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Grimm - NBC


The latest NBC phenomenon Grimm is currently looking for talented performers of all ages to be a part of their upcoming second season. This is a fantastic opportunity for up and coming acting talents to perform in one of televisions top series and learn more about the exciting process of network television production. Casting calls for this highly rated fantasy program are going on now and throughout the season for roles of all sizes.

Grimm tells the story of Portland homicide detective Nick Burkhardt who learns that his chosen occupation as a keeper of justice and safety is no fluke. He is a descendant of a long line of guardians who are tasked with the duty of maintaining a balance between humans and the Wesen, a frightening and bloodthirsty group of assorted mythological creatures described in the infamous Grimm’s Fairy Tales. Detective Burkhardt, his partner Hank Griffin and their creature friend Eddie Monroe team up each week against these fantastic enemies to defend Portland and the world form destruction. Grimm stars a who’s who of the biggest on the rise stars of television today including David Giuntoli, Bitsie Tulloch and Silas Weir Mitchell. Will you be the next on this list? This is absolutely one of the most original, creative and spine-tingling shows on TV today and it possesses one of the most fervent fan bases in television. There may be no better project for actors of all ages and experience to make thier mark and be a part of the magic of primetime network television production. If you are interested in being invited to a casting call as an extra or day player for season 2 of this hit program be sure to stay tuned for all of the exciting casting updates for Grimm.

NBC has a new hit drama/thriller on their hands and now you have a chance for an amazing casting opportunity. Your big break could be on it’s way as the newest cast member of NBC’s Grimm.

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  1. Nicholas Turner says:

    Hello, my name is Nick. Blond hair blue eyes and have a scar on my left cheek.I am just a disable veteran looking to do something more adventurous with my life and I think grimm can be the starting point to it all. Thanl you for reading my comment and I hope you have a nice day.

  2. Claire Campbell says:

    Hello! My mom and I just recently found this show and it is now a regular in our lives.

    I am a 15 year old girl who has a strong determination for the things I love.

    I have prior acting experience in plays. I was never the star role but was still very important and had a lot of responsibility.

    I auditioned for America's Got Talent and when I was unfortunately not chosen I understood and decided to go for American Idol this summer and try America's Got Talent again next year.

    If I am lucky enough to be chosen for the show, whether an extra or a regular, I will be happy.

    And if I'm not one of the lucky ones, there's always next time!

  3. Joelle Steeves says:

    I am a twelve year old girl (going on 13) and have 5 years of theater (including musicals) in NY, and my school won the state 'Heart of the Arts' award in 2014, when I still lived there. I have worked with Broadway actors like George Hearn and lived in the mist of voice actors like Jeanie Intile Burns, and my brother has even filmed with someone who has filmed on Portlandia. I have played piano for three and a half years. I have most recently moved to Portland, Oregon. I am 5'0 and have dark brown hair. Contact me for more information.

  4. Brittany Foster says:

    Experience playing lead and supporting roles in both independent feature and short films including "The Virgins" by Matt Wilson. I also played the role of Mia Zapata in NBC's Dead of Night: "The Sound of Silence." If you would like to reach me or view my complete resume and headshot please email me. Thank you for your consideration.

  5. Spencer says:

    I have been waiting a long time for this to happen in life .i love the Grimm watch every season and episodes .i would love to be apart of the Grimm forever ..I love acting and performing and I will love to be apart of the Grimm forever .it will be amazing to be on television and to let people see me acting .this will be a good time for my dream to come true .also I will like to be a Grimm inside the Grimm show ..thank you hope that you contact me later ..and hope that I hear from you soon

  6. Elbert Moore says:

    My wife and I watch Grimm since day one. We are definitely Grimm fans. I have an acting background and is currently a member of SAG/AFTRA for the last 20 years. I love sci-fi and I would love to have a part in this tv series for whatever role, background etc!


  7. caitlyn says:

    Hi, i'm Caitlyn i live in Beaverton, i've watch the show Grimm i watched it every friday nights, and i like it how the grimm creatures from The Brothers Grimm they are one of my favorite tales from childhood, i go to portland alot for dance class at psu and i am able to go to portland and you can get ahold of me..i am excited to be in the show!

