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Disney’s popular sitcom Jessie is gearing up for an all new hilarious and heart warming season and that means casting for fantastic roles for up and coming actors of all ages is just around the corner. This is a great opportunity to join the network’s family of stars that includes Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez and many, many more. Auditions for parts in the new episodes will begin soon and you can submit yourself today.

Featuring The Suite Life On Deck star Debby Ryan, Jessie tells the story of a young girl  from a small town in Texas named Jessie Prescott who, in an act of rebellion against her strict military father, moves to New York to prove she can make it in the big city and becomes nanny to a wealthy couples four cantankerous children. Each week Jessie provides big heart and bigger laughs as she and the Ross family embark on an endless string of zany adventures.The weird and wild Ross family includes oldest child Emma (the goofy cynic), Luke (the bright ladies man), Ravi (the smart and kind son) and Zuri (the sassy little sis) who always keep Jessie on her toes and audience of millions of loyal Disney fans laughing. This show is a perfect career starter for any young performer and one of the most high quality family series on television. Casting calls are taking place shortly and you can apply for available roles now and throughout the season. If you are interested in being a part of Jesse you can find more information on production and casting here Don’t forget to leave a comment below telling us why you would be a perfect addition to the cast and check back for all of the Jessie casting updates.

Auditions for the all new season of Jesse will be starting soon. If you have ever dreamed of making it big in one of Disney’s star making, hilarious shows stay tuned and we will keep you updated on every development.  You never know, you may be the next featured star of Jessie.

Leave a comment below and tells us why you should be part of the Jessie Season 4 – Disney Channel Audition in 2015

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  1. Kayley says:

    Hello. My name is Kayley. I am 13 years old. I love watching the Disney Channel shows. Ever since I heard of Disney, it has always been my favorite. I like most of their shows but I have to say Jessie is my favorite! I choose Disney over other channels because all the actors/actresses have great acting skills and there is lots of humor included! It would be a miracle if I got to interact with Disney! Thanks.

  2. Amiel says:

    Hi I am Amiel Wheeler I am 10 years old and I watch Jessie everyday I would love to be on your show I am not a good dancer but I am a great actress so any role you offer me am up to it thank you.
    Hair color:dark brown
    Race: African american
    eye color:dark brown

  3. Katherine Verrico says:

    Hi , I'm Katherine .I'm 12 years old . since I was little I always had a passion for show . I do Theatre classes . I can dance . I would love to be on Jessie.


  4. hazel blue says:

    hi im hazel i love Jessie i watch it everyday i act a lot! of went to classes and have 5 years worth experience.i have red hair i dont care if i have to wear a wig.i have hazel eyes.i have a great fluent voice and great personality.i am a white girl and a song writer im dreaming of rapping and acting when i grow up.

  5. Tyrek says:

    Hi I'm Tyrek Walker and i would love to be on Jessie it would be a dream come true.
    .I'm 4"11
    .Dark skin
    Black hair
    .Awesome Actor
    Please contact me I'm available at any time except 7am-2pm

  6. Paulette says:

    Hi my name is paulette I am 10 years old. I LOVE watching JESSIE! I also love to act! I can do anything you ask me to! Thank you

  7. Alexza says:

    Hello my name is Alexza I LOVE to watch JESSIE! My dream is to be on JESSIE!!! My mom would also like it to and she would be proud of me!

  8. Hannah tuttle says:

    I think that I would be very good for any role because I never give up no matter what i am 10 years old I live in South Carolina and I took gymnastics for 8 years and 1 year I took acting classes So I can act and sing and my grandfather was on the radio Robert cowart

  9. Laura says:

    Hi I'm laura, it would be an honor to be on Disney channel. I'm 13

  10. jaden daily says:

    My name is jaden and I have wanted to act, and I thought to get my start I would be on Disney channel well jessie…btw I'm 12

  11. Tyler says:

    I would love this opportunity to be a star it would make me the happiest little girl in the universe even just to meet them one time I pretended to fall into the coffee table and started to fake cry with tears all down my face and ran to my mom and she hugged me then I just jumped up and said I am just joking I was never hurt I was just faking I do that to her a lot and that's just the start I mean I am only 9 years I live in Texas I love acting and this is my big chance I watch Jessie all the time I could even act what ever you want and I
    could act like Creepy Cony act like any of there friends I am 9 and 4ft and 5in I am a girl I would be positive and not all crazy while were shooting the show it would be my dream I ace all my classes it would be my dream even just a honor to try out I would not be that difficult with me I also want to grow up to be a singer and actress I am just already crying with tears of joy please it would be my dream my hair color brown my eye color is blue you don't know how much I want this thank you I hope I have a chance p.s. my name is Tyler I am a girl.

  12. Grace says:

    Hi my name is Grace.I am 13 years old. Blonde hair with brown eyes. I'm 5'6. I really like Disney Channel. I always have been interested in acting. I think it would be really fun. This would be an amazing opportunity. Thank you!

