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All new installments of the fantastically popular drama-mystery series Pretty Little Liars are coming soon and casting for guest stars and day players is underway. Auditions for a variety of roles in this thrilling hour long TV production are happening very soon and submissions are being accepted today.This is a great opportunity to be a part of one of the most popular ABC Family programs and a must watch show for millions of viewers each week.

Pretty Little Liars is based on a series of hugely popular young adult novels by Marlene King and tells the story of four high school girls ( played by Troian Bellisario, Ashley Benson, Lucy Hale, and Shay Mitchell) whose friendship group is destroyed after the disappearance of the groups leader (played by Sasha Pieterse). The four girls soon begin receiving mysterious messages from an unknown source who threatens to expose all of their secrets. Full of tense drama and intrigue and fueled by fantastic performances and even better writing, it’s no surprise that this show only continues to grow into one of the highest rated shows on television.

Production on all new episodes of this runaway ABC Family hit will be starting soon and so will open casting calls for exciting supporting  day player and extras roles. If you would like to apply for consideration for any of these parts you can send an email here Leave a comment in the space provided below and let us know why you love the show and why you want to audition and stay tuned for casting information for Pretty Little Liars as it becomes available.

This is your chance to be a part of one of televisions most tense and exciting shows! This is your chance to be a star of Pretty Little Liars.

Leave a comment below and tells us why you should be part of the Pretty Little Liars – ABC Family Audition in 2015

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  1. jeweli carnefix says:

    name: jeweli carnefix
    age: 13 yrs
    weight: around 110 lbs
    height: around 5'4
    tall,skinny,and pale

  2. Shasta says:

    Hello I'm 18 years old my names shasta I live in redding Cali I'm a actres and model in San fran. PLL well I would have to say is the best show ever and my biggest dream is to get any part in a season, I've re watched it 3 times! I'm super outgoing, nice ,always smiling, blue eyes , blonde hair 5"5 and tan. I would work amazing for this show. I hope ur interested(:

  3. Gabriella Teti says:

    Hi, i'm Gabriella and would love to play a role in the amazing series, "Pretty Little Liars".
    Why? I would like to because, I'm already professional at dancing, I go to competitions and put on shows/recitals. Also, in our dances we have to show some acting. My acting talents are skilled because, if I need to cry, I can. If I need to fake a laugh, I totally can, anyone can. If I need to act confused, angry, sad, humble, scared or anything I can. When im acting in front of people or on stage rehearsing it's rare for me to laugh/screw up during scenes. I love Pretty Little Liars, and I know every detail about it. I love rewatching episodes and reading their scripts on Google and practicing. I also love practicing with my cousin as well.
    Hair: Brown, Wavy, Longish
    Eyes: Brown
    Skin: White
    Age: 13
    Weight: 120
    Style: Can wear anything, any costume, any makeup, and I'll do it!
    Personality: Funny, Optimistic, Sweet, Caring, and Always Positive.
    Also in school, I mantain a high honor roll average. I would love to pursue my acting career as I already did with my dancing career. I'll never stop dancing no matter what happens. I am finally ready to step up my acting career more. I kept continuing dancing and just got better and more confidence and definetly more happy! I already feel confident and happy with acting but it's not a bad thing to feel more confident and happy! I rather work dependently but, independently works perfect as well as. Thank you for your time and cooperation!
    Gabriella Teti

  4. Amber logan says:

    Hi my name is Amber Logan I am 15 year old. I go to Mount St Joseph business and enterprise College that's in bolton. I have always dreamed about being a actress. All I want to do is act. My friends say that I have the tanlet to become a big actress and all so I hope you give me a change to show you what I can do. If you want to get in contact with me then you can ring me or email me
    Thank you very much form your time

    Amber Logan

  5. Sterre says:

    Hi I'm Sterre I'm from the Netherlands and I love
    to acting I do it anytime, by my friends and they
    believe it all even when it's a home haha, but people
    told me I need to do something with my talent so here we go, I know I can't be the one you guys should choose but I never will know if I never try, so eh
    Height : 1.55 ( I'm short ;c )
    Hair color : Dark brown.
    Eye color : Brown
    I can acting : drama, mysterious I guess more.
    complexion : tinted
    I'm from the Netherlands but I can speak English good,
    and hope you guys will find the right person love!! & oh I always dreamed to be aria's little sister she's so pretty and amazing I think you all are amazing It will means a lot for me thankyou. ❤️❤️

  6. Peter Bailey says:

    Hi, my name is Peter Bailey. I have been watching the show for a year now and I love it. It would great to be considered for an auditiom for the show. I am a 15 year old male, soon to be 16. I am 6', and have blonde hair and blue eyes. I am tall and have a fairly deep voice. I live in the UK but can easily do an American accent. I can look any age from 14-18. I'm willing to travel. I feel I would be best suited for a role of a character who is outgoing and has attitude, buy I'm willing to play any role. I have an A* in GCSE Drama and an A in GCSE English Language, bothof which I am taking for A-levels. If you find a role, don't hesitate to contact me. Thanks.

