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What Not To Wear

TLC’s What Not To Wear

TLC’s is quickly becoming a major home for original and exciting reality television and now it’s mega hit makeover show “What Not To Wear” is looking for women from all walks of life to feature in it’s upcoming 11th season. This is the chance for you or someone you know to have a complete fashion transformation. If you know anyone who has a shocking wardrobe (in a bad way) the producers and casting directors of What Not To Wear want to hear from you.

What Not To Wear is hosted by the supremely talented Stacey London and Clinton Kelly. Each week the dynamic fashion duo surprise one fantastically challenged woman who is in dire need for a complete makeover. The What Not To Wear crew takes the women chosen from “eek” to “chic” with their amazing imagination and expert fashion instincts. If you or someone you know has fallen out of touch with today’s look or maybe has never possessed a fashion sense whatsoever this is the program that can change their lives.If you would like to nominate someone that needs some fashion help or if you have any questions Casting calls will be happening soon. You can send an email here wntwcasting@gmail.com and be sure to leave a comment for us and keep checking back for all of the exciting WNTW updates.

Fashion has the power to shape, inform and define each of us. If you or someone you know is the definition of disaster TLC is ready to help. Enter your submission today and never again will you need to be told What Not To Wear.

Leave a comment below and tells us why you should be part of the What Not to Wear – TLC Audition in 2015

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55 People are talking about What Not to Wear – TLC

  1. Teri Woodworth says:

    I would like to nominate my mother:)

  2. Aysia says:

    Hi my name is Aysia and I M really trying to find something that I can be confident in and really find myself in something that I can be able to wear around and not feel like I'm trying to impress someone. I just need a guied to help me with wardrobe so please contact me

  3. Marcella says:

    Stacey and Clinton please tell me what NOT to wear! Im a 41 single mom of two boys, coming out of an abusive marriage. I lost my complete identity in that marriage not to mention confidence. I live on Long Island and I swear I just blend into my surroundings. I want to start dating, going out and having a life but I hold myself back bc I feel like I am a mess. I used to be called a barbie doll before my marriage now I feel like a very used hand me down.
    My clothes are embarassing, I still have my pre-children clothes that are 4 sizes to small so they just sit there taunting me. My "NEW" wardrobe for the last 10 years has consisted of flip flops, yoga pants, jeans that have worn out holes in all the wrong places, and walmart tshirts. My makeup routing went from beautiful contouring and definition and styling my hair to using a scrunci to make a ponytail, sticking that ponytail under a hat and my makeup is putting on sunglasses to hide my face. I had someone ask me if I had cancer or was sick bc all my hair is hidden under a hat most days. Its very depressing to have gone from 'Barbie Doll' to 'Sick Person'
    I dont know how to dress anymore, I dont know what looks good on my own body since I had kids, I've forgotten how to apply makeup! I try youtube tutorials and I end up looking like a clown, wash it off and put the sunglasses on again and the hat. Im a complete Fashion mess from head to toe. Help me Stacey and Clinton! Tell me what to do! Tell me what not to wear! Help me get my confidence and life back!!! Please!

  4. Rosalinda Odorico says:

    I would like to nominate my sister Cassandra and her friend Alex as they are both 24 years old and have mostly fashion dont's … My sister in particular enjoys the "lumber jack look and her quickest shoe choice is a pair of DC skater shoes" … Need I say more…. Please help her with a new look and makeover.

  5. Nichole says:

    I am 16 and still have to have my mom check my outfits ,because she says i need fashion help unless she buys the outfit then she says see I want to nominate myself so i can learn all fashion do's and fashion don'ts . Please it would also be a dream come true to be able to look nice on tv.

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