The Winner Is – NBC

The Winner Is - NBC

The Winner Is – NBC Auditions

With so many singing competition shows taking over the television airwaves, there has never been a more exciting time to take a shot at your dream of landing a major label record contract and becoming the next great musical superstar. Now the network that has brought such talent filled hits as The Voice, The Sing-Off and America”s Got Talent is ready to bring the next reality musical competition phenomenon to millions of singing hopefuls and viewers. NBC’s The Winner is is the most unique singing series yet and one lucky artists or group will soon be walking away with 1 Million Dollars! Auditions will soon be held for aspiring singers and musical groups of all ages and submissions for contestants are being accepted now for this unbelievable new contest. This is your chance to raise your voice and change your life forever.

The Winner Is will be a singing competition unlike any other. Solo acts and group ages will compete in head to head vocal duels with the winner of each round advancing closer to the Million Dollar grand prize. The twist in this all new sensational series is that after each performance round both battling acts will have a chance to leave their fate in the hands of a panel of celebrity judges and fan votes OR walk away with a predetermined cash prize. With each round the cash amount goes up and the stakes are raised – will you choose to walk away from your dreams or will you let the judges decide and stay on your path to The Winner Is title? Part The Voice, part game show and all excitement, The Winner Is is ready to change singing competitions as we know them while they crown one lucky vocal act the next singing sensation and a Million dollar winner! Your time to show the world your gifts is here. Casting calls will be going on around the country very soon and submissions for solo acts and groups of all ages are being accepted now. To apply for audition consideration you can send emails here We will post every casting call update as they become available so stay tuned to this page and leave a comment below and tell us why you or your group should be featured on NBC‘s The Winner Is.

Leave a comment below and tells us why you should be part of the The Winner Is – NBC Audition in 2013

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  1. russell couch says:

    hey my name is Russell couch I been trying to get back into singing for a 5 years now I want to the world what they are missing not trying to show off every one has a dream and we singers should have that dream

  2. Catherine Reade says:

    Hi my name is Catherine Reade I have been ready for many years now to perform in front out in and to an audience I have lots and lots of experience please give me a shot! :D

  3. Hayleigh White says:

    Me and my friend chandler are dying to be on the show. it is our dreams to become famous singers it is all it think about. We both perticipated in District Honor Chior in the 8th grade but thats about it. we are both amazing singer and we want to give our gift to the world.

  4. sydnee lofthouse says:

    People have always said that I have an amazing singing voice. My passion is to sing. I would give anything to take my voice to the next level. I believe this show would take my voice to the next level. Thank you for taking the time to read my comment! :)

  5. Hayleigh White says:

    I think me and my friend Chandler Henderson deserve to be on The Winner Is… We have both been singing for as long as we can remember and we are amazing. All i want in life is to become a famous singer and this is my chance. i haven't had many opportunities like this and i want this to be my big break. We can harmonize great and we bring tears and happiness to everyone we sing to. We are both 14 and we want this more than anything in the entire world. Please message me and give me what ever information you possibly can. We need this! Thanks, Hayleigh White

  6. Tammy Nelson says:

    I have written a comment before and ready to perform on The Winner Is! I have lots of experience. Wrote "Beautiful Baby". My range is high C to low F. My passion is singing and blessing people with my God given talent.I sing in Choir,solos, weddings, retirement homes. National anthem for sounds Baseball too. Take voice lessons. 2 years now.
    Hope you enjoy! I am in Nashville and ready to do this. I do great cover songs by Carrie,Reba,Celine dion. My versatility shows in all my styles of songs. Please allow me to make my family proud!
    Thank You.
    Tammy Nelson

  7. Lisa says:

    I am so ready to sing my heart out! Please give me a chance to show my talent I am very excited !! God Bless you all!!!

  8. Anthony Mendoza says:

    My name is Anthony Guillermo Mendoza. I have a twin brother, Guillermo Anthony Mendoza. We both eat, sleep and breathe music. We have been singing since the 3rd grade and we are currently 19 years of age. Fox 11 news did a special on us at 11 years old and that completely changed our lives; Opening many doors (i.e. Tv shows, Movies, Concert performances etc.) We are both SAG members as well and have a lot of experience in the industry however, we have not been contacted for work in over 5 years. We are currently making music in our home studio and we are just praying for an opportunity much like this to give us a shot. We're 2 Latino twins that grew up in South Central Los Angeles. Music got us out of the hood and we owe it to music to actually make something out of ourselves with our talent. It is our dream! please help make it reality.