  7. alyssa ornelas says:

    Hey, my name is Alyssa. I am 17 years of age, 5'1. I have dark brown hair and eyes. would absolutely love this opportunity to be on the show because I have always loved the it and I would love more then anything to have the chance to be apart of the PLL family. I currently have no acting experience other then school plays but I am a very outgoing person and a very easy person to work with!

  8. Sofia Buchsbaum says:

    Height: 5'4
    Weight: 110 lb
    Hair Colour: Brown
    Hair length:Short
    Eye colour:blue
    Personality: confident, quirky, outgoing, friendly, funny
    I fell in love with pll when i heard about it from a friend i am british but i am rather good at accents. I have watched all episodes of the show and each week i cannot wait for the latest episode. i have experienced a little bit of acting before as i have been in a couple of plays at my local theatre but nothing major. The reason why i am such a big fan is because although it may be fake, there are people around the world who have witnessed and have been victimised by people like 'A'. it has been my dream since i was little to be an actress and this could be the kick start that i need. Sasha Pieterse (Alison) was younger than i when she started her role as Alison on the show and she did a fantastic job, she is partly my inspiration.

  9. Bella says:

    Hi, my name is Bella. This year, I will soon be turning 14. I have dirty blonde/light brown long hair. I am also a hip hop dancer. I am about 5'4/5'5. I've got to admit, I'm a total weirdo, yet I have a strange love for drama. I love being dramatic when I can. It makes everything more exciting and suspensful. I have been in a few small plays in my city, but my dream has always been to put my dramatic sense into something big and amazing such as a TV show, or a film. My favorite thing about dramatic acting is definitely the facial expressions, body language, and the tone of voice. I sometimes even laugh when I witness someone being dramatic, or even when it's just me being dramatic. Acting in any form, not just dramatic, is also fun, because you get to put on a new mask and slip out of your comfort zone into some other character and into a different world. -B

  10. Spencer Felts says:

    Im a 17yo male. I am 5'9" and weigh 130lbs. I have brown hair and green eyes. I'm from Oklahoma.
    It would be an honor to have a role in your upcoming show. If you are looking for someone who is charismatic, out-going, and witty, I'm your guy. I've had years of experience in theatrical plays and know the dedication and determination it takes to make the show a success. I hope to hear back from you soon and appreciate your consideration!
    Look me up on Instagram @im.spencerr

  11. Yvonne Encarnacion says:

    Hello! I am 18 years old and can really play a good high school student. I love watching PLL and I would really love to work with everyone in the cast! Whether I'd be a main role or an extra, I'll be willing to do anything it takes. Please and thank you for your consideration, if you need any more information on me just send me an email!

  12. Jasmine Moore says:

    I am 22 and from Florida but can play a high school student because I look young. I have acting experience I was an extra in ride along 2 and recently just did an extra role in ballers. I've been addicted to pretty little liars since it first started. I never missed an episode and always wanted to be part of the cast, be an extra or have a recurring role.

  13. Courtlynn Bryan says:

    First off im 19
    From.amarillo texas
    I REALLY think i should be considered for a roll or extra cause im shy what so.ever and.the camera.loves me and you always need a texas girl.on the set to bring some.southern set:)
    And i have followed this series since day one i have all the books and dvds im a die hard fan and itd be be on this series and itd be tell my.two kids of 5 and.2 that if u work.hard enough and have faith and hope come.true thank much for reading this:)

  14. Samantha says:

    Samantha dawn Markley
    From-west Lafayette Ohio
    Eye Color -hazel
    Height- 5'5
    Hair-long drown
    Age-14(going to be 15 in 7days)
    Things I like- music,clothes,girly stuff
    personality-Outgoing,nice determined funny
    I Would Love To Be A Part Of Your Cast , You Guys Are Great . I Love Acting . This would Be One Of My Best Starts If I Can Get In . I can Not Miss One Episode of Pretty little liars . I love Everything being A mystery .
    I would Love To Be A Part Of The Show I fell in love with PLL because it's more than a show and it's more than people just acting in front of the camera its my life. PLL inspired me to become an actress and the actors inspired me even more please let me know soon
    thank You -Samantha

