Property Virgins – HGTV

Property Virgins - HGTV

HGTV is having a Casting call and audition for their home TV series Property Virgins. It will be filmed this summer and will air between May and August.

Property virgins is looking for first time buyers who are house hunting in those areas and would like to share their experience on HGTV.

Property Virgins takes viewers inside the intense world of house hunting through the eyes of first-time buyers. The series focuses on the roller-coaster journey of property virgins’ first foray into real estate, offering tell-it-like-it-is entertainment and practical take-home advice. Part Realtor, part therapist, friend and financial advisor, host Sandra Rinomato helps new buyers see the difference between their hopes of acquiring the out-of-reach dream home and the hard reality of what it takes to find the right property.

Leave a comment below and tells us why you should be part of the Property Virgins – HGTV Audition in 2015

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  1. Roberta Elguezabal says:

    Single mom looking to relocate to Ottumwa, IA. Does property virgins, ever go outside GA. Properties are reasonable in price in Iowa

  2. Ryan Anderson says:

    Hello I am 28 years old and just a month ago had a double lung transplant caused by having Cystic Fibrosis. I live in Atlanta and having been renting for a few years.
    I and am now ready to buy my first home, I look forward to a new home and a new Beginning. I watch your show regularly and would love to be able to have your assistance. Thank you, Ryan

  3. lauire nemeth says:

    My family and I are thinking of moving to Georgia. My daughter in law and grand daughter in the Richmond area, My son in the Savanagh area and my daughter in the Jackson area.. We could sure use some help.. OH and there is me..either a mother in law unit in each or a home somewhere in the middle..

  4. Brandi W. says:

    I am a graphic designer living in Atlanta, and I recently have calculated how much I have spent in rent over the past several years, and it makes me sick thinking that I do not own my own place. At the age of 31 I feel its the perfect time to start considering my options of buying a new home for myself. I have gone through the process of trying to buy a home once before, but after I put in my offer, I got really nervous and had to cancel the offer. This is my year and I am ready!

    I'd love to be on the show and have help.

  5. Paige Kelly says:

    I have lived in my home for the last 25 years. My step dad retired and filed bankruptcy so we have a few months to vacate. My husband works so I can be home with our 5 year old daughter. We live paycheck to paycheck and we are about to have to add a rent on top of it. We have had no luck finding any homes and we loose the ones we do find to other renters. It's very difficult to explain to a child where we are going to live.

  6. karley lawler says:

    hello HGTV!!!!!! my husband and I are currently renting in clarksville TN since my husband is in the Army as an infantryman and stationed at fort campbell KY. i am a nanny of three five year old boys and a part time student. We are planning an moving to the Raleigh Nc area in the summer after my husbands army contract is up and would LOVE to be on Property Virgins! It will be our first home-buying experience since we are military and currently rent. we are 21 and 25. it would be such a blessing to have professional help and guidance in this new experience! we are looking for an older home/ fixer upperso we can eventually make it our dream home. thanks!!!

  7. Latrisha Hatch says:

    We desperately need help! My husband and I have been living in a one bed room house. We have been renting for almost 8 years it sadness me that we settle for less all the time. Now that we have a 8 month little girl, are one bed room home is so small for us with all the extras of having a child brings.We need as much help as possible because we do not know the in's and out's about buying a home. If we are going to get out of renting we would really appreciate a professional to help with understanding what it takes in buying a home.
    Thank you for your consideration.

  8. Tina says:

    My 22 year old son is looking to buy his first house, he has been approved for 135,000.00 plus he has every thing for closing and down payment. I'm no help because I know nothing about buying a house. He really needs some expert help. Can't think of anyone else other then your show who I would trust to show him the ropes and help him get his first house, PLEASE HELP!
    Thank you,

  9. Jacob and Vi says:

    Originally from the Chicagoland area, went to grad school in Arizona and now moving back to be with Jacob. Looking for our first home to start our lives together. Thanks.