  13. wendy castellon says:

    hi my name is wendy i always watch Jessie
    *fluent spanish
    *very happy person
    *i love acting

  14. Brittney says:


    I am Brittney Little. I am interesting to particle to this show because since i was really young my first tv shows of disney channel is Hannah Montana, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, The Suite on deck, and Wizard of oz. I grew up to watch all those and have a big dream for whole my life that I wanted to be part of this because it my childhood just like Jesse is my childhood. I have been actor and dancer for whole my life. Now I am 19 but i am might be to old for this but my fun size might think i am younger like 14 or something which i get this alot. Even still today I am still watching Jesse even tho I am too old to watch this disney but my heart goes to disney childhood! I can't really stop watching when it come to my childhood still there then it still alive. Thanks for reading!

  15. Valerie says:

    I would love to be on Jessie, because they have my most favorite actors (actresses). I know I will be perfect (maybe) because I watched the show 4 times this year (2015) and I know a lot of words to the actors with not looking at any words. I also want to see Peyton List and most definitely Skai Jackson!!! I love them. I also like how Camron Boyce (Luke) dances! really good! I love this show! Please exept this. I would love love love to be in this show! please.

  16. Elijah says:

    Hey; I'm Elijah..brownish black hair with Brown eyes..I'm 11…I was last told I was 4.11 feet…Honestly; I just love to act…I'm about to attend Rosemont middle…now it's a gifted school… I usually make A honor roll but rarley, I get B honor roll…Yeah; I love acting but I really hope one day I can pursue my dream:·)

  17. Emma Colton says:

    I would love this opportunity because I am quite dramatic and my family members always tell me that I would be a great actress because I take everything way too far. I thought I could just try out so that I could try and see if I am good, maybe I could become an actress someday. I am 11 years old I have done plays, a lot of dramatic scenes and things like that; I can do a lot of things that an actor or actress can do (ex. Fake cry, I have been told that I am pretty humorous, not laugh at funny scenes that I am not supposed to laugh at, and most of all I can remember lines. Plus I can NOT sing!!!)

  18. brandy says:

    hi my name is brandy galvin I'm 14 years old i would like this audition because i love jessie and i think i can do and so does my parent i have been trying to get into a lot of audition but some of them said no so really hope i can get this audition and if i do you won't be sorry

  19. Michaela says:

    Hi my name is Michaela and i watch jessie 24/7 i practically know all of the casts name I've wanted to be an actress ever since i was a little girl. I found the passion to become an actress when i first saw my personal favorite well it used to be my favorite show its called Hannah Montana i loved it alto but its gone now i LOVE jessie even more skai Jackson you are super fiesty and sassy but super funny and cool and i LOVE your hair its amazingly curly and bouncy. Person list i LOVE your sense of FASHION you make an ugly skirt look awesome you just gotta know the right way to wear the skirt and love your heels the blue and pink ones they are totally cute.i have much more to say but I'll save it.

  20. sophie says:

    hey my name is Sophie and i love acting. I normally act at the little theater on the square in sullivan illinois. i am usually in the back but i am a very hard worker. i have naturally dirty blonde hair but i dye it red. my eyes are blue and i am 11. i am open to auditions of almost any kind. i can sing, dance, and more. i was thinking that i am about the age of skia but i am very tall. by that i mean about 5'2. i don't care what part i would get but i would love to get a few speaking parts. acting is very important to me

  21. Rieanna says:

    Hey! My name is Rieanna Bennett,I am 12 years old.I live in Orlando Florida with my sister and her kids and granddaughter soon to have a grandson.I am very athletic,I can dance sing and act a little but I am learning more and more everyday.I want to get this audition because I love Jessie and I know that I can do it and so does everyone else.I have dark brown eyes,dark brown hair I am African American.I am quirky at times but sometimes I am interesting.I really ho p e you reply bye..Thank u for reading.Also for more information:email me

  22. zendaya mcdaine says:

    hello i am zendaya mcdaine of 16 years and i would love to apart of jessie. ever since i was 10 years old i have wanted to apart of a disney show but unfortunly my parent did not have the resources but now i am of age i would like to support my parent with the job i love most ACTING. hope to hear for you soon.