  15. Danielle says:

    Hi, my name is Danielle G. I currently live in Rapid City South Dakota, with my parents Michael and Tina G. I was adopted in 2007, I am Native American, and was looking to become a model, but I did not meet the requirements, as I am 5'1".
    This is a late inquiry, but better late then never. I am 14 years old, and have seen lots of things throughout it. We moved to Reno NV for 2 years. While there, my parents adopted a pair of siblings. My parents like to give 2nd chances to kids.
    I haven't finished high school, but plan to go to college. I have a bit of stage fright, I know what you're thinking, what good is this girl if she has stage fright? Well, I will be the first to answer that, I am working on it and am going to become an amazing actress. I would love to be on this set. I believe the best actresses feel and relate to their roles. Thank You for taking the time to read this inquiry!

  16. Mackenzie Campbell says:

    Hi I'm Mackenzie usually called Kenzie. I am 14 years old turning 15 in April. I love the show and feel I would be perfect because I have red hair, hazel eyes, and I am 5'2 to 5'3. I think it would be a great to up the shows ratings by bringing in a younger role. So thanks for listening.


  17. Ritika says:

    Age: 15
    Eye color: dark brown
    Hair color: dark brown
    Skin: brown
    I would love to be apart of your cast, I've watched PLL ever since the show started and i never missed an episode. PLL inspired me to become an actress. I have little experience but this would be a huge opportunity to build on my skills if I were given a role on the show. I will work very hard and give my 100%
    Thank you and please consider! ❤️

  18. Céline Sollberger says:

    My name is Celine and I am 15 years old. I live in Switzerland and I would like to become an actress. I would be pleased to be a part of my favourite tv show pretty little liars.
    Pretty little liars is so exciting. I can’t stop watching it.
    My hobbies are ice skating, dancing and acting.
    I would play everything you would offer me to play.
    If I don’t get a role for the show, I would be happy to be an extra.
    I have long dark brown hair and black eyes. My complexion is tan and my figure is athletic/slim.
    If you need any further information just ask.
    I look forward to hearing from you.

  19. Lauren Webber says:

    Hi, my name is Lauren Webber!
    I am 14 (15 in June and people tell me i look older)
    I am 5'4
    I have dirty blonde hair
    My eyes are Hazel
    Im not super skinny but not fat. Im just a tad over weight.
    I havnt acted on tv before but i have acted in church plays/school plays.
    I am currently taking Theatre Arts in High School and am usin that as my focus to take every year in high school.
    I have watched all the seasons so far of PLL twice!
    It is my absolute favorite show ever!!
    I wouldnt come out of my room because i couldnt stop watching it!! ;)
    It would be an absolute honor to be on this show!
    I love how it is romance, comedy, and sorta scary.
    I love how the writer took several different genres and put it into one show!!
    Im a straight "A" student <<<< see what i did there?! ;)
    Thanks for your time!!

  20. Jordyn stephens says:

    Hi I am Jordyn!❤️I love the show cuz it is VERY interesting and I am a dancer and I watched all of the episodes and I would probably be the happiest girl on earth if I was in the show and I want to be on this show because I want to be an actor but to be an actor on my favorite show in the world would be I don't even know I would be so happy….so yeah I just wanted to try this out

  21. jessika grant says:

    Hello my name is Jessika Grant. I am 19 years old, I am 5'7, I have brown eyes, and you might not believe me when I tell you this but my hair color is red, blonde, black, and brown. crazy right? I know, but its true. I recently got hooked on this show and watched every episode until the current ones. I would love to be apart of the team. I have not did an actual acting job before, but people has to start somewhere right? And to me this would be a perfect place to start. This story that these girls are going through, I can sort of relate to, I got bullied through text messages when I was in high school, so I can kind of relate to hanna's side of the story. But anyway like I said I would love to be apart of the team
    Thank You.

  22. Sandy Luque says:

    Hello! I'm Sandy Luque and PLL is basically the show I'll love to be in. I'm a ballerina, but I basically do any type of dance. My personality will fit the show perfectly. I'm committed 100% to everything I do. I have the pretty face, but more than that, I have the talent and the willingness.