    Vi & Jacob

  10. J says:


    My wife and I have been living with my mother-in-law for the last 2+ years. We've been helping to carry the house, but I'd really like to get a place of my own (my name on the deed and such). What's more my wife is pregnant and is expecting in July. Ideally we would like to get a place before the baby comes. But since we're both full time teachers (I'm private, she's public) we barely have the time (until the summer) to search. It's our first home and we want to do this right for our baby.

  11. Monica Merel says:

    From Sunny Hawaii to Snowy Chicago:

    My Navy husband and I are relocating to the windy city and don't even know where to begin! After living in <400 sq ft in Honolulu, Hawaii, we are ready for a home to call our own. Our budget is $200,000 for our first single family home to start a family/have puppies/babies/etc.

    We have two different styles. I am modern/art deco chic, while my husband is country/southern stye.

    Feel free to check out my webpage to get a little more background on our personality/style.

    Mahalo nui,
    Monica & Stuart

  12. amy says:

    Six kids, tight budget. Help would be amazing.

  13. Jake Ferlito says:

    I am so excited to just receive my first teaching contract at the high school I attended. Last year I worked as a substitute teacher and coached Special Olympics and Lacrosse/ Now I am looking for a house knowing that I might need to find a fixer upper bur love the older homes, I am concerned about how to know what can be done and what is beyond my ability. How exciting to be a part of Property Virgins.

  14. Ashlyn says:

    Hey Sandra,

    I have lived in Cobb County for the past 5 years and moved here from Delaware. I have never owned a home and working for a non-profit I am limited. I moved down with terrible credit from college and worked hard over the 5 years to finally get myself back on track. I am 30 and single and now ready for my next move. I have been pre-approved and have a down payment. My biggest stipulation is that I have a pitbull that I rescued from a bad area when he was a puppy. He is my life and although he is the sweetest baby, I am worried that I will have an issue finding a home. PLEASE HELP!!!!

  15. Deanna Buchanan says:

    HAYY!! My name is deanna i have a husband 2 kids and 2 dogs we are currently liveing in my mother-in-law a 3 bedroom house we there is no space to put our stuff my daughter is shareing a room with me and my husband i dont thing my children are comfortable with this liveing perdicament and i feel i could do better plaese help Sandra you wont be dissapontted

  16. Ellen Coleman says:

    Hi, I am actually entering my son & daughter in law that live in San Diego. They are newlyweds looking for their first home. Because we moms can't be there to help, we feel that Sandra would step in and do what their realtor has neglected to do, know the laws and help them find their home. I watch the show all of the time and know that San Diego has been shown before. Thanks!

  17. Ben Sussman says:

    Lisa and I want to get on your show desperately. We have been together for six years and wedding bells are in the near future. We rent an apartment, in a closet sized apartment, under the flight path of incoming planes, to San Diego Airport. We have a high need Yorkie, Jack, who needs a yard. We have the down payment and we are prequalified. We want a fixer upper with good location. Please help. Love HGTV. Wish your show was on more….

  18. Ben Sussman says:

    My name is Ben. My Fiance, Lisa and I are living in a closet sized 1 bedroom apartment, under flight path of incoming planes to San Diego Airport. We are now looking for a home of our own in San Diego. We want a fixer upper close to the water. I am handy and want to have our dream home become a reality. I hope this comment will help me get on your show somehow. I tried to apply before and I think I applied to become an actor/ model instead. We watch HGTV and your show constantly.

  19. Tara Cannon says:

    My name is Tara Cannon, I moved to Atlanta approximately a year ago in search of the "american dream" for one!! I am single and own a pet name Dakota (cat). We are originally from the Bronx. I always wanted to own my home. Here in Atlanta my dream seems obtainable. I am currently searching in Metro Atlanta and hope to move in to my first owned property by November 2012, as my lease will be up. I truly need the assistance & expertise that you can provide, as I know nothing about the process, but look forwward to the challenge. I think it would be interesting to document my search, as I am a girl born/raised in the jungles of the urban city of New York, and here I am now in beautiful Georgia searching for my very first home, then a husband. One thing I promised Dakota when I picked her out of an abandoned litter in an alley, that I would one day give her a better life. Now help me keep my promise!!! Thanks.

