Tyler Perry New Movie

Tyler Perry Movie

Would you like to audition for the new Tyler Perry Movie? Well you came to the right place to find all the new Casting Calls for Tyler Perry Movies.

You new acting career will begin with landing acting auditions and casing calls. This is where directors will seek actors that they hope can play a part in the new movie.

Most of Tyler Perry’s Movie auditions and casting calls will need you as the actor to prepare a 60 second to 2 minute monologue and read from a part of the new script.

Some agencies will hand you a Tyler Perry audition manuscript a few days to a week so you can prepare.

Leave a comment below and tells us why you should be part of the Tyler Perry New Movie Audition in 2013

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  1. bontaya calvin says:

    Hello Tyler Perry my name is bonnie. I'm a single mother of two my oldest child is my 9 year old son who is being home schooled by myself I'm also a licensed hair stylist I love all of your movies and I would like to be a part of your growing family in any way possible I love to act I'm a very good actress I can cry on demand.I would even love to be an extra on one of your shows it doesn't matter. I would volunteer to do the staffs makeup and hair if I have to. I just wanna be apart of something successful in my life. If u can just give me one chance to prove my determination and loyalty to you I promise I will make you very proud that you did

  2. rehema ilundu says:

    Mr. Tyler Perry my name is Rehema Ilundu.I watch all your movies and shows and I also love all your movies and shows. I would love to have at least one chance to work with you. And i would love to be in your team.
    Name: Rehema Ilundu
    Age: 14 years old
    God gave me a beautiful and strong voice and i use it to sing at church and at school. I act, and i also Model. I love you Mr. Tyler Perry. Only God will know when it's my time to go into the Hollywood world and shine. Thank you and God Bless you.

  3. Tonya Jones says:

    Hello my name is Tonya, I think I should be apart of the new movie because im an outgoing person who loves to act an make people laugh an feel good I always tell my family an friends im going to get a role in a Terry Perry movie one day but i was just to scared to do it but i worked up enough wisdom to write an say I can do this i was born to be a actress an make people laugh an feel good im the best at this an loved to act in middle an high school plays I know i can do this an all i need is that one shot to prove my skills.

  4. Kenesha Parham says:

    Hello Mr. Tyler Perry, let me first begin by saying that I am honored to even be writing this message. I appreciate the messages that you send forth in your plays and movies. My Name is Kenesha Parham. I am from a small town called Forrest City, Arkansas. I am a student at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff, majoring in Mass Communications. I am the 3rd of 4 children, and nevertheless a pastor's kid. As a young child growing up in a two parent home I still found myself making many mistakes and still feeling alone. I'm not saying that my parents didn't do the best that they could, I am only saying that I don't use that factor to interpret my future or my destiny. I believe that no matter where you come from your success depends upon you and your desire to do something more with what God has given you. With that being said, I thank you for allowing me to share this with you and I would appreciate this opportunity whether it be now or later. God Bless You and May He Keep You.

  5. Lakasha Mosley says:

    Hello Mr.Perry, Im a 20yr old Detroit young lady that has plenty of acting skillz. Ive been acting since was an 5yr old child. It lead up to me acting in school,plays, as well as church shows. I honestly believe that im the one for the next tyler perry movie, as well as any show. Its life dream to be an actress. Im very good at it. And available for any interview or audition when you come to michigan. Hopefully ill see you soon. And would love to work with you and your crew.

  6. Felicia' House says:

    Hello Mr. Tyler Perry,
    I am a woman who knows her identity. I am told on a daily basis, "You have such a great personality and It draws people." I love literature and reading is one of my hobbies. I am available to travel upon convenience. I have a great voice for narrating.

  7. Lareina says:

    Well I have no acting experience to speak of with the exception of raising 6 children mostly by my self and that you have to act like you don't know a single thing about what you already know they did and keep a straight face as they continue to tell you more nonsense right before you bust them, because you already know what they did. That I have 27 years experience in.

