Silent Library – MTV

Silent Library - MTV

MTV is holding auditions for their hit game show “Silent Library”

They are search for younger outgoing teams of males or teams of females from the ages of 18-28 to join the new season of MTV’s Silent Library! Every episode will have six male or females working as a group to win the cash. Every new round the six members will play a game of chance and one will be picked to do a dare. If they complete the dare without the contestant or his teammates laughing they get the CASH!

MTV is looking for people, who are fun and have a good sense of humor. If you have a team of six already, that’s a HUGE plus!

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Leave a comment below and tells us why you should be part of the Silent Library – MTV Audition in 2016

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546 People are talking about Silent Library – MTV

  1. Shakileya says:

    A lot of Me and my friends do a lot of crazy things, we even play fear factor until this day.. We've ate so many disgusting things and did so much hilarious stuff, I think we can manage this show.

  2. Justin Baldwin says:

    We are an odd bunch of guys who can't be around each other for more than an minute at a time. We do daring stuff all the time like one time we dare one of the guys to lick cup cake off the ground where there was literally vomit there 30 seconds before. Then one time I was dare to run through out the beach with nothing but a speedo on . We are mixed group of guys who are daredevils and will literally will do anything. One time we trip to build an Statue on top of our school. we from a small town why not us you tell me .. Scared to lose your money ?

  3. Ricky says:

    Me and my buddies are graduating this year and I want to do something with them that will last in memory for the rest of our lives. The first thing I thought of was hey let's go rock climbing. But then I figured that's dangerous and we could all die….so let's do silent library! It would be a dream come true!!!!

  4. Tim says:

    Me and my friends are friends till the end. We've Ben together through thick and thin and have great team chemistry! We pretty much do the challenges from silent library already anyway! From blazing wing contests at bdubs to shirtless par core in the winter, we love a challenger! We would be a great choice for this program! Hit me up!

  5. Alex V. says:

    My friends and I are always down to do some crazy things, whether we're given money or not. I have a brother and 4 lovely ladies that would have a ball on this show. We'd definitely be an entertaining group for the audience.

  6. Destiney says:

    Hey MTV! You should def pick my friends and me for the show. We all love to laugh and are always joking and playing. Silent library is the perfect show for us. We want the money but all the stuff that goes into it is what we're looking forward to. We'll be mad entertaining for the audience! Definitely get in contact with me, we all live in the same area!

  7. kyle tague says:

    My friends and I are the best at any challenge that comes or way

  8. Danny landa says:

    Hey MTV pick us I have 2 friends that just buy you looking at their face you died laughing. Lol

  9. Norman sanchez says:

    All of my friends love to crack jokes and have a good sense of humor. I have a group of 6 ready and considering were all gonna graduate this year it will be a way to end the year with a bang. It would be funny to see eachothet get tortured but share a laugh on tv!!

  10. Tommy Callahan says:

    I feel like my group of friends(yes we already have a group of 6) would be perfect for silent library because not only are we all super fun, have great senses of humor, but when something funny happens to one of us there's no stopping the reactions. And we all watched silent library and would talk about how bad we wanted to be on it when it first came out when I was in high school. We are all 18-21

  11. Sarah Eck says:

    Me and my other 5 friends are 18 and graduating this year! We're the crazy outgoing kids who are always looking for something crazy and fun to do! We're all very close and we love challenges, and trying not to laugh while watching one of us get hurt or disgusted is definitely gonna be one of them!! We're trying to make the most before we all split up to different colleges around the U.S.!

  12. Cherice Bryant says:

    My Family is Very Outgoing and Playful. We love to have fun and bring on new challenges! We'd love to give the show a shot because we know were can win all the tasks, thats just how awesome we are.

  13. Paris Piotter says:

    I just had a dream that me and my friends were on this show, we were on the very last challenge and I'm surprised we made it that far! I have to know how this ends in real life, so pick me and my friends for a damn good laugh! Amongst my friends are a mix of the most silly, smart, and feisty personalities that would make for a great show and a great time. One of my friends has the most irresistible laughs so even if we lost a challenge I bet we would have the host even laughing at us! College students from the south of the nation at LSU, we're like a goldmine so make a fortune with us.

  14. Olivia says:

    I have watched the show before and would love to join

  15. Irina Harris says:

    My friends and I watch the show religiously and would love to finally be apart of it. we are female college students and are all fun and creative. we spend most of our time creating fun games and "Olympics" in our residence halls just to keep ourselves entertained. I feel as though we would make a great asset to the show and would love the unique experience!!

  16. Plinio says:

    ive watched the show and pretty sure we can win the game flawlessly. It'll be funny to see what you put us through for a couple of hundreds but we will win.

  17. Larry says:

    Funny, Witty, Charming, Did I Mention Good Looking? If You Want An Amazing Episode, Look No Further! Myself & My Friends Are Perfect For The Show!

  18. Erin says:

    We've all met this year at college. Silent library is wicked funny and most of us have been watching this show for a while. We would all love to take on this challenge! We're always down for shenanigans, will be awaiting your response.

  19. Teion Winns says:

    I think me & my five friends will be sooooo great yet soooo funny trying to keep calm during the funny games!!! I think this show is for me and my girls we love doing funny things !!

  20. Deanna Kohrman says:

    Hahaha , me & my friends were just talking about this ! We are all loud & obnoxious ! & my bestfriend seems to think we could do this ! We can't even sit in a room together for 2 minutes without laughing . We already have a group of six people . & the six of us together , lmao it's like a party

  21. Sam Jepson says:

    First off, I'm Sam. I would like to say that my friends and I are hilarious around each other and always make each other laugh. The whole point of the show is to make the viewers laugh and we would defiantly do that! We all have a great sense of humor and would be up for doing some crazy funny things!!! Hopefully you will contact us!

