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Pretty Little Liars

All new installments of the fantastically popular drama-mystery series Pretty Little Liars are coming soon and casting for guest stars and day players is underway. Auditions for a variety of roles in this thrilling hour long TV production are happening very soon and submissions are being accepted today.This is a great opportunity to be a part of one of the most popular ABC Family programs and a must watch show for millions of viewers each week.

Pretty Little Liars is based on a series of hugely popular young adult novels by Marlene King and tells the story of four high school girls ( played by Troian Bellisario, Ashley Benson, Lucy Hale, and Shay Mitchell) whose friendship group is destroyed after the disappearance of the groups leader (played by Sasha Pieterse). The four girls soon begin receiving mysterious messages from an unknown source who threatens to expose all of their secrets. Full of tense drama and intrigue and fueled by fantastic performances and even better writing, it’s no surprise that this show only continues to grow into one of the highest rated shows on television.

Production on all new episodes of this runaway ABC Family hit will be starting soon and so will open casting calls for exciting supporting  day player and extras roles. If you would like to apply for consideration for any of these parts you can send an email here Leave a comment in the space provided below and let us know why you love the show and why you want to audition and stay tuned for casting information for Pretty Little Liars as it becomes available.

This is your chance to be a part of one of televisions most tense and exciting shows! This is your chance to be a star of Pretty Little Liars.

Leave a comment below and tells us why you should be part of the Pretty Little Liars – ABC Family Audition in 2013

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  1. Nicole Lopez says:

    Hello, my name is Nicole Lopez and Pretty Little Liars has been such a huge part of my life. Pretty Little Liars isn't just "another teenage drama". It has twists and turns, keeping you at the edge of your seat! Not only that, but you also feel emotionally attached to all the romance on the show! Ezra and Aria, Spencer and Toby, Caleb and Hanna, Paige and Emily. When a couple breaks up, I feel emotionally attached! I've never loved a tv show as much as Pretty Little Liars, which may sound a little cliché. But PLL has taught me you don't need to be perfect, things may seem hard but you'll get through it, and most importantly, being yourself is the most beautiful version of yourself you can be. Thank you in Advance!

  2. Timera Turner says:

    Hello Pretty Little Liars Cast & Crew. My Name is Timera. I am 16 years old, and I am really interested in becoming a beginner actress. I currently don't have any acting experience, BUT I've been told I am a drama queen. (Maybe that will be an advantage in acting) I have been watching PLL every since it came out. The mysteriousness, the unpredictable action in the movie, the amazing actors and actresses and so much more, keep the episodes in so much thrill. As I stated before I have no experience, but doing this will be a great start towards my dreams. (:

  3. destiney christmas says:

    Alright . Well I Watch Every Episode Of Pretty Little Liars From Day 1 … I Really Enjoy The Show Alot , & I Think I Would Be The Right Person For Your Show.. & Would be a GREAT OPPORTUNITY For Me To Show The Word That I'm Talented , If I Would Even Just Get An Audition I Would Be Very Very Very Grateful , I Promise You , You Would Regret It.

  4. Elizabeth McQueeney says:

    I LOVE Pretty Little Liars :D And it would be a dream come true if I got to be a part of the show :D I LOVE acting and singing and dancing and it would be pretty cool so yeah :D And I also like some mystery and everything so yeah :D And I like on how it makes you guess who might be the one that did this and such so yeah :D So, if I got to be a part of the show it would be AWESOME :D I would be SO excited :D

  5. Gabby Boothe says:

    Honestly I'm only after a dream like millions of people around the world. I love singing and acting. I want to prove a point to some people who have put me down in the past about becoming who I want to be. I love the mystery, the suspense and everything it leaves you wanting more and to know what happens next. Each one of the characters have taught me something and that is no matter what happens you should always be yourself, if you love something you fight for it and you don't t give up you keep fighting until you win that battle. I'm always looking for new things and acting is something I decided I want to try I'm sort of following in my own path but I guess in Lucy Hale's path too but she was younger when she started in the industry, I've been to auditions for Disney and some other stuff when I was around 8 or 9 they said I needed acting lessons because of how shy I was, I'm trying to come more out of my shell and try and pull away from that shyness. I'm just asking for this one chance to find who I am in life. I am a hard worker I get along with everyone. I am hoping to get a spot of the show no matter big or small I will be happy to just be apart of it. I don't want to start out with a normal average teen job, I'm not normal nobody is for that fact but I want to do something fun, something different and also new which acting is all new to me. My friends and I we do small acting skits for fun and that really helps me with my acting skills I believe but I am hoping to be apart of the cast one day maybe soon hopefully.
    Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope to hear back from you soon. Have a wonderful day

  6. Rocquel L. Jefferson says:

    Hello All,
    Pretty Little Liars has been my favorite show since it aired. I have gotten a lot of my family members and friends hooked to this show as well. My boyfriend and I just moved into out new home so we do not have cable right now but I make it my business to watch this show online(I CANNOT MISS IT).Pretty Little Liars is like one of my college courses, I have to focus on it because it can be very intense at times. Over all this show is the best show I have ever watched. I adore all the actors and actresses because they play their roles really well. I want to be apart of this show because I know I can bring my Island twist and spice to the table and like the memo said, "It's my time to shine".

    Thank You

  7. Britney says:

    Hello pretty little liars cast & crew! My names Britney , I'm 24 , 5'2 , 105pnds i will send a picture , and more info. I would love to be a part of your cast, even if I can't be permanent (although that would be extremely nice)
    I had a reality tv experience already.
    I'm willing to go where you need me.
    I watched some of the cast on keek, and I get along with anyone, and can really see myself being good with the girls already on the show, I'm easy going, hard worker, fast learner. And really like the concept of the show

  8. Zoelouise says:

    I'm a 21 year old Irish girl trying to get started in my passion for acting, my general and southern American accent is very good and I'm extremely hard working, this is the opportunity I've been waiting for, I am a huge fan of the show and a huge fan of the incredible Holly Marie Combs, I have experience in theatre!


  9. Alec Belle says:

    I love Pretty Little Liars because it's not your average show. It has so many twists and turns, but in a way that it all makes sense. I would love to be a part of this show because it is my favorite show and I've always dreamed about what it would be like to be a character, even a minor one, on the show.

  10. brionne phillips says:

    I have been watching abc since the first season of secret life it has shown me so much and impacted my life when it comes to being a young woman I will be a great addition to the cast because of my outspoken high energy and love for the art of acting

  11. Julia Ringel says:

    I love Pretty Little Liars because I love mystery. It keeps me on the edge of my seat. This show is not predictable. You can never guess what's coming next and I love that. Young girls can relate to this because we get bullied like they do. I would like to be a part of this show because it's my dream to act and this is my favorite show so it would be perfect!

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