Worst Cooks In America – Food Network

Worst Cooks In America Reality Show Auditions

Worst Cooks In America – Food Network

Cooking. An elusive skill that many have tried but few can truly master, and that’s exactly what The Food Network is counting on with their all new season of the fantastically popular culinary reality show Worst Cooks In America. The producers and casting directors of this hilarious and inspiring series are conducting a nationwide search for the next batch of hopeless chefs that want to be transformed into the next great American food artist. Take a chance and you could go from burning  toast to preparing exquisite London Broil and walk away with a $25,000 prize.

Worst Cooks In America takes 14 of the country’s most hapless kitchen dwellers and puts them through an extensive culinary bootcamp to try and transform their horrific cooking attempts into something that could be served in the finest establishments in the world. The contestants (referred to as recruits on the show) are split into two teams and mentored, challenged and molded by The Food Network’s biggest stars and some of the finest chefs from around the globe for eight of the most fun and illuminating weeks of their lives. Under the skilled eye of these food titans the recruits will be tested weekly on their preparation, baking, seasoning, knife and temperature skills with a final winner being chosen by three celebrity food critics judging each contestant on their three course meal offerings. Don’t be embarrassed by your poor kitchen abilities, the world famous food experts at Worst Cooks In America are ready to get you into tip-top cooking shape and help you win the grand prize of $25,00 dollars. Auditions and casting calls for this exciting reality TV opportunity will be held across the country soon and you can submit yourself or someone you know today. For more information or to apply for castings you can go here theconlincompany.com or you can send an email with your personal in formation and why you think you’re the worst cook in America and why you weant to change to worstcooks@theconlincompany.com. We’ll keep the updates coming as they become available so keep checking back and be sure to leave a comment for us and tell us why you or someone you know would be perfect for Worst Cooks In America.

Everyone always says that it’s the effort that counts, but those are probably the same people that are sneaking their plates of your food to the dog when you’re not looking. Don’t fret. Now you can turn your kitchen shame into triumph on The Food Network hit Worst Cooks In America.

Leave a comment below and tells us why you should be part of the Worst Cooks In America – Food Network Audition in 2015

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74 People are talking about Worst Cooks In America – Food Network

  1. Donna B says:

    Well I have loved to cook but most of my meals are just simple and most of time can't be eating but I still keep on trying My family says Thank GOD for prepared foods

  2. Megan Williams says:

    I am the worst cook in America….. I cannot stand the way raw foods feel, like raw chicken is the worse (gag). When I plate food, I do not even like my food touching because if something taste gross, I feel it will cause everything else to taste just as gross. One time my daughter and I almost burnt an entire hotel down bc we did not add water to the cup of easy Mac and the plastic caught on fire.

  3. Meg Marshall says:

    Please please please – this is where my husband Dave needs to be. This husband & father of 3 has not a CLUE in the kitchen. He is the WORST without a doubt. How can this be…… I mean as an adult, don't sone things come with just a little common spence????? He is scary in the kitchen as much as we love him. I just don't get it…..

  4. Lisa Smith says:

    My daughter needs to be on this show. She needs to learn how to season her foods and what goes well with what food. She made us scrambled eggs with lemon and A Chuck Roast seasoned only with cinnamon.

  5. Kimpace says:

    Please, Please, Please my husband age 41 and son age 18 cannot cook worth a damn everything they attempt to cook is either undercooked burned or straight dumped into the trashcan I am so tired of cooking everything from breakfast lunch and dinner if you could pick one or both I would truly be ever so grateful this will allow me to hang up my apron for once.

  6. Bridgette Kelly says:

    Wow this is the show for me. I am 32 year old female who needs desperately to learn how to cook. One would wonder how my first job in the Army was a cook. I ask my mom often how did I miss this life lesson growing up? In order to learn to cook I guess one would need to understand how to adequately grocery shop. I am still learning how to make minute rice. My idea of a home cooked meal is eggs, bacon and cereal. I would really love an opportunity to be apart of this show.

    Bridgette Kelly

  7. R ay Wilson says:

    Would love to learn to creat good food. I burned jello one time. That is the truth. I watch shows on your network where kids can do most things with food that I can not. I've tried some. I think I'd be a good prospect and compedidor. Please give me a shot I may suprise you and me.

  8. Luis Sanes says:

    I want to learn how to cook especially being a father. So I can cook for my child and not make him disgusted.
    I will show my dedication to working and learning.
    Please contact me.

  9. Tonya smith says:

    My fiancé is the worst cook he try's to cook dinner but he always burn or give us roar food we always end up with carryout. We have been living on carryout and frozen foods pizza's and hamburger and hot dogs He just found out that he has diabetes and he needs to learn to cook healthier food for himself and me and the kids. We need help Please pick my fiancé

  10. tricia says:

    My husband John is by far the worst cook in America! His idea of a home cooked meal is found at a local fast food restaurant. IF he attempts to make something for our three daughters it ALWAYS comes out burnt. He cooks everything on HIGH! This is also true when he uses the grill, which he has been banned from.
    Please choose him so that our family and friends can see first hand that my daughters and I are not exaggerating.