  8. Scott Trimble says:

    because duh!! that's why you want me …

  9. jeff lanham says:

    hi jeff here my mom I are huge fans of your show we watch it every Friday my mom &I have some acting talent & would like to audition for parts on your show

  10. Ariana says:

    I'm 12 years old and live in Portland
    I have brown hair brown eyes and I have been behind the scenes with my big "sister"Jennifer Williamson and I want be in your awesome show
    -Ariana munoz-salmoran

  11. Alexis Sharpe says:

    Hello my name Alexis, I am 17 years old and will be 18 in April. I am 5'9 I weigh 116lbs and I have red hair. I have been modeling for 4 years and recently started acting. I live in Washington, and travel to Portland often. I am in love with this tv series and it would be such an honor to be apart of it. :) Thank you for your time.

  12. LM Carper says:

    Congratulations on the success of Grimm, we love this show!

    Experienced Singer/Actor
    Rubenesque Female
    Age range: 35-55
    Multicultural look – Hispanic, Italian, Hawaiian, Native American

    Reside in Seattle and will travel to Portland.

    Thank you for any consideration.


  13. Tea Einarsen says:

    13 years old
    Brown Hair
    Brown Eyes
    I have little experience and have only been in mostly school shows but im trying to stick my neck out more. I work better with a more serious character if that makes sense. I can be silly but it tends to not look as real. Anyways the best way to contact me is through my phone ( 1 – 425-948-9785) I live in Everett, WA and hope to hear from you guys!! Thanks
    – Tea

  14. Angela Jane Howard says:

    I am a spinster. Red hair, blue eyes, soon to be 44 years old, 5'7, 135 lbs. Candid. Extra "bird" on Time Travelers faire and Portlandia..2014 Smile. Thank you

  15. Caitlin truong says:

    Hair color: dark brown
    Eye color: dark brown
    Hello my name is Caitlin I love to act and sing. I have seen Grimm before and it's a awesome show and I know I could portray an amazing character. For more info please email me and to find more picture of me I'm on Instagram; @caitlintruong thank you!

  16. Amber says:

    I have been an extra on Grimm a couple of times and loved the experience. My most recent work has been with the TV show Portlandia, and the movie Wild.

  17. Frank Freely Me'Jailer says:

    I have been in several In Plain Sight episodes and got a call back for Breaking Bad, though I was out of Albuquerque at the time in a different country :( I am loved by perfect strangers 80% of the time. 20% of the time I'm not liked because I have a problem with mirroring accents and attitudes so that when some one doesn't like what they see…them selves, they get offended. No one can quite, ever, guess where I'm from based on my accent, "Germany?" "England?" "Ireland?" "Australia?" "France?". So needless to say I also pick up accents very quickly, "Russia?" Young ones are drawn to my playful personality as if I were a bald, beardless Santa, Scientists love my new hypothesis of Electricity, except scientist that graduated college in the 50's they don't think I have it quite right, but I'll be publishing in a year do we will see what the book does. Because of my creative mind; I am naturally very talented at improvisation, and if asked I can fill in the blanks of a story and have it work in the end, but I'd much rather bring the writers story to life. I have 11 years of stage acting experience, and only about 4 years of being on national TV. I'm a nobody that has the ability to be what ever I want the viewer to believe I am. Email me if you need a new creature, villain, doctor, scientist or mad scientist. Unfortunately, I can't wear contacts, and I will wear what ever prescription glasses required for the part. Grimm I fun, and so far I have had a great time lending my car for shoots and enjoying the catering, though I really want a part, I'll leave that to the writers to decide.

  18. Jamie West says:

    Hi my name is Jamie West. I'm 23 and I would love to be an extra on the show Grimm. I've been obsessed with this show recently. I went out and bought the first two seasons and have been loving the show. I would love to be an extra and acting is something I've always wanted to try and been very passionate about. I would love to be on such an amazing show like this one. Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you.