    I am 42yr old Female at 5'4' weighing at 155 with red hair and hazel green eyes.

    I would Love the opportunity to participate in a role with Tyler Perry as the writer/director but mostly in a Madea movie, I personally watch them consistently and my children are convinced Madea is my long lost grandma as our temperaments are so right on the money.

  8. Tamika Bounds says:

    Hello, my name is Tamika and I'm from Philadelphia the city of many talents. I think that I would be a good candidate for this casting call because I can relate to Tyler Perry's style, although I don't have much experiance professionally I consider my self as a very talented and folks around me agree. I am 31 african american female that looks like a 20 year old I can sing not much of a dancer but I have a bubbly additude that draws people in all in all I have what it takes to be a star.

  9. Peregrine Thompson says:

    Dear Mr. Perry, I just need a chance.

  10. travionna says:

    Hello Mr.Perry. My name is Travionna Gavin I am 13 years old and I believe I have everything it takes mainly because I'm a strong believer and I can do anything I set my mind to.

  11. natisha burks says:

    Hi my name is natisha..i am a new actress looking for acting work.i have a diploma in commercial acting iam 271/2 years old,i am smart,funny,out going,in willing to.be apart of tyler perry movie,i know how to make the crowd laught,smile,sad est,i went through alot in my child/adult hood.in i want to show the world what i`m capable of.alot of people doubted me.but im ready.for war to take back my self esteem,my pridw,my joy,,i am a go get e`m.woman.trust me action speak better then words….. Natisha

  12. Mahogany Cottrell says:

    First and foremost my name is mahogany Cottrell and I am 17 years old. I lead a very interesting life growing up a pk ( preachers kid ). Being a pk you always are getting targeted in life whether it being in church,school and amongst your friends. " you can't do that " or " you can't listen to this" and worst of them all " preacher kids are the worst" but honestly it makes you stronger and turn your back to ignorance but good things also come out of it like I became very outgoing Being forced and persuaded in to church plays and preaching on youth Sundays I am use to speaking Infront of crowds and I gained support system outside of my family I also perticipated in musicals, plays and talent shows at school
    Thanks for taking the time to read this – mahogany Cottrell

  13. Latia Dixon says:

    im no big degree having or leaning on milllions im a simple soulful singing girl straight out of charlotte young at 22 and just trying to find my way i have very little experience with attending northwest school of the arts from 6th to 8th grade i have been to musicals operas and plays that have inspired me to care less about these things i laugh at my own struggles because i know it will get better but i praise him in advance so i can laugh giving me a chance would be like gabbling you just never know but if all fails i still have my faith so im grateful no matter what!

  14. Osman Bah says:

    Hello Mr. Perry, I am a naturalized American from Africa.I am a fan of your hilarious movies. You see, most Africans identify with your movies. It is my hope that you could incorporate some of the african culture and tradition into your comedy. I have a masters degree in social work. I am also sending in some short stories for publication. I love comedy and can easily fit into one of your many roles. Please give me a chance and I give you my word; I will strive to measure up to your expectations. I live in Marietta, Ga. Counting on a chance to make a difference. Massive Respect to you and for all the humor you continue to generate.
    Long live Tyler Perry & God Bless!

  15. Michael Green says:

    I am a very talented young man. I have written over 30 songs. I am a single father who can relate to a lot of issues people are experiencing. I don't live in the world of opportunity and would be more than happy if given a chance to live my dreams. I know if given the chance I will make you very proud.

  16. Beatrice says:

    Hello Mr. Tyler Perry, my name is Beatrice. I would love to be apart of your team. I adore you and your hard work and dedication. I thank God for Blessing you and giving you favor. It would be a blessing to have the opportunity to audtion for your movie.

