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Disney’s popular sitcom Jessie is gearing up for an all new hilarious and heart warming season and that means casting for fantastic roles for up and coming actors of all ages is just around the corner. This is a great opportunity to join the network’s family of stars that includes Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez and many, many more. Auditions for parts in the new episodes will begin soon and you can submit yourself today.

Featuring The Suite Life On Deck star Debby Ryan, Jessie tells the story of a young girl  from a small town in Texas named Jessie Prescott who, in an act of rebellion against her strict military father, moves to New York to prove she can make it in the big city and becomes nanny to a wealthy couples four cantankerous children. Each week Jessie provides big heart and bigger laughs as she and the Ross family embark on an endless string of zany adventures.The weird and wild Ross family includes oldest child Emma (the goofy cynic), Luke (the bright ladies man), Ravi (the smart and kind son) and Zuri (the sassy little sis) who always keep Jessie on her toes and audience of millions of loyal Disney fans laughing. This show is a perfect career starter for any young performer and one of the most high quality family series on television. Casting calls are taking place shortly and you can apply for available roles now and throughout the season. If you are interested in being a part of Jesse you can find more information on production and casting here Don’t forget to leave a comment below telling us why you would be a perfect addition to the cast and check back for all of the Jessie casting updates.

Auditions for the all new season of Jesse will be starting soon. If you have ever dreamed of making it big in one of Disney’s star making, hilarious shows stay tuned and we will keep you updated on every development.  You never know, you may be the next featured star of Jessie.

Leave a comment below and tells us why you should be part of the Jessie Season 4 – Disney Channel Audition in 2013

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  1. Daviona says:

    Hi my name is Daviona, I live in the united states I think I have what it take to be on Disney. I love the show Jessie and I think it would be awesome to work with awesome people like you all. I think I can sing and act Iam a beggner I haven't like song in front of a school church things like that only with my friends when where playing but I honesty think I have what it takes I work extremely hard and I don't stop to I het it I'm a fighter if I fall I get right back up and I think that's what y'all need someone like me and I think I can be y'all next big thing !!! Promise

  2. Abigail says:

    Hi! I'm Abigail and I'm 13 years old. I've always wanted to be on tv since I was 4! I would love working on Jessie and I would be so honored if I could be on the show. I am 5'1, Asian (Vietnamese), I have brown hair, brown eyes. I have no idea if this website is a scam so I didn't put my last name for safety reasons….but if it is not please contact me if you are interested. My mom said to put this "my mother thinks this could be my chance to become known, a chance to become something in the big world."

  3. Sanyukta says:

    Hey guys I am sanyukta and I am an indian girl. i was born in india. My favorite character on jessie is ravi. He is a cool kid. his character. I feel like if i had the chance to be part of Jessie it would make my dream. But if you guys do pick me i talk a little weird. It sounds like i have a cold but it is just my throat. But i wanna try something different that will show the entire world that i can be confident in my vice and it is acting. I am not just posting this to get your attention. I just want to show mysef on how confident i can be. It would be great to be part of the cast Jessie. It is a great show. I really would want a role. And remmeber if you guys run out of ideas. You guys can always connect me to ravi or something. likei could play the sister or something. i really want to do this and show the world my voice. i mean it is not that abd but it is kind of hard to understand. I hope you guys can choose me. my name is sanyukta perumal and i am ready for challenges. especially showing my weird voice to the world. thanks and i hope u guys will choose me.

  4. Mya says:

    HIIIII, my name is Mya and I Love Disney channel. I have been watching since I could see. On Jessie you can tell that they love each other. and I would love to be apart of that, the Disney family.It would mean the world to me if I was apart of the Jessie and Disney family. I am full of energy and love to have fun. But I know when to get to work. I have always wanted to be an actress and now I can persue this dream. Thank You, Mya <3

  5. Alice says:

    Im Alice Jessie Pauline Sage still, lol. I am 5.1 feet. I am about 115 lbs

  6. Alice says:

    Name: Alice Jessie Pauline Sage
    Talents: singing and playing guitar
    Without singing i meant
    Hobbies: basketball volleyball cross country
    Hair: died brown with highlights red.
    Eyes: dark brown
    I would love meeting the stars also. Cameron has the same bday

  7. Chase says:

    Name:chase Watson
    Hair color:black
    Eye color: dark brown
    Hobbies:cheerleader for the Spartans and I play the vilion and I dance for my school program

  8. Amira Elalaoui says:

    Hi, my name is Amira I am ten years old soon to be 11. I love jessie I watch it most of the time. it so funny and giving me an opportunity to be a part of that is just mind blowing. I live in London, England which mite be a problem . I love to act and this maybe fun I really hope you pick me and if not find the right person.

