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Disney’s popular sitcom Jessie is gearing up for an all new hilarious and heart warming season and that means casting for fantastic roles for up and coming actors of all ages is just around the corner. This is a great opportunity to join the network’s family of stars that includes Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez and many, many more. Auditions for parts in the new episodes will begin soon and you can submit yourself today.

Featuring The Suite Life On Deck star Debby Ryan, Jessie tells the story of a young girl  from a small town in Texas named Jessie Prescott who, in an act of rebellion against her strict military father, moves to New York to prove she can make it in the big city and becomes nanny to a wealthy couples four cantankerous children. Each week Jessie provides big heart and bigger laughs as she and the Ross family embark on an endless string of zany adventures.The weird and wild Ross family includes oldest child Emma (the goofy cynic), Luke (the bright ladies man), Ravi (the smart and kind son) and Zuri (the sassy little sis) who always keep Jessie on her toes and audience of millions of loyal Disney fans laughing. This show is a perfect career starter for any young performer and one of the most high quality family series on television. Casting calls are taking place shortly and you can apply for available roles now and throughout the season. If you are interested in being a part of Jesse you can find more information on production and casting here Don’t forget to leave a comment below telling us why you would be a perfect addition to the cast and check back for all of the Jessie casting updates.

Auditions for the all new season of Jesse will be starting soon. If you have ever dreamed of making it big in one of Disney’s star making, hilarious shows stay tuned and we will keep you updated on every development.  You never know, you may be the next featured star of Jessie.

Leave a comment below and tells us why you should be part of the Jessie Season 4 – Disney Channel Audition in 2015

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  1. makayla says:

    heyyyy my name is Makayla and I LOVE this show so much and I would love to be apart of the ross kids I am blonde I have brown eyes I have white skin and I am 10 years old I think I will be great for this roll because I am a great actress

  2. Jena majid says:

    Hi I'm Jena and I'm 13 years old
    I haved dreamed about being on tv since I was 7
    I don't want it for the fame or money I want it because i want to do something with my talents and follow my dreams and I want to know that all my hard work got paid off
    My talents include singing,acting,and dancing
    Other things I like to do are playing basketball,swimming ,shopping,and playing with animals
    I am funny smart artistic and wierd
    I just want a chance thank you

  3. Lexi Padgett says:

    Hi my name is Lexi. I am from Newnan, GA.  Im 11 years old and I love this show. I am around 5'1" and I weigh about 85 pounds. I have blonde hair. I am very sassy, upbeat, and fun. I am in middle school and i am a cheerleader. I love presenting projects in class because I can be very dramatic and I have a lot of fun with it. I have actually never acted in anything and it would be an honor to start on Jessie. I have always wanted to act (especially on Disney Channel.) This is my favorite show and it would be a dream come true if I could be on Jessie. I really love everybody on the show and I would love to act with them. Debby Ryan has always been an inspiration to me and she is just so talented that it would be so amazing to work with her. I really want to be on this show because acting is my passion and my dream. I know that the chance of me getting this opportunity is like 1 in a million but I know that I should still try.
    I look forward to speaking with you soon,

  4. Robert Garcia says:

    My name is Robert Garcia
    I'm 12 years old I turn 13 soon.
    I weigh 134 pounds.
    Height: 4'11
    Eye color: Brown
    I'm in 6th grade.
    I am very athletic I play Basketball , Football , Soccer
    I have always dreamed of being on Disney.
    I go to a school of fine arts.
    I have been in theater for 3 years now and done plenty of performances.
    I do my performances to the best of my ability.
    It would be a dream come true to be on Disney.
    I would take any role I could get
    I hope you would consider me!

  5. Alia Haywood says:

    Hello! My name is Alia Haywood. I am 12 years old and I am 5'1". I have brown hair and light brown eyes. I should be part of the Jessie season 4 because I am very talented. I would love to become an actress. I am good at acting. Also I would like to work with Debby, Skai, Karan, Peyton, and Cameron. I have been to acting and modeling boot camp to better my skills. I live in Cleveland, OH. I really hope that my unique taken will be discovered.

  6. Jakiyah Porter says:

    Hello, my name is Jakiyah Porter and I am 9 years old. I am from Tennessee and I watch the Disney channel all the time. Acting is something that I love to do! I recently attended the Premiere talent casting call in my home town and made the cuts to attend the convention in Orlando Florida. I am in the optional program at my school and I participate in various activities. I am on the Dance team, Chinese club, Girls in Pearls, Gems, and I attended the local Arts Fest as my drawing was one of the best in the school. I have also taken some ballet and gymnastics. Acting in a Disney show would really make my dreams come true!! Thanks.

  7. mwisa ntemena says:

    am african female who is 15 have experience in acting . acting is mylife

  8. Halley Amanda gayle says:

    Hi my name is Halley Amanda gayle. I have always had a dream about acting or modeling. It mean so much to me if I could get this one opertunity to be on live television. I always tell my family how much I wanna become an actress and grow up to be somebody. Ever since I was a kid I love to act dance modell in my mom clothing and sing. Singing is one ting I love to do too. I am 12 years old I was born October 29,2002. I love to watch disney, one of ly most favorite shows is Jessie I love zuri she is my favorite character and I love Emma she is so girly. I also love to design clothes.

