Silent Library – MTV

Silent Library - MTV

MTV is holding auditions for their hit game show “Silent Library”

They are search for younger outgoing teams of males or teams of females from the ages of 18-28 to join the new season of MTV’s Silent Library! Every episode will have six male or females working as a group to win the cash. Every new round the six members will play a game of chance and one will be picked to do a dare. If they complete the dare without the contestant or his teammates laughing they get the CASH!

MTV is looking for people, who are fun and have a good sense of humor. If you have a team of six already, that’s a HUGE plus!

Leave a comment below and tells us why you should be part of the Silent Library – MTV Audition in 2013

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  1. Vincent sumpter says:

    Hey mtv ima bigg fan of your show.i have three females and three male who is willing to participate in your show.we are from nyc and all 18 and over .were ready to give your show some good laughs.

  2. Calvin says:

    I think I have a team that you would want to watch and feel like you would be apart of us , laughing and trying to accomplish the task.

  3. Michael Kimble says:

    I have the most amazing group friends in America hands down the funniest group of friends you'll ever meet. We're hilarious combine .. We been friends ever since high school and we're all attending the same college in Berkeley Ca. You should pick us to be in the show because we might just be the rarest group of friends ever and we can totally entertain a huge crowd without even trying. We're all 21 and we know each other very well, people thinks we're really funny and every time time we hangout somewhere we just end up making a lot of noise which is a huge problem whenever we're in our school library. Feel free to follow us on Instagram @gmoneyjettason @dudeimbenihan @fuccerfashion @grandioselifestyle @realmenelik check us out .. We're too funny for our own good aha lmao

  4. Quincy Humphrey says:

    Man ! Best 6 man team coming from Houston Tx .
    Physically and mentally ready for these challenges while having some hilarious people to guide the way . To stoked personalities , and nothing to handle mind sets

  5. Kellie T says:

    This show will prove that physical pain is nothing compared to mental perseverance. My team of 6 will dominate the competition. I will be looking forward to this chance.

  6. Nate G says:

    Hey I got a group of friends to choose from either way there will be six of us to play male/female or a mix of both if you choose us I bet we could do this flawless

  7. David O says:

    Me and my group of guys would be a perfect addition to this show. 6 guys in their last year of college (all 21). Our group is diverse in race, body types, and geographic origins. We definitely are clowns and true pranksters at heart. You can only imagine what goes on in our household. YOU WON'T REGRET IT! Oh sorry gotta keep my voice down (shhhhh). ;)

  8. taniece says:

    If you want to see some real characters act a fool , choose my group of 6 . We all work at a mcdonalds in texas and the thing that makes us unique is that we all have different personalitys but were all really goofy . So I think this would be just the thing for us !!!!!

  9. Heather says:

    Hi, my names Heather Im from Prescott, Arizona I work at a pizza place with a lively bunch of young women and men. Every day is a adventure of pizzzza pies.I wanted to try for the show and suprise my coworkers.

  10. Dean Charles says:

    Hey there MTV/Silent library me and my friends watch the show all the time and we'd like the challenge of not laughing and racking up the cash we would love to be on the show.

  11. Matt says:

    I have a group of 6 friends. All 18 and 19 year old. We have all watched the show and know that we could be great contestants. Being in this show would be a great experience and I know we could make an audience laugh.

  12. caroline says:

    love this show & i would love to be on it challenge accepted!!

  13. JP Estrada says:

    My name is JP I'm in the army national guard and I want to be on the show because I love a challenge and looking to pay for school for my girlfriend and to win extra cash

  14. Desiree Goodman says:

    Me and my friends would love to be on the silent library because we all love the show and would have lots of fun, take risk,and win! Please consider us :)

  15. Rosalia says:

    Hello, Hello! My Team of 6 are Between the Ages of 20 – 25 Guys & Girls. I've been Watching Your Show Since Dayone it Was Aired. We all Have a Little Daredevil in Us & Dont Mind a Goodchallenge! Forsure We'll Keep You Entertained.