  9. Shivani Clancy says:

    Hi my name is Shivani clancy and I am 13 years old. My talents are drawing, acting and singing. I have always liked the TV show Jessie and I am huge fan. I am from London, England and I am half Indian.
    Please let me know if I make the TV show by sending me an email. Thank you

  10. dashawn says:

    Dear to the cast of Jessie my name is Dashawn Johnson and I would like to be on Jessie the last comment bri'an is my niece an me and her would like to be on Jessie I can sing dance rap and to act I am just like Jessie trying to fulfill her dreams I'm a little bit like luke I can dance and a little bit like ravi im smart but the real point is me and my niece would like to be on Jessie thank you for watching Disney channel sincelery Dashawn johnson

  11. bri'an says:

    Dear the cast of Jessie,
    I would just like to say that it would be an honor to work with you guys, I love your show and I watch every new episode. I have lots of different talents and I love helping people. It would be a great opportunity to open new doors to my acting, singing, and ect career. If I were to say so my self I'm just like Jessie(trying to start getting my dream career on track) I have lots more to say but for now I'm just going to say thank you for listening.

  12. Shanice says:

    Hi my names Shanice Campbell and I'm 10 years old.
    I know alot of people try out for this and some of them get it and some of them don't, but atleast they try and that's why I'm trying. Since I was 5 years old I wanted to be a actor or a singer I wanted an opportunity to be in a show that everybody loves. I've been watching Jessie since the first episode and I wished I would get to be in it. I hope you guys will pick me and its about trying not about worrying about how your going to do, we'll its a little about that. Thank you for this opportunity and I'll hope I'll get picked! ☺

  13. Sudhiksha says:

    Hi Disney !
    I am Sudhiksha Ravindran and Here are my details!
    Hight 59"
    Eye color :dark Brown
    Hair color :Black
    Age: 12
    Gender: female
    I am an Indian but I reside in Dubai since I was born. I am fluent in speaking English and I am a good poet. I had some experience in acting in club plays and I am a fast learner. I wear glasses but I can work without them.
    Jessie is a great TV show and I would be glad to be a part of it.


  14. jt tart-spaulding says:

    hi im jt tart-spaulding and i am age 10.11 in 4 months but however i have no experience in acting because my family doesnt have money.i'm 4"10 black hair mixed skin brown eyes.i just log jessie since the promo so i hope for the role of anew ross kid :-)

  15. Jessi says:

    Hi! I'm 6 years old. My name is Jessi, and I have a brother named Luke!! I watch this show all the time. Pick me!!

  16. ganga says:

    We are two girls and one is 9 another is 8 we both have black hair can you please accept this offer we are also very cute and popular thank you

  17. sanskriti and sejal says:

    We are two girls wishing to be on jessie we both have black hair and one of us is9 and another one is 8 we are very popular and nice and cute please accept this

  18. Elizabeth says:

    Oh, and also i'm blonde, with deep blue eyes and a light tan. sometimes I can be unsocial and others very bubbly. so my personalty varies

  19. Elizabeth says:

    Hi, I am a an actor, currently in the "un-discovered stage" I have been told from a director and lots of people that I am very talented. and I would just like to say that not only am I dedicated and passionate about acting, but not bad at it either. I would love to have the chance.

  20. Josh says:

    Hey y'all, my name is Josh and i love acting…well depends what i have to act for..but i enjoy it! I'm 15 years old and i plan on becoming an actor. i live in Toronto, Canada. I love how each one of the actors love each other as a family and work together to make a show like Jessie so awesome! I'd like to part of this family in working together with them!

