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Nickelodeon's iCarly

Have you been dreaming of being on a hit show like iCarly, True Jackson VP, Big Time Rush or even the upcoming Victorious? Well we have your chance to audition for the upcoming casting calls!

Nickelodeon is having a multi-city open auditions and casting call to find and create untapped talent. The nationwide search will being in Atlanta, Georgia and continue across the USA. Boys and girls, ages 12 – 18, can audition for the chance of a life time to appear on television nationwide.

Other cities Nickelodeon will goto is: Austin, Texas and Miami, Florida. Other cities will be announced soon!

Leave a comment below to let us know you are interested!

Leave a comment below and tells us why you should be part of the iCarly – Nickelodeon Audition in 2015

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  1. Molly says:

    I am Molly and I am 14 years old and I live in the UK. I have always dreamed to be on telly and to be able to share my tallent with the world! I know I maybe English but I can do an American accent and for a new story you could make the next UK girl coming in. Please please please give me the chance to try! X

  2. Andreea Loghin says:

    Hi.My name is Andreea.I'm 13 years old.Ilove acting,singing and reading.My dream it's to be an actress and i think i'm talented :) I'm shy at first but when i'm getting used with the place(the people) i'm talking a lot.I have brown hair and blue-green eyes :) Looking for an answer on my email. And i'm living in Ireland :)

  3. Michael Laarendi says:

    My name is Michael Laarendi and I am 15 years old. March is my birthday. I have been through two Dramatic Arts classes. I feel like you should come to South New Jersey or give me a ticket to get to the closest auditions around because I am very dedicated to this. I love acting and to be on a show like this will fit my acting abilities.

  4. Irfan says:

    Hi my name is irfan I am 14 years old good looking handsome my parents are trying to chance me in nickelodeon channel plz plz

  5. Yussuf Olamilekan says:

    Name:Yussuf Olamilekan.
    Age:Twelve(12)years old.
    Height:148 centimetres.
    Weight:44 kilogram.
    Hair:short dark hair.
    Hobbies:singing,dancing,acting and making jokes.

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