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So You Think You Can Dance Auditions

Think you can dance? Want to prove it in front of an audience of millions on America’s hottest dance competition show?  So You Think You Can Dance is coming soon with it’s 9th entertaining season and producers are searching the country for the most fresh and exciting undiscovered dancing talent. If you’ve got the moves this is the show for you.

Airing on FOX, the home of television’s most popular talent competition shows, So You Think You Can Dance features the world’s most gifted and versatile dance performers battling it out for a grand prize of $250,000 dollars! Hosted by the lovely and talented Cat Deely, So You Think You Can Dance is a show that truly makes you earn it’s crown. Dancers are put to the test with solo and group challenges in a number of dance styles. Celebrity judges Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy critique each performer on technique and showmanship such diverse genres as hip-hop, club, classical, jazz and even musical theater. Do you have what it takes to adapt quickly to different dance styles and routines? Can you choreograph your own steps and wow the judges and the home viewing audience? If you think you can you may just be the next So You Think You Can Dance champion! For information on this seasons casting calls you can head here And be sure to leave a comment below and check back for SYTYCD developments as they happen.

So You Think You Can Dance is not just a competition show, it is a test of talent and will. Take the challenge and begin your journey today. The time is now. Don’t just think you can dance, show the world that you have what it takes by winning season 9 of So You Think You Can Dance!


Leave a comment below and tells us why you should be part of the So You Think You Can Dance – FOX Audition in 2013

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  1. Trevon Callahan says:

    Hello my name is Trevon Callahan and I'm ready to take my dancing to into lights and show the world my talents of dance styles. I am more of a modern contemporary style but willing to learn everything. Here's one of my dance videos that I uploaded. Music by Sia:Chandelier

  2. christian alford says:

    My name is Christian I love to dance and my form of dancing is dubstep my family and I think that I'm really good and I'm really hoping to win

  3. valerio says:

    hi …Hello … i really enjoy your i would like to participate but i'm Italian and i am not informed about the dates of the hearing and is a problem that i am italian ? I would like to know how and if i can participate you send the same a link to a my video

  4. Daniel Chaplin says:

    The reason I would like to be on So You Think you can Dance is that I am a really great dancer, because I have danced ballroom, school show choir for 2 years, freestyle dancing, hip hop dancing, couples dancing, rock dancing, contemporary dancing, and break dancing. It would be helpful if the auditions came to Birmingham AL

  5. Monique Allen says:

    Hello my name is Monique Allen. I'm submitting this request for my son divine Wilson, since he is 10 years old under 18. Divine has a unique talent of dancing. He dances hip-hop style, taps and also takes ballet lessons! Dancing is his passion. He has been dancing since he was 2yrs old. I can’t take him to anybody’s party without him turning it out like its his day! Divine wakes up dancing and go to bed dancing always asking if me or his dad can videotape him! Also to share he also had the opportunity to perform on the Apollo stage in Harlem NY, (which was not aired on national T.V.) where he won first place child star! Divine dream is to perform on national television, and represent his city which is Baltimore, Md. This would be a dream come true!!!

  6. Marisa says:

    My name is Marisa Vaninetti and dancing is what I am. I am in tune with myself the most when I am dancing, without it my passion is gone. I was born for this.

  7. nahjee says:

    my name is nahjee funnie and im 15 yrs of age im from georgetown sc and im a dancer.When i was 5 yrs old i always wanted to become famous, when i saw season 10 of so you think you can dance this named fuk-shun was danceing to a song. fuk-shun inspired me to perform infront of people in school and the streets. i have so much pepole on my side telling me that i will become famous i just hope that there is somebody is out there that will read this message and me a shot at what i can do so i can show the world that you dont have to be afraid about what people say to you and, just brush it off your shoulder and keep moving forward,until somebody calls you up and say your next to perform.

  8. Music says:

    I am in an entrepenuer class @ Crossgate Christian Academy and we are triing to start an internet radio station but noone has a clue how to start it. It would be great if we could get any help. Thanks, Quinton.

  9. TaRon Tisdale says:

    Hi my name is, TaRon Tisdale and I would like to take an addition for so you think you can dance. I've followed you guys all over but never got my chance and I think that I can go far with this. So if you can please help me by getting in touch with me please and thank you.

