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The Nationwide Casting Search has begun. We need dynamic women and men to be part of a ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY to win a $50,000 PRIZE

The world famous TV producer that brought you Fear Factor and Deal or No Deal, Endemol USA, is casting more reality tv episodes of ABC’s hit WIPEOUT. In every episode, 24 contestants will compete to take home a $50,000 prize while conquering the world’s largest obstacle course.

Remember, you do not need to be an athlete to participate.

• MEN AND WOMEN over 18 years of age.
• Legal residents of the U.S.
• Must be able to swim.
• Fun, strong-willed, outgoing, and have a great sense of humor.

For more information about submitting yourself for WIPEOUT you can head here abc.go.com/site/casting and be sure to leave a comment below and let us know why you would be the next WIPEOUT champion.

Leave a comment below and tells us why you should be part of the WIPEOUT – ABC Audition in 2013

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  1. Brandon Harrison says:

    I think I'd be able to win wipeout because whatever I put my mind to I see it through. And with the 50k motivation I'll be able to do it that much faster. I have a 1st old and one on the way with debt I would like to take care of as well as put money away for their education. Also I believe this would be an awesome experience and extremely fun to do.

  2. Robert Pine says:

    Honestly, I don't know how I would do because I probably wouldn't be able to stop laughing. My 11yr old and I love this show. We both laugh at pain or in a stressful situation. I'd love the chance to make a highlight real for a "that had to hurt" moment.

  3. christopher fossa says:

    I grew up on the water and being kids we always built obstacles. I know I could be a wipeout champion. Just want a opportunity to prove it.

  4. Jeremy Williams says:

    I'd be the wipeout champion because I have three kids and we need 50 k but it would also be a fun experience

  5. winston velasquez says:

    i think Wipeout is not easy but it is worth a try. i would love to participate in this event, even if i don't win, it would be so much fun and i love to take risks. if i win, i would some money to my parents for them to pay their bills and i would buy myself another horse and help fix up churches and one last thing, i would give the rest of my money to the poor and homeless and to the children in need. My wife told me about this show and from the first episode, i thought this show was awesome but a little dangerous but i love to take risks. it would be an honor to get chosen.

  6. Rob Birse says:

    I would love to show my wife that I still have what it takes to do this at 57yrs of age and besides it would be loads of fun..

  7. Joseph says:

    The reason why i should be picked is simple. I'm in the air force so my medical is covered in case of injury! Lol! I'm a former football player and i want to show the world that i still have my athleticism! Im a black al bundy thats waiting for my chance to get off the couch and do something legendary! Lol

  8. Dasia says:

    I would like to win and show the world that anyone can over come their fears.

  9. Kareem Ash says:

    i really think i'd dominate at Wipe Out. just want the opportunity to show my talent!

  10. Kevin Michael Seymou. says:

    I couldn't be any worse than the ones on there currently. I'm a 1/2 marathon runner that also runs a summer camp in Ohio. Bring it WhipOut!

  11. alex cox says:

    IDE love to do wipeout I think IDE do good plus I want a first car soo its worth the pain

  12. Team Bros says:

    We would love to be a part of Your Cast! We love your show. Earl Bald,(football player) Dyron Miles. (Basketball Player) Please get us on there!!! #Team Wipeout!!!! Were Athletic Built!!! From Louisville Ky!!!

  13. Todd Henderson says:

    I would totally win this thing, and I would do it in a way that would bring complete entertainment to the viewer. My skills of completing these obstacle course would be epic and I would give you a chance to see a 285 black man totally rule these events

  14. Katie And Maria Rhoads says:

    I wanna be on this show!!!! I laugh whenever I fall or get hurt!! Me and my sister would LOVE to competes not for the money but for the fun!!! Well the money helps too lol

  15. Maggie says:

    I love wipeout always wanted to go on the show, me and my sister are very competive and will win

  16. Nick says:

    Dude, I totally got this! I will dominate the competition.

  17. Wes Sanders says:

    Dibs on a spot! I would totally win that money. It's kinda my thing

  18. Leshawn Watkins says:

    I love wipeout it's entertaining but also keeps you on the edge of your seat! Being a contestant on this show I believe I would do a great job, I'm outgoing, bubbly personality & a great sense of humor. The prize money would be a great contribution to my college expenses where I will be majoring in occupational therapy. Helping to rehabilitate children born with birth defects and children who have had surgery and need help with the basics of walking & essential everyday movement.

  19. joe ambrosio says:

    its my wish being on tv

  20. Adam Pollitt says:

    I love the show and believe I can conquer the course and because I'm going to college next year and if I win the money it would really help in my tuition

  21. David Sykes says:

    I'd like to give it a shot.

  22. Jason Allen says:

    Just want to win the 50K because i know i would.

  23. Jordan Hartell says:

    i am a very competitive person and i always love watching wipeout it is a favorite show of mine to watch and i would love to be considered as a contestant

  24. Jason Allen says:

    I have been around the world a few times with the army and would love to try to win the 50K.

  25. ignacio says:

    love the show watch it everyday looks like fun and would like to try new things

  26. David Nelson says:

    I am a married father if 1 with an MBA. Tired of sitting on the couch wondering how much better I could do than the individuals on tv. PUT ME IN THE GAME COACH!!

  27. Einar says:

    I have been in the Army and the Navy so mud and water are nothing new to me! I would love to compete to do my son proud, or just make him hide his face should I Wipe Out!

  28. Brian Maull says:

    I have always liked competitions and feel I could be a great contestant. The show is a favorite of mine and I feel that I could do it with ease. My problem is there is only one way to find out, please consider my entree

  29. Alex Sevier Jr says:

    Everyone needs the money …me included, but I'm a competitor. This would a dream come true. Let's do it wipeout.

  30. Perry Turner jr says:

    I would live to do wipe out and WIN so that i could buy a house for my wife and girls, we have struggled for the past three years and this would give us a break that we have needed!! If I put my mind to it i know that i could succeed and make my family proud!

  31. Jovanna Turner says:

    i would love to be on wipeout i have 3 girls and they get all my time, i would love to do something like this to prove to myself and my girls that " i still got it" that " i am strong" i am a very motivated woman but i would love to do this and make myself proud.

  32. claudette says:

    My 12yr would love to audition for kids wipe out. I'm not sure that they have auditions for kids under 18.any information would be great

  33. Andrew says:

    All the game's shows that I have watch. Wipe out is my favorite. I haven't been on a game shows in my life and WIPEOUT is the best show for me to prove myself that I'm a challenger. I'm athletic and I love to take on any challenges. Beside I also love to have fun in whatever game it is. Win or lose. And also 50 g sound and it's can help get my car back on the road. Lol

  34. Mark Anthony Walker says:

    I would love to audition for wipe OUT!

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