Silent Library – MTV

Silent Library - MTV

MTV is holding auditions for their hit game show “Silent Library”

They are search for younger outgoing teams of males or teams of females from the ages of 18-28 to join the new season of MTV’s Silent Library! Every episode will have six male or females working as a group to win the cash. Every new round the six members will play a game of chance and one will be picked to do a dare. If they complete the dare without the contestant or his teammates laughing they get the CASH!

MTV is looking for people, who are fun and have a good sense of humor. If you have a team of six already, that’s a HUGE plus!

Leave a comment below and tells us why you should be part of the Silent Library – MTV Audition in 2013

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  1. maritza says:

    we are a group of young womens with kids
    and w would like to participate so that we can take our kids to Disneyland.
    we all work but we only earn enough money just to pay our bills.

  2. Kelsey says:

    Have a group of soccer girls who want to raise money for their soccer team so they can go over seas and play soccer there. Very outgoing and great time. It would be a great time if given the chance but definitely understand if not chosen. Have a great day!

  3. Justina says:

    I have a wild/crazy group of friends plus myself thats down to have fun! Adventure calls every time we're together. We're fans of the show and would absolutely love to be on the show!

  4. Thomas says:

    I'm a big fan of the show and have been for a few years. I'm 23 and I think I'd make a great candidate for the show because I have an awesome sense of humor and I'm willing to suffer just about any form of humiliation. I've always wanted to be on the show since I first watched it.

  5. Dre says:

    well to start off me and my team are very big fans of this show. I think we might have what it takes to complete any task given. Not only do we believe that we qualify for the silent library challenge we also believe that our team is one strong competitive team who can get all the task done in silence . We all know that hard work pays off and this will be one of the biggest challanges that we will acheive to acomplish . My group is in the age range of 18 +. We will gratey appreciate a chance to participate and make this MONEYYYY!!

  6. Sosa says:

    Hey Silent Lib, we are 6 kinky roller derby girls from THE NYC BIB. Ranging from sizes of 6 foot to 4'11. WE LOVE TO BRING THE PAIN….. ON AND OFF THE ROLLY RINK and I think we are JUST what your looking for. Thank you and good night MTV ✌


  7. jasmine pringle says:

    Im outgoing,my age is 21 im always down to do crazy things. I love silent library and i think i am ready to be put to the test.

  8. Keyla Seals says:

    I have the most funniest family and we would be perfect for this show. I love watching the crazy things they do on this show. Its so funny and i want to see if me and my family could do the same without laughing. Please give us the opportunity.

  9. Evelyn says:

    I am a big fan of this show I love seeing what people are capable to do for money. I'm from New Jersey and I would love to put myself and my friends in a challenge. I have 3 Male and 3 Females including my self, or females only whatever is best for you guys.We are 19-21 years old. I really hope you choose me.Thank you

  10. Rose says:

    You shoul have BTS, Bangtan Boys on the show they're a really popular funny crazy and talented s.k. boyband don't know if you should choose them watch any of their videos on youtube you will not find any funnier or crazier people XD

  11. Riza says:

    A group of us girls from Toronto are definitely a good time. Currently in our first year of university, we know how to create a good time from nothing. There is never a silent moment and everything is hilarious to us. We would never back down from a challenge and we're up for ANYTHING. We would definitely be entertaining to watch. Hope to hear from you guys!

  12. dylan chase says:

    i have 4 people counting me. we are all fathers and we are trying to do this for our kids to give them a good laugh and to pay some bills and what not. we are ready for anything even eggrolls out of a fat guys jelly rolls.

  13. Nyerie says:

    It's obvious we're the chosen ones we're on youtube justkings and on intagram @just.kings , check us out when you gotta chance. We're gonna make so it best off yu get us on the show now.

  14. Taharah Cox says:

    I,including myself have a group of classy but silly ladies. we all like to crack jokes and laugh around. they all call me the comedian lol but we'll be great contestants for this show and this show would be an awesome challenge/oppurtunity for us. we'd love to be on this show and for sure will win every round lol and that is guaranteed!
    thank you btw, I'm watching the show now and it's getting me too excited!!!!!

  15. Marlene says:

    I think me and my friends would be perfect for slient library because we love making each other do and see wierd things . We love doing dumb stunt challenges and we also love making money and entertaining televison.

  16. sal lopez says:

    When I watch silent library I think of me & my five high school friends we are always doing stupidity things together but always a blast we would be perfect to be apart of your cast.

  17. Colton Conway says:

    My twin brother Cody, friends Austin, Quentin, Alan, and Nate and I from Pittsburgh PA are very funny and outgoing we constantly play pranks on each other and try to make each other laugh. Being on Silent Library would be both a challenge and nothing that we haven't tried before please pick us to be on the show and it will be the funniest episode ever we are all between the age of 18-21 Quentin and Alan have no idea we are doing this and Nate and Alan are the two that would bring the most laughter being in the challenges I promise you if you pick us we won't let you down!!

