Tyler Perry New Movie

Tyler Perry Movie

Would you like to audition for the new Tyler Perry Movie? Well you came to the right place to find all the new Casting Calls for Tyler Perry Movies.

You new acting career will begin with landing acting auditions and casing calls. This is where directors will seek actors that they hope can play a part in the new movie.

Most of Tyler Perry’s Movie auditions and casting calls will need you as the actor to prepare a 60 second to 2 minute monologue and read from a part of the new script.

Some agencies will hand you a Tyler Perry audition manuscript a few days to a week so you can prepare.

Leave a comment below and tells us why you should be part of the Tyler Perry New Movie Audition in 2013

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  1. Kelsey Hostutler says:

    Well . For Starters Im a Huge Fan of Madea :D But also I know i could act the part well . I can be a total smart butt . (Dont wanna curse for public reasons ^_^ ) Anyways . I Love Acting . I Absolutely Adore it . I Would Love To Act in the Movie . It would be a great oppourtunity for me that i would love to have a chance for . :)

  2. Regina Deen says:

    Hello, I'm Regina, I'm a writer, director and an Actress for as long as I can remember. I've been acting since elementary on stage, now I've acted on screen. I've been featured in 3 movies. I'm pretty much interested in acting with Perry on his new movie. That will be a dream come true, because I'm a biggest fan of Tyler Perry, and I love all of his movies. I really admires his work, very talented. He is my inspiration, my role model. I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks.

  3. Beatrice A. Hamilton says:

    my name is Beatrice A. Hamilton. I'm a young 61 year old women of God. I do Christian stand up comedy. I also acted in a play for 5 years, "A Sign of Judgment". I know I need more acting experience and I'm willing to learn. It's always been my dream and desire to be an actress. God promised me, my later days would be greater than my beginning. I look forward to meeting you and working with you is my prayer. May God continue to bless you and your entire team. I look forward to being a part of your team.

  4. Tina ingram says:

    Hello my name is Tina Ingram I truly enjoy life and I always wanted to be apart of something bigger then myself though I have no experince in acting I know I can be great I'm thirty five years old I have no children I look like I'm twenty one but once I put my mind to something I am passionate and devoted to it I don't know if you will ever read this but I hope one day I can get a chance thanks have a wonderful day

  5. marlon mcfadden says:

    I have been a fan for quite sometime. PlEASE Mr. Perry give me a shot. I KNOW WITH MY LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE. GOD BLESS!!!!!!! Marlon mcfadden

  6. Marketa says:

    I would love a opportunity to have a try since Mr Perry is willing to give black Americans a chance. And im truly inspired by Mr Perrys sucess it shows if u have faith no matter yourtrials n tribulations. If you have big dreams long as you believe. All things are possible evan dreams that seem far out of reach. I also had a story since a child about my life. And I know it would make a good movie. It's no made up tells but the truth and hopeing to overcome as Black Single Mom trying to stay positive n make something out of my life. So i have to reasons I would love to meet Mr Perry n only then if I had the chance he could tell me what he feels about ny story n he can make a movie if he felt the deepness. But hopeing for a real life change to be done made it n be someone proud to have made it. Thank you for reading and have a Blessed Day

  7. Rhullee says:

    wow…..for the decade i tried to make it in the movies industries, motivated by madia"s drama movies.Everytime i come across ur creativity iam blown away as ur most talented director nd producer of real drama of its own kind.Iam in south africa in johannesburg and i hope and wish that oneday god will grand me a chance to meet you or to finally works under ur production as iam freelance actor in southafrica drama serie….ur msg within the movies i can really relate to and so does everyone else,i wouldnt mind flying to usa just to audition as much as iam trully ur biggest fan.keep that script rolling to cinemas#Inspired

  8. eliscia easiley says:

    To meet with me is enough for you to make the right decision to give me a chance to show the world my capabilities. I AM THE UNCUT NATRUAL TRUTH. All I ask is for the moment of try. every one that I come in contact with, I male a mark on them. TRY ME!

  9. Cerrell B says:

    Mr Perry, mr Perry, mr Perry! My name is Cerrell B. from Tampa, FL and I for got this site existed honestly until today. I love your Madea movies and the messages they carry. I am 25 currently training for pro football next year and would love to be involved in any of your upcoming projects. I am very athletic and compassionate about whatever I do and I know I can excel at any opportunity you give me. Take a few seconds to think about it or move on to the next comment :D God Bless.

