies that will accept curvy girls simply for photo shoots. I am 5'2. My best features are my legs, thighs, butt and boobs. I would say I have nice lips and intense eyes. I have only just recently become comfortable with my body, as I grew up in england many people there were way smaller than me. I'm starting to love my body now and I just feel the need to share with other teens that its okay to be curvy. I am a dress size 8/10 and a shoe size 5. I would love to have this opportunity!

  33. Hi am palesa natasha dube,frm the city of tall,slenda,beautiful also been at school of modeling for years.cnt wait to be at the auditions to show what i've got.plz do inform me on ths email.

  34. I am trying to start my modelling career, and I have done a numerous amount of photo shoots.
    Miranda Kerr is my idol, she is just so admiring and stunning and I want to be like her.
    I have Brown Hair, brown eyes, my height is 165 cm and i weigh 63 kgs.
    If you could help me with my career it would be great 🙂

  35. my name is lene and im a beautuful dark skin girl. i have legs days that go on for days n a smile that can brighten up a room.Being 5"5 make me feel like a shortie mic short short. ik tho that i can make them gaints look like trash when i show them wat igot.

  36. hi I'm Mikee De Leon from Biñan Laguna, High school student please e-mail me where is the audition..

    thank you very much!

  37. Hello. Im 20 years old. I have experience in modeling and doing commericals. I think I have what it takes to start modeling again. I have a great attitude and personality and always open to learning new things.Thanks for this opportunity.

  38. Hi my name is Reginah, i live in pretoria south africa. I'm 1.7m tall and i weigh 50kg. My dress size is 28 and I can assure i can model. Modeling is my passion, problem is i dont know where to start, please help a girl out.

  39. Im 5'7 athletic body, light skinned with full lips and a very outstanding smile. White and very straight teeth, im black, puertorican and indian. My shoe size is 8 ,dress size 3 bust size 34 I'm very talented. Im a dancer and a choreographer. I take amazing pictures without makeup. I would really like to have an opportuntity to show off my talents. 🙂 very enthusiastic and outgoing

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