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Disney’s popular sitcom Jessie is gearing up for an all new hilarious and heart warming season and that means casting for fantastic roles for up and coming actors of all ages is just around the corner. This is a great opportunity to join the network’s family of stars that includes Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez and many, many more. Auditions for parts in the new episodes will begin soon and you can submit yourself today.

Featuring The Suite Life On Deck star Debby Ryan, Jessie tells the story of a young girl  from a small town in Texas named Jessie Prescott who, in an act of rebellion against her strict military father, moves to New York to prove she can make it in the big city and becomes nanny to a wealthy couples four cantankerous children. Each week Jessie provides big heart and bigger laughs as she and the Ross family embark on an endless string of zany adventures.The weird and wild Ross family includes oldest child Emma (the goofy cynic), Luke (the bright ladies man), Ravi (the smart and kind son) and Zuri (the sassy little sis) who always keep Jessie on her toes and audience of millions of loyal Disney fans laughing. This show is a perfect career starter for any young performer and one of the most high quality family series on television. Casting calls are taking place shortly and you can apply for available roles now and throughout the season. If you are interested in being a part of Jesse you can find more information on production and casting here Don’t forget to leave a comment below telling us why you would be a perfect addition to the cast and check back for all of the Jessie casting updates.

Auditions for the all new season of Jesse will be starting soon. If you have ever dreamed of making it big in one of Disney’s star making, hilarious shows stay tuned and we will keep you updated on every development.  You never know, you may be the next featured star of Jessie.

Leave a comment below and tells us why you should be part of the Jessie Season 4 – Disney Channel Audition in 2013

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  1. Theresa Kaimapo says:

    My name is theresa am 15 year old I love acting
    I have been on several audition but I have never been lucky I hope you give me a chance to prove to you that I have the potential so please contact me you help make my dream come true thank you.

  2. Olivia B says:

    Hi my name is Olivia, I am 14 years old and I have been looking at acting auditions for like over a year now! I really hope I get this because acting is my life! I act at home and I played in a school play before. I can fake loads of things and I've been told that I have a chance of being an actress because I have good skills for it.
    If I get this I will be using the money to help my mum and dad (especially my dad who is fighting cancer and needs money to feed us). :) fingers crossed x

  3. Davion Dowdell says:

    Hi my name is Davion Dowdell ive been in the acting business for two years. ive done a lot of ad with toys r us ive also done commercial for assrance wireless im really trying to do some disney work. i take acting classes just about every month in ny african american light skin with brwn eyes and brwn hair and 4 feet 5-1/2in and im also sign to a agent . i love to be part of your team

  4. Haylee says:

    Hi my name is haylee, I would love to be on Jessie . I would love to meet the cast and everybody else . I have dreamed of bieng an actress as long as I can remember . I hope you choose me cause it would be exiting . I have been searching for auditions all over the Internet and this Is the only one I could find that would be SO MUCH FUN. I can dance and people tell me I can sing.
    But I don't really know. I just hope you will choose me for this part. It will CHANGE my life forever.

  5. Lydia vanhuysen says:

    Hi my name is Lydia vanhuysen and I love to act.I have always wanted to be an actor.Jessie is my 5th favorite show.I practice acting a whole lot at home.once in second grade my class was in the talent show and in the talent show we were doing a play.I am 11 years old.Please give me a chance because I would love to be in Jessie.

  6. Jenna tollefson says:

    Jessie is my favorite show. I would be honered to have the opportunity to audition for any part in this show. I've been on 6 school plays and am currently taking acting classes. I can bring a lot to the table I'm a level 7 gymnast a varsity cheerleader and I'm only 13! I have blonde hair and blue eyes I'm in good shape. Please give me the opprutuntiy to show you I can be the next big thing

  7. annalise says:

    14 years old, blonde hair, hazel eyes. I would live to be apart of jessie because acting is my passion and i couldnt imagine doing anything else.

  8. Jerry Morris says:

    Hey! Name's Jerry Morris and I've been performing in the arts my entire life. I've taken some acting classes and enjoy performing improv in front of live audiences! I'm 22 years old but could definitely pass as a high school student for sure. ;] I grew up watching the Disney Channel and always thought it would be amazing to be apart of something very special like this show. Love the characters and the writing is very clever. Thanks for your consideration,

    Jerry Morris

  9. Anthony Imbriaco says:

    Hi my name is Anthony Imbriaco i am 22 and i have been chasing my acting dream sense i was 16. i have grown up on the disney channel and i have loved every show, it would be an honor to be on a show on the disney channel. i have tried out for a independent film directed by james franco and was called back but unfortunatley i did not land the role, it was my first audition still very proud of it. not too much experience besides school theater and improv classes in denver colorado but i am willing to give my best and eager to learn. i hope to hear from you guys soon.