  10. Mario Jones says:

    I 've always had an ambition in becoming a successful actor. I'm 32 years old now, from Detroit,MI. Over the years I've been creating video performances,skits,and short movies. I always enjoy working in front of the camera and behind the scenes. Now,today my goal for this year is to get my image and face recognized. I have 30 videos on Youtube,

  11. DC David says:

    Hi Tyler!
    It's DC David from Fayetteville NC,and I would love to audition as an actor for one of your many projects. I'm a 6'1 260 pound Big,Black,and Handsome,broad shouldered 52 years young confident man looking to start a acting career.And I'm sure That i could add a great element of star quality to any of your projects.Just let me know where, and I'll be there. Thanks.DCD.

  12. Marcus Donner says:

    Well I am gonna keep it real. I went to college graduated both times with two degrees because I was told that's what you do to get a good jobs. That's didn't work. I have a strong passion for working with child try to sow seed in friends like by being a positive black role model in today. That went great the children will always have my heart. Help friends in time of need by being there for them. No problem their but I just forgot about my true dream being a actor/singing almost thirty praying for a second chance to make my true dream come true. I gave to my community And my lord. I hope some hears the voice I have give me the chance of a lifetime.

  13. Timera Turner says:

    Hello, My Name is Timera. I want to help make a difference within the community, and even the world. I watched your plays and movies and each one has a motivative lesson. I love to sing. It has been my passion sing I was 8 (: I love to act, I have been told I am a drama queen. (Hopefully that will be an advantage to the acting career). I would like to be the next young teen to say that I accomplish something, not only to the world but to my self. It has been my dream to act, model, sing, and bake.

    AGE: 16 years old
    WEIGHT: 115
    HEIGHT: 4'11"
    ETHNICITY: African American

    If you ever need for a teen, Im here! (:

  14. Sareeta Lopez says:

    Hello Mr. Perry,
    I have never imagined myself auditioning or anything especially for a play that has your brand to it. But ever since I started performing my poetry from city to city, I have inspired to do bigger and better things with my life. If i was going to represent someone, other than God, you would be the one! I am from a medicak backgroud but eould like to transition into acting. This would ahow my son that anything is possible. Thank you for your time!

  15. kafayat odu says:

    Hi, i will like to audition for a role in any of your movies even if it is to be an extra, because i really like your movies and am a young girl that's in college. thanks for your consideration. God bless

  16. RollerMab says:

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  17. Eeugenie Johnson says:

    Hi,My name is Eeugenie Johnson and I'm 22 years old. I would like to audition for Tyler Perry Movies and plays because well for one I love acting I've been acting every since I was 14 years old and I loves it. I love getting on stage and performing in front of audience. That's makes me happy is to see people enjoying my work. I'm a very hard working dedicated actress and I push myself very very hard I don't stop. And I would liked to have a chance to prove to you that I'm the one you need

  18. Amina Alexander says:

    Hello Tyler, my name is Amina Alexander and I am a huge fan, I would love to be in one of your inspirational movies I am 18 years old , a african american female and currently still in school hopefully you get back to me but if you do not I will still be thankful about trying to cease this opportunity I also do not have any experince.

  19. Jeanette Williams says:

    I would love to work with Mr. Perry. I love all his movies and tell everyone around me to make sure they go and watch his movies. If you needs some one to play a part of a 60th year old woman – you know what? that would be me. I would even be a movie extra and include my husband, daughter and grandson which is 4 years old. Tyler Perry, I just got my bachelor degree at 60th in theatre and business which I dream of getting since high school. first let me say this – I am a young 60th and don't look my age therefore, I carry my age well. I always dream of be a model at the age of eighteen and my dream didn't come true but I did graduated from a modeling school and received a diploma. For one reason my modeling career did not come true is because I got married to a soldier in the Army and he did not want me to pursue my dream, and then god blessed me with two lovely kids and wanted to be there for them. Therefore, I always dreamed of being a model or an actor since graduating from high school and you know what? my dream never came true. Tyler Perry Make my dream come true even though I am risen my grand child which is now 4 and he love to dance and sing like Michael Jackson. Therefore if I get a part my grandson would be a great child actor and my husband can be a movie extra or we all can be a movie extra.

  20. shirley diaz says:


  21. Xiomara says:

    Hello, once I read one of your inspirations stating that if its not your turn to be seen or shine is not because God don't want you to be seen yet,but when you find a chance is because it's your turn to shine and I believe that my time it's even closer or coming and I would like to get a shot to be out there and proof and show what I have……I know you has been giving up big chance to help families and give chances and I won't take that for granted I'm ready to make a difference

  22. Shareece Smalls says:

    Hello Mr. Perry I am a 32 year old married mom of two, I'm attractive with a slim physic. Im smart funny, oh yeah and did I mention pretty…lol. I have always to an interest in the arts, but have a degree in nursing. I am very versatile, and I think there would be nothing greater than to be given the opportunity to step outside of my normally reserved self and take on a new persona and actually erase me from the character. I am hard, working, and dedicated and never complain. I would really be interested in auditioning for some roles if you'll have me.