  20. Steven says:

    I'm Hispanic 14 and love acting..I fit in every character that is given to me,I can portray a 16 year old I have no limits in acting.

  21. CHERYL CASTRO says:


  22. Yvette Perez says:

    I am interested on being on property virgins I am a 1st time home buyer and have been looking for about a year for a 1 family home with at least 4 bedrooms and 3 bath and finished basement for almost year with no result. Have not had luck with realtors. Am looking for something move in ready because am not handy. I am also looking for hard wood floor with an updated kitchen and bathroom. I was approved for 450,000 looking to spend 420,000 in case I have renovate. The area am looking is in NJ Bergen or Hudson County area. I also need to area that the school are good and close to transportation to NYC.

  23. Crystal Vila RD says:

    I am a single 27 year old female, living with my parents in Southern California. I am ready to make my first home investment in the same location ideally anywhere that's at least 45 minutes from my work.

    Thank you

  24. Autumn Tapley says:

    My name is Autumn and my husband Zach and I have been searching for the perfect home in Boca Raton Florida. We have put 7 offers on homes and either investors have bought them by paying less and using cash, or they want a conventional loan. We are ready to make a purchase and call south Florida our home. We dated for 6 years and have been married one year this March 19 2012, what a great anniversary present to be on your show and purchase a home. I am a Registered Nurse and my husband is a Project Engineer, we have money saved and great credit, please help us make our dreams come true!

  25. Yvonne Gillham says:

    Oh, by-the-by, love your show and love, love love, HGTV…I honestly have it on all waking moments, (well, unless I'm watching the odd show on DIY that is) -y-

  26. Yvonne Gillham says:

    Hello Sandra,
    I am a 50+ single woman (finally) in search of my first home in the Tri-State area (within 30 mi of NYC) and I’m very motivated to buy very soon!!!!
    My credit score is 720+ and have pre-qualed for $200K+…I am an Independent Corporate Flight Attendant and work out of the White Plains, NY, Farmingdale, NY, Teterboro, NJ, Morristown, NJ, and Waterbury/Oxford, CT airports so I need to be within a 2 hr. driving distance between all 4 airports.
    Due to my “Tri-state” interests and state realtor licensing restrictions, I've been quite diligent with my own on-line research but must admit it's becoming somewhat overwhelming.
    I’ve done a little research on the current government 203k home improvement loans, which I’m also interested in as my (distant) background is that of Interior Designer and Home Re-modeler so I’m not afraid of homes/townhouses that need updating or “TLC.”
    Although I have no children, for resale value, I’m interested in areas with “good school districts” such as: Stamford & Greenwich, CT, areas just north of NYC (New Rochelle & Momaroneck, NY), and/or areas on the west side of the Hudson River in NJ; i.e., Fort Lee, Edglewood Cliffs, Teaneck, Glen Ridge, Clifton, etc
    Because my new home interests include all 3 states, I cannot find a Realtor who licensed in all three states so narrowing down my search has become very challenging.
    My wish list is (in order of preference): outside space (patio or balcony), laundry (hook-ups) in unit/home, parking garage, central heating/air (or upgradable to), 2 bdrm + den, 2 bath, 1st floor or elevator,
    Please HELP me ASAP!!!!
    Thanks (inadvance)!!
    Yvonne Gillham

  27. sarah says:

    My husband, 2 small children and I live in colorado, and are looking to buy our first home, yay! We are set on the Parker, Castle Rock area and would love some help. We could watch this show all day every day and sometimes do. Let us know if you are coming to CO. We need to move no later than july of 2012!

  28. Delina Gonzalez says:

    Hey! my name is Delina my husband's name is Willie, we are really excited to be purchasing our first house, but we NEED your help Sandra!! we are two really fun and exciting Children's Pastors at an awesome church in Fresno, Ca. We get the opportunity to be a kid every week but it is time that we put our big kid chonies on and find us a family home for us and our two kids. We have been approved for our loan and have been looking for a few weeks but we thought, how fun would it be to get the opportunity to have Sandra help us find our first family home. you won't be disappointed with a fun packed duo like us!