  21. Mia Daly says:

    Hello! My name is Mia and I would love to be considered for this opportunity. I am 15 (although I look younger) and, I have a lot of experience in dance and gymnastics. I have attended many regional and national dance competitions and I have been taking classes regularly since I was 3yrs old. I have had singing lessons in the past, 5+ years of piano, and I have also been casted/stared in many of my local theater performances, and school plays. I'm known as the fun/quirky girl that makes everybody laugh:) Despite my quirky features, I am a big believer in hard work and I am willing to do nearly anything to succeed.
    Height: 5ft 5in
    Weight: 120-125
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Brown
    Complexion: Fair to Med.
    Race: Part Caucasian, part Asian
    I live in the Los Angeles area, and my schedule is flexible. I am always open to working with anybody and I keep an open mind going into anything I do! Please email me if you are interested

  22. Lakshmi says:

    I am an Indian but I reside in Dubai. I am fluent in English and I am 12 years old(female). I love Jessie and I always watch this show. You can bet that I can be voted class clown. I am very funny and I had acting experience. I am also a good poet and I would love working with Jessie and all her team mates!

  23. Aditi says:

    I know I should be part of the Disney family because I am very different than many of the other actors on Disney. I am 14 years old, female, I am diverse, unlike most of the disney stars who are Caucasian. I have acting experience and I'm not too bad at singing. I also play the piano. This would be a great opportunity for me and I would definitely love to join the Disney family.

  24. nicole says:

    Hi! My name is Nicole I'm 13 years old and I live in Canada Toronto Ontario but I am a United States citizen so I can travel and I would love to be on Jessie because Debby Ryan(Jessie) was my favorite actress on suite life on deck so I would love to act next to her and i would love to jump start my acting career so please choose me and help!!

  25. Jaydin James says:

    Hello! My name is Jaydin James, I'm from The Toronto area in Ontario, Canada. I have been looking around for some acting audtions and this one seemed very amazing. I am 13 years old and 5'6 I have brown hair a little bit lower than my shoulders, I have brown almost black eyes and I am mixed like skai please contact my email for any information on brinning me to the team thank you.

  26. Mya says:

    Hi, my name is Mya I am 12 years old almost 13. I am in cross country and do all of my school plays,I've always wanted to be an actress and I wouldn't do it just to be on tv or the fame. I would do because it is fun and you get to meet a lot new people. The experience would be an honor al by its self. just to amount to some of the things that other great actresses did woukd be amazing like Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, and Debby Ryan. I would love to audition for a Disney show. I love music and dancing and especially singing. I think Skia Jackson and I would be great friends including all of the other actors and actresses on the show it's like one giant family. Auditioning for Jessie would be a huge honor. I would thank you greatly for giving me the chance to being a part off the Disney family. Oh yeah does anyone there know a Peris Berlic she went to school with my older sister and seems really nice. Thank you and I hope you will pick me

  27. Kathleen says:

    Hi, my name is Kathleen McDowell-Scherer and I am a 13 year old girl. I have been acting for 4 years and I think that Jessie is a pretty good show and I would love to be on the show. I have red-ish hair and brown eyes. I would love to be a part of the show and I hope you pick me.

  28. Shaina says:

    My name is Shaina. I am 15 years old and I have experience in acting in plays. I was six when I did my very first play in Annie. I did a one act when I was a freshman in high school and I played a zombie. My third play was Bye Bye Birdie. The last play I did was the Night of the Living Dead where I played Karen Cooper, the little girl. I am currently a junior attending Murrieta Mesa High School. In two weeks I will be auditioning for And Then There Were None at my high school. Acting is my passion and I'm on my way to become a successful actress. I can assure you that I am not in it for the fame and fortune, but to inspire others so they can pursue their passion too. My special skills are acting, dancing, gymnastics, and a little bit of singing. I was just in ensemble for Annie and Bye Bye Birdie, but I am a really good dancer. I have taken lessons in dance class such as hip hop and lyrical. I check my email everyday so you will have no problem reaching me if you need to. I understand if you don't pick me because I have a one In a million chance to get in, but I will keep trying. I learned that in life no opportunities should be wasted, so I will keep trying my best for any opportunities that come my way.