  23. Delilah says:

    I've enjoyed your plays and movies over the years but was wondering do you ever read other peoples work? In the last 10 plus years I've written a few plays, 2 were done at my church, and many stories. I would love to have you read my work. Please contact me at the email above.

  24. emily hillman says:

    Hi Mr.perry I'm 12 year old I'm really good at ac

  25. Thato Pitlele says:

    I would like to audition.

  26. Frank Garcia says:

    Hello, I'm Frank Garcia. A self respecting male of mixed race. I'm 6 feet tall, brown eyes, black hair, 220 pounds, and carry everything about myself very well. I'm down to earth and love having fun. What can I say…I just love life! Even when times are hard. There is nothing in this world that's out of hands reach as long as I keep God even closer. I would really like a chance to audition for a part in your new movie. Not just because I want to be an actor…I need a better life for myself so that I can provide a even better life for my wife and kids. I'm hard working, strong, dedicated, and very willing to listen and learn. All I ask for is an audition and I will take it from there! Thank you so much for reading my comment. I look forward to hearing from you soon! Until then, take care!

  27. Felicita says:

    It is my dream to come back and work with Mr Tyler again. I did a extra scene in House of Payne and on The Witness Protection movie, I love to act and with more practice I do the better I will get and help Mr Tyler on he's projects. My birthday is in a few weeks,and it will be my best gift ever to work for you.

  28. Lyverta Robertson says:

    Hello Mr Tyler Perry my name is Lyverta and a am a 35 yeah old single mother. I have wanted to pursue a career in acting since I was a little girl but never did. So now I would like a chance to show you a short monologue for you.

  29. Chazette Davis says:

    Hello, Mr. Perry. My name is Chazette. I AM 24 years old my birthday is may 26th and i am a Gemini.I have a little girl named Starde'ja and she's four years old. I would to be in the movie. I love Tyler Perry's films and that would be a dream come true to be in one. I have no experience in acting but i have the confidence and motivation to do anything i put my mind to. Give me a chance to show you and i won't let you down. Thank you!

  30. Marcia Johnson says:

    Hi Mr. Perry, I am 55 yrs old and about to retire from a corporate position where I have worked 25 years. My bucket list consists of being in a movie. I don't care if it's just hanging out in the background. I'd love this opportunity. I also have a beautiful adopted 14 year old daughter beautiful enough to be in any movie:)

  31. Preama says:

    Hi. I am a 47 year old female. I would love to audition for a Tyler Perry movie. No big stories to tell. Just would love the opportunity to present it self and for me to finally feel and be successful at something in life.

  32. marquis Garner says:

    I should be in a tyler perry, because I'm funny and outgoing, I will be able to bring something new to the table, I would like to see Mr. Perry do a Sports Movie, like a Biography on Donald Driver, I look just like him lol! I can be serious and silly at the same times, I would make a great Black Mr. Bean. anyway I love you Mr. Perry, I will continue to support you! and pray for your continued success!
    God Bless you! sir!!!!!!!!!!

  33. jarkeria giddens says:

    Hi I'm only fourteen years young and I wanna make a change I wanna prove to my friends and family that I can be something in life my mom told me that this woman at her job daughter got a role in your new movie adoption I think and to be honest I would like to be the next young girl to get to say I get to play in one of your movie I learned how to act my my life experiences the ups and downs in my life have taught me how to cry when i don't need to cry it has taught me to just be me and that even though I nay not never get a spot in one of your movies just being able and to tell you right now how I fill ,its like I am in a movie …im a superstar becoming a superstar meaning I haven't gotten there yet but once I do ima make everybody proud and also ima make my mother proud…uk I was bullied and that is a lifetime experience I have so much potential in me that the world doesn't know what coming at them …this is why I should be in one of your movies

  34. Jakayla Robinson says:

    I've always wanted to be an actress and would really love the opportunity to portray many different characters and bring them to life

  35. Omar James says:

    I need help with a movie and book about true events in my life, starting with the state of Ohio wrongfully convicting me and serving 10 1/2 of a 14 year sentence that I fought and was exonerated of. My 17 year old little brother Robert Mackey, who is now 35 is still incarcerated after 17 years, and my attorney Derek Farmer, who also served 18 years in the penitentiary, was released, went to college,passed his bar and the only ex convicted felon to go on to be a lawyer, because as soon as he did, they changed the law so no other ex convicted felons could better their lives and go on to become lawyers. The things I were incarcerated for are no longer on my record and the U.S.6th circuit court of appeals recognized the state of Ohio held me for 2 years illegally after I was ordered to be released. I have 2 case laws in the law books, James vs. Brigano
    who at the time was the warden at W.C.I in Ohio. I have been home for 7 years now and recently moved to Atlanta. If possible,please contact me,it will be very much appreciated, Thanks You!!!
    Omar James