    . TaRon Tisdale

  10. Tyrese Thomas says:

    I want to show the world that I can dance

  11. Hannah says:

    Hello I have been watching SYTYCD since I was 8 yrs old. I am now 19 and have been waiting for this opportunity to finally audition. I am even more excited that the auditions will be coming to boston! I am well trained in many styles of dance and feel that I would be a great canidate for the show. My mom even saved Hot Tamale train tickets that I made when I was 10. So here I come SYTYCD hoping to get on that train. Thank You

  12. Aaron Miller says:

    Dance is a part of me and makes me who I am. I am 23 and I have danced for 18 years. I wake up every morning and the first thing I do is dance. Dance makes me who I am. When I hear music I can't help but start to dance. I have not only danced but started to teach dance at 18.Dance is what I live my life for everyday. I even go out in public, and hear a song at a satire and start to dance. Where I am from people know me as the dancer man lol. Dance shows in every part of my life. It would be a huge honor to be a part of the show

  13. trey says:

    Hey my name is trey and i love to dance and I know I can dance

  14. Jillian Skidmore says:

    I just want to show the world what I can do! I have been dancing since i was 4 and now I'm 24 and I'm ready to get out of my small town and do something big! I love SYTYCD! And I think I would bring so much to this show!

  15. aaron rhodes says:

    when are the audition for so you think you can dance for 2013 in new jersey

  16. shamonica says:

    hi!!!sytycd, i want to start by sayin i love the show .IM a hip hop/contemporary dancer from the midwest,ive been dancing for 16years now, i went from talent shows, ballet training, dance crews, concerts,parades,and etc. I nce, its my PROFESSION AND DREAM and i would to to become part of the show.ive audition back for season 7 and im willin to come back since ive improve my skills and show that theirs still talent people whom still deserve a chanceto become and be american favorite dancer. I had already mentioned i love the show and been watchin since season 1(2005) and may i say its been a success especially for other dancers such as i to have a chance to prove that anything is possible and always keep willing to travel to audition and show sytycd that i have what it takes and willing to bring more action to the show.i want this very bad and im ready to liveand become my dream as a is my bet friend and dancing is my lover so bring it SYTYCD SEASON 10 TO THE MIDWEST OR JUS BRING IT prepare and ready for the SEASON 10…PLEASE POST THE AUDITION..WE ALL ARE READY ..PLEASE POST POST POST THE VENUS..

  17. josephine tripodi says:

    i am writing on behalf of my daughter who has the passion of dance since she was born. She has been through a tought couple of years and dance has help her through it along with family. she has no idea how remarkable she is. i would like to know the auditions dates so i can help her keep getting stronger.

  18. Joey Thompson says:

    My name is Joey Thompson and I am from NM. I am 22 yrs old and have put the dream to be on SYTYCD on hold for 4 years. I am a contemporary dancer but also do well in Hip- Hop, Jazz, Broadway, Ballroom, Latin, Modern, and Bollywood. I dropped out of school last semester (New Mexico State University) Where I was studying dance, so that I can travel and try and make my dreams come true with out school because it was really expensive. SYTYCD is my last chance. Please let me know when auditions are. One world, One love, Share it.♥

  19. Matthew Sudduth says:

    I have not gone to school for dance, nor studied dance in any other professional fashion. Instead I have been dancing to live local music in the Minneapolis, MN area for the last few years. I am known in the local music scene here as Dancing Matt or Rage Dancing Matt. I have developed an improvisational dance style my friends have deemed rage dancing. The purpose of my dance style is to feed back the energy live musicians give to the crowds, which in Minneapolis often is never reciprocated. As a result I often compensate for the lack of energy in the audience and try to spur other people to dance as well. I know I can dance. I know I have the natural talent to learn other techniques, but I want to be original. I want my art form to be my own, and it is.

  20. Trixie Heart says:

    I want to audition for next season of stycd I do ballet,modern,jazz,contempoary,hip-hop,krumping, country line dance and use to be a gymnastic coach at a college I am 21 mixed Chinese and Russian classical trained in ballet by Michelle Langley for 8 years from 2 -15 and was on pointe. Just want to know when are auditions would love to give this a shot.

  21. Julian says:

    Dance is just technique its about the movement and passion that illumiates your body into become something unreal. A feeling thats untangiable and could never be replaced its the love of dance makes me want to move on everyday and strive to be the person i am destine to be.

  22. Kris LaGrue says:

    my name is kris LaGrue im 19 years Old ive been dancing since 12 yaers Of age I dance To Hip hop Pop i can dance to Taylor swift to some of her songs I begine to dance to michael jackson whine i was 15 years old Really im Just a street Dancer whos lookiing For the Light i wone My school Talnet show 2 yaers in Row this is what i wanna do i cant think of nothing in this world im 5 ft 9 and i wanna show you guys that your going to like what you see

  23. Mychal V. Harris says:

    I have been dancing off and on since the age of 9. First tap dance, then line dance then clown dancing and for the past 5/6 years I've been technically dancing at El Camino College. I'm a part of a dance company (FDA: Funderburk Dance Artists Directed by Michelle Funderburk). I am a student choreographer currently at the college; since attending "El Co" I have choreographed quite a few pieces as well as have been a part of pieces choreographed by Pam Santleman (ECC Dance Dept Director), Angela Jordan and Kim Borgaro. Although I am still working on my technique, I have grown and due to my athleticism, thanks to 13 years of Track & Field, I KNOW THAT I CAN BRING MORE THAN JUST A PIONTED FOOT AND TURN OUT TO THIS SHOW!!