  9. Celina says:

    Hello my name is celina
    i´m 14 years old
    i want the part because i´m good in singing cooking and improvising !
    i can speak english and german !
    i hope my biggest dream came true !

  10. Doreen Sparks says:

    My son Ryan is wanting to audition for a role on the Disney Hit Show Jessie. He loves this show and has memorized all the episodes. He is a ten year old aspiring actor. Please let me know if there are any audtions coming up?

  11. cate says:

    hi my name is cate i'm 8 years old i'm part hispanic i love to sing dance and act i do ballet,basketball,and soccor i have brown hair and brown eyes i have light tan skin i have two sisters im the youngest i have been watching jessie my hole life i think it is really funny i live in atlanta georgia im im adopted just like the kids in jessie i hope you pick me thank you

  12. jessica corbett says:

    hi, I'm Jessica and I'm 13 and the reason why I think I should be apart of the cast is because, I know I'm going to work hard and do my best when I'm working with you. Acting , singing, and dancing is my dream! I especially love singing; singing and music is my passion! I just really want to be heard and not sounded out. that's one of the many reasons why I love singing and acting. I hope you like what I said but, I'm not ashamed of what I said.

  13. gwyneth hallman says:

    hi there talented staff of Jessie I'm Gwyn and i would love to be on this show. i have been acting forever and my mom is an English teacher so i know about theater. i am a high honor 6th grade student (11 years old to be exact)and training for my black belt in karate.i am 57 inches with brown hair and brown eyes and my family says i have Julia Roberts' lips:) i have a deep Passion for theater and English Arts and i think that acting is one talent i may consume. that is why i think that i should be on Jessie

    thank you for your time

    Gwyn :)

  14. alashia springs says:

    hi my name is alashia springs im 13 years old and I love to act I love music and writing I what to be on this show because I love to act and that's my true dream and I never be anything then this is a life time thing for me but I know that there are girls or boys that what this but I just hope I get it but if not that's ok by love alashia springs

  15. Amareya flowers says:

    I realy want this and I am 11 years old and
    I realy want to become famous
    Like u guys and I love watching
    Your shows but now I want people
    To love it when I am on there
    And I realy want my dream to come true
    And everyday I dream about thAt I tell my
    Mom and I realy want to be on tv on
    Disney channel like you guys

  16. madison ayala says:

    It's been my dream to be on Disney channel ever since I've started watching witch was a long time.
    name- Madison Ayala
    -gray,blue eyes and blonde hair
    November 9th
    I love to dance, act and sing
    Dance- I can do jazz and contemporary but I'm a begginer
    I sing at places all the time with my famous grandpa, Roy Carter
    I act all the time at the weirdest moments

  17. Marcella Miranda says:


    I'm 10 years old. Please send me an email when you have the date of the audition. I have been dreaming for that moment for a long time. Jessie is my favorite show on Disney Channel. I hope you consider me for this audition.

  18. Chandler says:

    It would be amazing if I got the part please please please

  19. Eva sims says:

    hi my name is Eva sims I'm very straight acting I would love to me and Jesse because it inspires me to be better and to help one another and I love how heart warming it is like how they are not they all the kids and take them in like they with their own how many people like these are only in Jesse's an amazing person and I think that if I get a chance I can leave is heartwarming as you need me to me I'm very experienced and I love to be in Jessie I watch it every single day I have I was hoping maybe going to be in the movie I just can't wait I really hope I get this chance my name is Eva sims people call me Malaysia I am 11 years old and I hope I get a chance thank you

  20. Nicole says:

    Hi,I'm 12 years old just looking for an acting gig and I'm sure I'll bring on a show the judges will never forget. Just email me information and I will make it my priority to do as asked. I think I'll be the perfect fit for Jessie: Season 4 because I have a great episode idea that will bring millions if hits.

    Thanking you in advance,

  21. Omkar shinde says:

    Hi I'm Omkar Shinde. I'm 16 years old and I would love to be a part on Jessie. I'm An Indian just a Karan Brar and I would like to be a character who is related to him in the sitcom. I have black hair and dark brown eyes. I'm 5'8 and weigh almost 150 lbs. Please let me know if you see this post. I would be honored to receive a reply from you. Thanks!

