Kids Casting: Boys & Girls 10, 11, 12 Years Old

Kids Casting Call

Kids Casting – Web Shorts

A national production company is currently casting 4 up and coming child actors for a series of web shorts. This 9 time Emmy Award winning production company is in charge of all production materials for a major education websites re-launch and they are looking for fresh and exciting talent to be a part of it.

The web shorts auditions will be for 2 boys and 2 girls who are vibrant and mischievous ages 10 to 12. These roles will be non-speaking but will require the actors to be fun and light while showing how NOT to do several tasks. Casting directors are searching for just the right performers who can convey these “how not to do’s” non-verbally in a funny and entertaining way. This is a tremendous opportunity for any young performer to not only test the limits of their talents but to be exposed to a very large audience. This will be a fun, rewarding and educational experience and also a fantastic resume builder.

If you are an aspiring young actor looking for a great start to your career, this is could be the production for you. You can leave a comment below and take a look at the casting information from the production company.

Casting Information :

Auditions are Saturday May 5th / Shoot is mid-late May in Brooklyn NY.

Parents are invited to apply on behalf of their children via the email by responding with a headshot or representative picture of your child along links to any relevant previous work.

Leave a comment below and tells us why you should be part of the Kids Casting: Boys & Girls 10, 11, 12 Years Old Audition in 2013

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  1. Jacob Angeles says:

    Hair: Curly Brown-Black

    Height: 5'0

    Body: Skinny

    Skin colour: Brown-white

    Background: Caucasian

    Weight: 85pounds

    Hello, my name is Jacob and I am a male, I would love to be in this movie. I live in Canada, British Columbia, Vancouver and I am 12 and a half years old just finishing grade 7. I have been in a 5 day acting course with 1 hour a day and I have also been in a play in middle school as one of the biggest roles, this play was amazing because we were all serious and the acting teachers taught us as if it was a professional show, it turned out great. I have not taken any other courses of acting becuase I know that I am a good enough actor, and I know how to show and express my emotions well. I am a really great actor at a young age and a fresh young actor I am a serious actor and I would love to be a part of this.

  2. Lauren says:

    Hi, my name is Lauren and im 12 years old turning 13 on june,16 2014! im not afraid to speak up and be in front of a camera or a big crowd. I have hazel/blue eyes (they change) also I don't think a movie is a movie I think it feels real when you really like what you do!

  3. hannah says:

    hi, my name is Hannah and I have wanted to be an actor since I was 6. I am already 10 I will be 11 in December so I am kind in the middle age group of the kids you need. not talking no problem, 'how not to' easy. I have dirty blonde hair, brown parents say I am one weird kid cause I love to do weird stuff all day long. thank you for you time

  4. Zena says:

    I would like to inform you that I would be really interested to participate in an upcoming movie.
    I’m zena, 12 years old turning 13 in April 2014 and female.
    I’ve always wanted to start an acting career but I guess I’m not so lucky
    I want to have a chance to take part in this movie
    I’m confident and very very talented.
    I don't mind travelling.
    It would mean the world to me.
    I hope you understand how much i would love this.
    Please please please consider me and contact me by email. Please help me achieve my dream.
    Thank you very much

  5. Jasmine Humphrey says:

    Hi I'm Jasmine Humphrey I'm 10 years old and I play basketball and I do cheerleading I live in Oklahoma and I would love a role

    Eye color:brown
    Hair color:brown
    Hair type:curly
    Raice:Native Amarican,African Amarican,a little Hispanic,Coucasion
    Talent:Acting and Singing

  6. Skyler says:

    Hey my name is skyler i have brown into blonde hair my favorite movie is the book thief i cried of it every time i saw it [many times] im not going to be sad if i dont get this because it just makes me better as an actress im a female did i mention just if u didnt notice i have brown eyes i was born and live in new york im italian and my dream is to be on a disney channel series! But im nkt like the other kids im not going to say i woukd enjoy if u could read this and thank h for your time im just going to be me im sweet but im me so thats pretty much it!