  9. Richard Hungerford says:

    This is not just my chance but your chance as well to see the one guy that will give it his all. You will definetly wish you discovered me sooner. Look out America, I'm coming!!!

  10. Chris Rodriguez says:

    Greetings world! I'm Chris, and I am packed with 21 years of life. I am here due to my need to entertain and captivate others with my voice and personality. I would love to go on about how much I love music and how it's the air I breathe and etc… But neither of us have time for that. I find it necessary to state that I truly believe, and it might be scientifically proven by my momma that I am put on this earth to entertain and touch the hearts of many through music. All I ask for is the chance to show show that I am what your show embodies while letting my artistry repaint the minds of the world like a canvas.

  11. gracie says:

    my name is grace and am 27years old:music is not just my passion, its my life and i cant wait for the opportunity to share a part of my life with the world, it would be worth it.

    thank you for this opportunity

  12. Chelsey Andersen says:

    My first public singing peformance was at the age of 7. I sang at my sister's baptism 11 years ago, and have been hooked ever since. I actually, my passion began earlier than that, as I wouldask "Mommy do you know thus song" and then I would sing something completely made up on the spot. My Mom would laugh and say "Honey, how could I POSSIBLY know that song?". I receny won our local "Idol" contest, as a first time singer in the adult division, and the youngest – at 18 – to boot (awarded $1000) If given the chance, I would represent your show well.

  13. alyssa ferguson says:

    my name is Alyssa,Iam 12 years old love to sing and play piano been audition a far no luck yet.But,I will never give up.I will keep on trying.My dream is to be a singer.Hopefully.Will have a chance to be in show.Thank you.

  14. espy says:

    hi,this is espy.i am 38 yrs.old.i would love to compete on your show.i wanna share my
    talent and of course,win!

    youtube channels;
    espy humphrey

  15. paul smith says:

    Hello, i'm 48yrs old i can sing ,and dont look my age at all.I've been on tv before twice singing.I'm from the windy city,and i dont have stage fright,or camera shyness.I will deliver my best each perfomance.thank you.

  16. Tajanae Degraffenried says:

    Hello or heyo! I'm Taj and I like to sing well love to sing and my mom hates that, but I don't. So I would like to show her that I can actually do something in life other than graduate. I am 17 years of age and attend Lakes High School in Lakewood, WA. I am in Acapella club and I really enjoy it. Maybe if I make a little success off of it she'll actually believe In me ya know.

  17. Marquita Evans says:


    I think I should be featured on your show because I can sing different genres of music very well. I've been singing for many years and desire to display my talent in a much broader spectrum. The dynamics of this show being part musical talent and game show sounds fun and very interesting! I'd love to be a part of it.

  18. david jason says:

    together in this world with life I have learned that as a partner to the universal industry I am committed and dedicated. Meet life and houston's next big opposition. I feel I am good for nbc because learning a few things as a kid I explored the only existence is faith. Renew

  19. Darla Robinson says:

    Hi! I'm in love with singing!!! I have been singing since birth. I am a 38year old mom of 4, and have been married to my high school sweetheart for 20 years! I have always dreamed of doing something like this. Your show is brilliant!!! I grew up singing in a lot of talent competitions and presently I sing at weddings, ball games, and with the praise band at our church. I love all types of music but soulful music is my favorite. Celine Dion, Whitney, and Elvis are a few of my favorite artists. Please, please, please pick me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Taylor says:

    Hi NBC! My name is Taylor, and I am almost 18 years old. My comment isn't much different than the rest when it comes to how much I love to sing. Right down from in the shower to local talent shows to American idol tryouts when I was 15 years old. I have had this dream since I knew the lines to Oops! I did it again. Singing has been something I can always turn to when life isn't going right or even if it is. it's more then a passion . I have been shy to show off my voice in the past but once I got my own studio set up all I want to do is show the world my voice. I hope I get this opportunity to be on "Winner is" it would be such a dream come true even just to hear back and get the try out :)

  21. Amber DeLaCruz says:

    My name is Amber, I'm 22 years old from a small town Callahan, Florida. I have been singing since I could talk but never thought that I would see myself singing as solo artist and pursuing it as a career. Songwriting came along when I was 19. I love everything about singing and getting an opportunity like would be everything I need.