  10. ashley serrano says:

    hi my is Ashley i am 12 years old i would love to be apart of Jessie as a cast acting is very important to me and i think i would do a awesome job i know how to make words come to life and my feeling too. I would love to get this opportunity to be part of the cast Jessie you pick me and the show Jessie will become better THANKS I HOPE I GET THIS PART THIS WOULD BE THE BEST THINK EVER I HOPE I GET THIS I HOPE ILL BE HEARING FOR YOU IF I GET THIS PART U WON'T REGRET THIS I SWEAR THANKS

  11. Tiana says:

    Hi,my name is Tiana Berry. I absolutely love acting. We have drama club at our school and I'm trying out. Jessie is one of my favorite tv shows on Disney channel! It would be amazing to be on Jessie. I've auditioned for lots of things before. So if I name it on Jessie… It will be beyond awesome!

  12. Lulu Ohizua says:

    My name is Lulu Ohizua.I love Jessie!I want to audition but I can't!Jessie has opened lots of doors for actors.Can I be one too? Love Lulu Ohizua.

  13. oladele tolu says:

    I love Jessie its like. My best tv show so if I do this is not only for popularity and money but doing what I love making people laugh

  14. Mike Rawls says:

    Hi, my name is Mike, And I would like to say that it hasn't been my dream very long to be an actor. I watch Disney a lot and I think it would be a new experience to see what it would be like to be an actor. I do a lot of acting, non professional of course, but I'm good at acting, and I can do pretty good voice impressions of some great movie actors. I am 20 by the way, but I still have a creative imagination.

  15. Mechae king says:

    Hello, I'm Mechael and will be 5 Christmas Eve I love playing any type of role, I'm a natural gifted actress. Please let me know when auditions start I watch Hey Jesse everyday!! Thank you

  16. Alexandria nash says:

    hi! My names Allie and I love acting. I have been in many school plays and am ready to take the next step. I am in 7th grade and turn 13 in March. I can memorize scripts quickly and not that it matters but I sing a little too. I would love to be apart of Jessie and am looking forward to, hopefully, hear back from you.

  17. Kyla Viray says:

    Hi my name is Kyla!
    I'm 11 years old and I live in California
    I would love to be on Jessie because I mean that would be awesome to be on a show! I've been watching Jessie since it came out and I love it!!!
    I'm in 6th grade so email me whenever you want to love you bye!!

  18. Katie says:

    Hi my name is Katie and I'm 13years old I have been acting from age three to now from Annie to the nut cracker I am tall with long wavy brown hair brown eyes and a beautiful clothes line I have a 4.0average and I'm super smart I love deny Ryan and cameron Boyce I do think I would be perfect for Jessie love ya pick me please I'm aboslutly liked by everyone

  19. Sepo says:

    I think I would be great for this show because I really love acting and I'm very sassy and have alot of attitude and yeah I'm 12 years old I am a girl and yeah I also love Jessie and yeaah sorry so much yeaah's lol

  20. Chandelle Parnell says:

    I think I would be an amazing addition to Jessie! I'm Chandelle, and I'm 14 years old. I love movies and TV shows, and I would love to act in one! I'm great at acting, and one day want to move to New York! I feel like I can relate to most of the characters, as I too have a rather… Interesting family! I hope you will consider me as an addition! Thanks!

  21. Katya Drayton says:

    Hi I'm Katya and i am 11years old I have been on a commercial and I am so good at remembering my lines I always have A's and B's for grades I love the show Jessie it has inspired me to follow my dreams like Jessie, I am now a fashionista thanks to Emma, and I have been expressing my self in many ways Zuri I watch Jessie all the time and it is one of my favorite shows my sport is ice skating and I would love to be apart of Jessie's cast


  22. Mya Jones says:

    Hi my name is Mya Jones. I am 11i would be perfect because I have a lot of attitude when it comes to acting when I grow up I want to go to juliliard in new York city. I can dance, sing act, and just in case u did not know I soe too.i love to dress up fancy. and I have always wanted to rock the red carpet since I was 6. my favoroite color is pink and would be perfect for the audition

  23. Sam N says:

    Hi my name is Sam and my brother Ben we both would like to be on disney channel Sam is 9 and Ben is 3 we corporate a lot and we have watched Disney channel for a while now so I was just wondering if maybe we could get a audition

  24. Jordan smith says:

    Hi there my name is Jordan im a female and im 14.
    Hobbies:dance,gymnastics and I also do some acting at home Which I like to do and I also try to do some of jessies parts which is quit cool and I would love to be on tv it will mean alot to me and it will make my mum proud so I hope that u will pick me lots of whishes Jordan

  25. E'lia Brown says:

    Hi, I'm E'lia I LOVE to act I've been so inspired by Jessie I practice acting every day also I watch Jessie almost 24/7. I'm never late to anything also I have all A's. You will not be too disappointed with me. p.s. I'm 10. Please give me a chance thanks !!!!:) <3


  26. Megan smith says:

    I would really like to get this acting audition I love to act and my name is Megan I am 11 and I love Jessie :) so I really hope I get this we could really use the money..

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