  22. Kelly says:

    State: New York
    Height: 5'1
    Features: red hair, blue eyes, freckles
    Nationality: irish American
    Reasons why you should consider me: I really like making YouTube videos so I'm not afraid of the camera and I could also give some shoutouts to the show! I really love Jessie since season 1 it's funny and you never know what could happen. Lastly I have pretty different features than most people so not many people will look like me on other shows did you know red hair and blue eyes is the rarest combination of features on a person how cool would it be for someone with natural red hair and blue eyes to be on your show

  23. Rhianna Taylor says:

    Hi I'm rhianna and acting and singing and being famous is my dream and I believe dreams come true, I will try to take my big break by being in musicals and talent shows and TV shows. I know I have what it takes and I have a great voice like my family and kids on the bus I don't even know and my friends.I'll tell you a but about me I am 11 years old,in been singing since I could make sounds with my mounth,I have 2 brothers and a sister, I am 4 ft and 10 in tall. I also have blonde hair and me,my sis, and brother are the music ones out of us kids. My brother is studying to be an opera singer he um studies in Chicago he is great. I'm just asking for a chance thanks

  24. Breanna LaBorde says:

    Hi, my name is Breanna. I'm a 14 almost 15, 5'tanned brunette with bangs and some highlights with glasses. I'm from Slidell, Louisiana and currently a freshman at North Shore High. I have taken choir for 5 years, art for 6 years and acting for 5 years.
    I also love to create and write stories. I can be a bit shy at first but I love to act silly and have fun and I try to get along with everyone. And I love helping others. I would love to be apart of Jessie because it seems like a fun loving just for laughs kind of show and I love that kind of stuff.

  25. sami paulson says:

    Hi my name is sami. I have dirty blonde hair and hazel eyes, im 13, and I have a twin. im in gymnastics. I live in Utah. I really want to be on Jessie because I love acting and I think it will be cool if you had twins and I LOVE acting, it would be really cool to be in jessie

  26. Nitasha says:

    School: Bellmere Junior Public School
    Hobby:Artistic (I Make Clothes Designs)
    Hair Color:Dark Brown
    Eye Color:Dark Brown
    Skin Color:Light Brown

  27. kaylee wheaton says:

    Hi I'm kaylee wheaton im 14 years old
    I'm a girl
    I was born with spona bifida and I'm a miracle child so they say. I live Disney channel and I want to show child that you don't have to be perfect to be great and it's ok to be different. This would Make my dream corn true.

  28. Liam Allen says:

    Hi my name is Liam Allen I'm 12 years old and I have a passion for acting and love your show so I thou why not try to be a part of the show. I love sports and I'm very athletic. I'm five foot four I have dirty blonde hair that is very unique and my eyes are green. Thank you for your time and I hope to here from you in the future.

  29. michee says:

    Hi my name is michee BRIKA I am 12 and I'm in hi my name is michee brika i am in5 grade I enjoy singing dancing and acting out although I have never been to an audition because my family and I don't have enough money for taking me to those things I know that you guys are looking for some one who has experiences in acting and I don't I think I don't have a chance but please I beg this would be a life changing experience thank you

  30. Amber Logan says:

    Hi my name is Amber Logan I am 15 year old. I go to Mount St Joseph business and enterprise College that's in bolton. I have always dreamed about being a actress. All I want to do is act. My friends say that I have the tanlet to become a big actress and all so I hope you give me a change to show you what I can do. If you want to get in contact me then you can ring me or email me
    Thank you very much form your time

    Amber Logan

  31. Ryan says:

    Age: 9

    height: 4'8

    grade: 3rd

    school: Ambrose Plamondon elementary school

    hobby: tackewondo

    im strong inside but outside im the best

    hair: dark brown

    eyes: brown

    skin complactoin: light skin just got a tan

  32. chassidy brady says:

    Hi most likely no one will see this but im Chassidy Brady im 16 years old 5'6 still in highschool one of the bests in my theater class. I have been from church plays to acting n front of thousands of people. Even though I know nobody is probably going to see this i want to say if i cant get this part i their anyway someone can email me some other auditions. Im from Indianapolis and i cant afford a agent . I live with a single mother and 2 siblings. This just would be the best thing that ever happened to me. If anyone sees this i just want to say god bless you and please consider me.

  33. Maggie Abston says:

    Hi,my name is Maggie
    I Live in Tennessee
    I am 13 of age
    I have natural curly hair
    I am highly interested in acting

  34. Alora Provencial says:

    I am Alora and I am 9 years old almost 10 I have hazel eyes i am tan I have brown hair with blonde highlights.

  35. Jasmine says:

    My name is Jasmine I really want to be on Jessie because I can dance and a very good acter if it's sad or angry happy or mad and it's been my dream forever

  36. Caitlin Carper says:

    Hi my name is Caitlin I would love to be on Jessie. I have blonde hair and blue eyes,I can sing and act,I have been in plays and musicals before also I love Disney.and I also live in Tucson,Arizona if you want to know but anyway I hope I can get a chance to act.

  37. Serena tayoro says:

    Hello my name is Serena
    I'm 11years old
    I'm good fun and love a good laugh all the time.
    I'm from Ireland.
    I love the part because I'm very good in acting, singing,dancing, drawing, cooking and also writing poems . I can speak English,French, Irish. At the age of 8 I was already trying to be an actress I would have all ways put on shows for my parents
    Having the part would be a dream come true my dream is to be a very successful actress

  38. Ryan Howard says:

    Hello! I am a 5'4" red head from Texas. Disney is practically my entire life. i have red hair, green eyes, and have been acting for years and years. I would love to be considered for the show, I can also sing (if thats a good thing then yay).

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