  18. Hannah C. says:

    I have a group of six people and we are wanting to go on the show. We are funny,crazy, and cool. We love to have fun. I hope y'all choose us!

  19. Yaritza says:

    My friends and I are all 18 and older, we enjoy having fun and we love to laugh and just joke around. We want to try something new and exciting and fun haha. What better way of making a complete fool of ourselves then joining this show? Hope to see you soon :)

  20. Rubina Johnson says:

    Hey me&my 5 friends are very funny and love doing crazy things .we all are 28 and we're in louisiana . And we need the cash

  21. Elizabeth bernal says:

    Me and my friends are hilarious and are always up for a challenge of dares ! We are crazy and down for anything thrown our way lol we are a funny crazy group of girls and we can make anybody laugh ! We are hot young and ready to play for some cash !!!

  22. Tyler DeLilly says:

    I'm trying to join with my five friends

  23. Sara Wehlander says:

    My friends and I are all over the age of 21, female, and love this show! We would be a great group to have on Silent Library.

  24. Alexandria Ryan says:

    Hello were all over of the age of 21 we are all interested in doing the silent library 2 males and 4 females. We are in Missouri.

  25. Ashley Honeycutt says:

    I have a crazy group of fun girlfriends! I am 22 and they are all between 22-24 and we are from Tennessee and would love to be on the show!! P.S. they're beautiful and do not know I'm doing this

  26. Justin Robarts says:

    Team of 6 who are used to playing pranks on each other, similar to the silent library realm. A lot of our ideas are plays off of the show, such as being slapped by buttered pancakes on a ceiling fan, driving an imaginary car while having fish thrown at you. etc. We'd love to play, it would be a dream come true.

  27. Wynell Pompey says:

    My friends and I enjoy having each other look like total fools…. but we all have something in common we love making money lol

  28. Shanise says:

    Hey! My name is Shanise and I'm 21 from Hawaii. My friends are between the ages 18 and 23. We're all down to earth and do anything for a fun time. We're all really close, and what better way to have our 15 minutes of fame than together on a show like Silent Library? Lol I can already imagine it, it'd be super cool if we were chosen. Please and thaankk youuuu! Btw, they don't know I'm doing this hahaha

  29. Greg says:

    Me and my 5 friends are all 18+ and are great looking guys who know how to have fun always doing crazy stuff for the simple reason of having a great laugh. We all love this show and would love nothing more than to be a part of it, just let us know a date and a time and were there. Please reach out to us, thanks.

  30. Brandon Hopkins says:

    I have 5 silly and my self who is fun and crazy and will try any thing.See y'all soon I hope

  31. Michael Bell says:

    i have me and my friends and we love to do crazy things

  32. Nicole Morales says:

    I have a group of 6 fun, contagious laugh contestants. I have 3 males and 3 females that are interested, but if you're looking for a group of 6 females that can be arranged! Give us a chance to make your audience pee their pants!!!!!

  33. Tim says:

    I have a group of friends i want to dare to do this with me. We're always watching the show and were always daring each other to do stuff.

  34. Desiree carson says:

    I have five of the worlds most silliest friends ever that's laughs at the most simple shit!!lol were a mix posey hi that's ready to take on your challenges :-P lol

  35. stephanwidmer says:

    We are a group of guys we all grew up togethall different backgrounds and at rate camera friendly guys great personality s and willing to do what it takes to create a good show thanks for reading hope to hear back

  36. Brianna Crittenden says:

    My Friends &' I Are All Very Outgoing . We Are Alaays Looking For Something Crazy To Do … We Sit Up &' Watch Silent Library &' Laugh &' Joke As If It Was Us On The Show . You Only Have One Life , So We Live Ours To The Fullest !!

  37. Jarren Harward says:

    We have a group of 6 college students. That will do pretty much anything. No challenge is to big. We are guys. And your show would be better with us on it! Hit us up!

  38. abby hollingshead says:

    We never turn down a dare!

  39. Chelsea says:

    I have a team of 3 wild men and 3 intense females who are just waiting for you to tell us we can be on our way. Let us know and we ARE THERE!!

  40. cordarin bailey says:

    I really want to be on this show

  41. Dominique Williams says:

    I have 5 wonderful friends and we are all super goofy. We're 20 years old and are always telling jokes and laughing. I think this would be a great challenge for us.

  42. Kyle Leuallen says:

    My name is Kyle and I think I be perfect for silent library because me and my friends would always make people laugh and I think we would all enjoy messing with each other in this game show lol plus it's a good experience and I love the host facial expressions in the whole show. This is why we show compete in your silent library.

  43. Fernando Barajas says:

    Me and my friends never back down from a challenge!

  44. Heidy Hernandez says:

    I think this would be great to do with all six of my female friends because we would get closer and earn money for our college fee and this would be a fun silent opportunity.

  45. mike mcclain says:

    I am a dare devil not scared to do anything

  46. Cassidy Vink says:

    I have 5 hot 18 year old friends and myself. We're all crazy as hell and we like to do crazy. Hit us up. We're in Cali.

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