  19. Jesus Nava says:

    I'm a 59 year old Hispanic man I have great expressive face and magnetic personality I love Grim and I'm great at changing voices with different looks I'm also good in drag I have never done acting but have been told by many I'm a natural I'm a caregiver for mentally ill people so I work great with many personality types your show could use me I'm sure !!!

  20. Liam grant says:

    Hello I'm Liam Grant , 10 years old.
    My parents say I look like Macauley from home alone and have the exact facial expressions. I love grim!!!!! I can't miss and episode and own the entire season 1, ever since the very first episode I loved it! This would be an amazing experience for me, and I think I'm a pretty good actor I would be thrilled just to be an extra.
    Thanks so much I hope to here back from you.

  21. Lindsay grant says:

    I am Lindsay grant, 15 years old.
    The spotlight has always been my comfort zone, I love the camera and acting, Grimm is my favorite show I can't miss an episode, I never watch T.V. Other than Grimm. I feel that I would be good for and extra because I take this very seriously, but also have a lot of fun while doing it, I also competed in the Miss Clatsop County outstand teen scholarship Program, witch really helped with my shines infrount of people and now I'm a lot more comfortable. I think this would be a wonderful opportunity for me.

  22. Linette says:

    Our family watches Grimm and has always been proud of the fact the show is in our town of Portland. My kids and myself are interested in being extras. It is hard for us to agree on doing something together but this was one thing we all felt strongly to be part of together. I am 44 years old, 5'4 110 lbs. long, dark brown hair & brown eyes and seminary student; two daughters ages: 18 & 22 college students: 1. 5'2, 135lbs. blond hair-hazel eyes ( picture ads as a child): 2. 5'5 115lbs. red hair – hazel eyes ( she has had acting lessons ) and a son age 16 years old, 6'2 150lbs. light brown hair/brown eyes.

  23. Raiden says:

    I love your show. I have always wanted to be an actor. Even if I am just an extra, that would be great. I am a 13 year old guy.

  24. sierra lyons says:

    hello I'm Sierra L. I'm from a small town on the mouth of the Columbia River, also known as Hammond OR.I am around 5'3 in height, and 115 in weight.I have long auburn hair, deep blue eyes, and captivating smile :)Anyways when I can I watch Grimm, But between my schooling,sports activities and work I don't get to watch a lot of TV. However, I watch your show when I can! I love acting so much!!!I do every school play but I think this would be such a great experience and a good step in the right direction. As I would like to pursue acting as a career. Hope to hear back from you soon :)

  25. Adan says:

    I would love the opportunity to be cast as a character in this show. Although I am 13 I am the family comedian and great performer. I am 5'3" weighing in around 120 with Brown Hair and Hazel Eyes. I am looking for the opportunity to make my way in the business and I feel this would be a great place to start.

  26. brendon Neal says:

    Hello, my name is Brendon looking for the opportunity to be in the show. I am 20 years old and live I. Washington state.

  27. jeff says:

    hi I'm jeff were big fans of your show and would like to take part in your show

  28. Justin says:

    I love the show, i have acting experience, and i live in portland! I'm 6'2 blonde hair, blue eyes, with a large athletic build! And pretty good looking if i say so myself. Contact me if i could be a part of your show. 28/m

  29. Laura Pinter says:

    Hi My name is Laura Teresa Pinter I'm 22 Years old, I live in Fayetteville North Carolina. I'm also an Army Wife, I'm 5'5 I wight 126 and I would love to be part of your show.

  30. jennifer says:

    I am a 59 year old women 5'5" 145lb mother of 3 and grandmother of 10. I was a successful, but boring bank manager for 20 yrs. Would love to 'go out' having done something exciting and put a smile on my grandchildren faces. I'm also not bad to look at if I must say so myself.

  31. Nicole says:

    Absolutely my favorite show! Keep me posted on the auditions & any needs you have in the Portland area.

  32. Brittney says:

    I would love to be on this show I have been wanting to go to California and do auditions there but my mother said it has to be close and I live about an hour away I'm 14 and I love to act it's my dream to be an actress and become famous . I watch the show too 😉 I hope you read this and pick me :) I pray every night to be on a tv show or movie as an actress.