  22. Erica Brown says:

    I love to sing. Singing is my life. I sing everywhere and anywhere not caring who hears me. When their is solo available in class I always tryout and when i hear their is a musical I tryout because I want my voice to Be heard. If I had the opportunity to sing in front of the whole world I would because i want everyone to know Im not just some random girl wasting her life but the girl who is chasing her dream. Singing means alot to me and helps me tell my story of how I feel. If I get this opportunity for my dream to come true I would be very excited and it would be a dream finally to come true.

  23. Brittany Percle says:

    Hi my name is Brittany Percle iam 18years old. Singing is everything to me! Its what i love and what i think about eeryday! This would be an amazing oppurtinty for me to show the world my voice and what I have to offer! Youtube and tracks is the only way i can show people about my dream but this would be an oppurtinty of a lifetime! Thank You!

  24. Sincere Smithe says:

    Singing is my whole because I have been singing since the age of 2. I am 13 now, and now I think I'm ready for what ever comes in the future.

  25. elizabeth casilla says:

    I have been singing and playing the piano most of my life. I am a complete artist: I sing, dance, play various instruments and i would also like to pursue a serious acting career in the future. As a perfectionist that i am, i give my all in everyting that i do to the point of exhaustion, but i never give up. I believe that with God anything is possible and that with faith we can be anything we want to be in life. My dream is to become a star.

  26. kaitlon taylor williams says:

    hi my name is kaitlon and i love to sing ihave just turend 14 and i have a strong soulful yet modern voice i have been in theater ,texas girls choir and more i would love to particapate thankyou
    to contact me you can email me

  27. armand sparks says:

    hi my name is armand sparks ive been singing since i was 5 years old music is my life and soul the blood that runs through my body i was supposed to b on x factor but i couldnt cus my fiance got really sick and i had to hold off my dreams to take care of her n my step daughter ive been staying in toledo ohio my whole life and theres no chances here to make my self known it kills me to know i can beat most of the people on these shows i just cant get to most of the places they have the tryouts at i dont have that much money so its hard so im reaching out to u guys because i know i can help ur show out and u can help me tackle my biggest dreams im just hoping for a chance to show the world that toledo has alot to offer since they skip over us thank u for listening to me and i wont let u guys down at all i come from a talented family my uncle is one of the four tops and my aunt is shirley murdock im game for whatever u guys throw at me thank you dearly

  28. David Castronovo says:

    Hello. My name is David Castronovo and live in Austin, Texas. I am 44 years young and my career is an airline pilot, but my passion has always been singing. Music has always been an inspiration in my life. I started singing over twenty years ago in karaoke establishments and never stopped. In recent years, I have been a karaoke host, performed at weddings, and other events . I would like to become a contestant on "The Winner Is" and finally make that "jump" to something bigger other than karaoke parties or small events. Hopefully this is my chance. Thank you. Dave

  29. john ellis says:

    hi my name is john ellis and i would love to be a part of your 2013 auditions could you please post dates and location of your next auditions in los angeles thank you very much.

  30. angela says:

    Please keep me updated on audition dates locations n times..

  31. angela says:

    My names angela
    Im 33. a mother of one son named skyler..hes 10 he is my whole world..ive bn told i could sing since i was a child..god givin talent is all i can say..never had any lessons r bn n a band r anything other than singn at home for my love a chance to see what happens..please update me on auditions

  32. Joshua says:

    My name is Joshua Allen McCartney by birth, and I was adopted as a Crouch, but now I am a McCartney once again. Unfortunately I have lived through a lot, unlike many have. I have been abused through my life, and almost died on numerous of occasions. I was born with birth effects, and have lived through so much hurt, and pain. The one BIG reason why I am still san, and happily going as a talented individual. Is that my voice keeps me calm, and when I sing, many enjoy the soul, and energy that goes into each lyric. Although I know that I can still learn lots, I have enough talent to show on The Winner Is Highlight. I would like each, and every person to hear/watch my vocal performance, and feel my emotions, and heart of what I love to do. Sincerely with the best regards! And with a sincere Smile :) JAM

  33. Imani says:

    I was born to sing! Singinging is my passion! All I do is sing! I've been singing in church since I was 5 & I sang in school chorus up until middle school. All I need is one opportunity to get in front on the judges, an audience & America & I'm certain you will agree that I have the 'It Factor'. I will be 15 in Nov, this could be my lucky break!

  34. Hay says:

    Hello. I'm a 17 year old singer, songwriter, pianist, guitarist, actress, comedian and high school student :). In all seriousness, I would love to be a contestant on the upcoming show, The Winner Is. I've been performing on stage since I was 6 years old and love to be challenged and love an audience :)

  35. Sophornia Pickett says:

    First time seeing the show tonight and I was hooked. Can't wait for my chance to audition. I'm not perfect, but I've been blessed with a power house voice, all I need is a chance to show it.