  16. Mario Castillo says:

    Me and 5 amigos have been dying to get a chance on silent library and hope you guys give us a chance of exciting dares for us to talk about when we get done and hope you guys will enjoy our company

  17. Jonathan says:

    OMG ! I freaking loveeeeeeeee this show ! And I've spend probably a year just constantly wishing and thinking about being on this game show ! I absolutely love it!! I know for a fact that I have what it takes! My friends actually have a YouTube channel on their jackass group doing stunts and pranks and knowing the experience I have with pranks and stuff, makes me confident that I have what it takes to be on this game show! Ugh I would be soooooo honored to be a part if this !! Please! Pick me. Give me tht chance! Thank you

  18. Tashan says:

    It would be an amazing experience and memory to be on this show while doing crazy stunts while trying not to laugh with friends and family. Too jokes

  19. Abigail Dallas says:

    What up silent library! My friends and I freakin love this show and it would be so awesome to be on it!!! Most of my peeps are 18 but i have a couple 19-25 and we are freakin awesome people and would be a great addition to your show!!! Hit me up ;)

  20. claudia saravia says:

    i have a group of 6 all female and one male. 24-26 yrs of age.. we all have a great sense of humor and to be on your show and see if we can win these challenges..

  21. Courtney Pedraza says:

    I would love to have my girls and I come and expect the challenge. We are fun,outgoing group of girls. We are all best friends, and think we could do it!

  22. Kayla says:

    I would love to be on Silent Library. I love challenges and taking risks.

  23. Dania Villalpando says:

    Hey Hey MTV if you are looking for some girls ages 18-25 with a great sense of humor. I totally got what you guys are looking for. Here in Santa Clara California me and my friends know what it means to be crazy funny. Pranking each other and doing hilarious dares is a part of our everyday life. And we'd be down to take part in Silent Library. Thank you for your time.

  24. Ka Lau says:

    I think it will be a lot more fun if I was unprepared going into the act! Let me know if other groups will take new members!

  25. claudia says:

    Jeez what can I say you need 6 funny girls 5 from Clifton 1 from Maryland. We are all funny in our own way. We're crazy in our own way also why just have boring chicks when you get to have us. Overall we would love to be apart of Silent Library . :)

  26. Marty Sustaita says:

    We're 6 of the best friends who want the world to know that we can watch each other get hurt/ humiliated without making a sound!

  27. Chanelle says:

    Hey mtv my name is Chanelle Harrison your shows are so funny and entertaining and what do you need than 6 beautiful funny women from Brooklyn New York!! We are the most entertaining individuals from a any state, You won't regret this MTV
    Thank You

  28. Narissa Grimsley says:

    Here is the best six young women yet. All from the south so you know we know how to have fun! All ready for what's in store. I vote #TeamSouth

  29. sonia says:

    hey im interested to be on silent library, and i already have my team of six

  30. Brittney Buntyn says:

    I have five bestfriends including my twin sister we are all from Bolivar, TN a very small country town…. We have been best friends for over 12 years now we rank between the ages 21-25. The reason I want us to be a part of this show is no one has never heard of our town and we can uphold anything that is thrown our way…. we are all young mothers and could really use the extra cash for our kids. Thank you

  31. Kyarra M. says:

    From the Delawares area, ull find the best mixed group of six ppl ull ever find. MY entire crew is all bout humor and having fun. Plz pick us!!!

  32. Akira Arthur says:

    Heyy ! You should pick my team cause we are outgoing funny and lookin for a new challenge in my group of girls…we aren't your ordinary type of girly girls we can get nasty and do all the crazy tasks! Give us a chance and you'll see how much fun we can be ! We are from New Jersey !!!

  33. Fredricka Blackshear says:

    The best co-ed group you ever seen has arrived out of Dublin Ga.

  34. Brandi Terry says:

    I ABSOLUTLY Love This Show Me And My Cousins Talk About How Great It Would Be To Be On Silent Libary I Mean Really Who Wouldnt !!!

  35. Steve Varley says:

    I have six new yorkers that are all complete different body types and hysterical. We are all guys, but I could def get crazy girls in if need be. We are all very very outgoing and nuts. We all have weird sense of humor and are willing to do anything. We have all been best friends since elementary school. Trust me, we would make an episode gold.

  36. Justin Bott says:

    I have 6 guys in Chicago Illinois who are all 19-20 years old and still hangout everyday. I won funniest kid in highschool and me and my dumb friends would make a perfect match for your show. Not only we will be the best looking team ever but I highly doubt you will owe us any money when its over.

  37. Angie says:

    I have a group of 6 girls who will be great for this show

  38. JaQuan Williams says:

    Me and my boys love watching this show and we would love to be on it! We also love just having fun!!

  39. Dwight Johnson says:

    Evverything you want and need in a hilarious 6 man team is a package deal consisting of myself and 5 of my best friends. We have been best friends for 10 years, we each moved away, kept in touch, and we now all live within a 1 hour time frame from each other in the Raleigh Triangle Area. Still close, and almost every weekend we are adding more to our endless memories we have with each other. I can guarantee a great time with a group of 6 athletic built class clowns.

  40. skylar says:

    The best 6 man team you can find in Ontario has arrived

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