  29. Priscilla M says:

    Hi Sandra,
    My boyfriend moved to Portland, Oregon from NYC in 2010 and I moved there from Toronto in May 2011 to join him so we can be together. We love Portland and are looking for a condo in the Pearl district. Please help us Sandra! PIck us for your show!
    Hoping to hear form you,

  30. Alexis Pappas says:

    Hi Sandra

    I am obsessed with your show! My Fiance Brad and I are getting married in July 2012 and desperately need your help. Currently we are both living at his parents’ house in Maryland. Neither of us has ever purchased a home before and we now have enough money saved up to buy a house.

    Brad and I are very different decision makers. I see something that I like and buy it. Brad on the other hand has to exhaust, and I mean exhaust all of his options before making a decision. One week he is only interested in all brick houses and the next he only wants a house on a lot of land. I am done with all of the stipulations and ready to take the plunge into home ownership. We have seen hundreds of house and feel more lost now then when we started.

    Sandra help us!

  31. Monica says:

    My husband and I are currently looking to purchase our first home, we have two children and are looking at the Dallas/Fort Worth areas, preferably Burleson. I wanted to find out when is Property Virgins able to come out this way in Texas? We really need some assistance,Please help us find a great house for our family. My husband works full time and we are both full time students and we feel it is time to stop renting and buy our first family home. Hope to hear back for you soon, Thank you so much in advance.

    Monica B.

  32. Amelia Burkey says:

    We have been married for almost 2 years. We have been looking for a house for that entire time in Northwest Ohio (Toledo area). We want to find a home in the suburbs. We have looked at so many homes, but have difficulty finding EVERYTHING we want. We have a 1 year old daughter, and live in the Mobile home that my husband grew up in. We are so anxious to find a home where we can raise our family. Please help us to select our first home!!!
    Amelia and Eric

  33. Amanda Van Winkle says:

    My husband has been in the military active duty for almost 5 years and has been stationed in Cuba, which at the time was dependent restricted and now currently Guam, which is thousands of miles away and on the other side of the world from our family/friends and what we call home. He has been deployed for almost a year now off and on and shortly will be coming home in March. We are scheduled to move back to the mainland around August-November of this year. We will be moving to Virginia and will be searching for our first home. We have only known the military life setting, so searching for our first home will be challenging since all we have ever known is base housing or whatever was given to us. We would like to settle down in his hometown so we can start our family where not only we can have a place to call home, but also have our family involved in our lives which they have not been able to do so in 5 years. Any help would be much appreciated since we are transitioning back into the “Real World”. Thanks.

  34. carol says:

    I love Sandra and the show BUT Sandra drives me crazy when she keeps telling people to ask for concessions from the sellers. Concessions are creative financing terms and are not realty items. The other thing is she just mentioned on a show that lead base paint could be in homes built before 1960. Lead base paint is in homes that were built in 1978 or before. Thanks for listening to my comments. I really love all the shows on HGTV. carol

  35. Evelyn says:

    My husband and I just finish in fixing are credit we live in Philadelphia and we are going to buy around that time we are renting in my brother house and we are looking a 3 br two baths I hope you picks up t

  36. Evelyn says:

    My husband and I just finish in fixing are credit we live in Philadelphia and we are going to buy around that time we are renting in my brother house and we are looking a 3 br two baths I hope you picks up thanks

  37. Amanda Novotny says:

    My husband and I are celebrating our 8th anniversary on Feb 29th. We have been renting all of this time and are finally ready to buy our first home. I don't think I can take another year of apartment life! We've had a lot of time to think about what we want, but need some help taking that first step. We would love it if Sandra could guide us on our first home search!

  38. Christin Scheepers says:

    Marrying the man of my dreams in December 2010 was the best day of my life. What could be better? Finding the home of our DREAMS. We are currently renting and spending $1800 a month (inc. utilities) and are ready for the next big step…our FIRST home! With both of us as active duty military members, things can get hectic. We are blessed to be in the area for many, many years! Please…help us…help us find a home in Vrginia Beach/Chesapeake area!!
    Thank you!
    Christin and Gideon Scheepers (Skippers)
    Ps. We LOVE your show!

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