  29. Damarcuswilliams says:

    I think that i should be apart of the all new season 4 jessie because i think that i can bring lots of loughs and good acting into the show because the show is already a very good sjow and i wanna persue my dream of acting and get noticed and i wanna change me and my family lifes i wanna make people proud of me and it will be a dream come true for and prove that peoples dreams can come true just dont give up just keep chasing your dreams and you will be happy i just hope you pick me thank you

  30. Mercedes says:


    My name is mercedes im 12 years old and why i think i would be good for jessie is because i really want to act on disney channel and also be able to do what i love the most

  31. Shayna Cartledge says:

    Shayna Cartledge
    Height-5'2" Weight-93.8" Age-12 Eyes-Brown Hair-Brown Ethnicity-African American

    I love to draw (but I have to see the picture because I am a visual person),ride my bike,to take pictures and sing. I have been in school concerts and have been in before and after care plays and fashion shows. I love to mix and match clothes. I work well with other people, I love animals (I have a dog) and I am determined, passionate, hardworking and creative. I practice monologues at home. I would like to be on Jessie season 4 because I would love to work with Skai,Peyton,Karan,Cameron,Debby and much more. Jessie can also help me with my acting career. I live in Capitol Heights Maryland. Thank you for reading this and have a great day!

  32. Zoe A says:

    And I forget to mention I am 11 years old turning 12 years in February.

  33. Zoe A says:

    My name is Zoe.
    I would like to be on Disney Channel because I think it is an amazing chance to make celeb friends, and fulfil my dreams of being on Tv.
    I also have a foreign accent.

  34. Karina says:

    Hey my name is Karina and I'm 12 years old. I love to act and sing. I always act along with the shows lol just saying(like if I was in the show. I also have great memory, I remember alot of stuff and I would absolutely love to be on Jessie because I actually think that I fit in with the cast. I can be another adopted child but I was a tomboy girl. That will be fantasticcc!!! My favorite character is Jessie because she is just awesome! I hope I get chosen to be on the show. I won't win though

  35. Dashawn johnson says:

    Dear Jessie cast my name Dashawn Johnson I am 9 years old I would like to be apart of Jessie my talent is to sing and be myself so I think god has given them a gift so I hope you pick me thank you sincelery Dashawn Johnson

  36. Angeline says:

    I am Angeline Mercado; I was born August 17, 2001 in Manila, Philippine. I came to America when I was 5 years old. I personally think i should be a part of Jessie because it has been my dream since Jessie came out. I am a very fast learner and is able to comprehend everything as long as it is spoken clearly and respectfully towards me. I hope you pick me and Thank you.

  37. Austin Piercy says:

    Hi, my name's Austin! I think I would be good for Jessie season four because I have experience! I have done little plays to big ones! Thank you for letting me have a chance to audition I really appreciate it. I don't just like acting for being on television. I like to act because I love the feeling when you get to be a character that is totally you or totally different! I am five feet tall, blue eyes, twelve years young! I have dirty blonde hair and a big personality!My family and friends say I should be an actor! My cousin and I sometimes we dare each other to go the whole day as someone totally different then you! We go to restaurants and I have to be Australian so I did it and when we were done eating I told the waiter I wasn't Australian. I watch Jessie whenever it is on! I would love to be picked for this! Thanks for reading this! Fingers crossed! Once again thank you.

  38. love says:

    hi my name is love it would be my biggest dream to be on Jessie with the great cast crew . I also do gymnastics soccer and track im a honor roll student . great listner and do acting and improv with my family my mom and the res of my family supports me on this and know I will do great. I have always tried to ge on Jessie (not as a extra) I love the show never missed not one epsoide. it seems as if you guys have a blast and I would love to be apart of that. and I hope you guys pick me . love you guys

  39. kayla ehrlich says:

    Hello my name is Kayla Ehrlich and I would love to be in Jessie because I've always wanted to be in a Disney channel series plus I have lots of acting experience. I've been in multiple school plays and I've been in a community pay called joseph and the amazing Technicolor dream coat held by center stage I played one of the kids in the ensemble. Also I'm going to be in a drama class this upcoming semester and I have placed in many forensics tournaments. I got second place in one where I was the youngest out of every school. I have short brown hair and blue eyes. I can play any role or just be an extra whatever you need. I live in Clovis California.

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