  23. Marlowe says:

    Hi my name is Marlowe, 26 from Scotland, I'm currently taking acting classes with acting out uk in Edinburgh, appearing in pll would be a dream come true for me

  24. Morgan says:

    Hi! My name is Morgan I'm 16, I have hazel eyes, and brown hair. I enjoy sports and acting! I am in love with the show! Acting has always been really fun to me and I love having the challenge and mystery of trying to figure out different ways to portray a different character. I can't miss one single episode of Pretty Little Liars! It would make my life if I could get the chance to audition for the show! I am an incredibly hard worker and very coachable. I have been in many school plays since seventh grade and have some experience. This would mean the world to me if I got the chance. Please consider me to be a new addition to the PLL family! I really hope to hear from you!

  25. Kailyn Koontz says:

    I am 16 years old nearly 17. I love the show because of all of the mystery. I love to be on my toes. Getting your heart beating if fun. I love everything about Pretty Little Liars. I want to audition for this show because I want to be part of the mystery. I want to be in my favorite show. I would LOVE to be in Pretty Little Liars!!!:)

  26. Ashley Holmes says:

    Hello . My name is Ashley Holmes. It has also been my dream since middle school to become an actress. I like to act. I Am 19 years old. I've first been exposed to PLL wen my Bestfriend told me about it and recommended me to sit down & watch it. One day I did & couldnt turn my netflix off. I fell in love with the show. I thought to myself since i like to act & this is nu favorite t.v. Series why not audition for this show . I have little experience and I wouldn't mind starting off as an extra & working my way up. I do have to start off somewhere. This would be like a once in a lifetime opportunity for me and truely a blessing if I get picked to be in PLL! They would love having me on the set :)

  27. Janya deschamps says:

    Okay my name is janya it's suppose to spell like this janaya but it isn't so u might say it wrong well I'm Dominican/caucasian I speak English only I'm 5"9 I'm only 12 years old I look older for my age but anyway I love pll I watched every single episode in history I never missed one I am a big fan I will die for them they always come to my town new York i'm really good at acting i'm not perfect I have my flaws i'm not fat but I'm. Not skinny I'm chunky. My family says I'm really good at acting so one day I may have a chance to be on pll

  28. Lachele Rodriguez says:

    Hi My name is Lachele Rodriguez. I am 22 years old and a very big fan of the show. I am a full-figured model and also an inspiring actress. From the very first season i wanted to be apart of the Pretty Little Liars cast. I even catch myself sometimes acting out some of the scenes and searching to pull of the scripts or use subtitles to follow along and act the show out. I would love to become part of the cast and show my talent as well as work along side such great actors and actress people who i admire.

  29. Micaela says:

    Hi, I'm Micaela, I'm 16, I love Pretty Little Liars and I think the girls are absolutely beautiful, I would love the opportunity to work with them and to be on this show.

  30. Taylor says:

    Hello my name is Taylor Thornburg I am 21 & would love to have a chance to do something like this. I come from a very small town with great people, but a with that being said I don't really know what I want to do in life. How would I know what I liked best if I don't experience it at least one time.
    Taylor Thornburg

  31. Paytin Mercado says:

    Hi, My name is Paytin. Im 14 years old and 5'1. Im outgoing and athletic and i will fit perfect and add a really neat mixture to the Pretty Little Liars Cast. I am a mixed race with a very exotic look and i know i can add some pizzazz to an already dynamic cast. So check me out… you'll see…:)

  32. Jessie says:

    Hello. My name is Jessie, I am 13 years old. Most people say I look 16 or 17 though. I have watched every episode of Pretty Little Liars. I have worked so hard to try to become an actress, its the hardest thing to ever do. I love acting so much. It is the most fun thing I have ever done. I know its not just easy though. I don't think you would ever choose me, but I have hope, and I hope that one day my greatest wish will come true. That wish is getting to be on your show. Shay Mitchell once said her life was "a dream come true", so why why can't a regular person like me have my dreams come true also.

  33. Barbie fontenot says:

    Hello, my name is barbie fontenot and I am 22 years old. I live in Louisiana and I have family in Los Angeles, California. (Burbank) I am an aspiring actor/model. I have been an extra in multiple movies and I have acting experience. I believe it would be incredible to be a part of pretty little liars. I started reading the books in high school the second I found out about book one. I have two bachelor's degrees and I am bilingual. (Spanish) I truly feel like I can fit in with the cast on this show. It would be an honor to work on this show, whether it be as an actor, extra or stand in. I am in love with fashion almost as much as hannah is, I love school, like spencer and will be going to law school in the near future. I adore Emily's athleticism and people tell me I am a little like aria. This would be a dream come true.