  7. meagen says:

    Hi my name is meagen and I no I don't have a chance but I would love one.. If you could give me one it would be nice my name is meagen I have blond and brown hair. And drown eyes and the best 11 year old actress you will ever meet. Please give me a Chance for me you and my family

  8. rachel says:

    Hi I'm rachel I'm 11. I love soccer and acting. I have dirty blond hair and hazel blue eyes. I am hard working and silly. I'm around 5 feet tall maybe a little less. I weight around 100 pounds. I really hope I get this!

  9. ashton says:

    Ashton Elliott
    Hi my name is Ashton Elliott. I am 10 years old. I live in Sugar City Colorado. I love to sing and pretend. I play basketball and rodeo. At our ranch we have 30-40 horses.
    I weigh 102 lbs. I am "4.6" and have long natural blonde hair and blue eyes. I really hope you can give me a chance.

  10. Brionna N. Colon says:

    Hi my name is brionna Nicole colon. And I love to sing I just turned 12 in January 28. It's been my dream to be an actress to be honest I CAN'T dance but if you give me a chance I will try my best.
    Hair color:brownish reddish
    Eye color:Brown
    I'm mixed African American and Hispanic
    So I hope you give me a chance

  11. Lara says:

    hi im lara am am an eleven year old girl turning twelve this year i have dark brown hair and blue eyes. i participate in drama activities and i love to sing so if you can i would love to participate thanks.

  12. shontie gray says:

    hi my name is shontie and im 12 I have black hair brown eyes im funny so please give me a chance

  13. Mishalina Watkins says:

    Hi my name is Mishalina.I would love to participate in this short film. I love to read and explain things to people in excited ways that keep them pumped up and interested. I am a very energetic person with a bubbly personality. It would mean more than the whole solar system if you gave me a chance. I am a undiscovered talent. Please consider giving me a chance.
    Eye Color: Dark Brown
    Hair Color: Dark Brown
    Ethinticy: African American
    Height:5 feet
    Thank You for reading I hope you consider giving me a chance.

  14. Destiny Brown says:

    I can sing act and do a back bend front walkover

  15. Angel Chaney says:

    hi I'm am 12 years old my talents are: acting, dancing, drawing, archery, ect. I am "5'2 I am African American and have brown hair.
    acting school for 6 months
    performed in 4 band concerts
    performed in 3 talent shows(dancing)
    I did 7 plays and 6 readers theater performances.
    acting has been my dream for about 7 years now! (5 years old)

  16. Mason Edwards says:

    I am a 12 year old Male
    Brown Eyes
    Brown Hair
    4ft 11"
    Talent: Can sing and act
    Hope you think im good enough? Thanks and good luck to other people trying to work for this.

  17. keziah minnieweather says:

    HI im keziah minnieweather and acting is my dream I can sing dance and act im sorry if im wasting your time but email me if you know where and when any auditions are

    information: IM 11 yrs old I am 5.6 have black and redish hair I am African American and have been on the news before that's it ant thatnks for your time love,Keziah Minnieweather

  18. Anayah says:

    Hi am Anayah am 12 years old am funny am mixed with black hair brown eye cobble it ok if you say no and you give me any other lead

  19. NELISSA says:


  20. Paula says:

    hiiii am 12 years old 1.65 tall i am very interestied to go out in the program thanks!

  21. Cameron Wallace says:

    Hi I'm cameron I'm 11 years old I live in doylestown PA I have a big sister and big brother I have brown hair kinda blond I have blue eyes I have ADHD and I'm not that afraid to talk In front of a camera so I've been singing my whole life and I've always wanted to be a actor so if you could accept my letter that would be awesome bie

  22. mesoma chime nwonu says:

    i am 10 years old a nigerian i have dark brown hair , dark brown eyes , i no how to sing and act

  23. lizzy knode says:

    hellow.i have natral brown hair but right now my hair is red,im not scared to be on camra and i do not have a fit when i dont get what i want, i am a singer and actor,i have color changing eyes,i am 11 years old,i am about to start the 6th grade,i have never failed anything in my life,i love reading and writing and i have a mom,dad 13 year old brother and a 8 year olg brother.I also live in bonnou.