  33. Charles Clark says: name is Charles Clark and i'm an upcoming actor from VA. Through my passion and faith I'm working hard to strive to become that next A-List actor. Below is my link to my acting background on IMDb Pro. I'm a very dedicated man and is willing to take the smallest part or role. Just give me a chance and I will give you some new fresh and unique talent. May god bless you and your family

    Charles Clark

  34. Mariah Khorasani says:

    Hi my name is Mariah Khorasani I live in Portland, OR and I am 16 years old. Acting is my passion and I would love to be a part of this amazing show! Being an extra would be an amazing opportunity for me as an actress. Thanks you and I hope to hear from you soon!

  35. Frankie says:

    Seems like something fun to, and i wanna try acting

  36. Elizabeth Crothers says:

    I'm a female, 17 years old with about 5 years of stage acting experience. I have a more alternative look, but I'm willing to adapt to whatever role I have. I'm great with memorization of lines and blocking, but I have no experience in front of a camera. I feel like being an extra would be a great experience to expand my acting repertoire. I live in Hillsboro and know how to get around very well via public transportation, so accessability to sites around the area would be fairly easy to get to; rides are easily given from parents, though, in case it's somewhere slightly more out of the way. Contact me if you need to know more!

  37. Angela Hinson says:


    Can I please receive audition updates.

    Thank You,

    Angela Hinson

  38. Izzy says:

    I love the show and any acting opportunity's!!!!!

  39. Adam Lukkasson says:

    I am Native American I would like to be an extra or stand in, Being Native American I think that I can promote wellness for my culture and people through the spirit of acting no matter how small or big it is. I want that chance not just for me but my people.

  40. Erin Brown says:

    Hello, my name is Erin. I am 14 years old. I have always loved acting and I am currently a student at Modeling & Acting school. My grandma loves this show and sometimes I watch it with her and it seems very interesting. I think it would be a cool experience for me. I also had drama class in middle school and I did very well.

  41. Ike Toussaint says:


    I'm a 14 year old kid.
    I am very tall and for my age, and have the looks for the small screen. I feel very comfortable in front of a camera, and have a good memory to remember lines.

    My family and I love the show, and have great respect for the hard work the whole production does. I would really like to be part of such an awesome team, and have an amazing experience that will last my whole life.


  42. Nikki Jewell says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the show! Perhaps a new love interest for Munroe, or a crazy fortune teller, or . . . Or perhaps Amelia, my 1981 caddy hearse would come in handy for a scene or two! PS we belong to a hearse club, could be an interesting to have us rolling along in our crazy cars!

  43. Dakota Forgey says:

    I'm a local and I love Grimm! I am a film student, 22 and senior at central Washington university in Ellensburg, wa. I would love to be an extra and get experience of working on set! I also have experience with casting as I was casting director for a local film at my college!

  44. Teresa says:

    My hubby and I have watched Grimm since the beginning. It is awesome. I'm a Northwest native, raised in the Columbia Gorge. I've never acted but I know I'd be an awesome zombie or even just some random lady in a coffee shop. I love coffee. My husband works on the railroad and really likes the show too. He loves the monsters. We'd be great extras cuz we look so normal! Call me OK?

  45. Simon Pellegrino says:

    I have been wanting to be a part of something like this my whole life.

    My name is Simon Pellegrino, I am a 20 year old Student from Grimsby Ontario.

    I am attending an Niagara College in the Acting for Film and Television Course.
    I am suitable for a role because I have dreamed for something like this to happen, to earn a chance of a lifetime. I come from a small town, and things like this don't happen to people like me every day. I Love acting and performing, getting to play a role in the life of someone else, transforming and becoming a believable and entertaining character. I am so passionate about acting and expanding my horizons. Getting to meet the people who make magic and dreams happen would be incredible.

    I hope sincerely that I am what casting directors are looking for. This would be an amazing opportunity for me and I can't think of anything else I'd want so much.

    Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon.

  46. Jennifer Lee says:

    I love Grimm!!! I so want to be an extra in one of the shows!!!

  47. steve says:

    Don't really watch the show…But Live in Portland.
    Get ahold of me…Ill be in your show!

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