  17. natisha burks says:

    praise the lord..helloe my name is natisha I am a 27 year old woman. who is new in the acting career got a diploma in commercial acting.have not did no acting work yet. but I am looking forward in being in one of your future movies..i am funny outgoing.go get em.not scared to go on an beyond my exspectation.love the lord.my sign is a leo.fire that's right I am the right match for the movie..i am ready in willing to do my thing in show people I don't procrastinate I do it.remember pick someone who is ready…

  18. Kyana Spencer says:

    Hi, I'm Kyana,I am African American.I am 13 years old you should choose me because I have been singing since I was 2 I was raised in church I can act very well plus I've been watching you since I was born.Mr. Tyler Perry I look up to you as a rolemodel and everything you inspire me so much and your movies are so inspiring also.I have a lot of experience in singing please give me a chance and I am sure I can blow you away

  19. Erica says:

    I have a strong zeal for acting and also I think I can bring new flavor to the film industry with my experience and own unique skills .

  20. MONICA DAVIS says:


  21. MONICA DAVIS says:

    i am MONICA DAVIS , i know im the perfect fit for any tyler perry film ,i have been told i am by many people in my town i have light acting experience with billy bob T.sela ward,

    William Devain, and have done a album cover, both jobs i was offered .no try outs. i have character day to day, and im from louisiana, and have had lots of life experience. good and bad im your woman. im 37 try me , and you won't be sorry FyI THIS IS MY DOUGHTER'S E MAIL

  22. peter horne says:

    I have a lifelong dream to become a actor. I couldn't complete it sooner becuase of my past military obligations. I have now transitioned from the service as a career soldier . I recently graduated from John casablanca modeling and talent agency . Now I would like this opportunity to pursue this Dream just need a chance

  23. Yolanda Gilliam says:

    My name is Yolanda, I love all of your movies. I am so happy someone started making films about reality. I actually get offended when some one says they don't like you. But I know a lot of people out there are no where near ready to face the truth in there daily lives. So I know that those are the people that can not re late to your movies. I've always wanted to become an actress. But I want to act with a movie that has meaning. I can put more feelings and emotions into something than just being a character to play a role. I've never wanted to apply due to I look at the size of everyone in your movies. I'm 5"4 and I think I'm too thin to be taken serious. 30yr. Old African American. I did acting long ago in school which I was called for a show only my aunt remembers what. My mom did not want to make the trip to Charlotte n.c. so I have alway felt I've lost my opportunity to become what I always wanted to become. An actress. Thanks so much for at least giving me the opportunity to email you since I don't ever think I will ever meet you in person. Just to say I meet the man I always looked up to for being a strong black man to understand the meaning of reality.

  24. Madison Fant says:

    I'm 5ft 1 @ 110 with quite a punch.
    I have an extensive acting experience of 6 yrs in Theatrical musicals. I'm a freshman attending NC A&T State University majoring in Proffessional Theater.
    It would give me much pleasure to have an opportunity to audition for you.
    Thank you
    Madison( Cabelle) Fant

  25. Daija Labossiere says:

    I am Daija Labossiere, 17 year old teen with great outter appearance, and inner confidence with desires to be among the worlds finest actors. To learn from the best is my dream and my focus. I only ask for an opportunity to show my worth. Thank you in advance.

  26. Jessiah Wilson says:

    Hi my name is Jessiah your show The Have And Have Nots has put confidence in me to tell me that if you put trust in yourself and god then you could amount to anything.I have lots of goals I'm a great singer. I am 15 years old and instead of being on the street this is my dream.And I would really like to help my mom she a single parent she had 2 heart attacks and a strong and If it wasn't for her I wouldn't be here. But Thank You So Much For This Great Opportunity.

  27. lou says:

    I I love acting I feel I have the look and I would like to buy a new wheel chair for my child along with a wheelchair van I would love to star in a Tyler Perry, it has been a dream for me since the first day I saw a Tyler Perry movie

  28. mariana bernal says:

    My name is mariana bernal, I am an outgoing opened minder individual. I like to see myself as a go getter, very ambitious, I would love an opportunity to so off my talent.

  29. Patricia Shaddock says:

    I want to work for you and your team.