  24. taylor swift says:

    please give my bff Lizzy knode a chance.

  25. lizzy says:

    My name is Lizzy. I am a great singer and actor.I an 11 years old and would like to be doscovered.please give me a chance.


  26. Javier Mckenzie says:

    I am 12 years old I am exceptional hip hop dancer and I would like to comedic actress .

  27. Nichole Lundry says:

    Hi, my name is Nichole Lundry.
    Being an actress is my Biggest dream!!! Ever since i was 6 i have been trying to find auditions for myself, and i think this one is the one. Thanks for your time.
    Love: Nichole :)

  28. Nichole says:

    Hi, my name is Nichole, and I am 10years old , and i want to audition for a movie. Being an actor is my BIGGEST dream. I have brown hair, and is 5ft tall. It is easy for me to memorize lines. Thanks for your time

  29. Savanna says:

    To be honest these girls and boys leaving comments don't need to. Nobody cares. You need to show up at the auditions to get in not by your comments. Nobody cares what you look like its better to see you in person. And its not easy to be famous and not a lot of girls know that. XOXO.

  30. kiersten says:

    hi my name is kiersten and my dreams has always been to be an actress, no doubt it!i am 12 years old I have blueish green eyes im bout 5 feet tall or a little bit taller. I relly love to act! and even my own dad and brother don't think im gonna get to be an actress and i relly want to prove i can.

  31. cayla says:

    Hi,I am cayla and my life is acting and just being on stage.Even at school my teachers will ask me what I want to be when I grow up and I say I want to act and that would just smile and say really,other then that what and I said i well anything to do with being on stag,like singing,dancing,and acting or just anything.Acting is my world and all I want to be so please give me a chance please.I would work hard but have fun at the same time because I love to make people laugh and be happy m.I have varry light hair and green eyes,I love spots and I have many friends and family I am 12 almost 13 and about 5ft.Thank you for reading this if you did and thank you for haveing this opportunity and chance to let me be on stage,and if I don't get pick I understand I hope someone great gears picked.

  32. kaylin says:

    hi i am outgoing and not shy at all and i am really funny once you get to no me and i reall y want to be on any show you put me on but i really want to be on this one so pick me im really good.:)11 years old\ height 5:0

  33. Noel says:

    Hi I am a 12 year old boy full of talent. I am very smart and outgoing. I have no fear, and I am always the light of the party. And that's why you should pick me!

  34. Sara marie ferguson says:

    Hi, my name is sara marie and i am 10 years young! I love acting and im very talented! (Not braging) And i love L!fe , i live for today and not tomorrow.. XD oh and i am a Really big jokester:P And i am very interested in being a actress! it has always been a big dream of mine. You can e-mail me:)

  35. Chiquielle says:

    I am a 12 year old african american young man who reaaly likes to act and I just haven't found anyone to hire me as an actor

  36. Jacob McCreary says:

    Hello I am 12 with blue green eyes black hair and would love this chance I usually do weired things and don't talk much thank you for your gracious time.

  37. brittany williams says:

    I am 11 years old. I have dark brown hair. I am in 6 th grade. I am not scare of being in front of cameras or crowds. I have talked/lead my girlscout troop many times. I do not throw fit when i don't get what i want. I think i would fit for a place. If this is a trick you are going to disappoint a lot of kids.

  38. Monica says:

    Hi,my name is Monica and I am 12 years old turning 13. No talking ,sure. 'How not to', easy. I have brown hair, green eyes and I would love to audition. Doing weired stuff is my specialty. Like every other kid I would like a chance. Thank you for your time .

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