  34. Nathan says:

    Hi to whoevers reding if anyone is reading but most likely not so anyway I'm Nathan. I know I'm young I'm only 13 and I'm British white male who is looking for a chance to be in this amazing show or any show for that fact I just want everyone who works on pretty little liars or any outher show to just consider me because I think I could really fit in and I'm not a slacker Im really good at remembering lines so that's all I hope you consider me.

  35. Jennelle says:

    I love this show!! It has everything u need in a show! Mystery, romance, friendship, secrets, lies, unfaithfulness, little bit of comedy! Everything!!
    It's a great hit! I've watched the series so many times!!
    I think it would be awesome to be in PLL! Because if I was givin the opportunity to be able to be on a tv show! It would be PLL 100%!!

  36. Daeshavone Nathan says:

    Hello , my name is Daeshavone
    I am I very talented,animated,determined person
    I have no experience but would like to have a shot at it!

  37. Kayla says:

    Hi my name is Kayla and I'm 13 nearly 14 and I love the show pretty little liars. I found the show a couple of years ago and got hooked right away. I have done acting classes and modelling before. I did acting for approximately 3 years and did modelling for about 4-5 years.It would be a dream come true to star in pretty little liars and to work with all the wonderful cast members. I'm 5'0 and have medium brown hair with natural highlights (gold, blond and used to be a bit red) There's only 1 problem where I live :-(
    I hope you consider me for a part.

  38. Lisa Herrmann says:

    Hey, I' m Lisa Herrmann, I'm 16 years old and about 1,63 cm (5,4 foot) tall. I'm completely enthusiastic about 'Pretty Little Liars' and would be delighted to be a part of this series myself. I have a bit of acting experience, because I'm a member of an amateur acting society for 3.5 years now. Beyond that I'm taking lessons to study voice.
    Although I'm not an American but German my English is pretty good. Maybe it can be of some advantage to have an actor from a foreign country.

  39. Samantha Peluso says:

    Hi, I'm Samantha and I'm 18 years old. It would be an amazing opportunity to be on Pretty Little Liars. I have been hooked on this show since the first episode aired. It pulls me in and makes me feel like I'm actually a part of the series. I have had little experience in acting, but I would love to continue to pursue in it. I acted in a Peter Pan play when I was 10 years old, and for 3 years now, I have been in television production, which includes acting. I would love to be given a chance; entertaining others is one of my biggest passions. One thing you'll learn about me is that I'm a determined individual who will work hard. This would be a dream come true! Thank you so much!

  40. Sarah says:

    Hi, My name is Sarah. I am 23 years old.
    I have become aware of the series by my best girlfriend and what can I say,
    I Love It !!! This mix of mystery, romanze and drama is just perfect and makes it so incredible exciting.
    every single character is so different and tells a differemt story.
    Unfortunately I have no training as a actress but I am self-confident, funny and ambitious. So I think I would be perfect for a role in Pretty little liars.
    I always wanted to play in a movie or in series and embody diverse figures.
    This would be my utmost desire and a big chance!!!!
    So vote for me!!!! :)

  41. Aly Khalife says:

    hi my name is Aly Khalife, im from Denton,Texas im 12 years old and I would like to be an actor for Pretty Little Liars i live in Los Angeles,CA, please reply to me soon Thank You

    Aly Khalife

  42. Rubi Villanueva says:

    Hi.My name is Rubi. I fell in love with pretty little liars by the first episode. This show is one my favorites.I love the mystery,the romance and the drama.Im 13. My dream is to be an actress and be part of the show. Please make my dreams come dream.

  43. Logan Duresky says:

    Hi my name is Logan and I'm 23 years old. I would absolutely love to become a part of the PLL family. Acting has always been a passion of mine, and it would be a dream come true to become a part of the PLL cast. I would love to be given the chance, and I will work extremely hard!

  44. Samantha Castro says:

    Eye Color -hazel
    personality-Outgoing , Fun , Funny , Random , I have since of humor , determined .
    Height- 5'2
    I Would Love To Be A Part Of Your Cast , You Guys Are Great . I Love Acting . This would Be One Of My Best Starts If I Can Get In . I can Not Miss One Episode of Pretty little liars . I love Everything being A mystery .
    I would Love To Be A Part Of The Show .
    thank You -Samantha

  45. Liza tijerina says:

    I fell in love with PLL because it's more than a show and it's more than people just acting in front of the camera its my life. PLL inspired me to become an actress and the actors inspired me even more. I Liza Tijerina age 12 would love to be in PLL. So please make my dreams come and please let me work with my role models.

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