  36. Peggy Stewart Diaz says:

    I am a 63yr.female raised in N.Y. I am from Crawfordville,Georgia.People say I have an accent and I was told that I was funny.I am retired…No more babies.I am a widower.I'm trying something new in my golden yrs. (People say I'm to old if giving a chance I will show them)This is a dream come true.Thank-You

  37. Monica says:

    Acting and modeling have always been my passion as a kid growing up. But where I'm from, I had to work during high school to now. Come from a poor family where all we know is to work. I tried modeling during high school to college but it didn't work out because of my schedule. I took a break from it and got back involved with modeling then grew an interest in acting. Around my friends I portray roles well so it sparked my interest to try it out. First time in auditioning for a role, I was nervous and shy. It's funny that I say that because I love attention. Guess it's because I don't want to look foolish in someone's eyes. I believe I should have a chance to audition and turn nonbelievers into believers that I said I can do it and follow my dreams in becoming an actress and model.

  38. Shauntae says:

    You either wait for opportunities to find you or you make your own. I've been to my lowest point in life and I refuse to return. With God on my side I will see success.

  39. Mary London Carroll says:

    Hi Tyler,I am from Memphis Tenn.I remember when I went to all your plays here before you start doing movies and they were so wonderful and it tough people life.Tyler you made us laugh,cry,mad and love.I feel I can make that same magic happen if given a chance.I am screen actor guild.I love dramatic acting,dancing and singing.I am working on a novel call The Child Within.Tyler did I tell you that I am funny.I got a great sense of humor.Please let me show you my magic and give me chance in one of your production.Love you and may God continue to bless you.

  40. Rebekah says:

    Mr PERRY.
    I eat, breathe, sleep, dream, pray, and love acting. I have very little experience, but I've been acting since I was a little girl. I'm 21 years old, and acting is all of ever wanted to do. There's nothing I won't do to make my dreams a reality. All I need is a prayer, an opportunity, and a SCRIPT. I WILL NOT disappoint. I am more determined now than I've ever been. I want this, and I truly believe GOD created me for this. I was born to do this.

    Thanks, Rebekah

  41. Manika Peay says:

    Hi my name is Manika Peay.My son Thaddaeus is 15 years old African American. He is out going, funny sings and dance. He has been acting since he was 8 years old, he has had many lead roles in his school plays and musicals. I feel if he was given a chance to audition you would not be disappointed.

  42. nadia francois says:

    Ok, so I can say all sorts of things I think you may want to hear to sell myself, Or I'll just be me. I'm 40 yrs old…i can play age range from 27 to 40 and beyond. I'm a single mother of two with this life long dream of becoming an actress some day. Now that my kids are old enough I thought I would give it a shot. I hope you feel the same. You will not regret it. Thank you.

  43. Orslynne Washington says:

    Hello Mr T.P.

    I am very passionate about acting and love to meet new and exciting people. I also observe and learn a lot when on the set and off. I am very outgoing and an attractive female for many different roles. I can adapt and adjust well in any situation. I'm your next BIG Lead.

    Thanks for your time

  44. Chaylah F. says:

    Dear Mr. Perry

    My name is Chaylah F. and my passion in life is acting. I've been involved in many unpaid productions in my local areas; such as school, church and community projects. I've always loved film and television that is why now I am studying Cinematic Arts and Liberty University. I am outgoing, passionate, self-driven and overall fun to work with. I would love to learn more information about your openings.

    Thank you in advance,

    Chaylah F.

  45. DeMarkus says:

    Hi, I would love to be a part of the movie. I am a comical person ,very humorous. I love to mock people,I also do impressions of various people including general people and actors.I am also a inspiring music artist.

    Age: 32
    Weight: 175lb
    Height: 5'7
    Ethnicity: African American
    Athletic built

  46. connie strong says:

    My dream is to be actress and work with…Tyler Perry

  47. Shanta Williams says:

    I love all Tyler Perry movies and plays my first time I went to a play was when I was in California Tyler Perry keep up the good work and may god bless you always

  48. Thelma Seeti says:

    I would like to audition. I'm a girl from South Africa

  49. Thelma Seeti says:

    Sawubona Mr Perry, I'm Thelma from South Africa and SOOOOO excited I found this site. I'm an actress by talent and just LOOOOOvvee watching your souful inspiring movies. I feel there's a great connection between you and I and given the chance you will love the message i have and the story behind it. You really talk to me in your movies and i'm grateful for that. You can contact me via email to discuss further. Gosh!!! i don't believe i'm really writing to you Mr Perry. I'm so over the moon. will be waitingggg. God bless you.

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