  30. Patricia Shaddock says:

    The haves and the have nots inspired me io write you because that is some great acting and I would really appreciate being produced and directed by your team.

  31. Janeeva Graham says:

    My name is janeeva. I'm very abituous and outgoing. I feel like it's time for me to go after my dreams no matter what. I'd rather go after my dreams and fail then not to go after them and regret it for the rest of my life. In the hopes of becoming a actress my biggest accomplishment would be to one day work for Mr Perry. I respect who is as a spiritual person and I think it would be amazing to be in his presence and experience his creativity up close and personal.

  32. Melinda says:

    Hello! Mr Tyler Perry, I would love to be apart of your team. I adore everything that you have accomplished.

  33. Dorshonda Davis says:

    Hi Mr. Tyler Perry. My name is Dorshonda and I am a beautiful black female with a passion for the arts. I have been blessed with a voice and acting capabilities that afford me opportunities to further my endeavour in the acting and singing arts. I am single, have not been blessed with children as of yet, and can play several ages between 15yrs.-35yrs. I am definitely willing to travel and seek out that which God has in stored for me. Ready if you are :)

  34. Quintelle says:

    I'm 14 and ive been singing since i was like e and i would love to be in a tyler perry audition….it would actually be a great honor to be in one of your movies and to work with you. My voice shows how much i have been through. You can name almost anything and i think i have probally been through that. But if you would please consider me to be in your movie/show.

  35. Shantel says:

    Acting is my passion.

  36. Deneen says:

    Mann, finally found it!!! Mr.Tyler Perry, I have enjoyed you since you started out doing Stage Plays. i moved to Texas in 2005 and my mother asked me had I heard of a comedian named Tyler Perry? I responded "no". She said " I want you to watch this "Play". I laughed so hard and I have been laughing since. Since then i have done stand up comedy and enjoyed making people laugh as well. I have done some practical joke acting on my family and friends and I am so convincing it made me want to act and do comedy. "I know" I would be an excellent and fearless actress. I even have some great ideas of my own for movie themes. Thank you for this opportunity to share this information with you and I pray that it reaches you before I have to start dancing in the clubs!!! Laugh out Loud!!! Thank you in advance and God Bless!!!

  37. Ashley McClain says:

    Hello, my name is Ashley and I've always had a passion for acting. I am 15 years old and I am an athletic person. I have a good memory, and it would be my honor to be in your new movie. I love all your movies and shows and I would love to work with you Mr. Perry. Thank you for giving me and anyboby else a chance to follow our dreams.

  38. Yusuf A Malone says:

    I feel that I should be a participate in your film, because honestly it would give me a chance to meet new people and enhance my communication skills. I have also wanted and dreamed in being in a project of yours. I am 16 years old, and I would be grateful to be in your work

    -Yusuf Malone

  39. terrell cunningham says:

    i would really love to get in the acting bizz

  40. Tiera McCoy says:

    Hello. You should pick me because I feel like acting should be apart of my everyday lifestyle. It has always been my dream to be on television or in a movie, to show my skills and how I find it so easy to get in character. I want to show the world that just because you grow up not having nothing and finding it hard to accomplish a goal in life doesn't mean just give up. I've been pushing for a career like this for over ten years and I've been in a couple plays but I never let anything goes discourage me from giving up. If I an chosen I would prove that to all who has given up on their dreams in life that all dreams are obtainable if you have the faith and compassion to work towards it. Thank you.

  41. Alexandra Underwood says:

    My name is Alexandra , I'm Korean an black … Educated and smart. I have lots of goals and ambitions and always wanted to be an actress .I love watching all your movies and plays . You inspire me with all your different was of telling real life African American events that happen today in life. Your settings and plots are amazing . I can relate and connect with a lot of your movies . I would love to star in one of your movies , I would be a great asset to your team. I am 23 years old , and a go getter. If you give me this oppurtunity I will not let you down. Thank you for this oppurtunity .

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