  24. Kim says:

    I'm writing on the behalf of a beautiful person that don't know how good at dancing she really is. I just think it should be showcase. I just want her to do what she love to do. Dance is in her blood.

  25. Shauna Sharae says:

    DANCE is my second nature! I have been dancing since i could catch a beat as very young girl.I have the ability to create choreography as well as freestyle hip hop, lyrical,jazz etc. Dance runs through my veins,..i can honestly say dance is my passion its just time to showcase my true gift to the yes, i do think i can dance!

  26. Thomas Clinkenbeard says:

    Hi my name is Thomas Clinkenbeard, better known as DDR. I have been dancing for about 7 years now and I would love to show that I don't just think I can dance, but I know that I can dance. With every challenge ever thrown at me by anyone who doubt's me i've proven them wrong. One of the reasons why I would like to audition is because i've continued to hide ("the one thing i love to do and that is to dance") Inside me everyday everywhere I go, it's time for me to come out this cell and show what I've been locking up inside me.

  27. derrick braxton says:

    hi my name is derrick braxton no relation to toni thank you.just joking, well i have been watching the show for some time now and i love what you all do to get these talented dancers out there. i have been dancing for some time now and its time to get out there. i been teaching dance to the inner city youth for for about a while now and im happy to what i do. im in the style of hip hop,robtic anaimation, dubstep dance, and african. im a fast learner in other styles as well i want to make my wife and baby girl very happy adn by doing that i need to work hard at what i want to do. if i ahd the chance in the competiton i would show the world that a 25yr old young man from nj can make a spark on the sytycd stage. i can all i would need is the chance to prove it. this is a calling to be something better. i would love to here from you all thank you for reading my calling.

  28. Christina wong says:

    I feel like in a dancer at heart I haven't been able to take any lessons dancing but in high school I was in the general dance program where we did many different styles of dance and also choreographed our own dances I have a passion for dancing and I'm into many different styles if dancing I feel like a completely different person when I step in to a stage to dance I feel free, I always put my heart and soul into any piece I have danced and that's why I would give anything to get the chance to even try.

  29. emmy says:

    My name is Emmy, I am 20 Years old and I have been dancing since I was 2. I have a pretty good backround but now I have just focused on Salsa. Please let me know about auditions, I am from miami and I'm dying to get on SYTYCD.

  30. Lucy says:

    Hi my name is Lucy and i am 17 years old and i am from east l.a and i want to be in SYTYCD because i want to learn cyber styles out there!!:D i am open minded . The only style i dance is hip hop, jazz and ballet :) please give ME a chance to audition to make it to the top , i want to be an inspiration and the first to go to SYTYCD from east l.a . Please give me this opportunity because I've been dreaming of this for my WHOLE life!!!! Dancing is my passion<3

  31. Tammy Johnson says:

    Love the show! Hope you're having more seasons.

  32. sureshbabu says:

    good show

  33. Keri Awe says:

    HI, I'm Keri! I'm a 25 year old mother of two, and I have been dancing since I was three. I would like to be a part of SYTYCD because I'm built for this. I've taken lessons in many different types of dance from ballet, to point, tap, jazz, the whole shtick. I'm good at what I'd do, and I would work very hard to do well on the show. Dancing in my passion.

  34. Max says:

    PLease let me know the season 10 auditions cities and dates. I can't wait. I'm finally 18 and eligible this year.

  35. orlando santiago jr says:

    hey sytycd im making my way to the dance scene. i was born and raised in the empire state. i have been dancing ever since the first time i heard music. and im talking about any type music. dance and choregraphy are my passion. its like doing something your supposed to do. entertaining people is my speciality. I have many forms of dance. hip-hop, pop-lock, break, also including hispanic traditional dance. such as salsa, merengue, bachata, modern dance, freestyle, house, krumping, animation, anything you put in front of me i love the challenge of learning more way to expand my talent.i believe i have the pure raw talent to particapate in your show. please contact me with the auditions date for the new york showing. i do this for the love of dance n the way it make people enjoy very hard-working and very passionate.thanks and god bless

  36. Korey C says:

    Hey My name is Korey Colvin Im 22 And From Queens Ny But Live In ALbany ny. Ive dancing for as long as i can remember. I grew up in a family that was loving and supportive ,But while growing up i was always the different one. I never played sports in School I Did things like dance classes. I have never been to a performing art school or had any training. I Just have The natural skill to dance and Pick Up What Ever Is Being Taught to me. this opportunity would be the best In The World.

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