  22. Torey says:

    i personally have been a fan of the show for a while. i often participate in also trying not to laugh out loud while the contestants are proceeding with their challenges. I along with a few particularity fitting individuals would fit wonderfully on this show. i wanted to be a contestant for years

  23. ShanTeaira Thomas says:

    Pick us and bask in our amazement

  24. Kizhana Ross says:

    Hey! I'm Kizhana and I'm cool when it comes to things like this. I love to have fun and do crazy thingsAnd to have fun that's what I'm up for. I think this would be a great experience and I would love to do this.

  25. Alexandra ramirez says:

    First off we have a team of 6! I looooove silent library! We will be the silentest of the silent! HMU!

  26. kelceon says:

    hey i would like to on slient library

  27. Rachel Spates says:

    Okay first let me say my friends and I are basically a family . Our group is very diverse yet we all laugh, play , and get along . We are from the coast ,Gulfport,Ms , #CoastLife. We're together just about everyday .We all do crazy stuff all the time just for a laugh . I think my friends and I would be perfect for the show not only because we are full of energy but we'd do anything one dared the other . Basically when you meet us you understand it all lol !

  28. Tessa Musa says:

    OMG! It would be amazing to be on silent library me and my friends have a great sense of humor we are very out going we laugh all the time so this should be a challenge but we are fun and It would be amazing to earn some cash do wierd and daring stuff

  29. heather says:

    I think it would be fun to do and I would love it alot

  30. Robin Daley says:

    Me and my friends are full of fun and will definitely make the ratings of the show go up. We all loveeee the show and I know the show would love us on it. If MTV is ready for the livest females on Silent Library, hit us up ! We are ready for for fun & CASH !

  31. Malcolm Richard says:

    I should be on this show because it needs people to be willing to go through with the craziest of the crazy challenges without breaking the sound barrier. Now you can get that from anyone but not anyone can make it entertaining at the same time. We already have a team of six if needed, please get back to us!

  32. Clement says:

    I think the silent library is a great show I mean other than fear factor when that use to come on. I Dont know what happen they stopped showing.

  33. Carissa says:

    My friends and I would love to be apart of your show. We all have a great sense of humor and love making fun of each other. It would be a great opportunity for us to be able to see if we can manage to keep quiet while our friends are being tortured. We think we could put up a good fight! And in return be rewarded for our success would mean a great deal to our families! Give us a chance to prove our silence 😉

  34. Justine Miller says:

    I should be on this show because my friends and I are always doing crazy things . Also we would really enjoy it and of course who wouldnt want to earn money by doing fun but daring things .

  35. Estevan says:

    I think it wod be awesome to be on this show and a rush

  36. Keith Santiago says:

    So your looking for funny huh ? Hahaha lmao me and my boys from California pizza kitchen will not disappoint !we are the life of the party and we accept the challenge of holding our composure while eating smores off a big hairy person lol and or getting chocolate and sprinkles flung in our faces with a air cannon lol we accept and would love to join the shenanigans we are all humble and eager to hear from you :)

  37. victor brooks says:

    yo silent library is epic i have mad friends that just love to mess with each other everyday and enjoy it we done some real goofy and wild things to each other but the real challenge is being quiet while doing it lmao

  38. Candice Phillips says:

    Hi I'm Candice Phillips I am very outgoing and a very fun person to be around. I am a dare devil I love doing funny things. I will love to be on silent library because it will be a fun experience. Once my friends and I dared each other to run through the hot blazing sand to get to the beach so we all lined up alone the grass and got into running positions. Remind you I have a big bag of stuff on my back so we say go march get set go and I just took off I looked back and they are all standing there lol. It was to late to go back and the sand was hot all I could think about was getting to the water to cool my feet ha ha ha!

  39. Dj says:

    Me and my dudes will not laugh at all…We will win

  40. Marcquise Roberson says:

    All day all of my friend we just joke around and laugh. Like we like doing random stuff in public just to see if we can make the others laugh

  41. princess banks says:

    me and my friends are perfect for this lol i honetsly feel like i say this everytime the show comes on tv. nothing but laughs, but we'll shut up for the money lol great personalities and even funnier sense of humors. promise you wont regret it ! haha SHOW ME THE MONEYYYYYYY!!!! oh and ps. my team is stacked already !!! HOLLAAA ctfu

  42. Sara Gonzales says:

    My team is a bunch of pranksters, we love to have fun, laugh and just bug out!

  43. Jamaica says:

    Yah never have noh Jamaicans on yah likkle show… Look noh further. Mi have arrived.

  44. Brittany Ladmirault says:

    My frirnds and I should be put on Silent Library because we are just a bunch of goof balls all day long. We love doing things as a group and being put on the ahow ,would justbe so awesome and exciting. We love the show automatically , so being able to participate would just be the icing on the cake.

  45. Brielle Kopitskie says:

    I have myself and a group of 5 funny ladies that would love to be a part of the shenannigans that go along with this show.

  46. Raphael Thea says:

    i have one hilarious big brother, and three witty co-workers, the craziest best friend in the world, the most convivial girlfriend in the universe and me we are just about all the fun and making fun of others, we love to prank each other and we enjoy seeing each other suffering, so if you gave us a change on the show i swear and promise you that you will not regret it. Hit me up, we live in MN St Paul.

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