  11. Garland Smith says:

    No beating around the bush on this one. I can not cook. It might be because I can not taste the food I cook. I had a accident when I was younger and burned my tongue bad. The nose still works and that is how I try to judge my food. I usually burn water on the stove yeah it is true. I don't know why. I put the water in the pot set it on high and wait ten to fifteen minutes. My meat loaf is usually a building brick. Yes a brick baked for 1 hour then break a window. Let's not talk about any baking skills because there is none. BBQ ha let me say fire is not my friend. I want to be on this show because I really need to learn how to cook and not eat fast food all the time. I can't afford it.

  12. Abigail Welsh says:

    My dad, Tim Welsh, is definitely one of the worst cooks in America. The only thing I have ever seen him make is eggs. The worst part is he cooks them in the microwave inside a plastic bowl! They make the whole house smell and they look disgusting. He overcooks them to where they are hardly yellow. When I was young he made me try them. They were the WORST thing I have ever put in my mouth, and I say that because I never actually swallowed them. We always go out to eat, order a pizza, or eat frozen dinners. Please, help my dad and I.

    Abigail Welsh

  13. Ashlie Martin says:

    My husband just asked me what I'm doing and I told him that I am wanting to get on the show Worst Cooks in America, and he straight up told me that "you would for sure win." Seriously, Need I Say More?

    The frustrating thing is, It's not that I don't like to cook, I'm just absolutely a fish out of water when it comes time to make anything. I stick to my two dishes boxed mac n' cheese & Spaghetti, maybe some cereal.

    I've messed up hard boiled eggs for crying out loud!!

    I'm desperate! I need help, so that my family stops suggesting we go out to eat every night!

  14. Shania Richey says:

    I NEED my husband to be on this, he cant even make mac and cheese from the box. He burns everything he tries to make. Id love for him to be able to cook so i can have one day off from cooking every once in a while. He is the Worst Cook in America by far. Please pick hin

  15. Megan sadler says:

    please save me. I fear my husbands food may poison our children and I to death. The only thing he can make is ramen. Sincerely the desperate wife.

  16. Tobias Foster says:

    My boyfriend, Allen,is by the far the Worst Cook in America hands down. His skills are so bad that he is not even allowed to open the refrigator without me being present. His idea of a romantic meal is undercooked chicken covered in gravy to hide the blood still oozing from the meat. And let's not talk about breakfast with the bacon so raw, you would think the pig was in the other room. Please, please help my baby become a better cook before we get married.

    Thank you

  17. Dana Hackney says:

    I need to nominate my best friend, Anna DeGirolamo. I love her but I always have to cook supper because she is a horrible cook. Anna can't even correctly make Ramen Noodles or even canned Tomato Soup! Her dog won't even eat anything she cooks! Sorry Anna!

  18. Stephanie Jordan says:

    Hello! My name is Stephanie, am a middle aged twenty something, and I surely am a one of a kind gal! I come from a big greek family so overall I truly appreciate the value of a good meal! I am so fascinated by food and am constantly eager to learn new things. However, when the time comes for me to execute, I fall rather short lets just say :/. Im an identical twin and have lived with the constant competition for the "spotlight." I am more ambitious than most people in this world and I know I can succeed with the proper tools and knowledge :)

  19. Danny says:

    Hello! I think I'm a very good cook, I can cook the crap out of Kraft Mac & Cheese! Unfortunately, I guess you're not supposed to cook the crap out of it. Since I'm the only one who thinks my food is edible my family thinks I should be on the show to see the error of my ways. Only for the sole purpose of pleasing THEIR palates! I guess majority rules. Please consider me for the show and I will produce my magic for Chef Bobby And Chef Anne! Let them decide who's right! Thank you.

  20. Jasmine Denny says:

    I am 19 years old. My name is Jasmine. Coming from a generation of people that cooked food it was never passed down to me. I want to be able to learn and become a person that is better than just making cereal to my family. That one day I can pass it down to my siblings and children. Pick me so I can have an experience to make a possible career. Thank you.

  21. Barbara Goen says:

    My husband told me that this is the only cooking show I should watch because the contestants would be able to teach me something because I am worst than they are. I take the battery out of my smoke alarm when I make toast because it always goes off, so please pick me so that I can learn how to cook those fabulous meals for my husband.

  22. Candice rinlee says:

    My husband is the worst cook I have ever met! He made me fried eggs that had the consistency of an over boiled egg and tried to make macaroni and cheese and never drained the water from the pasta

  23. julie muckler says:

    Good morning. I am the worst cook in America–or certainly in the top five. Hamburger Helper is beyond my capabilities. My grill at home recently melted. I am no longer allowed to have knives without supervision. I want to prove myself to millions of viewers, as well as my son and husband, who are already cringing in anticipation. Please pick me.

  24. Denise Whitford says:

    I am a single mom who is a very picky eater and only eat certain things. I need to learn how to cook so maybe i can get a man to share my life with.

    thank you

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