  36. Aariona Kelley says:

    Hi! Im Aariona and I'm 14 years old
    And my family is also dealing with money issues i think I'm a pretty good singer and i love to perform
    for people :)

  37. Gracie Spray says:

    My daughter Gracie is 8 years old. We truly believe she has a God given talent for singing. She loves to share her talent with everyone she meets. It would be an awesome experience for her to be on this show. Thanks!

  38. Arnita McClinton says:

    My name is Arnita McClinton and I am 43 years old wit six children. I would love to become a talent on your show and have always wanted to sing. It's been my life long dream and I owe my life to my six kids. They have been here for me through thick and thin. I have struggled with many, many problems. Singing would be my way of showing my family and telling them from my heart how I feel.

  39. gerald grunberg says:

    i have been on all the shows and cannot make it by the 1st set of judges on the voice, x factor and america's got talent. the second time i made it to the 2nd set of judges on americas got talent. i need america to hear my voice i have 5 octaves i sing opera, broadway blues and just about anything. i have to get in front of a camera. i am on facebook,you tube and singsnap if you go to go to watch and listen go to members type in ricoshet and after listening to my songs i am sure you will want me on your show your ratings will go through the sky when you hear my voice i will leave it at that. i won't tell you my age just listen to my songs email me if you want me on your show

  40. Julianna Rowe says:

    Hi! My Name is Julianna Rowe. I am 22 yrs. old and I LOVE to sing. I am currently attending college with a major in music & I have had some voice training. I sing for weddings,special occasions & events, and I won the local talent contest, but I really burst into song everywhere I go. I sing in my church and I am a member of my college's traveling quartet & touring group. Singing runs in my family. Both of my grandmothers had good voices. One sang on the radio with her sister and the other in her church/for weddings and such.I have a brother and sister that also sing. I think that being on The Winner would be an interesting and fun experience and would give me a chance to meet other singers, to step up, and to achieve a bit of my dream. "Sing for what you can give to others"

  41. passion says:

    I've been singing since I 5 and o canto picture myself without it if i one this money it will change everything me and my family are having money issues and it hurts to stand back and watch I want to be a singer now I'm 15 now and I want to sing more than anything please

  42. Faith Mattson says:

    Hi, my name is Faith Mattson. I am a 14 year old girl, from a small town. Singing not only is my hobby, but my passion. I have been singing my whole life, and could only dream of doing it professionally. I have been in choir for school since I was in elementary school, and I have also done numerous musicals. Singing for this show, would not only give me a chance to show my talent, but it would help my family and I tremendously. I really do hope you can consider me. It would be an honor to be a contestant on The Winner Is.

  43. Ian says:

    Hi I'm Ian. I am 13 years old. I am in the chools choir since I was 8. I have been singing in church for some while. I have been the lead act in a talent show and our school video.I was in Honor Choir this year. I am known to sing and being a singer. I hope I get on the show! It would be an opportunity to just be on TV. I want to be famous some day.

    Thank you! :)

  44. Caulin says:

    My name is Caulin and I am 14 years old. I have been singing since I was 3. I've been singing in the church band for 3 years and lead the youth band on a regular basis. I love to sing and entertain and I would love the opportunity to be on your show. Thanks and see you soon (hopefully)!

  45. Carmilla Casteal says:

    My daughter deserve a chance to be on The Winner is. She is 12 years old but has a voice that can bring you to your knees and tears to your eyes. She's very active in school and in her church. One of her many aspirations is to become a singer.

  46. Carl Conte says:

    How can I find out when and where the next auditions are for the winner is? This show is a chance for my voice to be heard.

  47. morgan kerr and mercedes rodrigeuz says:

    my name is morgan kerr my best friand mercedes and i would love to be on the show the winner is and you only live once. and i would like to live my life amazingly. we are in 7th grade im 11 and mercedes is 12 and this would be an amazing experience for us. if we dont win the show we would still be winners in the end because we would have so much fun and we would be able to do this together if you could only help us live our dream.

  48. Bianca says:

    My name is Bianca and I'm a 19 year old singer-songwriter of Cuban/Jamaican decent. Singing is what I absolutely love to do and I want to share my voice with the world! I would love to have a part in this amazing opportunity!!

    Thank you.

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