  23. Ronnaie hunt says:

    My name is Ronnaie and I am14 years old and I know y'all looking for talentat i can sign i can wrapdo What ever y'all want me to do I would do it and I am a big fan I watch Jesse every day please pick me I am yeah I'll Guy for this and I am not a type person who write u lot give me a chance and I would make yeah I'll Laugh and I was practicing for Jesse and I know Iam in call me Jesse

  24. Demarion Hall says:

    Hi I am Demarion Hall I'm 14 I'm from plant city FL I just always had this personality that was always confidence & myself that was like if I can do one thing I can do another so I believe that I can do it & I think everyone deserves a chance on anything anyone put there mind to THANK YOU…

  25. mary koroma says:

    hi my name is Mary koroma i am 14 years old i have 2 brothers and 3 sisters i live with both parents and my 2 cousins plus grandma and my 2 brothers i want to act because i think acting is just not for entertainment but also expressed in a way of fun and laugh's IF I become an actress i will not only play my part but also teach the kids it's not just about acting but its making the future bright getting these kids involved

  26. jamise says:

    I'm 11I and I can kinda singto sing and I love every show on Disney Channel and Nickelodeon and I just love watching TV

  27. Alejandra says:

    My name is Alejandra and I am 12 years old. I would love to be on Jessie because I want to inspire everyone in family like my siblings and cousins.Also for my family to be very proud of me and it would be so amazing and a dream come true.

  28. Jenna says:

    Hi my name is jenna. I am13. I have always loved acting even as a kid. Over the years I have gotten better and better. It would be my dream to be on my favorite show Jessie. I have been in small town drama clubs and I hope that my dream will come true by you choosing me! I am good at sports and very smart. Hope you choose me.

  29. Abi monfiston says:

    Im very sure i should be a part of Jessie season 4.i am very much like Zuri the sassy one, i am black, like her, i have hair, like her. I could be her sister from Uganda! If you email me, i could show you how much i look like her! I am a very good listener, i dont mind getting dirty. And if u give me a chance, u wont regret it. By the way, if u want to email my mom! Love ya Zuri, and producers!

  30. Destiny Peyton says:

    I love the art of dance and theater.:-) :-)

  31. Marci says:

    Hi my name is maricella but I go by Marci and I'm 14 years old outgoing,nice and really funny as I heard haha I live in Waukesha Wisconsin a small town I do my best in everything I love to make people laugh and smile and also I like role playing and getting a message back or an email back would be honestly the best day of my life

  32. Samantha Thomson says:

    Name: Samantha Thomson
    Age: 15 years old(could play younger)
    Eye colour: blue
    Hair colour: dark blonde
    Height: 5 foot 1
    Country: Scotland
    Skin colour: pale
    I feel like I need an opportunity like this to be able to kick start my career and I feel that there would be no better place to start than the channel that I grew up with and loved every minute of. I already have a knowledge on the TV series and character backgrounds etc. as I have been known to watch it.
    I am currently studying in UK Theatre School, where I have been told that I have an expressive face and have excelled in my 'acting for camera' class.
    It would be an honour to even be considered

  33. Mary Jane Gonzales says:

    Hi my name is Mary Jane Gonzales I would love this opportunity please consider giving me a chance
    Name:Mary Jane Gonzales
    Birthday:April 8th
    Family:2 sisters mom and dad
    Country:New Mexico
    Hair color:dark brown and blond highlights
    Eye color:brown
    I've always dreamed to be on Disney channel and I would love for it to come true and I've also always dreamed of being a actress please consider me

  34. Faith Foster says:

    My name is Faith Foster and I am 10 years old about to be 11.I have very many Jiu-Jitsu medals and I am athletic and I am great at sports and I am addicted to Jessie. I hope You will accept me for the show.

  35. Chloe says:

    Chloe the Puggle is a dog 25 pound pug/beagle mix four years old she is ready for any roll that comes her way
    Who doesn't love a little dog on a kids show she knows many tricks and is very photogenic she has an Instagram so far 4500 followers with adorable photos Chloe is ready to be the next most famous dog

  36. Jazmin Rincon says:

    Hi Im 14 years old I live in Arizona I love acting and would like to be in Jessie season 4 I work hard in acting and in what I want and I really want this please give me the opportunity to be in Jessie and be able to get a acting carrier its what I want in my life its my dream

  37. Aneika says:

    Hello my name is Aneika I would love this opportunity but first you need to know a bit about me.

    Birthday: 23rd September
    Family:2sisters 1twin 1brother
    Countery: England
    Height:5 foot
    Hair color: Jet Black
    Eye colour: brown
    Why I would love to be on the show
    First of all from a young age I have always wanted to be an actress simply because I loved acting I'm a it of a dare devil. I've always love Disney channle especially Jessie often people say I look Like skia Jackson so I thought if a story line a long lost sister. I've been very fond of the actor Cameron Boyce I don't know why… So this is truly my last shot because lots of people have lied and said I'm going to Disney channle when I found out I was in beets then the next time they sent me a fake contract I was so furious with them I gave up hope these pass few years I've become so much better I can face cry you name it the lot I have a Afro type hair lol If I need head shots or you need to contact me email me so this is my last hope please help me become major in the acting world thank you for your time Aneika Tia Cooper.

  38. Ava says:

    My name is Ava and I love love love the show Jessie it's
    Amazing I am 8 years old

  39. bre'anna greer says:

    her name is bre'anna greer
    and she is 11 years old
    and about to be 12 years
    old and said it would be
    her dream to be staring
    and jessie thank u

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