Haunted Hathaway’s – Nickelodeon

The Haunted Hathaway's - Nickelodeon

The Haunted Hathaway’s – Nickelodeon Auditions

Here it is, another terrific Nickelodeon sitcom coming to the airwaves and more amazing opportunities for up and coming actors of all ages to land a breakthrough role in what is sure to be the next hit series that will have millions of viewers talking. The Haunted Hathaway’s has been ordered to series for the worldwide family friendly network and now the producers and casting directors of this super-hilarious supernatural production are on the lookout for talented performers just like you to fill a number of incredible roles. Auditions will be taking place very soon and submissions are being accepted now from performers everywhere.

The Haunted Hathaway’s is a hilarious high concept comedy that is set to turn the “traditional” family sitcom on it’s head. When the Hathaway women (Mother Michelle and her two young daughters Taylor and Frankie) move to New Orleans to start a new life they find that their new house is already being occupied by a father and his two sons – who just so happen to be ghosts! Can The Hathaway’s and The ghostly Preston’s find a way to get along? It’s the Brady Bunch meets the supernatural as these two family’s learn to live together and grow to care about each other in this fabulous new production  This is a Nick comedy like you’ve never seen before and promises to be a casting call opportunity that you won’t want to miss. Auditions for The Haunted Hathaway’s are being planned now for this sure to be hit series and several exciting roles will be up for grabs for performers of all ages. Submissions are being accepted now from actors of all types and you can get in on the action by heading here facebook.com/pages/BriceGergely-Casting/114394491908027 for more information. We’ll post more casting update as soon as they become available and be sure to leave a comment for us and tell us why you want to be considered for a role in the all new Nickelodeon family comedy The Haunted Hathaway’s.

A brand new smash hit family comedy is coming and so is your chance to be a part of it. Apply today for your chance to be cast in Nickelodeon’s The Haunted Hathaway’s.

Leave a comment below and tells us why you should be part of the Haunted Hathaway’s – Nickelodeon Audition in 2013

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164 People are talking about Haunted Hathaway’s – Nickelodeon

  1. Tashaun Evans says:

    I am 10 that is know for acting and i am a huge fan of THE HAUNTED HATHAWAYS and i also do awesome pranks one time i got hot water and poured it on my cousin i will be a great edition in the show

  2. Nyonica says:

    Hi I love ur show I'm a big fan of luie and I love to Make jokes and sing and act like people so tell me

  3. Nyonica says:

    Hi I'm aten her old girl and I would love to be on your show because I love Frankie she is so funny and luie

    P.s I'm a great singer and iv Been singing sense iv been in dipers.

  4. nyonica says:

    I'm a 10 year old girl I think it would be fun getting to meet the cast and get to have afun time with them.

  5. serenity says:

    I am 10 going on 11 and I would love to be on the show because I think it would be cool I am also a great singer

  6. Aniya says:

    I love the haunted Hathaway I am 13 I love to pull pranks on people scare them sing and have fun and hang with family and friends
    race: African American/ White
    DOB: August 12 2001
    City: erie pa
    color hair: Brown
    eyes: brown
    height: 4'5
    Weight: 1.10

    eyes: Brown

  7. Sherice Given says:

    My name is sherice given I'm. 10 yrs old going on 11 I think I would be great in this show I'm a great actor singer dancer and entertainer and if I would be on this show his will be a big step up for my dream job being a celebrity or mega star

  8. Luis Lagunas says:

    13 year old skater from Santa Ana trying to live out his dreams

  9. Travis moon says:

    I think i would be good to be on the hunted hs because i feel confident in my self to play a part in my favorite show. I have black hair brown skin an i am 11 years old. Thank u

  10. Keion says:

    Hi, my name is Keion Rogers and I am a 12 year old boy. I love to act and sing. I have been in many plays for my school. I love the show Hunted Hathaways and would love to be on the show. I hope you pick me.

  11. Jalynn Watson says:

    um hi contact my mom she would like to dicuss the information over the phone

  12. precious hodges says:

    Hi my name is precious i am 12years old i love to act and play football but i manly love watching haunted hathaways.ever sense i seen the first episode i wanted to be part of the cast.if u dont pick me i will still audition for shows but it wont be better than haunted hathaways.pick me:)

  13. Precious hodges says:

    My name is precious i am 12 years old i like to rap a little with my family and i love acting i am also a huge haunted hathaways fan i am also a great prankster and i love being on camera and that's why I should be part of of the haunted hathaways no doubt about it

  14. Xavion miller says:

    I am a 11 year old that knows how to rap sing I know how to do alot of things I like acting I am a boy African American light brown eyes black hair I like hunted hathaways I could be louie brother I just love the show and Frankie

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